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Is tansy effective against bedbugs?

Попробуем разобраться, способна ли пижма помочь в борьбе с постельными клопами в квартире

Along with wormwood, tansy from bugs is considered one of the most effective herbs. This small and widespread plant, filling with its bright yellow flowers, wastelands, meadows and roadsides, has long been known for its toxicity and the ability to cause a bitter taste of milk from a cow grazing on its thickets.

Пижма считается лекарственным растением, которое эффективно при борьбе с насекомыми.

In agriculture, even in ancient times, a decoction and infusion of tansy was used to treat plants in the gardens against pests. Even today, in many farms working on the principles of ecological compatibility and organic farming, tansy is still used to protect potatoes from the Colorado beetle, and trees from caterpillars feeding on leaves.


"In the village it's just a tradition - on a tansy broth is prepared, which is sprayed with potatoes and apple trees. And the remnants of a simple broom are applied to the joints of the floor and walls, plinths and furniture. Even when I was little, I walked around with a broom around the house and splattered - my grandmother told me that tansy from bedbugs very well protects. "

Julia, Ulyanovsk

Against bedbugs tansy is used by analogy with its use from insects in gardens and orchards. But here there is an important nuance: if the agent works as a poison poisoning the insect that has eaten against the same Colorado potato beetle or potato moth, then bed bugs in the room can not in principle be fed with tansy or something that can be processed by it. After all, the only food of bedbugs is human blood.

Против клопов пижма не так эффективна, как против некоторых вредителей огорода, поскольку клопы питаются только кровью.

How and by what means then tansy works against bed bugs? Let's try to understand this issue in more detail.

How does tansy affect bugs?

First and foremost, tansy is an effective repellent: its scent repels a wide variety of insects, including mosquitoes. This smell is afraid of bedbugs.

However, if these parasites are wound up in an apartment and have established their nests here relatively long ago, it is almost impossible to destroy them with the help of tansy. To the bug to die, it should be literally dipped in a decoction of tansy, so that the agent in a liquid concentrated form got into the body of the insect through the respiratory tract (spiracles).

Пижма может применяться лишь для отпугивания клопов, но не для их уничтожения.

If the decoction is simply processed by some surface, then the bug can run to such places in the house without any harm to itself.


"We tried and tansy. Does not help. Bedbugs get away from it, but they do not die. Press them sluggishly lazy, and pour this broth so that they die - it's neighbors to flood from the bottom. And the branches under the bed lay down, too, did not help. Probably because some of them lived in the bed itself. "

Ilya, Saratov

It is effective to use tansy from bugs to temporarily weaken their activity. Feeling the smell of this substance in the room, insects will for some time (usually up to 3-4 days) avoid appearing in places where this smell is the strongest. However later they will still get to the person.

Если клопов в помещении много, то пижма не сможет их надолго отпугнуть от человека.

This does not mean that tansy from bedbugs does not work at all, it's just that the hunger for parasites is always stronger than the "fear" of the smell of grass.

Tansy: instructions for use against parasites

The use of tansy against bugs is quite identical to the use of wormwood for the same purpose. In the simplest form, freshly picked or already dried twigs of the plant are laid out under the mattress of the bed, in sofas and armchairs, in the corners of the room and under the linen closets and bedside tables.

Для отпугивания клопов нужно нарезать пижму и разложить свежие или высушенные части растения под кроватью или диваном.

If such a damper from the plant is between the shelter of bedbugs and the resting place of people, while parasites are not very hungry, they will not cross it. However, later they will still decide to break such a "cordon".

Хотя клопы и боятся запаха пижмы, он не остановит их надолго.

A little more difficult is the use of tansy in the form of decoction. In this case, a glass of dry grass is boiled for a minute in five liters of water, then cooled.

Приготовленным из сухих цветов пижмы отваром можно обработать углы квартиры и пол под кроватью.

The decoction is sprayed on the plinth in the house, the parquet floor, the corners of the linoleum and the cracks. Usually, after such treatment, the bugs tend to leave the cracks, and already in the open space they can simply be crushed or destroyed by other means.

Of course, tansy bugs tansy does not work.

