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Preparations from bedbugs (including microencapsulated)

Рассмотрим ряд препаратов от клопов, в том числе микрокапсулированных

Preparations for killing bugs are a rather specific segment of the insecticide market. Unlike home cockroaches, bugs today are not found in apartments as often and, in addition, prefer to eat exclusively blood, so do not fall for a deliciously smelling poisonous bait. Low-effective against bedbugs are powders and dusts, which are unlikely to be applied to all places where bedbugs hide in the room.

It is safe to say that the most optimal in terms of the ratio of effectiveness and convenience of use are drugs from bedbugs that are produced in the form of an aerosol or used as a spray. It is these forms of release that make it easy to treat all hard-to-reach places in the apartment, including upholstered furniture and mattresses, with the drug.

However, the form of release of the remedy is only one of the essential points that must be taken into account when choosing a drug for killing bugs. It is also important to look at what exactly will be sprayed, what insecticides and how they are generally capable of affecting bloodsuckers ...

Aerosols from bedbugs

One of the main advantages of aerosol preparations for killing bugs is that they are already sold ready for use. A balloon with compressed gas and a solution of poisonous substance allows accurate and accurate application of poison even to hard-to-reach surfaces.

Аэрозоли удобны тем, что продаются в готовом к использованию виде

Many aerosol products, which will be discussed later, are preparations against bedbugs for home use. They require minimum safety measures, but they should not be neglected: because of the specific method of application, there is a risk of particles getting into the respiratory tract of humans and animals.

Aerosol from bedbugs Kombat

Combat is a scented drug from bedbugs, which is also used for the destruction of other domestic insects. The main active substance is Imiprotrin (0.1%).

Аэрозоль Combat Superspray успешно используется в быту для избавления от клопов и других ползающих насекомых

On sale this aerosol can be found very often - as in usual economic, so in specialized and Internet shops. The price is approximately 300 rubles for one can.


"We recently moved into a rented apartment, where the owners left a soft suite for the living room. So, soon it turned out that in this couch live bedbugs , which every night come out and bite us. The store advised to buy some chemicals from bedbugs, which are divorced by water. But we did not want to mess around, so we bought an ordinary spray from flying and creeping insects - Combat. I do not know how it works, but the effect was instant, after a few days the bugs stopped worrying at all. "

Maria, Stavropol


Russian drug from bedbugs Klopomor is produced on the basis of insecticides such as Permethrin and Cypermethrin. In fact, it is an analog of Forsyte, but it is less concentrated.

Препарат Клопомор - отечественное средство от клопов

To process a one-room apartment will need about 3 bottles of funds. The price of the drug is about 600 rubles, and you can buy it in pharmacies and specialized stores.


"I live in a hostel - probably I've tried all the drugs from bed bugs. There was an experience with Klopomor. The remedy is quite new and is advised in pharmacies and stores, as a real panacea. Unfortunately, I did not notice any supernatural effect - a strong smell of dichlorvos, but it acts only with direct influence on the bug. But why pay 650 rubles for this? Bedbugs can be killed, but the long-term effect of Klopomor, alas, is not. "

Sergey, Kaliningrad

Raptor from bedbugs

At the heart of the means for the destruction of bugs Raptor - Alfacipermetrin, Neopinamine and Piperonyl Butoxide. The complex of these poisons and auxiliary substances can quickly destroy bugs.

Специализированный инсектицидный препарат от клопов Раптор

At the same time, the price of the funds is relatively small (about 200 rubles), it is easy to find in economic or special stores.


"Raptor from bedbugs - the only thing that helped in the fight against the problem. Before the treatment, I thoroughly vacuumed the room, and then splattered all the places of parasite accumulation. The same night they slept almost peacefully, and within a week all the bugs disappeared. "

Alexandra, Perm

Solutions for treating the room in the form of a spray

Insecticidal solutions for controlling bugs are often used by professional disinfestation services. These preparations require preliminary dilution with water, since they are often released in the form of a concentrate (sometimes in such concentrates the insecticide is in microencapsulated form).

Для обработки помещения от клопов раствор можно налить в обычный пульверизатор

The solutions are applied with the help of a conventional household spray, which is very convenient.


On the assurances of the manufacturer, Clovorone has a unique formula that distinguishes it from other insecticides. The destruction of bedbugs can be carried out both with dry powder and with its aqueous solution.

