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Where can I buy Carbophos from bedbugs and what is its price

Карбофос - популярное и недорогое средство от клопов и других насекомых-паразитов. Давайте посмотрим, где и как его можно купить

Carbophos is a very popular and widespread means for controlling bugs and other insect parasites, which is made on the basis of malathion (50%). Due to the high concentration of the drug and its low cost, it can be attributed to one of the most economical insecticides of a wide spectrum of action.

The price of 30 grams of Carbophos is about 30 rubles, 60 grams - 60 rubles. And in a large packing it can be bought for about 150 rubles per liter.

Buy Carbophos via the Internet

When there is an urgent need to buy Carbophos from bedbugs, some wrestlers with parasites prefer to immediately turn to the services of online resources that sell insecticides. This method justifies itself only with the purchase of small lots, and if Carbophos can not be found in the shops of its city (and this happens rarely).

Ordering an entire canister at the expense of its weight will make the delivery very expensive, often more than the price of the insecticide itself. Therefore, buying a large lot of Carbophos on the Internet makes sense only in cases when it is done in person - for example, with neighbors in the home or in the country or with random people from their city who solve a similar problem and which can be found through the city forum.

Заказывать целую канистру Карбофоса одному не очень выгодно

If you still decide to order a product through the Internet, it is important to choose a reliable supplier. It is better not to risk buying a product through the board of private ads - it is not known what kind of chemistry will be offered to you as a result. Practice shows that some suppliers of insecticides pour out diluted (for cheaper prices) drugs and sell them under the guise of original ones.

It is much more reasonable to go directly to the manufacturer (only when buying large lots) or to the sites of agricultural stores. When you buy there, you can immediately get advice and answers to questions about using the tool. On request, the store can send a scanned product quality certificate.


"My neighbors in the countryside were baiting Karbofos and bragging about what they had literally taken out the first time. When we were struck by the same attack, I no longer thought that buying - immediately began to look for Carbophos. Unfortunately, in our small town it is not there, nor is there a special store for truck farmers. I had to order an entire canister via the Internet with the delivery by mail, following the example of neighbors. I will not hide - the tool has helped perfectly, only here the delivery cost a round sum because of the large weight of the parcel. The next time I would not have ordered it - it would be easier to ask friends from St. Petersburg to buy and transfer by bus. "

Alexander, Leningrad region

We buy carbophos in shops for truck farmers

Carbophos, whose price today is quite low, is a sought-after means not only for the destruction of bedbugs in an apartment, but also for harassing pests of agricultural plants. In general, initially this insecticide was not created to destroy specifically bed bugs, but it copes with them perfectly, and the word of mouth is subsequently made by Carbophos the right remedy for domestic bloodsuckers.

Карбофос успешно применяют в сельском хозяйстве для борьбы с насекомыми-вредителями

Given a certain agricultural value, it is easiest to find the drug in the garden truck shops, where it is offered in various volumes and packing:

  • 2 ampoules with concentrate Карбофос в ампулах (концентрат)
  • 30 and 60 grams of powder for breeding
  • 1 liter of ready-to-use solution
  • 5-liter canister
  • 10-liter canister.

Ogorodniki very often use this preparation for processing in connection with its cheapness and availability. Moreover, the not very pleasant smell of Carbophos in the fields and orchards disappears much more quickly than in an apartment or a private house.

Can I buy a product in the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station?

As a rule, the sanitary and epidemiological station does not sell chemical preparations for baiting insects, and can only give information about the use of Carbophos against bedbugs: where to buy, how to use and what security measures to take. However, practice shows that more and more often SES employees sell insecticides privately - those people who do not want to pay a lot of money for processing their apartment by professional disinfesters.

The purchase of means used in SES is the most reliable way not to run into a fake and buy a really high-quality product. Although Karbofos (due to its cheapness) to forge no special sense, but enterprising sellers can breed it to a much lower concentration to earn an extra penny on the sale of an "additional" canister. Needless to say, such a remedy will leave only an unpleasant smell without any visible effect.

SES always purchases disinsection preparations directly from the manufacturer, which guarantees high quality and compliance with the expiration date. Please note that foreign companies sell Carbofos under the name Malathion (according to the active ingredient). You can try to negotiate with employees or connect working in the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station to acquaintances who can sprinkle a little Carbophos and sell it privately.

Часто Карбофос реализуется под названием Малатион, например, в виде 50%-го концентрата эмульсии

In the purchase of Carbophos in SES there is no offense, because this drug is not registered as purely professional. It is low-toxic for humans and animals, so it can be used by the population. Of course, it is necessary to observe all precautions and do not exceed the dosage of Carbophos.

The forms of output in which Carbofos is sold

Like most insecticides, Carbophos can be purchased in various forms of release, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Powder for breeding. Sold in a package for 30 and 60 g. Buy this amount can be approximately 30 and 60 rubles, respectively. The powder should be diluted according to the instructions and processed by them all the habitats of bedbugs. A small bag is enough for a two-room apartment, but it is better to buy a large one - for re-processing. Согласно инструкции, порошок Карбофоса нужно перед использованием развести водой
  • Concentrate in ampoules. This form is also convenient for its small packaging. Concentrate, like the powder, is diluted in the amount of water specified in the instruction, after which the usual treatment is carried out.
  • Ready solution. As you can see from the name, you can use the solution in the canister immediately after purchase. Of the pros - there is no preliminary preparation, minus - a large weight of the canister.
  • Concentrate of emulsion. Also sold in cans. The advantage is an increased concentration of the drug - accordingly, even from a small amount of it, a lot of working solution can be prepared. By cons, you can include the same great weight, expensive shipping, if you buy Carbophos through the Internet.


"Every year in our country there is a real invasion of insects - crowds and cockroaches walk in crowds, but recently bed bugs have joined. It was completely unbearable to live and spend the night. It was necessary every spring to carry with itself the whole canister of Carbophos and to process to it all house and economic constructions. For the whole year, there was enough processing, and then this evil spirited out of the yard again. Recently in the store I saw that Carbophos is sold in small ampullae, which must be diluted with water. Joy limit was not! We go by bus and have already bothered to carry such weight. Now we use only ampoules - the effect is even better. "

Anna, Gomel

Carbophos also has analogues based on the same active substance:

  • Fufanon, about the same in price and composition, also has an unpleasant odor.

Фуфанон содержит в составе тот же инсектицид малатион, что и КарбофосВ борьбе с постельными клопами Фуфанон можно использовать вместо Карбофоса, но вот по стоимости он выйдет немного дороже

Можно поискать Фуфанон и Карбофос в магазинах для огородников

  • Pedilin - a drug based on the same malathion, is mainly used in veterinary medicine against animal parasites.
  • Phenaxin: available as a dust, which can be diluted or used in its pure form. Unlike Carbophos it does not have an unpleasant odor.

Despite the availability of analogues and other fairly effective means for the destruction of bed bugs, Carbophos has its own significant advantages. And given the cost of Carbophos, it can be called one of the most economical and affordable drugs.

Before buying Carbophos, you should talk with your neighbors and clarify whether they have encountered the problem of bed bugs. Firstly, buying a large canister of funds is much more profitable than making a deposit, and secondly, to poison bedbugs with all the entrance or at least a platform is much more reliable. This will insure against the risk of re-infection after a while.

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    We treated with acetic essence of day three, silence ... Now again a little, but it is felt at night. That is scared. They were on wallpaper, not in the couch. And even before the heap: the neighbors called the police on us, as drug addicts because of the smell. Horror. I'm going to try carbofos to ask in the pharmacy.

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