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Medilis Ziper for combating bugs

Средство для борьбы с насекомыми Медилис Ципер

Speaking about the means of bedbugs Medilis Ziper, the scope of which is very wide, it must be said that his developers did not come up with anything radically new for combating various harmful insects. After all, the basis of the drug is the insecticide cypermethrin, synthesized back in the 70's.

Nevertheless, due to its low toxicity to humans and good effect from insects, this poison is now widely used both in the agrarian sphere to control pests of crops like mites and ants, and in everyday life for the destruction of bed bugs, cockroaches and fleas.

In general, it can be noted that Medilis Ziper, according to the opinions of his people, is quite effective and relatively safe against bugs.


When we found bedbugs at home, we thought for a long time what means to use against them, so as not to harm our cat. We decided to properly etch them with Medilis-Cyper. In order not to risk, they took the cat for a few days to my mom. The clobs really managed to be destroyed. And before we brought the cat, we thoroughly washed everything and ventilated the apartment.

Yulya, Bryansk

Medilis Ziper means is a concentrated yellow liquid with a pronounced odor , from which a solution for spraying is prepared in the places of possible accumulation and movement of bedbugs. The drug is approved by Rospotrebnadzor for use in homesteads and suburban areas, as well as in sanatoriums, boarding houses and tourist centers, which also confirms its low toxicity for people.

Медилис Ципер эффективен не только против клопов, но и против многих других насекомых

The permission of Rospotrebnadzor is, of course, good, but let's take a closer look at how safe the remedy really is.

Is the remedy safe?

The substance cypermethrin in the drug from bedbugs Medilis Ziper belongs to the group of pyrethroids, which are similar in composition to natural pyrethrins contained in some plants and possessing a powerful toxic effect on harmful insects. Pyrethroids are synthesized under industrial conditions and operate somewhat more slowly than pyrethrins. At the same time, their effect is longer, and they are more stable under the influence of light.

Циперметрин: химическая структура

These substances act on many insects, and in addition, they are considered not as toxic to humans as insecticides of other groups. This is due to the fact that pyrethroids are quickly removed from the body of warm-blooded creatures (humans and the same pets), while in the body of insects they are delayed for a longer period.

Mechanism of influence on bedbugs

Like all pyrethroids, cypermethrin acts on the nervous system of insects , paralyzing both larvae and adult individuals of bed bugs. When ingested, the substance can lead to a significant impairment of the passage of nerve impulses. Accordingly, the whole nervous system of the insect is very quickly blocked, which ends as a result of the death of the bug.

Циперметрин воздействует на нервную систему клопов

On a note:

In the people against the bedbugs, plants with a strong smell have long been used: wormwood, tansy, and Ledum. In addition, a good insecticidal effect is the flowers of Dalmatian chamomile (Pyrethrum cinerariaefolium), which contain the substance of pyrethrin, which kills insects. Well-dried flowers such chamomile can be used in the fight against various parasites. It is worth to throw them into the fire during a holiday in nature, and various mosquitoes and midges will not like it at all!

Pros and cons of Medilis Zieper

Cypermethrin in the formulation is a contact-intestinal insecticide, i.e. A substance that can penetrate insects not only during nutrition, but also through external covers. It is this property of this poison that helps to effectively combat bugs with the help of Medilis Ziper in the form of a spray.

Инсектициды конактного действия эффективны при распылении

Since bedbugs are bloodsucking insects, it's not easy to hit them with poison bait or insecticide gel, because bedbugs will not use these poisons for food, like cockroaches for example. But the spray is convenient and easy to handle nests of bedbugs in the apartment.


Divorced Medilis as written in the instructions and sprinkled properly under the mattress and under the carpet near the bed. Just in case, they decided to go to the dacha for a few days, so as not to breathe poison. When they returned, they saw that the remedy really helped. Beneath the mattress and on the carpet were the shrunken bugs. Since then, they have forgotten about them.

Anna Igorevna, Nizhny Novgorod

The pluses of Medilis can be attributed to the fact that it lasts for a long time on the treated surfaces (about a month) and is resistant to ultraviolet rays, which allows you to forget about the repeated processing of the room for a long time. In addition, recent studies (for 2003) show that Medilis-Ziper, like other drugs based on cypermethrin, does not cause habituation in insects.

The disadvantages of the product can be attributed to the fact that it is sold in the form of a concentrate, from which you will have to independently prepare a solution for spraying. Specific smell of the drug, too, not everyone will inspire the treatment of the room.

It is important to know!

If there are bees near the country house where the treatment is carried out from bedbugs, then this remedy can act on them.


