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Getting rid of bed bugs with vinegar

Уксусная кислота

Of all the folk remedies against bugs, vinegar is one of the most accessible and easy to use. It is easy to buy, it is inexpensive and absolutely safe for humans. But at the same time, it can not be called an effective remedy against bedbugs .

Like most folk remedies, vinegar does not kill bedbugs, but scares them away with its odor. And if vinegar from bugs is used correctly, scare off parasites can be quickly and permanently, after which they can not bother the occupant of the apartment for more than six months. However, to obtain a similar effect, the treatment of the room with vinegar is no less complex and responsible than such operations with the most effective insecticides, allowing with the same effort to get rid of insects for good.

Feedback on the use of vinegar in the fight against domestic bugs:

For the winter I rented a two-room apartment and literally the first night I felt unwell. I checked the bed and carpets and nearly fell: there were more bedbugs than cockroaches in the zoo. Almost everywhere they were, and in the corners - straight crowds. It is interesting that in one of the rooms these parasites were not at all. I remembered about the already forgotten way - vinegar against bedbugs . I bought two bottles, processed the bed, carpets, plinth, well ventilated apartment. Half a year, no bug bitten me. And then it started on a new one. Apparently, vinegar gives only a temporary result. So now I am preparing an apartment for the arrival of the Sanitary Service.


Vinegar against bedbugs: the principle of action

Vinegar is able to kill bedbugs only when the insect gets directly into the jar with this liquid. Here the bug either suffocates, or its internal organs are corroded by aggressive acetic acid. With the same result, acetic acid acts on any other living thing: it is the same acid as the infamous sulfuric or hydrochloric acid, just a little less strong.

Forensic science describes suicides of people by using large (more liter) quantities of technical vinegar or acetic essence. It is not surprising that insects, in particular bugs, die in this fluid quickly enough.

In this case, the simple application of vinegar to different surfaces exerts the same effect on domestic bugs as food vinegar exerts on a person, being in the composition of salad or fermented products: it irritates the organs of taste and smell. Only if a person loves these sensations and diversifies their meals, then for insects, the smell of vinegar is hostile and repellent. Of course, than in large quantities and concentrations vinegar will be used against bedbugs, the more effectively it will help in the fight against them.

The acetic acid practically does not affect the eggs of bedbugs.

Взрослые домашние клопы и их яйца

Count on the fact that being sprinkled on a bed or furniture vinegar will destroy bedbugs, it's not worth it. In this case, parasites can only stop eating for a few days, fearing to approach the source of a sharp unpleasant odor. As weathering and aggravation of hunger feel, the bugs renew their activity and begin to bite with the same strength.

Only with a very massive treatment of the room with vinegar can you achieve that home bugs will leave it. However, such treatment will require the same expenditure of effort as a full-fledged treatment of the apartment with powerful insecticides. Only in the latter case will the bugs die and are more likely never to return to the room.

Advantages and disadvantages of vinegar as a remedy against bedbugs

Before you get rid of bedbugs with vinegar, you need to take into account all of its pluses and minuses. Perhaps at this stage the most rational user of the apartment will decide to prefer other means to vinegar, and someone, on the contrary, will lean towards it.

The main advantages of vinegar are:

  1. Availability - buy table vinegar or vinegar essence can be in every store in any season of the year.
  2. Cheapness - the amount of vinegar, which is enough for a massive treatment of an apartment, will cost several times cheaper than a similar amount of a powerful insecticide.
  3. Safety - vinegar does not cause allergic reactions and in amounts used to combat bugs, it does not have toxic effects on humans and animals.

Among the main shortcomings of vinegar should be noted the following:

  1. Low efficiency - often vinegar of bedbugs does not kill and in general does not drive them out of the room for sure. Bedbugs and vinegar can be at the same time in the same apartment.
  2. A sharp smell - the apartment after processing with vinegar smells like a shop for the production of canned food.

Уксусная кислота сильно пахнет

"At the dacha, bugs were poisoned with anything, from turpentine to Reid. The best are the special poisons. It is a fact. After Carbophos bugs did not appear at all. But the vinegar, which we were advised, gave only a temporary respite for a week. After bedbugs have returned again. But during this "respite" all the dacha, furniture and ourselves so stank of vinegar, that it would be better to have bedbugs ... "

Maria Antonovna, Svetlogorsk

If you compare vinegar with other folk remedies against bed bugs, in general, it differs little from the same denatured, turpentine or dust. And to make a decision about its use it is necessary when parasites in the room are a bit and precisely know that they do not exist in the neighbors. In this case, expelled once, they are more likely to die outside the walls of the apartment and will not return. In the case of multi-apartment buildings, vinegar helps poorly and gives only a temporary reprieve of the repeated invasion of insects into the apartment.

