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Does bitter wormwood help get rid of bedbugs?

Горькая полынь

Wormwood has been used against insects for a long time. Many remember that in rural homes, grandmothers and grandfathers often had this heavy herbaceous odor, well associated with the green summer meadow. So the bunches of bitter wormwood smelled, which many villagers use to protect houses from various insects.

Wormwood from bedbugs was used even earlier than the possibility to use this document on paper was beginning to appear.

In the people it is believed that the constant presence of freshly mown wormwood in the house can completely expel bedbugs from it. And only the absence of this herb in winter forces villagers to use turpentine, denaturated water and other means to remove blood-sucking parasites.

But with the termination of the use of wormwood, bedbugs return to the house - this is a fact repeatedly verified in practice. So, she either does not kill them, or does not kill their eggs.

So, how does wormwood work on bedbugs and should it be used to combat these insects?

How effective is wormwood from bedbugs?

It is unequivocally established and confirmed by scientific studies that bed bugs are afraid of wormwood. Not even her, but her herbal smell. If a bunch of fresh bitter wormwood is placed near a clump of bugs, the parasites will try to move as far as possible from it.

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Thanks to the very subtle sense of smelling bugs, one bunch of wormwood in a large room is already acting on them annoyingly. However, only until the moment when insects are hungry. Strong hunger will make both adults and larvae disregard the disgust for smell and return to the room where people rest. Even if fresh fragrant grass is spread directly under the bed.

The sense of smell in bedbugs is much more acute than in humans. It is by the smell of blood in the veins that insects find a sleeping person. It is characteristic that this is why parasites more often attack women and children, whose skin is thinner than men, and the smell of blood is felt more clearly by bedbugs.

But wormwood can not destroy worm bugs. It does not represent an insecticide that can lead to the death of insects, does not violate their reproductive functions and does not affect the eggs of bedbugs. Bedbugs and wormwood may well exist in the same room, and if bedbugs have no other choice, they will remain where people are present, even if there is wormwood next to them.

It can be unequivocally asserted that bitter wormwood will not save the room from bedbugs . But a certain relief for people living in this room, she will. In addition, it is this herb that can be used to protect housing from penetrating bedbugs from neighbors.

How many I remember myself, my grandmother, Lydia Nikolaevna, started every day with the fact that she drove two cows into the herd, and on the way back she tore five or six twigs of wormwood. At home, she neatly laid them under the beds in order to protect our and my brother's children's sleep from fleas and bedbugs. When mosquitoes never flew into the house, and on a normal morning it was for us that started with combing itchy bites. Bedbugs it were, mosquitoes, or other insects, I do not know, but it is with wormwood from bedbugs that the most distinct memories of a vacation in the village are associated.

Valery Timofeev, Kostroma

Why are bedbugs so badly tolerated by this plant?

The most famous property of wormwood is the abundance of bitterness in its composition. Various glycosides, saponins and phytoncides, contained in its leaves and thin stems, provide a bitter taste, appreciated by lovers of absinthe, and an equally bitter, tart smell. It is the phytoncides in wormwood that provide protection of a person from bacterial infections when taking wormwood tincture. And their smell is very unpleasant for bedbugs.

See what bitter wormwood looks like in the photo:

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What is important is that the strong distinct fragrance of wormwood not only scares off the bedbugs , but also in some way disguises the sleeping person. If a bunch of wormwood will be under the bed, then its fragrance will suppress the smell of the body of a sleeping person, and the bug simply can not find its prey. And in addition to this and try to get around the bed itself.

Various preparations based on wormwood are widely used in horticulture and ornamental plant cultivation to protect plants from various insect pests: caterpillars, aphids, various sawflies. Bugs here are far from being the only insects that do not tolerate the smell of this plant. However among butterflies there are also those whose caterpillars feed exclusively on wormwood

Of course, if wormwood is laid on the floor under the bed, while the bedbugs themselves will be in the bed under the mattress, such prevention will not help. Therefore, before you can get rid of bedbugs with the help of wormwood, you should carefully examine your bed for the purpose of settling parasites in it. For fidelity, the grass bundles can be laid between the mattress and the crate.

The disadvantage of wormwood as a means of insect parasites is its rapid loss of its properties upon drying. Literally in three or four days, the bundle of the plant ceases to smell as much as the groin immediately after cutting. Of course, along with this, his frightening properties are weakening and after a week bugs can completely ignore her being in the room. In order to be able to apply wormwood at any time of the year, it is necessary to prepare special means on its basis.

Remedies for wormwood based bugs

The main recipes for the preparation of preparations in which wormwood against bugs is fairly bright are tincture and decoction of wormwood. They are prepared simply, but the effectiveness of both is different.

Полынь от клопов

Tincture of wormwood from bedbugs is used rarely. There are several reasons for this:

  1. Tincture is the way to prepare. To get a liter of tincture, you need to use the same amount of alcohol. This volume is enough to process one sofa to protect against bedbugs for about a week. This approach is extremely irrational.
  2. Tincture is prepared for a long time. To get a good extract, you need to keep all the tincture for at least a month.
  3. The smell of alcohol in the room reduces the comfort of living in it.

Perhaps the only option in which the use of tincture of wormwood from bedbugs is justified - it is a point treatment of the accumulation of insects on the mattress or in upholstered furniture. After such an exposure, all the bugs, which were not destroyed by mechanical means, scatter from the place of the congestion and do not return to it for a long time.

Decoction of the same wormwood can be used for regular processing of premises, furniture and individual interior items. Even when cooking dry raw materials, the final product acquires a strong distinct smell, only slightly weaker than the aroma of fresh grass. It is convenient for them to spray various objects indoors, to process plinths and cases of beds, ventilation ducts to protect them from penetration of insects through them.

Brief instructions for use

Wormwood from bedbugs effectively manifests itself in two cases:

  1. If it is necessary to temporarily relax the activity of bugs in the room. For example, when waiting for the disinfestation service within one or two days of arrival.
  2. To protect the room from penetrating into it bedbugs.

In the first case, it is necessary to lay bunches of fresh grass directly in and under the bed, replacing them with fresh ones every one or two days. Decoction of wormwood furniture must be processed with the same frequency. So bedbugs do not leave the apartment, but at least for a few days will stop creeping at night on the bed.

For preventive purposes, wormwood is laid out in all places through which insects can enter the room: near windows, doors, in ventilation holes, near the outlets. Here, too, it needs to be changed frequently, and when using a decoction - constantly lubricate it with boxes of windows and doors. In any case, such measures will reduce the risk of penetration of bedbugs into the house.

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  1. Anonymous :

    Got bugs

  2. Natalia :

    As a child, we brought bugs wormwood. Perennial tortures have ended once and for all after I once only laid out fresh wormwood under the bed mattress. This I did after I was told that she helped get rid of a lot of bedbugs.

    • Michael :

      Bedbugs have tortured, from where they came from is not clear. We tried everything that is possible, nothing helped. I spat on all these funds, went, grabbed wormwood and laid it along the skirting boards under the bed, armchairs and a sofa. These bastards disappeared, but the bitter smell of wormwood remained. Who will answer me, is it harmful for people and animals?

  3. Irina :

    Nifiga does not help, put wormwood, but they move even more. It seems that it attracts, but does not scare away.

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