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Kerosene and denatured against bugs - how effective is this treatment?

Попробуем разобраться, действительно ли можно избавиться от клопов в доме с помощью керосина и денатурата...

Denatured and kerosene from bugs are used in the people, perhaps more often than any other recipes. It is difficult to say how many private houses and apartments were doomed to stubborn stench due to the fact that owners prefer these funds to more modern and effective insecticides, but the fact remains: kerosene and denatured are widely used for the destruction of bugs and today for all its shortcomings.

And there are really many shortcomings in these funds:

  • and kerosene, and denatured alcohol have a strong, persistent and unpleasant odor;
  • both substances can harm the health of the person performing the treatment;
  • denatured alcohol and kerosene are highly flammable - when handling rooms from bugs, the risk of a fire in it increases.

Следует помнить, что керосин и денатурат являются пожароопасными веществами и легко могут воспламениться

However, with all these serious shortcomings, these funds have the main advantage: accessibility. Both kerosene and technical alcohol can be bought almost anywhere, and the price for them is lower than the cost of even the cheapest insecticide preparations.

But how effective are kerosene and denatured in the fight against bedbugs - still need to figure it out ...

The effect of kerosene on bedbugs

Kerosene acts on bugs and as a deterrent, and as a means for the mechanical destruction of their respiratory tract.

Керосин будет эффективен, если непосредственно обработать им гнездо клопов: у насекомых будет нарушена функция дыхания через дыхальца на теле

It is known that insects breathe through the so-called spiracles, which are in large numbers on their body. Kerosene, being able to well wet the chitinous cover of the bug, easily envelops the parasites with a thin film, flowing into the spiracles and, thereby, clogging them.

Керосин, растекаясь по хитиновому покрову клопа, покрывает его тонкой воздухонепроницаемой пленкой

That is, in fact, the bugs on contact with kerosene die from lack of oxygen - almost the same mechanism of action is observed when kerosene is excreted by lice .

But all this is in theory. In practice, however, kerosene is not nearly as effective from bedbugs. And that's why:

  • To reliably destroy bugs, they need to be doused with kerosene, as otherwise there is no guarantee that the parasites will be completely moistened with the substance.
  • It is not difficult to blow a separate bug with kerosene or even spray liquid onto the nest of parasites, but it is practically impossible to treat all insects in the room thus. This means that a significant part of the bugs in the room will still survive.
  • And, finally, kerosene is not capable of destroying the eggs of bedbugs .

Использование керосина не позволит уничтожить яйца клопов

На фотографии показано типичное гнездо постельных клопов: видны взрослые особи, личинки и яйца паразитов

As a result, kerosene from bugs can be used either as a deterrent - insects really shy away from its smell - either for direct processing of detected nests, when kerosene can be used to pour a large number of bugs on a small area. But even here there are some nuances: nests of bedbugs are mostly located on mattresses and in upholstered furniture, for which pouring kerosene will be the last step before discarding.

Обработка керосином мебели может непоправимо ее испортить

Клопы в складках матраса


"Our grandfather lived in this village, he only worked with such sadistic methods. Not on the forum will be mentioned, as he rats chased, but he busted the bedbugs with kerosene. And so, that from his house in the street stank, as from a canister. I do not know if it helped him, or not, but my grandmother and grandfather started using Dichlophos as soon as he appeared. Immediately said that it is much more effective and simpler than kerosene. "

Olga, Borisoglebsk

Therefore, for all its potential danger to bedbugs, kerosene is hardly worth considering as a tool that will help to destroy parasites in the house.

Methanol and its effectiveness

Methane, in spite of its completely different chemical properties, acts on bugs in almost the same way as kerosene, and has the same advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, due to its high volatility, denatured alcohol is generally less effective than kerosene (it will evaporate faster from the surface).

Денатурат - это этиловый спирт с добавками, делающими его непригодным для употребления внутрь

A bug falling into a bottle of technical alcohol inevitably dies. But a parasite living in a room and slightly spattered with denatured alcohol will recover for a while, but it will not die, and sooner or later it will return to that, because of what it was decided to fight with him - will again drink human blood.

Денатурат, так же, как и керосин, малоэффективен против клопов

How methanol and kerosene work exactly from bedbugs

Methanol and kerosene from bugs are most reliable as a deterrent.

  • If parasites were found in the room, you should carefully check the sofa and bed. If there are no bugs here, but they are hiding in other places, kerosene or denatured alcohol, you just need to work on the legs of the furniture. Until the remedy clears, the bugs on these legs can not crawl up and bite the person.
  • If bedbugs are destroyed by thermal methods - boiling water and steam - then it is through kerosene or denatured that they can be obtained from such places that can not be reached by a jet from the kettle. For example, kerosene can be poured over the baseboard or in the slot of the parquet, and then simply mechanically squeeze out the insects running out from there or collect them with a vacuum cleaner.

Запах керосина и денатурата может заставить клопов вылезти из труднодоступных мест

Finally, using denatured and kerosene (or turpentine), you can protect yourself for several days even in a seriously contaminated room - the means carefully processed the floor around the beds and sofas, on which linens and pillows change. Within three or four days, well-fed bugs will be afraid to run through the "barrier damper" and people will be able to sleep peacefully.

На фотографии показаны сытые постельные клопы и их личинки, напившиеся крови


"At us bedbugs have appeared somehow imperceptibly, to bite have begun at first me, then the husband. Even before the normal means, they poured a skirting board with denatured alcohol - from there this muck crept out like pus from a wound. My husband when he began to crush them, almost turned me around. I said that I will not survive this in the whole apartment. The stench was, like at some STO. We ended up calling a brigade of pest control centers, I left for my mother, and my husband remained with them to supervise the work. When she came back, there were no more bedbugs. "

Inna, Stary Oskol

And most certainly for kerosene and alcohol work in conjunction with an effective insecticide. For example, denatured alcohol or kerosene can handle the most inaccessible places, driving out insects, and then in open spaces to drain them with an inexpensive aerosol of the type Dichlophos-Neo or Raptor.

Керосин и спирт лучше использовать против клопов в связке с высокоэффективным инсектицидным средством


Popular popular recipes in which kerosene or denatured are dismounted with mothball, it is dangerous to use! Not only do the bases themselves irritate and even burn the respiratory tract, so naphthalene, according to medical experts, can lead to the development of cancer. Such mixtures can be significantly more dangerous than bug bites.

Safety measures at work and disadvantages of the method

But if kerosene or denatured alcohol were chosen to combat bugs (say, you decided to experiment), when using them, you should strictly follow the security measures:

  • When working wear a respirator and rubber gloves
  • remove all people and animals from the treatment room
  • work away from sources of open fire.

При работе с керосином и денатуратом следует использовать средства индивидуальной защиты и все работы проводить вдали от источников огня

Do not work with kerosene or denatured clothes, carpets and upholstered furniture - after that they can not be restored.

And if possible, it is better to do without kerosene, and without denatured alcohol. Still, with modern technology it is not so much folk remedies, as banal grandfather methods.

Для избавления от клопов лучше предпочесть современные инсектицидные препараты

Today, there are many drugs from bedbugs, and safer, and much more effective. Among them - Clovoron, Get, Executioner, Agran, Xulat, Raptor from creeping insects, Combat, Reid, Medilis-Ziper and others.

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