Strengthen the effect of vinegar on bugs

The most effective vinegar turns out to be mixed with other agents. For example, experienced folk wrestlers with bedbugs recommend such recipes:

  1. In equal proportions, mix the vinegar with 90% alcohol and mothball, and this mixture process the bug detection sites. With a direct hit of the liquid on insects, they die within a few minutes, but the evaporation of this liquid has no special effect on them.
  2. Mix the vinegar with the wormwood broth and process this mixture of legs and the body of the bed. If bedbugs in the apartment are rare, it means they come from neighbors, and it makes sense to smear the possible ways of penetrating bedbugs into the apartment: ventilation ducts, door frames, windows.
  3. In equal proportions, mix the vinegar with turpentine and the prepared solution from the spray to process the walls, plinth and cracks in the furniture.

It is checked that when the surface is richly moistened with vinegar, the bugs, falling on such a surface, die within 12 seconds. However, the vinegar itself evaporates in a matter of seconds, and in order to destroy the vermin with vinegar, they must be literally poured. In a situation where bedbugs are sitting behind wallpaper and skirting boards, it is very difficult to do this.

But to prevent the penetration of bedbugs in an apartment vinegar can be used quite successfully. However, given that the smell of vinegar is weathered quite quickly, such treatment should be done quite often.

17 comments are left for the record "Getting rid of bed bugs with vinegar".
  1. Christina :

    There were no bedbugs, but there were in the basement. They were wasted there, and now we have. Dichlorvos does not help, how to fight their own methods?

  2. Valentina :

    How to bring out bedbugs yourself and quickly?

    • Anonymous :

      Buy Carbophos and process the plinth, upholstered furniture, bed. Helps very well)

      • Anonymous :

        And it turns out in an apartment then after treatment it is impossible to sleep?

  3. Ksusha :

    For 5 days, 9 bottles of dichlorvos were poured: two in the entire apartment and seven in the infected room. On day 6 I decided to wait. More than a day, until the living do not come across. I'll try to fill in the room for 7 days again ... Nerves on the limit)

  4. Daniel :

    The means of "cucaracha" costs within 300 rubles, it helps well.

  5. Alevtina :

    I have been fighting with them for two years, and in any way)) I drove into a new building and after a year I lost my mind when I saw them.

  6. Farida :

    Hello, we recently had bugs, and we first worked with boiling water, very hot. Then, after 15 minutes, vinegar (a lot of vinegar, 2 bottles). And the next day sprinkled with an anti-clone (15 liters), everywhere, and things too. Then they closed the windows, the doors, left for one day and again worked with vinegar and whiteness. All things washed with hot water. No bugs. It turns out that the neighbors were, they went somewhere for 10 days, and the bugs came to us for food. Etched and the neighbors and, tfu-tfu, no.

  7. Sabir :

    Bedbugs at work in the cabins, what to do?

  8. Cook :

    Please, help. Bedbugs got it. They tried all sorts of sprays and hangman from bedbugs, even specially etched them. Tolerated zero, they still bite. We moved to another apartment - the second day they already bite. Nerves are not enough. Please, tell me what to do?

  9. Vasya :

    PLEASE, tell me some really effective remedy for bedbugs, it is impossible to live. Thank you in advance!

    • Elenka :

      Carbophos apply, and God help you. Only he will help, she herself 4 times. The chief of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station advised ...

  10. Elenka :

    Carbophos, believe me, more of these creepy things will not take anything. So they die, immediately and everywhere. I will soon begin to write a dissertation about them. I can help with advice.

  11. Maria :

    We already live with them for 4 years, we can not kill them. Tell me, please, where is sold carbofos? Does it happen in pharmacies?

    • Elenka :

      Carbofos is sold mainly in shops like "Everything for the garden and garden." It is advisable to take in glass bottles! And dilute thicker than written in the instructions. Do not forget the respirator and rubber gloves. My advice to you, Maria: before you carry out the treatment with carbophos, keep in mind that it has a very pungent smell, and all the things you need to put products in sealed bags. Then you wash at 90 degrees, preferably everything. And before that, cover all the crevices and joints with putty or sealant!

      I lived with these creatures for 4 months, it's terrible. I so sympathize with you ... 4 years is too much. I can imagine how much they were laying eggs, which is even worse. And, Maria, I forgot! In two weeks it's important to re-process! And that in the first, that in the second persecution you must necessarily leave at least 4-7 days, in any other way, unfortunately ... This is carbofos. Good luck in this difficult matter. If there are questions - write, maybe, than I will help)) Sanepidemstance, by the way, I do not advise to call - etch the same carbofos (or analogue - fufanonom).

  12. Valeria :

    We saw a couple of bedbugs and single bites at home, turned the entire room upside down, processed vinegar. But they were not found anywhere in large numbers. With an open balcony under three blankets we sleep. Here, we are waiting for what happens ...

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