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Fufanon from bedbugs: reviews

Фуфанон, отзывы

Fufanon, which has other names - Malathion, Fufanon Super, Taran - is one of the most effective means against domestic insect parasites. This preparation is an organophosphorus insecticide of a wide spectrum of action, which possesses a contact, intestinal and fumigant action against insects of various species.

The drug has an average level of toxicity for humans and animals and can be used in residential premises (from small apartments to agricultural warehouses) against cockroaches, ants, fleas, etc. In everyday life people often use Fufanon and from bedbugs . Reviews of this insecticide will help to study the characteristics of the drug in more detail and understand the peculiarities of its use.

If you also have experience using Fufanon - write your feedback in the comment box at the end of the article.

How effective is Fufanon?

Reference number 1: Of all that I tried, I prefer Fufanon. Very effective against these creepy bed bugs, and even against ticks - I use it for prevention in the garden. Only here I alternate means, that at insects habituation was not, so, just in case. Do not worry yet.

Фуфанон, 5 мл

Response # 2: Fufanon is imported Carbophos, nothing new. Dangerous, with a terrible smell, but surprisingly effective from bedbugs and other unnecessary insects living creatures, is available in liter bottles.

Response number 3: But Fufanon did not help us. Three times sprayed apartment, the last time did not even bred concentrate - it's useless. Tired of fighting, I had to call the disinfectors.

Response number 4: They ran into bedbugs in a rented apartment - they were the sea. I was advised by Fufanon Super from bedbugs, ants and cockroaches - sold in any store such as "goods for the garden and garden." Diluted in water, sprinkled, a week aired. For preventive maintenance, I once again processed a month later - there are no bugs yet.

Response number 5: Understand, it is useless to fight with bedbugs on their own! We poisoned them with all known methods and means, including Fufanon - after it the effect was longer, but the bedbugs still returned after a while, and there were even more of them! Only specialists call, but they also do not give guarantees.

Фуфанон при однократном применении не всегда помогает от клопов

Response number 6: Bed bugs are tortured - bite our whole family, from bites huge such bumps on the body, itch! They turned upside down the whole apartment - they did not find it, they processed everything with the means of bedbugs, Fufanon, the reviews on the forums speak of his strong action. And the insects really left almost immediately, and until they return.

Testimonial # 7: It works great against bedbugs. Dilute Fufanon according to the instructions, process all skirting boards, door jambs, corners, furniture, and go somewhere to live for 3-4 days. Then you come back, air the rooms, do a good wet cleaning, put things in dry cleaners or wash at high temperatures - just like that, boring and unpleasant, but it really helps. The main thing is to be patient and tune in to a successful outcome.

Следование инструкции при работе с Фуфаноном

As you can see from the reviews, Fufanon can really help in the fight against annoying insects, but the effect will depend on a variety of nuances. For example, if there are bugs in your neighbors, then only your actions will not help much, and the pests will return again. In this case it is worth to join forces.

Is Fufanon dangerous to humans?

Recall # 8: My struggle with bedbugs is with varying success. Treated Fufanon all that is possible, this smell almost drove me crazy. A week later I thought that again bites - it turned out that my allergy was working. A remedy may be strong, but dangerous for a person.

Фуфанон способен вызывать аллергию

Reference number 9: It seems to me that Fufanon is not the most suitable way to get rid of bedbugs in an apartment, nevertheless toxicity, smell and so on will not affect healthily. If you are predisposed to allergies, do not take risks! Apply in the garden - it's safer.

Response number 10: Fufanon, of course, smells very strong - it got rid of the odor a year, and then there was a weak, barely noticeable. But if you want to remove insects, you will have to suffer and leave somewhere for a couple of days after processing the apartment, otherwise poisoning is inevitable.

Response No 11: Yes, it is effective against the bugs this Fufanon, but it is very dangerous for humans. With direct contact, it is quickly absorbed through the mucous membrane, affects the liver in particular and on health in general. Is it necessary to take such a risk? So many services now, will lead out any insects.

Feedback No. 12: If you use Fufanon or Fufanon Super, try to get rid of bedbugs in the apartment, arm yourself with a respirator and gloves, otherwise you'll get poisoned. I myself am an asthmatic, I have persecuted this attack for a long time, but I brought it myself, fortunately, it did not suffer. Ventilate the apartment well and clean well. I hope my feedback will help someone.

