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We get rid of bedbugs with folk remedies

Избавление от клопов народными средствами

For the whole time of fighting harmful insects, people have come up with many recipes that should make bedbugs disappear without a trace. But if some of them really work, then some are pure myths and do not even have a placebo effect.

Breeding bedbugs with folk remedies is mostly fun for the most economical, and only until parasites breed in sufficient quantities and begin to torment the tenants of the premises for real.

People's methods of getting rid of bugs in the house

If there are bedbugs in the house, the first thing to do is to objectively assess the situation. Folk remedies for bed bugs are effective in cases where parasites know little and where exactly they are located.

In general, getting rid of bedbugs with folk remedies is quite difficult, since in most cases these funds do not destroy, but only deter parasites.

But if you still decided not to buy ready-made insecticides, but to use some effective folk remedy against bedbugs, then let's see what we have, so to speak, "in service."

The main folk methods of fighting bugs today are:

  • The mechanical method is the usual use of a vacuum cleaner and a sneaker.
  • Effects of high temperatures. People's councils suggest taking out furniture with bugs on frost or burning nests of insects with steam and steep boiling water.
  • Wormwood and tansy, laid out around the apartment and repelling bugs with their smell.
  • Chemical smelling liquids: solutions of turpentine, kerosene and naphthalene, salicylic acid, methanol, kerosene, aviation fluid and vinegar.


"When neighbors told us that they had bugs, I was in a panic. We have a small child, it's terrible to poison the apartment with chemicals. We decided to use the grandmother's recipe - scattered all the branches of fresh wormwood. I do not know, it helped or bugs to us just did not reach, but I did not see a single parasite. "

Anastasia, Kaliningrad

Wormwood and tansy from bugs

Wormwood is a bitter herb with a pungent smell, which the person tolerates normally. Like many other folk remedies for bed bugs, wormwood scares off insects primarily with odor .

Полынь отпугивает клопов своим запахом

Parasites do not really like the smell of this herb, but they will not die or run away from the flat. The maximum that can be achieved is a certain lull for a while. But when the bedbugs are hungry again, the bitter aroma of wormwood will not stop them.

Tansy is another national remedy for bedbugs in an apartment. This is a poisonous plant with yellow flowers that appear only in the summer. During this period, his bushes need to be collected and dried. The way of application is the following: to spread tansy to the places where bugs live . You can put it directly under the bed mattress, under the back of the couch. Bedbugs can not tolerate neighborhoods with this plant and simply run away.


Tansy is toxic, so you can not leave it in the public domain for children and animals. When using the product it is necessary to ventilate the room regularly.

It can not be said that the remedy is useless, but it can not be called a panacea either. Bugs, feeling tansy, really go away - but where? They will try to find a clean corner of the plant, perhaps just in another room.

Tansy, like wormwood, is a good idea to prevent the penetration of bedbugs into the house. Moreover, it will be directed against a number of domestic parasites (cockroaches, fleas).

Another tansy works well in order to clear the bedbugs of a specific area. For example, you can arrange it in bed and scatter around, not forgetting to open the window for the night. Most likely, this night bugs will not bother.

A solution of vinegar from bedbugs

Among the townsfolk, such folk remedy against bedbugs as a usual vinegar solution is very popular. This popularity is due to the cheapness of the drug and its availability, as well as safety for humans.

Столовый уксус - популярное народное средство от клопов

It is worth knowing that vinegar, like fragrant herbs, only repels bedbugs for a while and practically does not harm their lives. And to achieve this result, you need to carefully and carefully process each centimeter of the surface, spending a lot of effort on it.

The more vigorous solution of vinegar is used, the more effective it is against bedbugs. It can be said that it represents the same danger for an insect as for a human: it is fatal only in large quantities.

Well-proven vinegar as a preventive agent. They can process possible places of penetration of insects - the perimeter of windows, window sills, cracks in walls, ventilation shafts. But due to the rapid weathering of the smell, the treatment will have to be repeated quite often.

Best of all, vinegar works in conjunction with other chemicals. There are several similar recipes:

  • Mix vinegar, 90% alcohol and naphthalene in equal parts. This mixture works only with a direct hit on an insect and can be used as an alternative to aerosol in detecting a parasite.
  • Vinegar with a decoction of wormwood - an excellent remedy for the prevention, repels bugs with a sharp smell. They, too, should handle possible ways of penetrating insects.


