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Types of bug repellent and feedback on their use

Если вы все еще не определились с выбором отпугивателя клопов, то самое время узнать о них больше...

Use to repel bugs repeller - for many a pretty tempting idea. The popularity of these devices today is really high: they are massively advertised by manufacturers and dealers, and the buyers themselves are happy to prefer their preparations on the basis of insecticides (nobody wants to be poisoned with chemistry). So it turns out that "whatever one may say", and electronic repeller bugs is harmless, inexpensive, works long and, most importantly, stunningly simple to use.

Отпугиватель клопов Riddex

At the same time, special experiments and studies, as well as customer testimonials indicate that most of the bug repellent agents are frank rubbish, absolutely useless in the fight against parasites. But to choose an electronic repeller that really helps get rid of bed bugs in the house, you need to try very hard and go not quite the standard way.

Практика показывает, что большинство отпугивателей не действуют на клопов, и уж тем более неэффективны для уничтожения их яиц.

So, let's understand, what really can scare away bedbugs and thus it is safe for the health.


"We bought a Typhoon repeller for my daughter in the hostel. She is very sensitive and from all chemistry she has a headache for a long time. So, this repeller does not work. Rather, it works, but it does not give a result. The light bulb is on, an ultrasound of some supposedly goes, but bugs bite and bite. Nastya had to go home for three days, and at this time the commandant called SES and bugs were poisoned with some kind of gas. "

Svetlana, Ivanovo

Types of bug repellent: classify an abundance of funds

The most common types of insect repellent on the market are the following:

  • Ultrasound - these devices are designed to scare off bedbugs due to high-frequency sounds, which are supposed by producers to create in the house very uncomfortable conditions for existence for parasites. Electronic repellers of this type appeared on the market first, and therefore today their low efficiency is already well known, and manufacturers are forced to switch to a new invention due to falling sales and mistrust of buyers ... Ультразвуковой отпугиватель насекомых Pest Reject
  • Magnetic resonance scares, they are also electromagnetic, the action of which is explained by the emission of electromagnetic waves, whose frequency falls into resonance with the frequency of electromagnetic oscillations of the bug's nervous system and has a destructive effect on its organism. Agree, this description itself gives an unscientific nonsense in the style of sellers of dietary supplements, and the effectiveness of the electromagnetic bug repellent in practice turns out to be the same as that of ultrasound products. That is practically zero. Эффективность магнитно-резонансных отпугивателей клопов так же не подтверждается на деле, как и эффективность ультразвуковых отпугивателей
  • Aromatic scarers, also referred to as fumigators, are agents in which a special solution or aromatic plate smolts from the heating of the spiral, exuding an odor that is unpleasant for bedbugs (and other domestic insects). Of all household repellents, only in this group are really effective remedies. Ароматические отпугиватели клопов, или фумигаторы, пожалуй, наиболее действенные из всех отпугивателей


There are both electromagnetic and ultrasonic scarers, really effective against bedbugs . These include, for example, some models of scarers against rats and moles. However, these funds are so strong that they irritate the nervous system of a person. As the inspections show, powerful repellers lead to headaches in occupants, stress, insomnia and other disorders.

Мощные ультразвуковые излучатели способны воздействовать не только на насекомых, но и на человека

Simply put, these tools scare away all life that falls within the range of their signal. Use such devices in living quarters and, especially, in bedrooms, from which bugs need to be scared off in the first place, is strictly prohibited.

Electronic repellers: are they effective?

As the results of specially conducted experiments show, neither ultrasonic nor electromagnetic repellers from bugs have any effect on the behavior of these insects.

Электронные отпугиватели, как правило, не оказывают на клопов никакого эффекта

The reason for this is simple - ultrasonic scarers are effective only against insects that use hearing and sound signals for communication. For example, against mosquitoes.

Ультразвуковые отпугиватели будут эффективны против насекомых, использующих ультразвук при коммуникации, например, против комаров

Bedbugs "communicate" and are guided in search of food almost exclusively by smells, therefore to ultrasounds they are absolutely indifferent.