При работе с Фуфаноном нужно использовать средства защиты

So, the opinions of people allow us to draw a very important conclusion: Fufanon, like other insecticides, requires competent treatment and mandatory use of personal protective equipment for hands and respiratory organs, since it is a drug toxic to humans.

Fufanon in the fight against bugs: the opinion of experts

As a rule, people tend to rely more on the reasoned opinion of specialists, and this applies to all spheres of life, including the choice of means for fighting insects.

Отзывы экспертов о Фуфаноне

Expert's comment : Import Fufanon is a well-forgotten old, familiar to us Carbophos , only more pure and qualitative, and therefore less toxic. Of the positive nuances, I note the affordable cost and low consumption (all the same concentrate). Of the negative - the smell, strong and pungent smell, which is difficult to weather.

I do not recommend using the drug in apartments, except on a country plot for your garden. At home - only in extreme cases and with extreme caution. Can be used for prevention, the benefit of the price allows.

Expert review: If you are not the first time to process an apartment from bedbugs Foufanon, larvae can develop a pronounced protective reaction to the components of the drug, and get rid of pests will be very difficult.

У клопов может развиваться устойчивость к Фуфанону

Fufanon and Fufanon Super are best alternated or mixed with other powerful insecticides , diluting them in a concentration of 50-60 ml of funds per 1 liter of water and treating the premises no more often than once every 21 days. Drugs can be purchased at any SES.


Expert recall: When I first fight with bedbugs, I would advise you to use substances that have a fourth hazard class for humans (Fufanon has a third class). The fourth is good because it does not give a strong impact when you get on things and objects - when you injure insects from the rooms you can not stand anything.

If you are confident in your abilities and are determined resolutely, you can use Fufanon for breeding bugs, but for this you will need protective glasses, a respirator, gloves and a lot of patience. The smell of the drug is strong, but eventually it will go away, and this is perhaps the only drawback compared to the effectiveness of Fufanon, which, incidentally, is a widely used tool in pest control.

How many people, so many opinions - this simple truth has been proved many times. In our time, hardly anyone blindly follows foreign recommendations, but they can be taken into consideration, especially if it concerns the life and health of a person.

Maybe you managed to get rid of bed bugs with the help of Fufanon and have something to say? Or do you disagree with the opinions of experts and want to share personal experiences?

Even if you have just questions about the topic - write them in the comments box below. We (the site administration) welcome them, as we understand that this really helps many people to make their lives and lives of their loved ones free of parasitic insects.

To the record "Fufanon from bedbugs: reviews" left 26 comments.
  1. gulmaram :

    00% worse will not help

  2. Elena :

    We suffer from bugs for six months already ...
    From neighbors should not, sort of like, they recently just moved in doing Euro-repair. at first we did not even realize that these were bedbugs. . Where they came from is unknown. That's when the war with them began. Than I just did not fill the room: and kerosene, and vinegar and pencil Masha. All bestolku. Recently I learned about Foufonon, I dispensed 2 ampoules for 1 liter of water, everything splashed, I left the apartment for a day. It's been 2 days, the first night one of them (the survivors) bitten me all hands, apparently from anger at me. Today I did not notice anything. Let's hope I never see them again! The only thing that worries me is that the bedbugs were on the bookshelf, in the books ... (((If they left eggs from bedbugs, what should I do with them? Do not throw away the same books?

  3. Sasha :

    Fufanon does not help. I bleached them all and it dried up and no effect. And the smell is not so smelly

  4. Angelina :

    Does not help, splashed the whole apartment! Even concentrated, as running bugs and run.

    • Tatiana :

      Try the Tsifox tool, it is sold in the stores for truck farmers, we also suffer, called specialists - it did not help, I went to the neighbors and it turned out they also had bugs. Here all have united, yesterday etched all floor.

  5. Hope :

    Hello! They work the apartment with foresight, decided to re-paste the wallpaper and in des. store advised to add fufanon in wallpaper paste. Maybe someone tried, what do you say? )

    • Roma :

      In the glue you need to add spent carbide, you can ask the locksmith for the housing department. It helps, it's checked.

    • YY :

      When settling into a room in a communal apartment, the wallpaper was re-glued, carbofos (then sold in small dark bottles) was added to the wallpaper paste and at the following repairs did the same. All neighbors had bedbugs, but we do not.