Для уничтожения клопов можно использовать как сухой порошок Клоповерон, так и его раствор

If you want to use microcapsule preparations from bedbugs, then you should not confuse them with Klopverohn produced in the form of granules - these are completely different forms of drugs.

To find Clover for sale is quite difficult, most often it is sold only to legal entities. The price of the insecticide is very high compared to the rest - for 250 grams you will have to pay about 2400 rubles.


"The best remedy for bedbugs has not yet been invented. Clovperon kills all "living creatures" literally at a time, and I did not feel any negative effects, although I worked without gloves and masks. The same night I slept peacefully and the bugs no more disturbed. "

Stepan, Kiev


This drug from bedbugs enjoys an unprecedented popularity among the population:

  • Some praise him, which, incidentally, contributes to the low price of the money (about 70 rubles) and almost complete safety for people and animals. One bottle is enough to handle the sofa or bed, and the whole apartment will have to buy a few.
  • There are, however, those who, on the contrary, consider the remedy for the bugs of the Executioner to be ineffective.

Средство Палач эффективно не только от клопов, но и от других насекомых-паразитов

The executioner can be bought everywhere, even in small hardware stores. Ingredients: insecticide fenthion, 25%.


"The executioner used an employee at the dacha. The only negative was noticed - a slightly unpleasant smell, which disappears immediately after airing. But bugs in two or three days as it never happened. "

Maria Petrovna, Omsk

The microencapsulated drug from the Get bugs

Microcapsules from bugs are recognized as one of the most effective. For example, the obsolete Gett (with two letters "t" in the name, based on 0.4% chlorpyrifos) is a spray that is mainly used to control cockroaches.

Get (otherwise Get) is a modern and more concentrated preparation based on chlorpyrifos microcapsules. The price of 100 ml of concentrate is about 750 rubles. Among many other drugs, Get has two major advantages:

  • Almost complete absence of odor
  • High efficiency from bedbugs.

Микрокапсулированное средство от клопов GetМикрокапсулированные средства также называют инкапсулированными суспензиями


"Get me advised in Sanitary and Epidemiological Station as the newest and most effective drug. I had to work out an apartment only once - after that the bedbugs disappeared dramatically. I ordered it via the Internet, because microcapsulated preparations from bugs to buy in the store are simply unrealistic. "

Victor, St. Petersburg

Medilis Zieper

Medilis Ziper is a preparation based on 0.1% cypermethrin. It is mainly used by employees of the des-service, but it is also suitable for domestic use. The cost is about 150 rubles, is sold in specialized garden shops.

Препарат Медилис Ципер достаточно эффективен в борьбе с клопами и малотоксичен для людей


"Medilis was bought to destroy bedbugs in a cottage-cottage. According to the instructions you need to make a 0.05% aqueous solution, and then sprinkle all the places of the cluster. The treatment had to be repeated 2 times, but the result was very pleasant. "

Olga, Tver


The active ingredient is insecticide malathion. Carbofos is quite toxic for warm-blooded animals, therefore it requires strict observance of safety rules when destroying parasites.

Препарат Карбофос можно купить как в виде порошка, так и в жидком виде

The price of insecticide is small - about 150 rubles / liter, while it can be easily purchased almost everywhere - in stores or via the Internet. It is important to bear in mind that Carbophos has a strong and persistent unpleasant odor.


"The remedy is very good, if it were not for the smell! Bedbugs after the treatment were gone, and after them "soft furniture" went to the garbage dump, because it was already impossible to use it. Of course, a healthy sleep without parasites is worth it, but next time I would not buy this drug. "

Marina, Zhitomir

The drug from bedbugs Fufanon

Like Carbophos, the drug Fufanon is based on malathion, but in a slightly lower concentration. However, the cost of the drug for some reason is higher - about 700 rubles / liter.

Препарат Фуфанон от клопов можно купить и в небольшой емкости

Fufanon can be bought in specialized and online stores.


"When bed bugs appeared in the apartment, the main problem was where to buy drugs from bedbugs in our small town. The children ordered through the Internet Fufanon, which was just wonderful. Bedbugs disappeared after one treatment, but just in case, we repeated it. "

Petr Ivanovich, Sumy region

Tetrix - a professional remedy for bedbugs

Tetriks is a drug from bedbugs based on Cypermethrin, and relatively expensive (about 2500 rubles / liter), but effective and allowing quick destruction of bedbugs. Often used in professional pest control. In Russia, Tetrix is ​​sold by only one supplier via the Internet.

