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Pyrethrum for fighting bed bugs

Порошок пиретрума является натуральным средством для уничтожения клопов и других насекомых

What are the only means today in the market for the destruction of bedbugs, and most of them contain powerful synthetic insecticides. However, what if the house has a small child or a pet that is sticking out of the nose? After all, most insecticides are to some extent toxic to warm-blooded people.

In these cases, you can try using a natural remedy - pyrethrum powder from bedbugs (which is often called simply pyrethrum). About him, we'll go on and talk more ...

What is pyrethrum powder?

Insecticidal properties of pyrethrum, or romanist, have been known to man for a long time. From the dried flowers of this perennial plant, the housewives harvested a powder that successfully disposed of such parasites as bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches and mosquitoes.

Высушенные и измельченные цветы пиретрума

Pyrethrins in pyrethrum powder block the transmission of nerve impulses in bedbugs, resulting in paralysis and rapid death of the insect. In addition, the unique properties of the pyrethrum powder, also called as old Persian or Dalmatian powder, allowed to fight not only with bedbugs, but also with mites, and even with helminths.

Порошок пиретрума когда-то называли далматским порошком

It is interesting

To kill scabies mites in animals in large farms, a small pit was poured with water with diluted pyrethrum powder, and then animals were driven there for bathing. The death of ticks, as a rule, came on the same or the next day.

Needless to say, making such a powder from bedbugs or other harmful insects was a very laborious process. Industrial pyrethrum analogues, created in the 1940s, required less time and labor and were more effective, so the production of natural powder has since been virtually discontinued.

Изготовление порошка пиретрума - сложный и трудоемкий процесс

Nevertheless, even today the main advantages of the pyrethrum powder are:

  • low toxicity for humans and other mammals with pronounced effectiveness in controlling bed bugs;
  • naturalness and environmental friendliness, high rate of decay in the light (it lasts no more than 1.5 days). For the same reason, it is convenient to use it in a house where there is a child or a pet, without fear that the remnants of the remedy not completely removed from the surfaces of the sofa or carpet will cause poisoning and other troubles;
  • pyrethrins in the powder composition do not practically cause addictive insects;
  • the range of application of pyrethrum powder is not limited to bedbugs, it can be successfully used to combat cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, perieids in indoor birds, and pests of orchard crops.

За рубежом порошок и концентрат пиретрума используют для борьбы с постельными клопами и вредителями огородных культур

In this case, some of the advantages of the powder are also its drawbacks. Thus, insecticides in its composition quickly disintegrate into light, and therefore do not have a sufficiently long action for the destruction of all the larvae and adult individuals of bedbugs.

К сожалению, действие пиретрума непродолжительно и может не затронуть яйца клопов в укромных местах

Accordingly, the use of powder is advisable with a small number of parasites. Another disadvantage of this remedy is that it is rather difficult to buy pyrethrum from bedbugs on a free sale today.

It is interesting

A detailed study of the properties of pyrethrum was carried out in laboratory conditions as early as 1908. However, only by the 1920s was the structure of natural insecticides of pyrethrins reproduced, and their production began to be adjusted. The drugs were very expensive, and also very unstable. Only in the 40's it was possible to synthesize in greater volumes more resistant insecticides - allethrin and tetramethrin - called pyrethroids. Today, many remedies for bedbugs, fleas and ticks refer specifically to the pyrethroid group, they have sufficient effectiveness against these parasites with relative safety for warm-blooded creatures.

Where to find feverfew from bedbugs?

Anyone who wants to buy pyrethrum from bedbugs, will find that it is not easy to do. You can try to look for it in pharmacies, but pharmacists, after hearing the name, most likely, will offer instead capsules pyrethrum maiden as a biological additive to strengthen the body.

If you have experience in ordering goods abroad, you can try buying pyrethrum powder on the Amazon site, where it is sold as a dust with a special spray called pyrethrum dust.

На Амазоне пиретрум можно найти под названием pyrethrum dust

In Russia, feverfew from bedbugs in small packages can be found in individual online stores. In some of them, delivery is possible both in Moscow and in the regions. In extreme cases, instead of pyrethrum powder, you can use a pharmacy chamomile, which can be bought in any pharmacy in the form of dried flowers or in the form of filter bags with powder. True, pyrethrins in its inflorescences are much smaller than in Dalmatian chamomile, which means that this remedy will not be so effective.

Вместо пиретрума для борьбы с клопами можно воспользоваться ромашкой аптечной

Ромашка аптечная в фильтр-пакетиках

How to make such a powder at home?

In Russia, the Dalmatian daisy and her cousin the Caucasian daisy are quite popular garden plants. They are actively used in landscape design due to their unpretentiousness to weather conditions and pleasant appearance. If you look at the dacha to yourself or to your neighbors, then for sure you can find these flowers decorating the flower beds.

И Далматская, и Кавказская ромашка содержат природные инсектициды

Insecticides called cynerines and pyrethrins that affect bugs are found in all parts of the plant, but most of them are found in the inflorescences. They are removed during the active flowering period.

Больше всего пиретринов содержится в цветках ромашки

It is better to dry in the attic, that is, not under the open sun. The dried inflorescences should be stored in a dark, dry place. Grind them into powder as possible, if necessary on an ordinary coffee grinder or in a blender.

Сушить соцветия пиретрума нужно разложив их тонким слоем в темном месте

If all the same the opportunity to grind the flowers into powder is not, then from the crushed raw material you can prepare a water infusion. To do this, inflorescences are poured into a container (for example, a bucket) to half the volume and filled with water. In a day, filtered infusion can be treated with pest-affected surfaces. Directly before treatment, it is recommended to add a little soap or washing liquid to the infusion.

It is important to know

Despite the fact that pyrethrum is a completely natural remedy, pyrethrins themselves can be quite powerful allergens and cause contact dermatitis, lacrimation and even an attack of bronchial asthma. However, such consequences can arise after application of almost any medicinal plant. The risk of allergic reactions to pyrethrum increases in those who already have an allergy to pollen from plants, for example, ragweed. For this reason, one should not allow direct contact with this powder of very young children.

How to use pyrethrum powder from bedbugs?

To apply the powder to hard-to-reach places, a special nebulizer or even a regular rubber pear with which pyrethrum can be blown into various cracks is used. To treat the same mattress or floor under the carpet, it will be enough to distribute the powder with a thin layer over the surface.

As for the prepared infusion of pyrethrum, it can be sprayed with a conventional household spray.

Настой пиретрума можно распылять с помощью обычного пульверизатора

The action of the agent in the illuminated area lasts about 1-2 days, so after this period it is necessary to apply fresh powder. If the number of bedbugs is low, then daily treatment for 5 days can be quite enough to get rid of parasites.

Nevertheless, one must understand that with a high number of bugs in the room, not only pyrethrum powder, but often powerful industrial insecticides will not be able to quickly cope with the problem.

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