"I thought for a long time how to take out bedbugs with folk remedies. Well, I did not want to poison the dacha with different chemistry, then my grandchildren would breathe. The neighbor advised to sprinkle it with vinegar everywhere. The first night seemed to be like bedbugs, and then they got out again. And the stink was terrible. I ordered my son in the city to buy something good from these parasites. I brought the "Executioner", processed and no more living bugs were seen. "

Sofia Petrovna, Krasnograd

How to get rid of bedbugs with home chemical solutions

In the free access is a lot of chemical solutions, which can also be used to combat bed bugs.

Нашатырный спирт

It should be remembered that these are radical and toxic folk remedies against bedbugs, which can be very dangerous for humans and animals. Experts do not recommend using them on their own because of the high risk of poisoning. Among them:

  • Denatured alcohol. Net denatured effectively works against living bedbugs, their eggs and larvae. Therefore, if you know exactly where the bugs are, you can safely water them with denatured alcohol. Insects will immediately die. There is no sense in treating them with surfaces. It is also necessary to take care of fire safety measures during work, as methanol is combustible.
  • Ammonia. Bedbugs do not like the smell of ammonia. You can pour it into saucers, which are then placed near the places of congestion of insects. Another version of the mixture: 150 g of denatured alcohol, 40 g of benzene, 10 g of ammonia. Naturally, the liquid on the saucers carries a deadly threat to pets.
  • Kerosene, naphthalene, cresol. 10 g of naphthalene and 100 ml of cresol are dissolved in 200 ml of kerosene, after which the mixture is recruited by a brush and used to treat the habitats of bedbugs.
  • Turpentine, camphor. 10 ml of turpentine, 15 ml of kerosene, 100 ml of water and 300 g of liquid soap, or 100 ml of ethyl alcohol and turpentine, 5 g of camphor. These fluids are very toxic and also used to treat the space near the nest of bedbugs.
  • Aviation liquid. Used in pure form, as denatured, to handle the nests.


All domestic chemical solutions for fighting bugs are very toxic. Some of the blends can burn rubber gloves and hand skin or damage the respiratory tract. Be sure to prepare the most reliable protective equipment before starting preparation of the mixture and treatment.

The destruction of bedbugs with folk remedies is a rather complicated task, and sometimes even an impossible task. The effect is achieved only if the number of parasites is small and there is no total infection of the apartment.

But all the same, home remedies against bugs should not be completely discounted. They can be an excellent addition to the action of the main insecticide , and also serve to prevent the ingress of bedbugs into the house.

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  1. Lily :

    I want to tell my story. How we fought these parasites. I will say at once that this is a very long process, which requires patience. But from my own experience I can say that you can enter them. We also struggled with bedbugs. Initially, we moved to an apartment that we got from our grandfather. All covered with carpets, furniture is unclear what years. The renovation was planned gradually. One room was ennobled, it is very bright, constantly the sun. A large room due to carpets, walls, and a balcony is very dark. Bedbugs bitten only me. I am allergic and asthmatic, the skin is very sensitive, it swells up in all irritants.

    So, they only bitten me, but my husband did not believe me, they threw everything on mosquitoes. On this I did not stop, I removed all the carpets from the walls. And since the floors are old, the carpet that was on the wall was laid on the floor (I'm an amateur sitting on the floor). But there were always bites. Then one day I saw a bug on the wall. She called her husband, he said that it was just a beetle.

    In general, until all the same we understood who and what is bothering us, it was a long time. They reproduced decently. We live in the 9th floor, the repair in the house was not 40 years old. Gastricks settled in the basement, which were periodically evicted. They began to seek help on the Internet. I shoveled a lot, because at night I just could not sleep. I have panic fear of insects, and when you still know who and what bites you - it's not describe at all.

    I slept only during the day. In this case I have cats, and not one. And I also have asthma. With all this, we could not leave for a week to process the apartment. I found a recipe that suited us less, but changed a little in it.

    === Green soap - 4 parts; turpentine - 1 part; kerosene - 2 parts; water - 12 parts;
    Green soap is dissolved in warm water, turpentine and kerosene are added with a thorough shaking.