Препарат Тетрикс весьма действенен против клопов, но приобрести его непросто


"Tetriks bought three neighbors with their neighbors, as the price bites. The number sufficed perfectly - for one kopeck piece goes 300 ml. Probably, this is the best drug - just a week later the whole site was sleeping quietly, and for a year now they are not there. "

Masha, Kursk

Features of choosing and buying drugs from bedbugs

Before deciding on the choice of insecticide, you should read as much information about the drugs as possible - description, instruction, impact on human health and animals. If there is a possibility, it is necessary to apply for advice in SES - they will prompt you what preparations to buy from bugs and how not to run into a fake. Buy insecticides better from proven suppliers or directly from the manufacturer.

It is very useful to read reviews on the selected drug - the experience of other people allows you to more clearly understand what the tool is "in action".

If you have your own experience fighting bugs with any drug - be sure to write your feedback about it in the comments box at the bottom of this page.

To record "Preparations from bedbugs (including microencapsulated)" left 26 comments.
  1. Elena :

    Dichlorvos and Raptor do not help. Professional disinfestation - just robbing, but no guarantees. There's a dog in the house. What else can you do more safely?

  2. Tatiana, Voskresensk :

    Voskresensk SES sold FORSIGHT, allegedly killing bugs from the first time, but the bedbugs remained in the same composition, not a single dead one. Means useless!
    They called a specialized company from Moscow, talked for a long time about their miracle product, but did not name it, in fact it turned out to be domestic FUFANON. We bleached the apartment for 5000 rubles, the bugs were again. The firm assures that the result should be looked at 5 days after treatment. Whether it is correct - I do not know, but on the 2nd day after the treatment they bite hard. Than now it is necessary to poison?

  3. Aisha :

    Dichlorvos, battalion commander, vinegar is a dead poultice. Today she ordered Get, can the bugs die?

  4. Aisha :

    Good people, respond, who used Geth through the Internet? Is there any hope for a quiet night?

    • Tatiana :

      Exactly! 4,5 months of quiet life. I ordered it through an online store in Moscow. But now they reappeared. It is evident that the neighbors have them and crawl from them. Before that I tried all the ways. Nothing worked. Slight effect for a few days. But Get really helped.

      • Consultant GET :

        Tatyana, thanks for the tip! Under these conditions it is very likely that the bugs are creeping from neighbors, you correctly concluded. To avoid migration, we recommend checking the apartment for cracks in the walls, floor. If any, seal.
        Also it is possible to offer our products to neighbors.

        We hope the bugs do not bother you anymore!

    • Oleg :

      Do not help Get. A couple of times worked and nothing has changed: continue and after treatment to bite and climb. All bedbugs are alive, from small to large, until they are crushed by hand.

      • Consultant GET :

        Hello, Oleg. Perhaps the remedy was diluted in the wrong proportions? Or did you understand the remedy from the surfaces without allowing it to dry?
        It does not happen so that the deadly poison for insects does not give any effect, since all the bedbugs creep from small to large. Even with improper handling, some of the bugs still die.
        It also happens that bedbugs migrate from neighbors, and in that case how many do not fight them in your apartment, there will be no effect.

        Describe your situation in more detail. We will try to help you.

  5. Gulnaz :

    I want to buy Get.

    • Consultant GET :

      Hello, Gulnaz. You can buy GET® in more than 30 cities. To do this, you just need to know the exact addresses of representative offices.

  6. Masha :

    I live in a communal apartment, we have bugs. How many times already poisoned all the poison, and all is meaningless. They called five times the pest control centers of different firms, and still it's pointless. Now all the cracks that are generally on the walls on the floor and on the ceiling have been covered up - they have all been covered with the rodmans and cement, where there were big holes. But all the same they do not pass, until now we do not feel like they were biting me, but a young man who has been bitten by me goes until now, and the child had to be taken away until we get rid of him, because he did not sleep at all). We have the whole entrance, and in 2 apartments, in which the repair was complete, there are no bugs, but they are poisoned for the sake of prevention. And other residents do not care. What can I do if you've tried everything?

    • Consultant GET :

      Hello, Masha. Unfortunately, if a "green corridor" is opened for bedbugs, it is unlikely that anything will help, except for the full sealing of all possible migration routes. Even the most effective means will not give a long-term result.

