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Dichlorvos for the destruction of bed bugs


Hearing the name "Dichlophos", almost everyone remembers a small balloon of gray color, which was widely used for baiting domestic parasites in Soviet times. He coped well with his task in the fight against flies and cockroaches, killing them almost instantly, and acted on other insects.

However, a strong unpleasant odor and the danger of damage to the respiratory tract during spraying caused him to gradually abandon him in favor of other, more modern and safe insecticides. Meanwhile, some people even now try to use Dichlofos from bedbugs after learning about infecting their apartment with parasites.

I must say that instead of the obsolete Soviet variant, disinsectors recommend the use of special Dichlorvos against bedbugs, whose composition is most suitable for the destruction of these insects.


"My sister went abroad and asked us to stay with her husband for a couple of months. The apartment is old, but clean. As they went to bed the first night, they wanted to run away from there urgently! It turns out that there were bedbugs in the couch that terribly bitten us, the whole bed was in droplets of blood. I sent my husband to urgently buy a remedy for parasites. It turns out that now even special dichlorvos from bedbugs to buy is not so difficult, we were advised by the firm Neo. I will not say that they were not gone at all, but the amount has certainly decreased and slept calmer. "


Dichlorvos from bugs - composition and principle of action

In order to understand whether Dichlofos helps from bedbugs in fact, it is useful to look at and analyze the composition of the drug using the example of Dichlorvos Neo:

Дихлофос Нео

  • Ethyl alcohol, which is the basis of the drug
  • aliphatic carbohydrates - 30%
  • piperonyl butoxide 1%
  • permethrin - 0,2%
  • cypermethrin 0.2%
  • dimethylsulfoxide and preservative - up to 1%.

As you can see, the substance contains substances of the pyrethroid group - permethrin and cypermethrin. They are plant alkaloids and have proven themselves in the control of pests. They have a third hazard class for humans. On insects they have a nerve-paralytic effect, leading to death within a few hours.

In the human body, these components break down into harmless components and do not cause poisoning. However, piperonyl butoxide is indeed toxic and can cause intoxication in humans.

All components work only when applied locally to the infected area, after spraying, they do not last long.

It is interesting

From the old Soviet Dikhlofos in modern analogues there is only a name. It was produced on the basis of very different active substances ("dimethyl", dichlorovinyl phosphate) and worked also in a different way. Now the Soviet Dichlophos is not produced at all.

Now on the shelves of shops you can find two types of drug: Dichlorfos-Super and Dichlophos Neo.

Дихлофос Супер

Both aerosols are very convenient to use and have a relatively low cost compared to other insecticides. But, on the other hand, these drugs have preserved the main disadvantage of the predecessor - a persistent and unpleasant odor.

At the same time, today there are cases of the emergence of populations of bedbugs that have adapted to insecticides that are part of Dichlorvos. For them, this drug will be harmless, and, accordingly, its success will not bring success.

How to etch bedbugs with dichlorvos - instructions for use

Before buying a drug, you always want to know for sure: but can Dichlofos take bugs completely? The manufacturer claims that yes, however, in order to achieve the effect, it is necessary to read the instructions and read it carefully.

Мертвые постельные клопы

So, how correctly to poison bugs Dichlorvos:

  • Be sure to prepare personal protective equipment: gloves, respirator or mask. It is advisable to wear a long working robe or other clothing that can protect the skin.
  • Before processing, you need to remove all items of direct use: personal care products, food, dishes, clothes.
  • Windows and doors in the room should be tightly closed, then shake the cylinder with Dichlorvos and make the treatment. The places of congestion of bugs, as well as the places of the supposed habitat: slots in walls, back walls of furniture, a sofa or a bed completely (up to a skeleton) are processed. Then the room must be left for no less than 30 minutes (preferably more). After this time, you should open the windows and arrange a draft so that the smell disappears. Of course, there is also odorless dichlorvos, but it is no less toxic.

It is worth noting that Dichlorvos is better than many other drugs suitable for the processing of upholstered furniture. Why is that? The fact is that it leaves no traces on it and is completely absorbed by the upholstery, only the smell remains.

Клопы в мягкой мебели

By the way, it is because of the smell and enough high level of toxicity for humans and animals that Dichlofos is often afraid to apply in a residential apartment. But it is ideal for processing premises in which they do not live temporarily: a cabins, cottages, shops, sanatoriums in low season.


"Recently the eldest son was on a business trip and brought in bedbugs. My wife and I decided in the old fashion to buy Dichlophos and quickly destroy these parasites. The store said that the usual Dichlorvos is not on sale, there is only a new one - Neo. I bought it, we splashed the whole sofa at home, all the cracks. Bedbugs really disappeared, and there were a few of them. But on the couch we probably could not sleep for two weeks - it stank terribly. Although everyone did the instructions and ventilated the room well. "

Ilya Matveyevich, Perm

"In the summer at the cottage they saw strange insects behind a sofa, like beetles. The neighbor said that it was bed bugs. And then we remembered that in the morning there are small bites on the body. We decided to deduce Dichlophos, which was bought in the city, some new one. The smell was very strong. But we left home for two days, sealing the windows tightly. When they returned, they aired a little and the smell was gone. Carefully scanned the whole sofa, only the dead parasites were seen. However, after a couple of weeks a few more bedbugs were running, I had to pour again. That's when they left forever. "

Olga, Volgograd

Does Dichlofos help bugs?

