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Как отзываются люди о Карбофосе

If you find uninvited guests in your home - bedbugs, then surely faced with the choice of an effective means to combat them. One of them rightly deserves attention along with other drugs, as it has proved its effectiveness for a long time - it's Karbofos .

Below are reviews on the use of the drug Carbofos against bedbugs.


the drug is produced in Russia and is a yellow liquid of medium toxicity with a sharp specific odor. Carbofos belongs to the group of insecticides and acaricides of a wide range of action and is used for the destruction of bedbugs, mites, aphids, caterpillars and other pests both in living quarters and in agricultural enterprises and warehouses.

Carbophos has a nerve-paralyzing effect on insects, has a long period of barrier action, and is also compatible with many new generation of insecticides.

Despite all the advantages of the drug, the reviews about it are sometimes diametrically opposed, but in any case will help to find out about this tool in more detail.

What is Carbophos famous for?

Due to its chemical properties, the product has become widespread in the fight against insects in general and bed bugs in particular, so many disinfestation services use Carbofos or modern preparations containing it in their composition (for example, Fufanon).

Карбофос в порошке


Previously, bugs were poisoned only by Carbophos - then sold in a bottle and in the form of a spray. It is very strong and long stinks, but it is 100% effective. Subtracted somewhere that you need to mix with glue when decorating the walls with wallpaper, so that the bugs do not run from the neighbors. And they did it - and for a long time already we do not see these vile insects.

Recently, the child began to observe some strange bites. We thought about flies and mosquitoes, but then, when they saw bugs in the bedside, they experienced a real shock! Traffic dichlorvos, dried and laid wormwood in the corners, the last drop in this war was Carbophos. I do not know whether he helped or all of our methods at once, but there are no bedbugs for six months already, and I would like to believe that there will be no more.

Карбофос в ампулах

And I thought only I had such a misfortune! Every two or three months, baiting Carbophos in the powder, which left us SES after their first treatment. No way to get rid completely, but at least temporarily they are not, and then pleases - they no longer take anything! Even with the neighbors "lucky" - they do not want to unite with us, so these bugs go back and forth.

Carbophos to help you, do not take them any more. And then we arrived somehow from vacation and saw these insects, which from neighbors, apparently, came. I had to process everything, right up to the cupboards, with Carbophos. Stink for a week, but we did not see more bugs.

We processed the rented apartment Karbofos three times in large quantities - nothing sensible, it's good that it's cheap and does not hit hard enough. Sprayed everything, even bred thicker than it should - does not take. Apparently, if bedbugs live for quite a long time, then it will be necessary to contact specialists, it will be hard to cope.

As can be seen from the reviews, cases are different. The drug is effective, but to get rid of bedbugs it is necessary to take into account many factors - such as the desire of neighbors to say goodbye to insects and help you, the condition of the home and much more.

Benefit or harm?

Strangely enough, when fighting bugs, Carbophos can harm human health, if you do not give proper attention to the protection of the respiratory system and the skin of the hands. Like any other insecticide, Carbophos has its own peculiarities of application and often becomes a source of doubt on the topic: "Is not it harmful?" Numerous reviews confirm such fears.

Carbophos is an excellent tool! You plant one bottle per liter and apply it wherever bed bugs have gone, and especially in habitats. Work carefully and with gloves, Carbophos is a poison! Of course, it is unlikely that most of the house will have a combined arms mask, but a respirator is enough.

Карбофос в канистрах

Carobos treated the apartment, a day later the bugs bitten me even more. In addition, I earned an allergy to Carbophos itself, because the smell is completely disgusting! Be careful and do not get poisoned.

We processed the apartment with Carbophos, the wallpaper was re-glued. The smell is terrible - the third week has gone, and we can not weather, the head splits. And this despite the fact that after the treatment was washed everything was absolutely everything, up to the furniture and windows. Unequivocally I can say: there are no bugs, but if there is a smell, live somewhere else, do not take chances! Especially if you have children.

Карбофос от насекомых в небольших стеклянных бутылках

Yes, Carbophos is very helpful, but the smell from the couch has been standing for several years. And more: a new powder does not help, look for liquid, in bottles, as before. Those bugs that did not die immediately, will leave later, most importantly, remove the children away from the apartment. And if there is a mask or respirator - it is necessary! Since together with the bugs poisoned and we, of course, in their own stupidity.

It is obvious that using Karbofos to avoid consequences will help you to be cautious, responsible approach to the process and a detailed study of the instruction in which all symptoms of substance poisoning are prescribed.

Carbofos: opinion of professionals

The word "expert" inspires confidence: many are accustomed to trust the opinion of professionals, which is not surprising. Based on the advice of specialists of pest control services, you can understand why you should use this or that tool and how to do it correctly.

