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Poison from bugs: how to choose and buy a really effective remedy?

Перед покупкой отравы от клопов полезно внимательно изучить имеющийся ассортимент и особенности препаратов, чтобы суметь выбрать лучшее средство для своей ситуации.

By the term "poison" in most cases, the old-fashioned means powder-like means of dust type or special chalks, which process the corners and plinths of premises to destroy insect parasites or pests. However, poison from bedbugs is almost never a powder or a small one - preparations in this form are generally harmless to bedbugs that can not physically consume them and poison themselves.

Отрава в виде дуста или инсектицидного мелка в большинсте случаев не окажет на клопов ярко выраженного эффекта

The fact is that bed bugs are obligate bloodsuckers, unable to eat anything other than the blood of mammals. So, effective poisoning from them is a means that either gets into the lungs of a parasite with inhaled air, or is able to penetrate the solid chitinous covers of its body. It is these drugs that are used today to kill bedbugs, and it is from them that one should choose which poison to buy from bugs in a particular situation.

On a note

Poisons for the destruction of bedbugs are mostly deadly to insects, but do not have a poisoning effect on a person (or this action is minimal). As a rule, these are preparations based on insecticides of the neuro-paralytic action: mammals usually have protective systems in the body that allow neutralizing the active components of such agents.

There are also remedies for bedbugs, which can not be called typical poison, - they mostly cause chemical damage to the insect, and in large quantities (relative to the size of the bug itself, of course) cause its death. Such drugs are dangerous for humans - they can burn the respiratory tract, the mucous membrane of the eyes or the skin of the hands. When choosing a poison from bedbugs, it is necessary to consider the type of a particular remedy.

Средства, эффективные в качестве отравы против клопов, зачастую могут оказаться опасными и для человека.

All types of remedies for bedbugs

A huge variety of means from bugs can be divided into several groups:

  1. Concentrates of sprays from bedbugs, which are concentrated solutions of insecticidal preparations with the addition of auxiliary substances (that is, before use concentrate should be diluted with water). They are realized in different volumes, depending on the purpose. Concentrates for household-oriented sprays are usually sold in vials of 50 or 100 ml, and with the correct dilution of this amount should be enough to process one apartment. Most often, these concentrates are used by professional disinsectors and are sold in plastic cans for this audience. When using them, you must observe increased precautions.
    Инсектицидное средство Кукарача
    Концентрат Синузан часто используется при травлении клопов профессиональными дезинсекторами
  2. Aerosols - ready-made and diluted in the right concentration means, sold in cylinders and ready for use. Aerosol preparations are most convenient for home use, but in practice, the effectiveness of a little lose spray. Аэрозоли против клопов удобнее спреев тем, что уже готовы к применению

    On a note

    When using aerosol cans, it should be taken into account that the particle size of the aerosol cloud is usually much smaller than when using a domestic spray. Therefore, the higher the risk of inhaling the poison itself, as a result of which it is absolutely necessary to use a respirator during work.

  3. And, finally, folk remedies from bedbugs - kerosene, vinegar, methylated spirit, turpentine. These substances are capable of destroying bedbugs only with direct contact with them, which is why they have a very low effectiveness in the fight against parasites in the apartment. These folk remedies have a strong odor, are quite dangerous to use, but very inexpensive and widely available. Народные средства от клопов вроде скипидара будут способны, скорее, отравить вас, нежели насекомых

Not every drug from these groups will be effective in a particular case. Among the populations of bedbugs there are those who manage to develop resistance to a certain insecticide, and therefore it is not always possible to buy the poison from bedbugs, which is absolutely certain to destroy them. However, choosing the most reliable and proven means, you can reduce the likelihood of failure in the fight against bedbugs to a minimum.

Aerosols from bedbugs: simplicity, accessibility, safety

Buy the remedy for bedbugs from this group the easiest way: aerosols are sold in hardware stores, pharmacies and markets. The following preparations proved to be the best ones:

  • Raptor from creeping insects (Turkey) with the smell of mint contains three powerful insecticides (cypermethrin, tetramethrin, piperonyl butoxide), which practically excludes the probability of resistance development in parasites to it. The price of a 350 ml bottle is about 100 rubles, the volume of a balloon is enough to process a room of 50-60 m². Аэрозоль Раптор от ползающих насекомых
  • Combat (Korea), also produced with flavors. This poison from bugs is worth more than Raptor - about 200 rubles per bottle, and the efficiency is approximately the same. Аэрозоль Комбат Суперспрей тоже может оказаться эффективным в борьбе с клопами, если их в квартире не очень много
  • Clean House - aerosol from bedbugs on the basis of cypermethrin and tetrametrin. In general, we can say that this is a universal drug that allows you to destroy bedbugs, cockroaches, fleas and other insects in the house. Аэрозоль Чистый Дом эффетивен не только против клопов,  но и против других паразитов
  • Dichlorvos-Neo, which has nothing to do with the old Dichlorvos and contains the basis of Permethrin. Effective and inexpensive - you can buy this drug from bedbugs for about 60 rubles. Современный аэрозоль Дихлофос Нео

Aerosols are reasonable to use for self-treatment of living quarters. For this purpose, all surfaces in the room are sprayed, most plentifully - plinths, floors under furniture and beds, all soft furniture, wardrobes.

