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Remedy for bedbugs Klopomor

Средство от домашних клопов Клопомор

Not so long ago an interesting novelty appeared on the market of insecticides: a remedy for bugs called Klopomor. The description of the drug indicates that it is a recent development of the Research Institute of Disinfectology and is called upon to quickly and effectively destroy bed bugs. As practice has shown, the tool has some advantages and significant disadvantages.

Klopomor: composition and principle of action of the drug

The drug Klopomor is a light yellow transparent liquid, packaged in 300 ml vials. Has a medium pronounced smell, similar to domestic Dichlorvos . As a part of Klopomor, the following substances were used:

  • organic solvent (base of the drug)
  • permethrin
  • cypermethrin
  • piperonyl butoxide.

The drug acts on the insects paralyzed, after a short time after contact with it, pests die. It keeps well on the surface, it works for a long time after application. Has 3 class of danger for humans and warm-blooded, that is, there is some danger, but small.

It is interesting

Scientists have proved that to date the substances of the pyrethroid group most effectively affect the house insects, including bugs. These insecticides are obtained from plant raw materials - alkaloids of Persian chamomile - by extraction with solvents.

I must say that the professional disinsectors note the apparent similarity between the drug Forsyth and Klopomor . The only important difference is that Klopomor is less concentrated, while it costs more.


"When I went to the village, I decided to immediately buy something from bedbugs. They are constantly coming to us, every year. Previously, they bought Forsyth, and now the seller recommended Klopomor - a new remedy. She said that the composition is almost the same. She also added that Klopomor to buy in Moscow is quite difficult, only they have it, in this store. It's good that I took only one bottle. The remedy is quite expensive (600 rubles worth), while the entire bottle was barely enough for 2 sofas. And for the whole room, 5 would have to be bought. It helped, of course, but why such a waste? I will take only Forsyte in the future. "

Inga Petrovna, Moscow

Effective Klopomor: reviews about the drug

Review # 1:

"According to reviews in the internet bought the drug Klopomor. Note: 3 bottles of 620 rubles, and this is for a one-room apartment. She sent everyone to the dacha, she herself remained to poison the parasites. By the way, for the sake of experiment, she sprinkled a bit of Klopomor to the bottom of the bank and planted a live bug there to see how much he would die. The Bedbug was alive the next day! I'm not kidding. The apartment was all processed, not only sofas and beds, but all the walls, corners, crevices. Result: in 3 days hungry bugs became many times more aggressive! They began to attack the day, not afraid of anyone and nothing. In general, the conclusion: the tool draws 1 point, expensive and absolutely useless. It only works when you hit a bug directly. Such a thin Dikhlofos (it stinks in the same way). "

Anya, Ekaterynivka

Не все отзывы говорят о высокой эффективности Клопомора

Reference number 2:

"Recently we had to poison the houses of bedbugs, just no strength from these night wakeings. I was surprised to find that sprays of all kinds of parasites are even sold in pharmacies. I was recommended Klopomor: like the newest, very effective formula. Stuck quite expensive, but I needed a result, so I took it without thinking. The smell of it slightly resembles the domestic Dichlorvos, which was previously sold. How I used it: sprinkled abundantly where I saw bedbugs. Sofa, behind the couch, different angles and alleys. The next night slept more calmly, and a week later repeated the procedure. Bedbugs did not become, only here the preparation not so economical. It is advisable to take 2 bottles at a time. And more: it is better to work in gloves and a mask, so as not to inhale. "

Sergey, Saratov

Response # 3:

"I never thought that bugs could appear in a clean city apartment. For me, this is nonsense of some kind, savagery. But the problem arose, and it was necessary to solve it. On the forums about the destruction of bedbugs subtracted that there is a drug Klopomor, which can quickly withdraw them. It turned out that Klopomor is not so easy to buy. It was necessary to look for online shopping, because Klopomor in Chelyabinsk, we have no one in the eye, I saw from the sellers. 2 bottles (ordered with a reserve) of yellowish water in the spray came. The form of release is convenient, you will not say anything. I sprinkled all the cracks and the frame of the sofa, and thought up the soft furniture myself: I took a syringe, dialed the remedy and injected it into the upholstery. No spots, no traces, and the bugs are gone. Only now the treatment had to be repeated 1 time, and I also worked without a mask and coughed then a little, my eyes watered. In general, nothing, a good tool. Helps clear the apartment of this evil. "

Sasha Izmailova, Chelyabinsk

Instructions for use

Klopomor is a rather toxic remedy, with a smell and composition reminiscent of dichlorvos in liquid form. Therefore, it should be used with great care and in strict accordance with the instructions for use, eliminating the contact of children and animals with the surface to be treated and the drug's vapors.