    === Turpentine - 12 parts; kerosene - 6 parts; denatured alcohol - 3 parts; naphthalene - 1 part.
    Way of use: wash with warm water places, in which there are bedbugs and their larvae, and apply one of these compositions with a brush. This operation is repeated a few days before the disappearance of bedbugs.

    I decided to fight with popular means. I bought grass wormwood, in packages I spread out in closets with clothes. She made infusion from the grass (not in packages) and this infusion washed floors, without pressing a rag, left so for the night. Once.

    Then I bought turpentine and tar soap. My husband typed turpentine into a syringe, and poured it into all the cracks. By that time, we had thrown out everything except the wall. The room was not sleeping. The dressing-room was in a chair and carpet, which was lying on the floor. We were lucky, the bugs we had only in one room, which is the darkest in the daytime. Bedbugs do not tolerate daylight. The husband, when he lifted the chair and the bedbugs crawled from him, only then he believed me.
    After that we went for turpentine. The room was closed for several hours.

    And at night, rubbed the walls and floors with soap. The soap was softened in hot water. To get a liquid, like pancakes: not thick and not liquid.
    Activity in these creatures begins after 2 nights and until dawn. So my husband and I entered the room at the beginning of the third, turned on the light and began to kill them. And so every day for two weeks, constantly passed through a soapy solution. Each time made fresh and in hot water. After that, twice a week. The fragrance is inexpressible, but it's better to suffer it! Floors did not wash, only vacuumed.

    I also want to say that adult bugs can be seen. But small is very difficult to see. We stood for half an hour at the walls and peered. If you glimpse, you can not see anything, and as soon as you start moving you can see a barely visible point (the smallest ones are the most nasty, they bite very painfully, they are hungry and they need to grow).

    Now I can say that we got rid of. As it turned out, our house is completely contaminated. And they came to us from neighbors who also quietly squandered and they crawled along their neighbors. I believe that you should not be shy and ignore the problem, as the bedbugs will run across. It is necessary to bring them all together in a friendly manner.

    Good luck to all who encounter such parasites! I would be happy if our way to someone else will help.

  2. Anonymous :

    Eggs bugs in the cold more than minus 10 degrees freeze?

  3. Atri :

    Hello, can I get rid of bedbugs with an antiseptic medical solution? If so, how?

  4. Natasha :

    I took out the bedbugs with dichlorvos, closed all the windows and immediately used the spray and closed the doors. And the day I was not at home, then I came, washed everything, ventilated the apartment. And thank God, got rid of. I hope, forever ...

  5. Anna :

    I was helped by shampoo for cats and dogs from ticks and other critters. It smells normal. Bedbugs were everywhere, most of all in bed, in crevices of ceiling tiles and behind skirting boards. Diluted in the water a large amount of shampoo to a thick foam and soaked the bed, paying attention to places of congestion bedbugs. Proshikat directly from the spray. Foamed through the cracks of the tile, zaschikivala in the plinth. They were dying from this shampoo before our very eyes. Try it!

  6. Alexander :

    And the pharmacy will help?

  7. Tatiana :

    Three times I used the services of the service, I no longer know what to do?

  8. Eugene :

    In the winter, a sofa on the balcony, and to work. Only this saved.

  9. Anonymous :

    How to get bugs out without calling a service?

  10. Alina :

    About shampoo for dogs is a very good idea! What to take, or is it all the same?

  11. Alina :

    Good day, thanks for the idea with the shampoo. Has bought or purchased shampoo - the first that has got on eyes in a department "All for animals". About shampoo it is written that from fleas and bedbugs ... Do not say that it smells nice, somehow poisonous even. But I want to note the 100% action! Thanks, who wrote here about him. And then at least cry. Once I worked the sofas in gloves, sofas, corners ... So many dead bugs lay in half an hour. But then there were fleas from somewhere. Direct invasion of some kind. Flea shampoo does not work. I will buy Raptor aerosol from ticks, fleas and bedbugs ... Universal, from all at once. Thanks to everyone who wrote and advised. You are my saviors! And then the mood was not there. Bites also bite at night. Sofas, incidentally, even ironed then at the highest temperature, and all the sheets and underwear. I advise now also shampoo, this is real salvation! Now for preventive maintenance still popshikaju from a sprayer of a plinth and all corners.

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