"I leave my feedback on the Riddex repeller. The remedy helps against mosquitoes - while the repeller is on, insects do not bite. From moths did not help, butterflies continue to fly. Friends tried to get rid of them from bedbugs and cockroaches, also did not work, although the cockroaches on their assurances became slightly less. I think you can buy this product to protect the baby from mosquitoes. "

Sergey, Zelenograd

The bugs react to high-frequency electromagnetic radiation in the same way as a person - that is, we do not notice them at all (although for the sake of justice we must say that there are people sensitive, for example, to long-term radiation of cellular phones).


Marketing research in China shows that electronic bug repellent agents account for almost 22% of sales of funds from these parasites. Noteworthy is the fact that four out of five respondents are not satisfied with the effectiveness of the device, and 73% of respondents are forced to buy other funds within 2 weeks after acquiring a repeller.

But aromatic scarers - fumigators, sections, oil-based agents - may well give the desired result, but usually very short-lived.

Ароматические масла оказывают кратковременный отпугивающий эффект на клопов

The matter is that bedbugs really do not like the smells of some plants, for example, wormwood, tansy, lavender, bug, and in the presence of such fragrances in the room they always try to stay away from them.

Некоторые сильные запахи в самом деле могут отпугнуть клопов от жилища

But only until they get hungry - in this case, hunger for them wins the dislike of the smell, and they will climb even to the lavender-fouled bed. Nevertheless, it is fumigators and sections that can be effectively used for short-term repulsion of bedbugs, if it is not possible to immediately destroy parasites with effective drugs.

Fumigators and sections from parasites as a remedy for bedbugs

It is impossible to destroy all bed bugs in the apartment with fumigators: from these means, insects, even if they die, but slowly and not all. But to scare off parasites for a short time fumigators are quite suitable.

So, for example, they can be used:

  • if necessary, spend the night in dubious cleanliness premises;
  • as well as at home in a case where it is not possible to immediately destroy bedbugs - there is no time or necessary insecticide.

Fumigators should be included in the outlet closest to the bed. Repelling sections should be hung directly on the lower crossbeams of the bed frame. For such a short-term repulsion of bugs, you can use Mosquitall, Raptor and Raid fumigators, as well as Mosquitall and Raptor moth sections.

Некоторый отпугивающий эффект на клопов могут оказать секции Раптор


"After buying a new apartment it was found that tenants already live in it - butterflies moths and bedbugs. It's good that we found them before entering. From butterflies bought special sections Mosquitall with the smell of lavender, they helped. We even thought that the bugs became smaller after the placement of these sections. But we could not get them out until they called SES. The guys all processed very quickly, there was not any furniture in the apartment. "

Irina, Krasnodon

On a note

Before using deterrents, you should check that there are no bugs in the bed itself, the mattress and the bed - in this case, regardless of the use of fumigators and frightening sections, the bugs will still get to the body.

Natural bug repellent

Known and a whole set of folk remedies, which quite successfully can scare off bedbugs.

  • Wormwood - it is either in fresh or dry form under the beds and mattresses. And to prevent falling bugs from neighbors - in the corners of the room, ventilation ducts and near the door. You can also prepare a decoction of wormwood and add it to the water for washing the floors, spray it with plinths to expel the parasites from there. Полынь издавна применяется в народе для отпугивания клопов и других паразитов
  • Tansy - is applied similarly to wormwood. Запах пижмы также способен отпугнуть клопов от квартиры
  • Kerosene, denatured alcohol, vinegar - a means that can scare off not only the bedbugs, but the man himself with his smell. They are considered harmful, dangerous and morally obsolete. Запахи керосина и денатурата в квартире отпугнут от нее кого угодно (в том числе и жильцов), а не только клопов
  • Live geranium as a houseplant, and, if possible, a bug bug. These plants repel bugs more safely than expensive fumigators. Стоящий в доме куст ароматной герани также способен отпугнуть клопов

But even with these tools, one should remember that it will not be possible to destroy bedbugs with their help, and even with proper use they will give only a short-term result. They are more reliable as a means of prevention - constantly using them in the house, you can significantly reduce the chances of parasites from neighbors or from the street.

