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Remedy Clovoron from bed bugs

Клоповерон (Bed Bugs Killer Pro)

Clovoron is a remedy for domestic bugs , which is very popular in Europe and the United States (abroad sold under the name "Bed Bugs Killer Pro").

Until 1991, the drug was virtually unknown to the masses, and even now it can only be bought in specialized online stores that work directly with the manufacturer.

It is interesting

It turns out that Cloveron was developed back in 1987 by Soviet scientists and has since been recognized as a leader in the world. The first trial of the drug was carried out on the submarine "Olga", which was very heavily infested with bedbugs. Clovoron unexpectedly for sailors and scientists themselves completely destroyed bed bugs. From that moment, the remedy was used in all arms of the armed forces, which greatly facilitated the life of the servicemen. The secret of production was kept secret by scientists. Finally, in 1991, the sailors who arrived in Amsterdam shared Klopveron with the administration of the coastal hotel. Pretty soon the whole world knew about the powder.

I must say that due to its effectiveness Clovoron is relatively expensive: the average price for 250 grams of powder is 1800 rubles.

Composition and principle of action of the preparation

In the composition of the drug, the manufacturer indicates the following positions:

  • Bio-reagents;
  • Animal cells;
  • The poison with the gross formula C51H32N2O8 - has an effect that paralyzes the muscular system of the insect.

Клоповерон имеет нервно-паралитический механизм действия на клопов

Approximately one hour after contact with the drug the bug dies. In this case, the drug is practically harmless to humans and warm-blooded animals.

Reviews about the drug Clovoron

Review # 1:

"When the bedbugs are already completely taken, decided to order on the Internet vaunted Clovorion. Dear, he, of course, will not say anything, but his health and tranquility are much more expensive. A parcel arrived from Moscow in about a week, immediately processed and waited for the results. To be honest, they did not believe their eyes. Literally by evening, the bugs themselves crawled out of all the cracks and died right on the floor. It was a sight! Not a single drug even produced such an effect. Take Clovorion - you will not regret it. "

Saveliy, Tomsk

Мертвые постельные клопы

Reference number 2:

"This is the most wonderful tool. It's a pity that we can not buy Clovoron in Ukraine with us. I had to scour the Internet shops, punch the information. From Russia, not all are taken to deliver us, to contact customs. He asked me to buy my friend, who was traveling on a business trip to Russia. He was searched, said that almost no one knows where to buy Clovoron in Moscow. But when I got the coveted means, there was no joy. Treated thoroughly the whole apartment, including the favorite places of these parasites. Frankly, I did not even wear gloves, I forgot. I do not know what is behind the poisons of the new generation, but there are no bedbugs for tomorrow. At all!"

Vasily Dmitrievich, Berdyansk

Response # 3:

"Hello. I wanted to share my experience of fighting bugs. I used to live in Moscow, in a communal apartment, and what such bugs I knew from my own experience. After moving to America I thought that I would never see them again. But it was not there. These parasites appeared in a new clean high-rise, where there is no debris, everything is always literally licked to shine! In Russia, the best drug that I knew was called Clovoron, and we have it produced by another company, the package says "Bedbugs Killer Pro". I must say that the remedy is very worthy. Unlike other insecticides, Clovoron from bedbugs works the first time, the more they do not return. If suddenly you are overtaken by such an attack, try to find just this remedy. I tried them a lot, but I have not seen it so far. "

Marina, Santa Rosa (California)

Постельный клоп в момент насыщения кровью

Reference number 4:

"And we have a loft repaired in a high-rise building and since then, all have bugs. I do not know how it is connected, but absolutely all the tenants noticed. Oh, as we just did not poison them. And Dichlorvos, and Masha, and boiled water ... scolded. Creep yourself, as new. I was so fed up that I was already thinking about changing the apartment and moving out of here. Thank God, someone from the neighbors managed to advise us the Clovoron powder. Initially, they were skeptical, because before that they had time to try a lot of money. But this time it was not so. Spilled over the cracks, corners, laid a little powder on the bed - in the morning saw numerous corpses of bedbugs. We were not that happy, but we just cried for joy. Urgently began to run around their neighbors and recommend everything to everyone. Do not believe it - our efforts soon cleared the whole house. We felt ourselves directly as heroes. "

Alexey and Anna Savinovy

Instructions for use

The great advantage of the Clovorone preparation is its low toxicity for humans and warm-blooded animals. Of course, one should not allow direct contact with the poison, but with an accidental ingestion of a small amount, nothing will happen.

It is also important to properly handle the room. This will help to achieve the best effect.

Clovorone is sold in the form of a powder, however professional disinsectors sometimes use the same substance in microgranules. Powder can be dissolved in water and this solution smear places of clumps of bedbugs . It is also possible to carry out a dry treatment - simply sprinkle where the bugs are found most often.

Клоповерон продается в виде порошка

Before processing, you need to hide various household items, food, clothing. This is done in order to prevent the settling of insecticide dust on them. For the same reason, it is recommended to use a mask, gloves and protective clothing with long sleeves. It is especially important to comply with such requirements when working with a powder form.


"Recently, Clopvoron tried. The tool is good, but you still need to adapt it to use it. We took the powder, scattered around the apartment. I somehow did not think of wearing a mask, so Klopoveren inhaled, and all the clothes were in this fine dust. Although maybe I'm so careless, I do not know. In general, my advice is to dress so that it's not a pity. I did not get poisoned after such a case, but how little it works is still poison. And the bugs are all dead. "

Oleg, Mytischi

Processing is carried out both in places of accumulation of bedbugs, and in all secluded corners of the apartment: the back wall of furniture, behind the skirting boards, picture frames, the frame of beds and sofas, under the windowsills and around the outlets.

The apartment after treatment can be used as usual, but you can not take up the treated places or step on them with bare feet. It is necessary to wash the floors on the third day, during this time the entire existing population of bedbugs will die. It is possible that in a couple of weeks it will be necessary to repeat the treatment. This will need to be done in the event that the apartment has survived eggs bugs.

На фото видны клопы и их яйца

Clovoron is a very powerful and effective remedy that is used all over the world. It can be used even if the apartment is heavily contaminated, when other facilities no longer work.

A unique combination of components allows you to literally kill insects in a matter of hours and prevent an increase in the population of bedbugs. Unfortunately, in our country it is quite difficult to get it, and there is still no money in the mass sale. Buy in Kiev Clover will not even come out, except that it is ordered in specialized Russian Internet shops.

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