  6. Hope :

    We lived in a shroidered house and there were lots of bedbugs. Etched by all means (kerosene, pencil, dust, carbofos), but the bugs again and again appeared. And after the application of carbide, not only bedbugs, but also all the evil spirits for years to come, did not become. But we used it this way - about half a kilogram of powder was poured into an iron bucket and filled with water. It was done at night. Of course, I did not have to spend the night at home. Then aired and cleaned. True smell reminded of myself for a while.

  7. Natalia :

    A carbide treated the whole apartment, or just dissolved in a bucket and left in the apartment for a smell?

  8. Raisa :

    All these things have to be done on the descending cycle of the moon. And do not pour the floor and apartment necessary, and a children's syringe in the plinth along the perimeter (if the plinths are old, then tear and discard), there is something to be surprised! And furniture, sofas, armchairs to turn. And also in all-all the cracks to decarburize. Who offered and helped - got rid of at once!

  9. Anonymous :

    In order to get rid of bedbugs, you need the drug Tsifoks (concentrate). You bred, you look for a bug, you spray it. Duck dies right before our eyes.

  10. Galina :

    Very good tool. I used it twice in my life - one in the distant 80's, we stopped in the apartment, and there ... bugs! And I have a little child. What I just did not help, nothing. In that year there were a lot of flies in the summer, and in the store there was only carbofos in spray cans. Honestly - I sprinkled only in the air, from flies. After a while I discovered that there are no bedbugs!

    The second time, five years ago, I ran into this evil spirits again. Was already smarter - just bought Fufanon (the same carbofos). ALL. No bugs! The only thing that smells a very long time is weathering. Then I read that they are leaving the smell. So, if the drug does not have a persistent odor, it's a fake. I poisoned in the summer, so it was easier.

  11. Masha :

    There were bugs, this is some kind of horror. In the couch there were a lot of them, as they found out - they threw it out right away. They processed "Clean House", "Combat", and a week later appeared again. We tore down the wallpaper and found it under the wallpaper, bought Fufanon, now we've been wasted, waiting.

  12. Safari :

    Whom to believe? ..

  13. Masha :

    And again found 2 bugs!

  14. Shurik :

    Fufanon, carbofos - all this bullshit and divorce. I can not find Nurel d, Karate Zion. This is the drug! First, the expenditure of money, and secondly, the quality. 5 liter bottle for the whole Peter is enough. I ordered two times from Uzbekistan, but both times were taken away from the airport.

  15. Masha :

    Fufanon did not help :( Now they ordered ZIPOX. Who tried this tool, who helped?

    • Roman, master of pest control :

      I think that tsifoks helped you. Since fufanone and cyfox have different active substances - malathion and cypermethrin, respectively, in the case of re-treatment, there should be a good effect. But much, of course, depends on the way of processing.

  16. Alexander, 26 years old :

    Brought from a friend's bedbug home, for two or three weeks was in bites. I have a three-ruble, decided to call a team of craftsmen, processed one of my rooms, where in principle they were only. After processing, a maximum of a week later saw a fat bug - killed him! After that, as long as three weeks, no one is visible, there are no new bites ... The remedy was Fufanon, so I'm still praising and happy with the result. On the same day he was already in the room all night in which he was sprayed with this remedy. And so it took a month, a living, healthy, did not catch anything. Super means, I recommend! And call the brigade for safety, in that case you can not spare money.

    • Julia :

      Alexander, and what brigade was called? I can not find a good one. According to reviews, none of them can cope.

  17. Julia :

    They rented an apartment, moved all their furniture, and there the clopics live. They immediately moved to our newly bought sofa. We were not bitten with my husband, but there was not a living place on the child. We did not think for a long time, called the service that conducts the processing of the apartments, paid 2000 for 1 room apartment, which was not cheap for us, as we are rented. They processed the apartment, the product was "fufanon", gave a guarantee of 1 year, said 100% of bugs will not be. The day we lived with relatives. And what do you think - three days have passed, and we all still wake up all in bites, only now me and my husband are bitten, about the child generally silent. Tears on eyes. Maybe the bugs and poisoned, but the eggs were left, that's the result! So the drug is not effective! We will call again, for the benefit of free of charge under the guarantee :(

  18. Katerina :

    I was helped by Fufanon from the red house ants. For many years, there is not a single ant!

  19. Vasily :

    As for me, according to Fufanon - an excellent tool! Especially in combination with Confidential and Zipermetrim.

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