After the neighbors started a major overhaul, bugs appeared in our apartment. We tried to get them out with different powders and chalks, but it did not give much effect. In the veterinary pharmacy the seller advised Medilis Zieper from bedbugs and other insects. It is inconvenient, of course, that I had to plant it with water. Sprayed from a conventional spray (in gloves and in a respirator!). Surprisingly, but true - the next day we swept the dead parasites from under the bed! And for several years now we have not found bedbugs.

Alexander, Tyumen

Dosage of the preparation and methods of treatment of the home

To prepare the solution concentrate Medilis Ziper from the bottle should be stirred in water for five minutes. The finished solution will resemble milk in color. If the water is taken from a pond, it should be filtered out a little or kept before mixing.

Таблица по применению средства Медилис Ципер

The resulting liquid should be used within 8 hours, or even better, prepare it immediately before treatment. Spray means can be using a variety of sprayers and even spray (on a small area). The main thing is that it can be sprayed evenly.

Means quite sparingly in consumption. Even with a large number of bugs, the manufacturer recommends taking about 2 ml of concentrate per 1 liter of water, which will allow processing about 20 square meters. area. The rate of application will be about 50 ml of the ready solution per 1 sq.m.

If the number of bedbugs is small, then it should be sprayed only at the places of their greatest accumulation: on sofas, beds, the area under the carpet near the bed. If there are a lot of bedbugs, then besides the listed places, it is also necessary to process plinths, ventilation grilles, various cracks, carpets and pictures (on the reverse side), that is, the places where bugs can move and settle.

In addition, the absorbing properties of the treated surface are of great importance when calculating the concentration of the finished product. Wood, sofa cover or carpet absorb the liquid well, so the concentration of the solution can be doubled when processing these places.

Although Medilis Cypher and has low toxicity for humans and animals, however that may be, this is poison in its essence. Therefore, intending to destroy bugs with it, do not forget about simple remedies like rubber gloves and a protective face mask.

After processing the room, it must necessarily be ventilated. Animals and children should be taken out of the house for the duration of treatment.

If you have your experience using Medilis Cypher when destroying bedbugs in the house, be sure to leave a review - just write it in the comment field at the bottom of this page. Perhaps he will help other people make the right choice.

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  1. Svetlana :

    Tell me please, and then all the surfaces that were processed, when to wash and whether it is necessary?

  2. Anonymous :

    It is necessary to process necessarily in protective means, as it burns the skin very much! Effective drug!

  3. Dasha :

    Tell me, please, I mediumed the medi-ziper with the bugs that appeared on my balcony. And accidentally fell into the face, now it burns heavily. And water washed, nothing helps. What to do?

    • Anonymous :

      It was the same! I first washed my face with a solution of soda with water, then I smeared my face with baby's cream. And I did lotions with miramistin! For the night all passed.

  4. Svetlana :

    I used this means of bugs, it helped me the first time. And we have ants in the whole house after the opening of the cafe, where cakes are made, and when I put the bugs to bed, the ants left, and not only me, but also the neighbors. A good tool!

  5. Anonymous bitten :

    We have bugs for 2 years, tried a lot of things, but it did not help. Life during these 2 years was just ADOM! Accidentally stumbled upon a review, where the guy told how effectively he killed bedbugs with this remedy. I bought 2 bottles of 50 ml and, with anger, I smelled all 100 ml on a 3 liter canister, drove the family out of the house, pushed everything I could, equiped for protection and started to poison! I took a brush 10 cm and how the priest ran around the house happily in anticipation of a miracle, worked all the walls, cracks, furniture, clothes, sex, push! I EXPRESSED THE CLAMP ALL THAT IS NOT CAPTURED AND CAPTURED! I'm sitting in the respirator on the soaked "beloved" bedbugs, and these scoundrels run around me very strangely and dance! ) I'm happy! I now have the desire to buy 1 liter of the ziper and make a tsipero-bath from it to pour this holy solution from the hose all over the house so that these bugs suffer even more!
    ps: About the bath joked, and so the tool is super, the effect is visible to the naked eye :)
    pps: I kiss all those who invented this wonderful poison! )

  6. Anonymous :

    Very good and effective remedy for bedbugs. And really they die in an hour. In the morning, the whole apartment was sprayed and "corpses" were collected in the evening with a broom.

  7. Tired :

    Medilis-tioner super. Delivered us from bedbugs after two treatments with an interval a week. Smell tolerant, diluted the concentration according to the instructions. We worked walls, skirting boards, mattresses, sofas, backs of furniture. The rest was washed or taken out to freeze. Until then sprays, crayons, aquafumigators did not help. Tip: buy a pump for sprinkling.