Expert Reviews of Carbophos:

Unfortunately, there are no unconditional methods for the complete destruction of bedbugs. Infected equipment, for example, can not be cleaned of them, and the bed bug is not susceptible to drugs such as Dichlorvos. For more or less successful struggle, drugs containing strong potassium carbonate in the form of 0.31% solution are needed. With a brush or with the help of an atomizer, the product is applied to furniture, wallpaper, under skirting boards. Ensure good ventilation of the room and your own protection, otherwise poisoning is inevitable. After 60 days, you will again find bedbugs - be ready for re-treatment, after which you will most likely achieve a "stable remission".

The good old Karbofos still works without fail, but it still has drawbacks: a strong odor will require a good airing for more than 10 hours, and it can be felt poorly for a year after application; forget about Carbophos, if there are allergy sufferers in the house; for a good result you will need three treatments with an interval of two weeks - take care of temporary housing for this period. If you are not sure of your abilities, call specialists!

Bed bugs are being destroyed with difficulty. But these insects react well to a combined solution of insecticides from the group of pyrethroids and organophosphate drugs: Tsifoks, Tsiradon, Carbophos, as an option. Pyrethroids are prepared at the rate of 4 grams per liter of water, organophosphate - from 5 to 7 ml per 1 liter of water. But the most reliable from bed bugs is the Karbofos dust, which is available in finished packages of 30 and 60 grams.

Инструкция по применению Карбофоса от насекомых

So, if you decide on a complex and lengthy struggle with bedbugs, carefully study the reviews of Karbofos and ask the sellers in the shops, do not forget: the cases are different. The effectiveness of your actions will depend not only on how strong the drug is, but also on your care and caution when using it. Only in case of competent application there is a chance to win the fight and get rid of the hated insects.

If you have the experience of using Carbophos in the fight against bugs, be sure to leave your comments in the comments field, located below on this page.

To the record "Reviews on the use of Carbophos in the fight against domestic bugs" left 26 comments.
  1. Galina :

    The bugs were taken out by CARPHOSUS six months ago. They appeared in a new sofa. They did not dilute it with water according to the instructions, but were drained into a bottle and concentrated places of accumulation of these terrible creatures were concentrated. Output for one treatment. But ODOR! Six months passed, and the couch smells very strong. Themselves washed with its soapy solution, did not help. Caused a cleaning service for washing the sofa - did not help (gave decent money). Now we are breathing heavy air in the apartment. When airing, for some reason, it smells even stronger. Carbophos helped lead the bedbugs, but poisoned all the air in the apartment. Maybe someone will not repeat our mistakes. And we probably have to throw out the sofa.

  2. Boha :

    I first processed the apartment with the "Executioner", the bugs began to die. Every 4 days I worked for 2 weeks. They began to climb from the poison and search for clean air to the ceiling and curtains, and I also drenched them from the spray gun there.
    After 2 weeks, I began to use Carbophos, on the very first day of use, all the cracks povylazili bugs and began to die on the floor. I poisoned them only at night, and it is necessary to turn off the light, because they go out in the dark. After Carbophos, I closed the room until the morning, and after aired, and so the second room and kitchen. I applied Carbophos 3 times with a period of a week.
    All is pure, not one creature. But sorry spiders, they also died, they are enemies of bedbugs, they get bugs in their network and die.

  3. Ruslan :

    I'll go tomorrow for Carbophos, nothing takes them. The second year in the country I can not withdraw. Clean House sprinkled - disappeared for two months, then all the new.

  4. Elena :

    Used carbofos (powder): the smell is not as strong as it is written. All creatures are upside down, an excellent remedy.

  5. Nikolay :

    24 years ago I treated this apartment with an apartment. Impression - there are no more bedbugs on the Earth. The manufacturer of carbofos mhp soyuzbytkhim g.Novomoskovsk, Tula region, GOST 14877-69 weight 100g. So there were not claimed 4 bottles, one time was enough!

  6. Elena :

    Specialists were called already 5 times, did not help. Sometimes it seems to me that these things will survive me. Bought Carbophos - our last hope. I hope that helps.

  7. Elena :

    And we tried to etch it ourselves, but it did not work out. We only frightened them. I had to call a service. Thank you very much. HELPED. True, she herself had to drink soothing, she could not recover from these creatures.

    • Anonymous :

      What kind of service?

    • Anonymous :

      We SES 3 times caused, bestolku, and 10000 gave. Bought a steamer and Carbophos - the last hope. We can not take out the year, but at home the children can not go anywhere. Let's hope this helps.

    • Timur :

      Lena, hello. Can I find out the name of the office through which bugs were baited? And how much did it cost? Thank you.

  8. Marina :

    Trapped 3 times, called for service, crevices were smeared, repairs were done on the first day, how they moved to live. Gad crawls and has already drunk blood from the baby! I'll try Carbophos, maybe it will help.