Work should be in rubber gloves, as well as a respirator or mask. You can wear a bathrobe for extra protection of the skin.

При работе нужно применять средства индивидуальной защиты

Method of application: the surface must be treated from a distance of 20 cm, first shaking the can. It is necessary to spray places of congestion of parasites, their nests and possible shelters: a frame of a sofa or beds, a back surface of furniture, cracks, a plinth, a surface under a window sill.

The product is toxic, so 1 package is recommended for use on a surface of not less than 30 square meters. m.

After 15 minutes after treatment, the room can be ventilated, and wash all contact household surfaces with a soap-soda solution in gloves. In the sprayed form, the agent acts for 30 days, so that it is not necessary to carry out repeated treatments.

As practice shows, it is not always possible to follow the instructions of the instruction. For example, 1 bottle is enough only to handle 1-2 beds, but not 30 sq. M. m., and this makes the drug uneconomical.


"When advised against bedbugs to spray Klopomor, reacted to this skeptically. I read that at the heart of this "strong poison" is only the insecticide plant - some kind of Persian chamomile. She laughed in vain. The agent coped well with pests, but there was a lot of fuss. It was necessary not only to spray, but also to wash all surfaces then. A little more money, and a little expensive ... but the result is worth it. Although I have not tried other means, maybe there is something better. "

Tanya, Kovel

Постельные клопы под матрасом кровати

In conclusion, it can be said that Klopomor effectively affects bugs, quickly destroys them and remains on the surface in active form for up to 30 days. However, a specific form of release (spray) at times increases the toxicity of the insecticide for a person, since it can get into the respiratory tract.

I must say that the drug Klopomor, whose price is quite high (480-620 rubles, depending on the locality) does not always justify the expectations of consumers. It is very uneconomically spent, while the dispenser (the nose of the bottle) does not always allow you to apply the product in hard-to-reach places of the apartment. Requires subsequent surface treatment with a soap-soda solution.

The disinsectors say with confidence: for this money you can get much more effective and convenient means - for example, the Executioner, Clovoron or Tetriks. But the final solution is always the consumer.

If you have the experience of using Klopomor in the fight against domestic bugs, be sure to leave your feedback in the comments box at the end of this page.

To record "Remedy for bedbugs of Klopomor" left 8 comments.
  1. Catherine :

    We bought insecticide, like crawling, and crawling.

  2. Jan :

    Who creeps? If the instructions, then do not crawl!

  3. Vladislav :

    I applied 5 (five!) Bottles to a 2-room apartment. After 2 days I saw a bug on the wall, sprinkled on it abundantly and planted it in a 5 liter tank. The Bedbug has been healthy for an hour, jerking with his feet. Advise God for a normal drug. This one *** is not suitable. One thing so far saves - if you sleep dressed, and sprinkle limbs spregale, then do not bite. What can I do, the second week I can not defeat this attack.

  4. Vladislav :

    Today, the experimental drowned - did not bear bondage. On Monday I go to SES for effective poisoning. I read at the forums - there is no guarantee that the visiting brigade will apply a normal drug, it will be necessary to carry out the intoxication of the parasites again, so that surely. Anya, Ekaterynivka - how did you end the battle?

  5. Moscow :

    It is necessary to poison and press every hour every hour. Otherwise they survive. And to call firmachi for destruction is a divorce, they dilute a liquid, money earn. Now I'll try the insecticide. Overcome fanatics.

  6. Stanislav :

    Certainly. Sprayed the place of the cluster almost at point-blank range and ruthlessly. Raised, wandered and returned back. A week later he looked - alive. Draw conclusions yourself.

  7. Danil :

    Help me please! I'm very afraid of cockroaches and bedbugs, what and where to buy? Only without deception, I do not need your advertising.

  8. Glory :

    It terribly stinks, bugs do not care. From the manufacturer's side, obvious violations are immediately visible (in particular, there is no composition and contraindications for people). About the cost of this stink generally do not want to ... If faced with bedbugs, then use funds based on chlorpyrifos or carbofos, good luck!

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