Используя аэрозоль в качестве отравы от клопов, нужно обработать все места предполагаемого скопления насекомых

Before processing all people and animals must be taken out of the room. After spraying the poison, close the windows and doors for several hours, and then ventilate the room and hold it in a wet cleaning.


Most of the aerosol formulations do not kill the eggs of bedbugs. This means that in a month or two adult bugs begin to appear in the room again - a new generation appears from the eggs that survived during the processing. Therefore, when using aerosols, you need to be prepared for double treatment of the room.

Concentrates for sprays: we work professionally

Concentrated insecticidal preparations for dilution and subsequent spraying in the form of a spray are often used by professional disinfesters (this is efficient and economical).

Дезинсекторы обычно используют в работе концентраты для разбавления и распыления в виде спрея

As a rule, their use is accompanied by a bad smell in the room and requires mandatory use of personal protective equipment.

Many such poison from bugs are used exclusively by workers of special services for fighting insects, and it is very problematic to buy such drugs by free sale.

So, for the destruction of bedbugs, the following tools are most often used:

  • Clovperon is a Soviet development, considered one of the most effective. To buy it is extremely difficult, for a person it is almost harmless, but it destroys the bedbugs reliably. It is realized in the form of a powder, which must be dissolved in water. 250 grams of it cost about 1800 rubles. Порошок Клоповерон требует разведения водой
  • Tetrix is ​​another drug used almost exclusively by professional disinfesters. Has a strong unpleasant odor, is produced in cans and bottles, requires dilution with water. Effective, but difficult in the work. Препарат Тетрикс от клопов имеет сильный неприятный запах
  • Sinuzan - has an original composition, but in application and in its properties is similar to Tetrix. It smells, perhaps, even more. Концентрат средства от клопов Синузан
  • The executioner is a remedy for bedbugs for domestic use. Developed in Germany, it is relatively inexpensive (70 rubles - 1 small bottle, about 20 bottles are required for a standard apartment). Safe in use, does not have a strong suffocating odor (average level of odor) and is really effective. Средство от клопов Палач имеет некоторый запах, однако эффективно травит клопов
  • Means from bedbugs Get (Get) is a preparation containing a microencapsulated insecticide suspension that retains its effectiveness before flushing the agent off the surface. It has a contact action, it destroys bedbugs that simply run through the treated surface. Practically odorless. Микрокапсулированная суспензия Get - одна из наиболее популярных и эффективных отрав от клопов
  • Delta Zone (about 500 rubles per 50 ml) and Lambda Zone (600 rubles per 50 ml) - Get's analogs are also produced using microencapsulation technology. One bottle of each drug is sufficient for processing a room of 100 m². Средство от насекомых Дельта-Зона
  • Carbophos is a known drug that has conflicting reviews and can cause side effects in the handlers. Inexpensive and known for destroying both adult bedbugs and their eggs. It is produced both as a powder and as a concentrated solution, has an unpleasant odor. Старый добрый Карбофос реализуется как в виде порошка, так и в виде концентрата

Before use, these preparations should be diluted in the concentration specified in the instructions and sprayed with a domestic spray.

Folk Poison from Bedbugs

Of the folk remedies from klopov can be effective kerosene, turpentine, vinegar, denatured. They poison the insects when they hit them directly (they do not even poison, they burn and choke).

Народные средства обычно травят клопов только при непосредственном попадании на них

However, in practice, these funds from bedbugs are ineffective - it is physically impossible to treat all insects, and therefore some of the parasites will probably survive. However, such funds have an unpleasant smell, and in the apartment itself, after use, the risk of a fire increases (kerosene, turpentine and alcohol are highly flammable liquids and give explosive fumes).

Использование керосина в качестве отравы от клопов может быть весьма небезопасным

Such tools as decoctions of wormwood and tansy are also poisonous for bedbugs, but under real conditions they can be used only to scare them away and protect the premises from penetration of parasites.

How to choose a poison for a specific situation?

Choosing a poison for bedbugs, should be guided by several main considerations.

If there are few bedbugs in the room, and you know approximately the places of their possible dislocation, it is advisable to try to limit the use of an aerosol drug. However, it is necessary to be ready at the same time to two stages of parasite excretion, after re-processing in about 2-4 weeks (to destroy young larvae that will be recovered from the surviving eggs).

With a large number of bugs in the room it is advisable to use sprays. Among them, one should prefer effective products without a strong odor, oriented for household use (preparations Get, Dobrohim Micro, etc.)

Если клопов в помещении много, травить их предпочтительнее спреями

And only where it is absolutely impossible to buy special sprays and aerosols (for example, remote areas from large cities), you can fight bugs with the help of folk remedies. But here you need to be ready for multiple treatments, a bad smell in the room and possible setbacks.

On a note

Together with the poison from the bedbugs you can use special traps and Velcro (there is also the so-called adhesive from bedbugs). They work particularly well when the ways of moving bugs in the room are known and parasites do not live in bed. Completely withdraw this way bugs will not work, but they will give a certain result.

And, finally, if you do not want to bother with the poison from bed bugs, you can always call the disinfestation service. In large cities, there are a lot of such companies, and in small companies SES is good at this task.

The call of professionals will cost from 1200 rubles for a one-room apartment, which is comparable to the cost of funds for self-processing the same room. In most cases, you will also receive a guarantee for insects in the apartment for a certain time.

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