  8. Natasha :

    Is it possible to process rooms in turn? We have children and there is nowhere to go.

    • Anonymous :

      For half a day, you can take care of yourself and children. It is better to process everything at once.

  9. Natalia :

    Etched bedbugs this means and use is not enough: on the 4th day after the grass the invasion again began. What we were doing wrong, we poured out 1.5 bottles on the floor of the bucket and all were sprayed and processed, bred at the rate. And all bestolku, as bite, and bite.

  10. Marina :

    With the new couch they also bought bedbugs - though, they did not immediately understand ... When they realized, there were already a lot of them. We tried and frost, and steamer and sprays different. But everything ceased only for a while, then it started AGAIN! Really helped only by this means. The truth we bred diluted. But the cockroaches did not help much.

  11. Bogdan :

    So it helps from cockroaches?

  12. Galina :

    Travim a second time, until the result is not noticeable ((We'll try and third.

  13. Tatiana :

    We bought an apartment two years ago, before that I had never seen or encountered bedbugs. In the new apartment they collided with bedbugs, discovered when there were already a lot of them. For the first time Medilispere means helped, but a year later they returned. Over the past three weeks we have been poisoning for the second time, I do not know if it will help or not. The solution was diluted thickly. Maybe they mutated to this remedy? Could this be, or am I mistaken? Are there other remedies for bedbugs?

  14. Nina :

    A month ago in our apartment bugs appeared. I sin on the neighbors who came under us. We live in the apartment for more than 10 years and this has never happened. I did not even know what the bugs look like. But I began to appear on the body of red spots, which in the morning I combed and appeared cones red. Just awful. I myself am a physician - went to the store from the dezstanstva, and I was advised to take Medilis Ziper. We processed repeatedly, even the concentration increased. But how they bit me, they bite me. Today was another treatment, but decided not to test fate and invited experts tomorrow. I'll see how after them the dream will come back to me ... I can not ...

  15. Natalia :

    I had to order this drug on the Internet, it's not real to find them in stores. I chose a day, dissolved about 15 ml per 2 liters, processed the whole apartment. She left for the night. In the morning I found bugs in good health. On the same day I decided to increase the dose (note: 20 ml per 0.7 liters). The smell was killer (similar to the smell of a solvent), she almost choked, but processed everything carefully. In the morning, bedbugs, as before, are more alive than all living things. As a result, money goes to the wind, hopes are not justified, two days are wasted.

  16. Tatiana :

    3 weeks as found the invasion of bedbugs for no reason. We tried different drugs, but nothing helped. So they decided to try Medilis-Cyper. And about the miracle, for 3 weeks, slept perfectly, not a single bite, I already can not believe it. Let's see what will happen next. She did not use instructions, she was steeper. I hope that you have got rid of forever. All good luck in the fight against the hellish insects.

  17. Ira :

    I used Medilis Super, 50 ml diluted in 1.5 liters of water. One room with a total area of ​​12 square meters. She sprinkled everything and repeated a week later. The result is satisfied.

  18. Anonymous :

    The fight against the bug is the mobilization of all resources: the wife and children go to the dacha, the cat to the neighbor, the money to the ammunition and the drugs (chemistry). The bottom line: it is not known until the evil bug bites. Good luck in the fight against the hated creature. Druganam about klopikov talk by big secret, so that they themselves fell on this rack.

  19. Svetlana :

    They rented an apartment, turned out to be with bedbugs, although at first glance nothing could be seen, the apartment was clean, the repair was relatively fresh. In the first week the whole family was gnawed to the bone. Decided not to take risks and not to spend time, called "super specialists from a super firm". Came on time, all processed carefully, all explained clearly, left the remedy for re-treatment after 10 days, explaining how and what to do. All done at the appointed time, as ordered. Additionally (subtracted on the Internet) flooded all plinths, cracks, beds with vinegar 70%. They almost died. And nifiga! They're gorging. Forces are running out! They tried to sleep in their pajamas, pants in their socks, put rubber bands on their hands, so that they would not get into their sleeves, so these creatures took care of the whole face. Tomorrow I want to try Medilis. Change the apartment, probably not an option, because. can now drag them into a new home. I thought these creatures were gone, they died with the dinosaurs. But no ... Unsubscribe, I'll try Medilis.

  20. Svetlana :

    Medilis is super!

  21. Svetlana :

    Finally bought Medilis super! Today, I conducted the treatment of the apartment with Medilis, spread it in a frenzied concentration, i.e. 100 ml per 4 liters. water, everything was sprinkled. It smells! I hope these scammers do not like it either. After a week, write down the result.