      We recommend to check once again your apartment in the place of congestion of insects (they like secluded places, plinths ceiling and floor, space for paintings, rosettes, outgoing wallpapers, etc.). Suddenly, after you smeared holes, they stopped migrating, but stayed in your apartment. Recycle again, wait about 2 weeks, and you can conclude - stopped or no migration of insects.

  7. Irina :

    And what about the promise that the bugs get infected from GET and still die, is it worth it to crawl over the treated place? And even promise that new larvae also get sick and die. So - nothing like this, they were, and they live, and even if, as the consultant assures, neighbors are creeping, it seems that they are creeping back to their neighbors, because I also did not see one dolly, although GET vaunted bought in the office at the Baltic. How to bite, and continue ...

    • Consultant GET :

      Hello Irina. That's right, bedbugs get infected when they take the pills on the paws from the treated surface and carry them to their nest.

      The fact that you have not seen the dead bugs can mean that you have a "green corridor" with neighbors, and they really can go to them and die there or crawl into their nest. You should understand that the remedy does not act immediately, but 3-14 days. Has this period passed? Do you still bite? Was the migration paths sealed?

  8. Maria :

    We have a communal apartment. When there were bedbugs, a lot of money was tried, called services from different companies. Then our bedbugs crossed into the next apartment. They immediately found the drug Get and were satisfied. When we tried, it did not help us. Now I understand why - we had repairs and all the things we put in boxes. Yes, and a lot of trash accumulated. Therefore, my advice: before you poison bugs - clean your apartment, throw out all the trash from the house, which many have under the pretext of "and suddenly come in handy," and forward! Cleanliness is the guarantee of health) All good luck and confidence in winning over bugs!

    • Consultant GET :

      Thanks for the feedback! Indeed, cleanliness in the apartment is the key to success. We always recommend that our customers, in addition to treatment by means, carry out general cleaning, expose things and make minor repairs, then the bugs will disappear!

  9. Vitaliy :

    I'll do an experiment. I'll catch a few bugs, seed in different containers, one container will be processed, and the rest will not. In that container, which is processed, I will plant a bug, and in a day I will transplant it to the rest of my colleagues. The result will be observed for 2 weeks, and see if this GET works, or not. If not, I will conduct a powerful campaign of anti-advertising of this means. The results otpishus.

    • Gulnaz :

      Vitaly, share the result.

      • seamen :

        It seems that GET knocked down Vitali, and not bedbugs, or bugs bleached.

    • Consultant GET :

      As an official representative of GET, I can unsubscribe instead of Vitaly.

      Bedbugs do not get infected from each other, they are not collective insects. They are infected only by a contact route, when the agent gets straight to their feet. So the effect of such an experiment should not wait.

      We clearly describe that to get rid of bedbugs it is necessary to handle all possible migration routes and their nests + to carry out minor repairs of the premises in order to prevent migration from neighbors. Only in this case GET will work perfectly.

  10. Nina, Donbass :

    Travail bugs and "Fas double", and "Super Fas", and Phenaxin, and Carbophos, but a week or two again appear, catching 2-3 bugs. I was afraid to poison with Carbophos because of the smell, but I bought either a fake in yellow packing (in the internet picture green), and there is some filler, perfume and pav. SMELL is not at all. It took three days, until the bedbugs can not see what will happen next I do not know. I have been living for 2 months, as at the station - a mess, I do not bring my grandchildren. True, they do not bite me, maybe because I completely wrapped the mattress with plastic wrap (I read the advice) - they must have been in the mattress, I'm asleep already, but still in a huge sofa in another room they sometimes come across. I no longer have the strength to fight them. A SES call - they say they are bedbugs and throw ... Tell me more inexpensive means, herbs and other nonsense do not help. Do not waste your time and energy.

    • Consultant GET :

      Hello. Inexpensive facilities usually give a short-term result. We recommend that you still spend once on money for a good remedy and get rid of bedbugs, than to spend a hundred times on cheap ones.

      To independently and permanently destroy bedbugs, you must first understand where they come from. Because if they creep from neighbors, you need to do repairs and repair all the cracks.

  11. Christina :

    Tell me, please, how many pieces of the drug do you need for 1 room?

    • Consultant GET :

      Hello. 1 bottle of the remedy is enough to handle the room 20-22 sq.m.

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