Of course, when entering into the fight with bedbugs, I want to buy a remedy that will quickly solve the problem and will not leave insects and traces. The new versions of Dichlorvos do include strong chemicals that kill parasites and significantly reduce their population. In addition, the cost of one aerosol can is quite small.

However, do not forget that the vapor spray is very easy to breathe both humans and animals. Therefore, during treatment it is important to use the maximum protection of the skin and mucous membranes, do not allow inhalation.

Респиратор типа лепесток

Респиратор с фильтрующим элементом

Dichlorvos works best when it is applied locally to the nest of bedbugs , upholstered furniture, walls. And because of the sharp odor and toxicity, it is recommended to bug bugs with this remedy in those cases when it is possible to leave for several days.

Very good results are achieved with the combined treatment: places of parasite accumulation and furniture treated with Dichlorvos, and a room, slits, window sills with another insecticide.


"If I knew what it is, I would not buy it!" Dichlorvos-Neo and the truth helps, there were fewer bugs, but the whole apartment made them stink! I had to give my grandmother a child for a while, because it was impossible to sleep. You have to put it in the kitchen. People, there are a lot of really working tools that DO NOT smell terrible chemistry. Dichlorvos can be left, but only in order for the bugs themselves to sprinkle or their nests, point-like! Do not take it into his head all over the apartment, you'll regret it. "

Maria, Kharkov

To record "Dichlorvos for the destruction of bed bugs" left 20 comments.
  1. Anastasia :

    Dichlorvos will not help you from bedbugs, contact descent centers or buy professional drugs such as Executioner, Get or Tetrix.

    • Michael :

      At home, bedbugs, sprinkled Dichlophos Neo, really helps - bedbugs die, I advise everyone. It is inexpensive, more economical than calling the service once in 10. Everything can be done by yourself.

  2. Andrew :

    Why does not it help?

  3. android :

    In modern dichlorvos, as well as in the vast majority of insecticides (including in the executioner, tetris, medilis), the active substance is cypermethrin. Therefore, do not spend money on expensive tetriks - it's the same. Soviet dichlorvos is no longer produced, only the name and composition of the other remain. In GET (fumitoks, raptor) - another active substance, chlorpyrifos. Both are very effective, chlorpyrifos has less odor. But this can be misleading, and you can go to bed in a room where there is still a high concentration of matter. From cypermethrin, a strong odor that erodes within a couple of days.

  4. Lidos :

    Bedbugs disappeared, and then reappeared, but other means are simply scary, the risk of staying on the street, because the apartment will have nothing to breathe. From dichlorvos at least there is no smell.

  5. Dinara :

    Does it definitely help or not?

  6. Nastya :

    I have been suffering for two weeks, nothing helps.

  7. Catherine :

    Treated with this dichlorvos, and the sense of zero! One night was gone, then they again bitten.

    • Eugene :

      You killed the hatchlings, but there were eggs from which new bugs came. It is necessary to pass through the dichlorvos several times within 2 weeks.

  8. Elmira :

    After professional treatment, she returned home on the second day, washed everything, washed herself, just in case, treated Dichlofos neo and Zorro aerosol, ironed the sofa with an iron.

  9. Maria :

    Did the professional treatment help you?

  10. Yana :

    We can not get rid of bedbugs in any way, they brought it along with the things, and now they are biting children and biting us. Maybe help ?!

  11. Lena :

    We have been in the apartment for 3 years, we all tried, nothing helps. Did the repairs, processed every two months - for a week will disappear, and again appear.

  12. Green :

    We arrived a month ago, neighbors and we have bugs. The house is paneled, maybe through the sockets, maybe between the panels somehow seeped. Tried Klopomor, Dichlorvos BIO - do not help. It seems that while there is a smell in the room, bedbugs sit out at neighbors, and as soon as we arrive, open the windows, turn on the fans - they come back. The main thing is not to bite. And at night crawl over the body and on the bedclothes bloody bed. Now I bought Dichlophos NEO, 3 bottles. We go for the whole day for mushrooms, I'll pour everything in the room. In all corners. If they appear again, you have to throw out the couch. Bought with his wife a year ago a huge corner sofa to order. We will call the rescue service!

    • Taisia :

      My son bites, he does not scratch. My body is tender, my spots are still there. I do not know what to do, and one or two times they saw bedbugs, they are small, almost transparent. If you crush, it stinks terribly, like the bugs common in raspberries ... Soon the repair, I hope that we will bring them out. Varan Dichlophos is very helpful.

  13. Elena :

    We have bedbugs in the hostel ... We do not know what to do, all the bitten we go. We want to try dichlorvos.

  14. Taisia :

    Help, people are kind. There are somewhere bugs, a little. They bite, infection. And I can not find it in the house, I revised everything. I know that in the couch. But there is a fear of poisoning Dichlorvos. My mother-in-law without a mask just so poisoned and immediately boiled water and was not afraid. I have dichlorvos Varan. How to poison these parasites so as not to poison yourself? And after what time can you enter the house? Thank you.

  15. Igor :

    Diwan in polyethylene for a month, periodically splashes chemistry, it is better different. And that's all.

  16. Paul :

    Turn the iron on steaming, so steam go through the whole sofa. They are already dying at +50.

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