The better to replace the scarers?

In any case, bugs in the apartment should not be scared away, but destroyed: if they are already in the room wound up, they will bite constantly. Therefore, scaring them out is only a temporary measure that allows you to hold out until:

  • the use of special insecticidal agents (Get, the Executioner, Clovperon, Dichlorfos-Neo, Tetriks, Cucaracha and others are considered quite effective); Средство от насекомых Get
  • freezing bugs or burning them with steam or industrial hairdryers;
  • call pest control, which will carry out the destruction faster and more reliable than the residents themselves, and after the pest control, they will also guarantee that bugs in the house will not appear in the near future. Умелые дезинсекторы смогут и клопов в жилище уничтожить, и гарантию дать, что ваше душевное спокойствие в ближайшее время не нарушат эти паразиты

Thus, when choosing the means to combat bugs, it is better not to look at and discourage the scarecers with their promising advertising. So the likelihood of acquiring a truly reliable remedy for bugs will be much higher.

If you also have experience of using a repeller in the fight against bugs, then be sure to leave your feedback in the comments box below. Perhaps he will help other people make the right choice.

To the record "Types of bug repellers and feedback on their application" left 11 comments.
  1. Dmitry :

    My wife and I accidentally discovered that a multifunctional cleanser is effective against cockroaches. When diluted in the proper proportion (provided by the instruction), when sprayed into the habitat of insects, they die literally in front of them. I describe the process in two words: an insect, namely, its limbs, begin to stretch into a string, as if they have "tetanus".
    The composition of this agent is as follows: Anionic surfactants from 5% -15%, non-ionic surfactants from 5%, preservatives and perfume.
    Works very effectively, I recommend.

  2. Cyril :


    • Anonymous :

      From cockroaches boric acid is good. Shake with a raw egg to the consistency of the dumpling, stick balls about 1 cm in diameter and scatter around the places of the cluster.

  3. Anatoly :

    They ordered a repeller from bedbugs - such a dandy. So do not believe that it will help, do not waste money, it's all bullshit.

  4. Dmitry :

    We bought an apartment with bedbugs, late noticed, we stopped, and a month later they woke up bitten. Saves for a while only carbofos liquid, powder did not help. The smell is disgusting, but there is no choice. It is necessary to peep once a month with carbophos.

  5. Den :

    We rented an apartment, and we have tenants. Bedbugs. Do not order any electronic lotion. Valeria was called, the killer of insects. I went into the gas mask, nafigachil so that all life has dried up. Already bored somehow. Just in case I bought poison in the can and poured into all the cracks that I would see. In the hood and so on. I think still buy Get and water once a month.

  6. Lyuda :

    Do not believe in the quality of the Riddec Plus device, it broke down after two days. Returns do not. Sells this. Chinese scam.

  7. Alexander :

    The most reliable and proven way is to kill bedbugs using the Afandi method, using needles and matches. This is done so. Catch bedbugs and in turn, string them on a needle, and then with a burning match fry them like a shish kebab))

  8. Faith :

    Bought a repeller pest regrettk and realized that it does not help even from cockroaches, not to mention the bugs. So do not buy any scarers, they do not help. And for this money it is easier to dial dichlorvos. And the cockroaches nakakali on the repeller and lived there, so that he did not even frighten them.

  9. Olga :

    Aquafumigator Raptor - garbage! Does not work at all. Quietly live bugs :(

  10. Kiryukh :

    Put an ultrasound - and it's not surprising if after a while you will have attacks of irritability, neuroses, and the neighbor will come running with an ax). The influence of ultrasound is dangerous to health and it is not fully understood. A retona machine or a rat repeller can be sent directly to a psychiatric clinic.

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