  9. Elena :

    We also encountered such a problem. What just did not apply: some powders, dichlophos, in the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station 3 times were, poisons bought. Nothing helps. Time passes, they appear again. Today again in the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station were, now they have advised us the powder Super Fas, but I do not know if this will help. Just a nightmare of some kind. If someone coped with this problem, help, please. Tell us. We even threw out the sofa from one room, what now, throw away all the furniture.

    • Yana :

      Elena, we had the same problem. We tried everything that could be done. As a result, the executioner was saved. Processed according to the instructions. The phone for ordering the facility found on the Internet. We ourselves are from Penza. We have a person who is distributing. Ordered, and the same day he brought. Two treatments were done. First time processed the whole apartment. Second time only berths. The smell disappears during the day. Furniture has not been thrown away, there are no traces anywhere.

      • Anonymous :

        The executioner is not certified in Russia. You buy at your own risk.

  10. Natalia :

    At one time in the north, these insects were very stuck. I learned about carbophos. I did not process anything, I just put it to boil. 3 hours he was languishing on the stove. Hours 6-8 I ventilated the apartment. And I forgot about these reptiles. And then nothing smelled.

  11. Eugene :

    Also faced with such a problem! I rummaged through the Internet in search of a means ... First they treated your house with a means: they, of course, climbed and died, but not all. Then the Executioner escaped - he kills not only the adult bug, but also the larvae, which is very important! And the smell is tolerable, but, of course, treatment needs to be carried out in protective equipment (gloves, respirator ...) And so for sure, another skirting Maschienka crayfish (special from cockroaches) was processed. So 3 times with periods. Thank God, they were never seen again!

  12. Eugene :

    Mistaken a little, Masha - chalk from the cockroaches are, and there are specially from bedbugs + cockroaches!

  13. Camille :

    They also faced this problem, we are already fighting with these mutants for 10 months, you can not call it another way. And SES called, and GET processed, and themselves in SES bought all sorts of poison, and chlorine, even used to make noise. In the process of each treatment, everything is washed at 60 degrees, and what can not be washed, for two days in the freezer box. So many forces, nerves and funds have been put on these creatures, but nothing helps. It seems that they are immortal. We do it every 10-12 days, we've already bought a neacidol in the veterinary pharmacy - it's useless ... Help, please, advise, who has a method of getting rid of these bloodsuckers. I, probably, will soon nervously be ill ...

  14. Anonymous :

    Buy, I'll try. If I could help, I'm sick of the creature.

  15. Anonymous :

    Napalm, for sure) And so, carbofos - the most true. Thinly dilute and pour everything to the ceiling. Not my couple of weeks. 2 months later again. I and zafigachil entrance, and went to neighbors. I've forgotten about bugs until now.

  16. Faith :

    Treated three times at intervals of 3-4 days the entire apartment with an aerosol with a tube of "Clean House". Repeated after 10 days - the bugs disappeared. But then I could not understand where the bites with blisters come from, especially after reading in bed. Found the source of bloodsuckers - BOOKS, from where come out small, almost invisible light insects, not even like bugs. I thought that some kind of paper fleas were wound up, but crushed, and the smell betrayed them, these clods. I had to throw out the entire library and notebooks with records, and notebooks with culinary recipes, and all documents to sort out, and throw out the photo albums, and the pictures all wipe from two sides. A madhouse and a panic neurosis! I wish everyone victory!

  17. Anonymous :

    Well, I do not know how to process the whole apartment, because at us the neigbour all pulls from a dustbin and it seems to us, what is it rubbish from it. We tried everything ... And it was left to try with carbophos.

  18. Rustavali :

    They were treated with carbophos, raptor, mashenka and permetrine smoke. They were able to reduce their number by 98-99%. But, unfortunately, from the neighbors go, but they do not special treat. And from time to time appear. So if you have understanding neighbors, then join forces.

  19. Anticlope :

    Carobosomes were treated twice. The nest was discovered accidentally - killed! After two treatments, I accidentally enter the room at night to close the balcony, and a flat old bug crawls over the mattress. And there are two options: carbofos was forged, or carbofos no longer takes them. Tomorrow I'm going for the tsifoksom. The problem is also that after the persecution they did not crawl to the walls, like the others. Disappointment, a sense of trouble! Dichlorvos here clearly does not help. From neighbors could not run, everything is closed. If zifoks does not help, then this is already a madhouse! SES still do not want to call - write about deceptions, wind up the amount on the go.

    How could anyone survive after carbophos? Yes, the bugs are tenacious, they carry -20 well, but something went wrong. I will not throw out a mattress so far - if the bedbugs are alive, then they will crawl up to the feeding trough.

    The trouble is that it is not clear when they will be destroyed.

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