  22. Svetlana :

    Today on 01.10.2015, morila medilis was super 23.09.2015. The first two days lived quietly, on the third day there were new bites. Scratching his teeth with indignation decided to wait a little longer. On the fourth day of the night, four reptiles on the bed were caught (which were already supposed to creep along the treated surface). Put these reptiles in a jar, tightly closed the lid, ie. there is no air access. And nifiga! Today, still living crawl in the bank. Conclusion: invincible!

    • Alya :

      Svetlana, how's your epic with the bugs? I today have also bought this remedy, we will try.

      • Svetlana :

        Alya, I performed another treatment, and during the first two days (when they subsided) quickly collected things, only clothes and utensils, while looking through each seam, every crease, and 10.10.15 moved to another apartment. All the sofas, carpets, curtains, blankets, pillows left in the old apartment. While quiet, only dreams at night in nightmares.
        As I wrote before, we after processing a few pieces caught, put in a jar, tightly closed, watched. So they did not die there, and a new brood was made, and in a few days there was already a whole "kindergarten" there. So draw conclusions about the effectiveness of all these tools. In this case, take into account that the processing I carried out very carefully, not sparing the moraine, all the sofas, beds, carpets turned over, pouring all the cracks, folds, holes. The smell lasts a long time, they are inhaled, poisoned, the heads of the whole family were scared. But do not be discouraged, maybe we went from neighbors (although the neighbors are all good, with the children), or maybe the apartment has already been greatly struck. Good luck to you!

  23. Ivan :

    Bedbugs live in crevices in your couch or bed. Right under you! When you begin to work, turn the bed over and squirt all the cracks. Medilis dilute in a higher concentration than indicated in the instructions.

  24. Elena :

    Has bought or purchased, has spread a floor of a vial on 1,5 liters of water. The room is 16 meters high. I sprinkled everything I could, and almost poured the couch. And what do you think, they at least that, as gnawed, and gnaw.

  25. Lyudmila. :

    Also what further to do? How to live? I have the same story.

    • Svetlana :

      Lyudmila, make a cap. repair (regardless of the state of the apartment now), cover all holes, cracks, change all the furniture, negotiate with neighbors to process the entire house or at least the entrance. Or change the apartment!

  26. Alexander :

    Do not tell me in which stores you can buy this product? )

  27. Natalia :

    I bought MEDILIS ANTIKLOP on the Internet, in one room when I was working, I found a nest, in the second I did not. Three days passed, the child again bites, I'm terrified what to do, I do not know. I will try again.

  28. Anonymous :

    The agent did not help, processed 3 times. They are already getting used to it. I'll try to order the treatment by the sanitary and epidemiological station.

  29. Sacrifice :

    Medilis cyper bought in the dacha department, advised SES. Dilute said 50 ml of solution for 1.5 liters of water. It was recommended to treat 2 times with an interval of 7 days. Tomorrow there will be a war with bedbugs, from where only reptiles have taken. I'll write about the results later.

  30. Anonymous :

    Money to the wind - does not work.

  31. Sergey :

    Trapped on 14.02.16. Diluted 5 ml per 1 liter of water. He filled all the walls, skirting boards, all furniture, etc. Today, 18.02.16, I went to see: there are a lot of corpses, but there are also alive ones. I did not dare to spend the night, I'll see what happens next.

  32. Andrew :

    How long does it take to ventilate the room after treatment?

  33. Eugene :

    This remedy against bedbugs is ineffective. Sprayed twice already with an interval of a week, all the same bugs appear.

  34. Amine :

    Entering a new house, they sprinkled the walls and floors. A year in the house there were no spiders, no flies, no small insects. The drug is super. In the old house the fleas "ate" us. Treated once, 4 ml per 1 liter of water, the next day there were many corpses of fleas, ants and small insects. More fleas we have not seen.

  35. Hope :

    Treated with Medilis in May 2016, now July, is not yet visible.

  36. Yar :

    For 4 years, every summer I process medilis - for a year, like, enough, but still creep under the summer / autumn. Now here again I found. I will poison you. Let's see what happens in a year.

  37. Xenia :

    Very satisfied with the result! Helps really. But we did more concentration. Well ... just in case)) I recommend everyone who does not want to live with this nightmare.

  38. Lika :

    And how long after treatment should you keep the room closed? And whether it is necessary? I can not find anywhere.

    • Anonymous :

      Written that 30 minutes at least to ventilate. We were tortured by these freaks, especially children. Spray was sprayed today, ready to be bought. Let's see what happens.

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