На фотографии показаны яйца постельных клопов


"Bedbugs appeared last year in the spring. I do not know where, but there were not many of them, and only in the child's room. We did this: carried a cot to the loggia. Fortunately, the weather allowed. In the room they took off the carpet and carried it to the sink. The whole room after that was literally filled with decoction of tansy with wormwood. We bought in the market a kilogram of wormwood and a half a kilo of tansy, boiled in an enameled bucket, poured all the plinths, drawers in the closet, the radiator. The bed itself was also processed, the mattress was thrown out of it, all the diapers were washed in the stylalke at the maximum temperature. It was necessary to see how the bedbugs ran away from under the skirting boards. The outcome of bedbugs is just some kind of. We immediately pressed them all, big and small. And so - three days off. And all, got everyone out. But we were lucky that they were only in the same room. "

Pavel, Nazarovo

Significantly more effective use of tansy with industrial insecticides. As a second component, you can use any aerosol or insect concentrate.

Лучше всего пижму комбинировать с каким-либо современным инсектицидом, например, со средством от насекомых Get.

On a note

Another popular means of combating bugs is tincture of tansy on alcohol. The remedy turns out to be repellent and mortally dangerous for bedbugs: alcohol burns parasites and leads to their death by direct contact with an insect. This infusion was previously recommended to treat the nests found and clumps of bedbugs.

Tansy to prevent bugs from entering the house

Tansy is more effective as a prophylactic against bugs: with its help it is possible to protect the room from the penetration of single parasites, for example, from neighbors.

Наиболее эффективна пижма при малом количестве клопов в помещении.

For this, it is usually recommended:

  • lay out the plant under the mattresses of the bed and in the internal cavities of the sofas
  • add a decoction of decoction in the water, which wash the floors
  • to process decoction ventilation ducts in the apartments, external slopes of windows and walls around the entrance doors.

Подготовленные пучки пижмы нужно раскладывать в местах, откуда желательно отпугнуть клопов

With such processing, cases of penetration of bedbugs from neighboring premises and just from the street are almost completely excluded.

Can tansy be dangerous?

Generally speaking, tansy is a poisonous plant, and when working with it one must observe some caution. So, for example, you should keep drugs from it away from children, do not allow the plant to enter cells with domestic rodents.

Processed with decoction or infusion of tansy bitten bugs on the body can only be in accordance with the instruction for the use of these funds.

При укусах клопов не стоит заниматься самолечением и бесконтрольно применять пижму, которая является довольно-таки ядовитым лекарственным растением.


"The first thing that came to my mind when bugs came in was tansy, but somehow it was scary to process the entire apartment with it. This is a poisonous plant, even herds are poisoned by it. But then she decided, cooked the broth, splashed all. For a while they did not bother after that, and then reappeared. Probably, it needs to constantly process the apartment, but I do not have time for that. Therefore, we planned three days off and called SES. They processed everything, we spent the house cleaning and left for the country. After that, there were no more bedbugs. "

Hope, Fominskoye

In general, you can not be afraid to use tansy: take it by hand, sniff and use it in the room is quite safe.

Once again, we note that if bedbugs in the room are wound up, withdraw them only by tansy it will not work - it just does not work for them, like an insecticide. Therefore, initially it is worthwhile to focus on special modern means from insect parasites.

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  1. Ivan Prokofievich :

    Just crap some, well, a kindergarten directly. Are there people who believe that tansy can kill bed bugs? And how long will this continue? A week, a month, a year? This is who has so much patience will be to try all this time to poison these parasites with decoction of tansy? Maybe it's better to take a normal remedy, Get, for example, and finish off the bugs in one fell swoop?

  2. Roman, Ekaterinburg :

    They came to live in the old house, called the perpetrators on the announcement. They said that for half a year we will forget about all the animals ... And for sure, day in and day out :-) They climbed again. I bought the Combat Superspray Plus, and after I put all the tansy as prevention. By the way, I can not find a nest of bedbugs.

  3. Tatiana :

    I live in Podolsk, 5 times called Klimovsky DEZ, there are bugs. And they bite me alone, and do not bite my husband and children. I do not know what to do, help!

    • Elena :

      Buy a Clean House spray and process them all. Better a couple of cylinders, costs about 300 rubles.

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