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Aerosol from bugs Raptor

Раптор от постельных клопов

The company "Raptor" - one of the pioneers of the production of funds from flying and creeping insects. For many people, the company's products are familiar for mosquito repellent products, as well as home cockroaches. They showed a good result, so still enjoy excellent fame. A convenient aerosol release form does not require special preparation for the beginning of the destruction of parasites.

When bed bugs suddenly appear in the house, people prefer to act in the old fashioned way and buy something that they know well. However, it should be noted that there is no specialized means of "Raptor from bedbugs". The company offers only a spray, the action of which is directed against creeping insects in general.


"When they found out that bugs had appeared in the dacha, they immediately rushed to the shed to look for some remedy. A year ago they bought a spray from cockroaches "Raptor", there still half a bottle left. Sprayed through all the cracks, behind the back of the bed ... wherever there were bugs. The result - almost zero, well, except that a couple of dozen insects died out. Still wake up bitten. Very surprised, because of the cockroaches helped perfectly, forgot about them completely. How can this be possible? "

Maria, Saratov

Composition and principle of action of the spray Raptor

Aerosol Raptor from bedbugs, cockroaches and other creeping insects consists of three active ingredients, in addition to which added a solvent and flavor.

Средство Раптор от ползающих насекомых

The active substances of the agent are:

  • Cypermethrin, 0.2%. This insecticide paralyzes the nervous system of both adults and larvae. The most active action is on the first day of application, but it retains its properties for up to 20 days, already being applied to the surface. Quite resistant to direct sunlight.
  • Tetramethrin, 0.2%. Nerve-paralyzing poison for creeping insects. Has a low toxicity for humans and warm-blooded animals.
  • Piperonyl butoxide, 0.5%. The most effective works in conjunction with tetrametron. Maloyadovit, however, complements the action of other insecticides, strengthening it.

The raptor acts on bugs and other insects in the following way: when the insect crosses the surface on which the agent was sprayed, the poison remains on the paws of the parasite and begins to act. When the insect is in contact with another individual, the poison is transmitted.

Usually a bed bug dies within a day from the moment of the onset of poisoning on it. The sprayed poison lasts about 20 days, but its efficiency decreases every day.

As practice shows, Raptor spray is really quite effective against creeping insects. However, he shows the best results in the fight against cockroaches and ants, and the worst - against bugs. Why is this happening?

The fact is that bedbugs are quite tenacious insects, which are not so easy to exterminate. It should also be noted that the concentration of the active substance in the spray is lower than in the insecticides of the liquid form. In addition, finely sprayed with a spray means is worse fixed on the surface and has an even weaker effect.

In other words, if it happened to splash the substance on the bug itself or their masonry, then the individuals will die. However, it is ineffective to process possible places for their visits.

Experts argue that for the destruction of bedbugs (in contrast to cockroaches, ants), it is almost always not enough of the concentration of poison that will fall on its legs as a result of moving around the apartment.

Raptor from bedbugs: instructions for use

A cylinder with insecticides is under pressure, so it can not be stored directly under direct sunlight or near sources of fire. Before use, the aerosol is shaken - this is necessary to ensure that all components inside the canister are mixed and the liquid becomes homogeneous.

Аэрозоль Раптор от клопов

Treatment should be carried out with open windows or windows, remove animals and birds from the room, close the aquariums tightly. It is advisable to work in personal protective equipment, which will help not to breathe in poison particles. Optimum fit is a medical mask or industrial respirator.

If processing is done in the kitchen, you should not allow open food here.

Spray the poison from a distance of about 20 cm, holding the balloon on his outstretched hand. If you know exactly where the bugs live , you should spray the Raptor into the places where the insects are gathered. You will also need to treat the facility with all secluded places, such as the backs of beds and sofas, the space behind the skirting boards, the walls of bookcases and other furniture.

Do not use aerosol near electrical appliances, gas stove.

Spray should be so that a straight continuous line is obtained. In this case, bedbugs can not avoid crossing it. After the procedure, leave the window open for at least 30 minutes and leave the room.


We with the husband and the child live in the old apartment, where a lot of furniture and books. There were never problems with bedbugs, and then new neighbors from below brought this evil spirits. Has decided to process an apartment while the family is at the dacha. She pushed all the furniture away, sprinkled everywhere. Used to spray Raptor from bedbugs, cockroaches and ants. The stench was creepy, but it quickly disappeared. True, I had time to breathe a little, the next morning my head ached wildly. I expected a couple of days to sweep the dead bugs, but no. A few found, and the rest as before vylazyat at night and bite. The most interesting thing is that everything was done according to instructions ...

Ksenia, Stavropol

In humans, especially in children, allergic reactions to a spray are possible. Since a large amount of material enters the air during application, the probability of its entry into the respiratory tract is high. Exercise extreme caution and try not to inhale the contents of the aerosol.

Buy Raptor from bedbugs, cockroaches and ants can be in many hardware stores, markets and the Internet. The price of the bottle is 150 rubles, and one is enough to handle a large room with furniture.

Raptor Spray Reviews

"To take or not take a spray Raptor from bedbugs - to decide, of course, to you. I can only say about my problem that he did not solve it absolutely. The apartment bred bugs, somehow imperceptibly.

Found first a couple of pieces, and then - bang, and the whole herd runs. Nervated terribly, the whole family stopped sleeping. On the Internet, it was deducted that Raptor spray should help from all insects. But the only place where the result was evident is the nest of bedbugs, their settlement. That's when you sprinkle on live, it dies immediately. But then they again multiply and become worse than before.

So I would recommend using only if you know exactly where the bedbugs are. As an addition. And besides this, take more money than you can. "

Victor Petrovich, Omsk

Постельные клопы и их яйца

"In my room the landlady settled a new girl-student, and she brought with her bedbugs from the old dwelling. There they were full, because by the way, she had to leave. We went through all the Internet with the Internet, we were all looking for how to quickly destroy the parasites. Comments like a pile, but everything is different.

Remember that even in childhood, when cockroaches were at home, the parents of Raptor bought a pshikalku. He helped a lot. We also bought this spray, sprinkled from the bedbugs behind the wallpaper and bed. The first night we slept peacefully. Then, however, a couple more parasites were seen, but the spray helped out. They say that if there are many bedbugs, then it does not work very well. But we have extinguished our own and dozens of them. "

Ksyusha, Moscow

There are many industrial products that were created specifically for the destruction of bed bugs. Spray Raptor among them is far from the best option (the same is said about the numerous reviews of people on the Internet). The concentration of active substances in it is rather low. In addition, when spraying Raptor with aerosol, the poison enters the air and can easily penetrate the respiratory tract.

Of course, the spray can be used in a complex fight with bedbugs. It is effective when sprayed directly onto insects or their nests. Therefore, if the bedbugs are very little and it is known exactly where their shelter is located, the Raptor can help. However, if the room is seriously contaminated, you need to be prepared to use stronger means.

On a note

Specialists-disinsectors advise to choose those means of struggle, which are developed specially for a particular insect, taking into account the peculiarities of its physiology and lifestyle. These drugs work reliably, save time and eliminate the need for repeated etching. In the fight against bugs, such drugs as the Executioner, Klopomor, Combat, Carbophos, Tetriks, Fufanon are the most successful ones. These agents have a sufficiently high concentration of active substances and are most effective.

If you have experience in using the Raptor spray in the fight against domestic bugs, leave your feedback in the comments box below.

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  1. Nellie :

    There were bugs at home ... First we did not see them, everything was in a room in brown-beige tones, and they were almost invisible against this background ... For a period of three months, the child (3 years) started, it seemed to us, an allergy. And they went to the dermatologist, we were finally convinced, they say, an allergy. Excluded a bunch of everything from the baby's food, but the allergy just turned into horror, already the boogers!
    As a result, I opened my son from the very morning to see if the cream helped me, which I smeared it - and found it! Found a bug! In the first hours I dismantled all the furniture, everything was thoroughly vacuumed, I frantically screamed at them! Here from the hairspray, they die right away. And on this place, not a single one appears.
    Then I bought Raptor, of course there are a lot of stinks, and only the bedbug dies only if it's directly napshikat. Two balloons from the bedbugs, I spent on a room 3 × 7. The result is not particularly, I tell you, apparently, they need to catch everyone and face them))) Now we sleep on the floor, the bed linen is only white, so you can see, if that was, with the light on, I guard the child and every bug I see , and for a day it's two pieces, I'm purring this Raptor. Where the nest I have no idea. Repair done for three months before the appearance of bedbugs. I just do not know what to do!

    PS They do not touch me.

    • Denis :

      Dichlorvos is a good remedy. Only need to process everything at all, from the interior of the cabinet to the carpets. Mattresses are cushions and sofas.

  2. Anastasia :

    Raptor does not really help. Everything, as described in the article. I sprinkled on the bedbugs - they died, and those who hid, crawled, crawl. Even the activity was not lost, but became even more vigorous. By the way, and "Reid" is the same. I was once helped by the Clean House, but now I've been searched - it's nowhere to be found. I bought "Combat" as a result. According to reviews, not bad.

  3. Oleg :

    The third time in my life (a pensioner) I encounter bugs:
    - as a child, the mother successfully etched kerosene;
    - About twenty years ago (a neighbor in a communal apartment was brought in) easily and successfully etched some kind of fashionable European spray at that time (I do not remember the name, alas!);
    - Four days ago I again encountered this problem and tried Raptor (the same one on the first picture, which promises "PROFESSIONAL destruction of bedbugs") ...

    It was terrible: despite the double medical mask and other precautions, the couple got into the lungs - barely cleared his throat (I thought I would die) ... But the bugs are still alive on the fourth day.

  4. Zinc :

    Hello! Where to buy a drug from bugs, tell me, please, and what to buy (

  5. Constantine :

    Take a remedy for insects "Get" - checked:

    It is simply diluted with water and sprayed from a conventional atomizer, very effective and virtually odorless. Only repeat the treatment approximately two weeks after the first, so that the larvae that are hatched from the surviving eggs can finish off.

  6. Anonymous :

    At me a problem, has found out bites of bedbugs on a body, all apartment has checked up, but has found only one bug, and that under a sofa. No more saw, but in the morning again new bites. True, it is suspicious that they do not touch my girl. Please advise, please, an effective remedy. I will be very grateful.

  7. Anonymous :

    In August of last month, I moved to an apartment, which until then was surrendered to the Armenians. Literally in 3-5 days on a body bites began to appear, thought, that mosquitoes, bought from them any means, nothing helped. And one night she woke up and felt that something was creeping over me, turned on the light and was horrified: these creatures fled from all sides. The night did not sleep, I waited in the morning, immediately called the SES, after which the woman came and assured that after the persecution they would die. It helped exactly for 10 days, then applied to private companies. In general, 4 times already harassed, money wasted a lot, furniture was thrown out all over, the floor was overestimated, nothing helps. I do not know what to do next. Please advise, please, some really effective remedy, and then there are no forces, even though you live on the street.

  8. Olga :

    We tried dichlorvos ... It did not help! I was looking for an aquafumigator Raptor, according to reviews it helps well, there is nowhere. I bought Raptor spray from bed bugs, stink stood - oooot such! The next day, too, the smell was standing, though it was almost an hour. In general, at night did not bite, I wait for the result. Tired. At this rate, the psychiatric hospital will not last long!

  9. Anna :

    "Call the service" ... yeah, they called. Prior to this, three days were freed up cabinets, niches for linen, mezzanines, a storage room - in the entire apartment. After processing on the floor, there were literally puddles of funds, but the specialist in the disinfestation service did not even look into the closets and niches for laundry. As a result, a week after processing everything is almost the same as before it :( We buy Cylinders of the "Clean House" and process everything ourselves.

    • Maria :

      The same story ... Found bedbugs in the couch, and once somehow a lot (sofa smart, forward unfolds, rich back, foam, folds - a fairy tale for these creatures). More, like, nowhere to be seen. Urgently called SES. We processed the entire apartment (3 rooms were poured), and the sofa was watered, and the powder was so abundantly sprinkled. We slept with good friends, thank you, sheltered the whole family, together with the cat ... We returned the next day home, aired and began to clean. Look, but in the couch these creatures live a little sitting, but they move their mustaches. Let's have a sofa in the trash. Sorry, offensive, expensive, and what to do. And 1500 rubles. have given. In general, we bought a temporary inflatable mattress, we ordered GET via the Internet, as it will come, we will try to try on our own, I hope for the result!

  10. Inna :

    Raptor is an ineffective remedy, we are fighting for the third month, but more and more bugs!

  11. Anna :

    Has arrived to relatives, and there bug. Two-bedroom apartment, 65 square meters, processed raptor. 1 month 2 times a week, every night did a detour, until all caught. On the 2nd month there was not a single one left, but I did 1 month prophylaxis 1 time a week. But this is a terrible suffering - from Raptor you gasp, it disperses bedbugs, they all climb out of holes, and they have to be caught (I was catching a jar of water). Here, 3 years have lived in cleanliness. A month ago, the bugs were wound up in three apartments at the entrance. Now bought a Clean House and Raptor. Four live bugs were found and 4 more dry ones. It is not known how many of them came at all and how they managed to breed. Let's see what happens in a week.

  12. Dean :

    Try to sprinkle kraolin for animals, and there is still dust "dust", too, will help. But the dust in the territory of Moscow is difficult to find. A krajlin in the village can be found (it is unlikely to be in the city). Good luck everyone.

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