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Remedy for bedbugs Fufanon (Malathion)

Средство от постельных клопов Фуфанон-супер

Those who have ever encountered bugs, knows how hardy these insects are, and how difficult it is to withdraw them. To date, many chemical preparations have been developed and tested, but, unfortunately, small pests often get used to poison very quickly and feel good even in the treated room.

One of the most effective insecticides is considered to be a wide-spectrum drug Fufanon - from bedbugs and other insects, used not only in living quarters, but also in production warehouses with a high degree of infection. This insecticide deserves special attention.

Fufanon: chemical composition and properties

The insecticide Fufanon was developed in Denmark by Keminova AGRO A / S.

Chemical composition: poorly water-soluble colorless oily liquid, refers to derivatives of dithiophosphoric acid, that is, the main active ingredient is an organophosphorus compound. The boiling point of the substance is 156-157 ° C, it begins to melt at 2.8-3.7 ° C.

This drug is not an innovative development, as the trade name Fufanon is a known active substance Malathion, which, in turn, is a less toxic and better analogue of Carbophos, which has long been successfully applied in agriculture and sanitary treatment of premises.

Toxicity: mildly toxic to humans and animals, has a third hazard class.

Forms of release: Concentrate in the form of 57% or 44% aqueous emulsion (Novaktion).

The main application: the destruction of black and red cockroaches, fleas, bed bugs, flies, cereal aphids on winter rye and wheat during the growing season. It also helps to fight pests in orchard crops.

Affordable price, low consumption and a wide range of action allow using Fufanon against bedbugs and other synanthropic insects, achieving an almost instantaneous effect.

Fighting Bugs Correctly

Begin the treatment of premises with Fufanon from bedbugs and other pests is necessary with a preliminary study of the instruction that contains special information on the preparation of a working aqueous emulsion.

Постельные клопы

Packaging should be opened, in the tank for non-food purposes, pour the desired amount of the drug and dilute with water at room temperature to obtain 1 liter of solution:

  • to get rid of bugs, fleas and ants the product should be diluted at a rate of 1.5-3.5 ml per 1 liter of water, depending on the degree of infection;
  • against different types of flies and cockroaches the product is diluted at the rate of 9 and 11 ml per 1 liter of water, respectively.
  • when using the liquid form of the drug in ampoules, the method changes slightly: the contents of one ampoule (5ml) are diluted in 5 liters of water.

The rate of application of the working (that is, already diluted) emulsion is 100 ml per 1 square meter of room when treated against flies and cockroaches and 50 ml per 1 square meter when treated against bed bugs, fleas and ants.

For convenience, it is recommended to apply with a spray or a soft brush as follows:

  • The premises are carefully processed along the perimeter - along the walls, along the skirting boards and curbs (furniture is moved away), as well as in all hard-to-reach places.
  • Bedbugs hide well, so special attention should be paid to the cracks in the walls and floor coverings, the places behind the wallpaper from the walls, the ventilation grilles and objects facing the walls (carpets, frames, paintings, etc.).
  • Furniture is processed from the bottom, closer to the floor. If there is a need for processing clothes, upholstery of upholstered furniture and pillows, then they should be washed at a high temperature or dry-cleaned.
  • When processing an apartment or house in winter, household items can be taken out on a balcony or in the yard - bugs do not survive below -22 ° C.

With the correct use of the funds Fufanon bugs leave after the first careful treatment, but the death of the entire population occurs no earlier than 3-4 days. In case of severe contamination, the premises are treated repeatedly with an interval of two weeks - this is the average incubation period for egg bugs.

Яйца клопов

In addition, the methods of fighting should be alternated and processed in the most careful way: if there are at least a few larvae or eggs of insects, the entire population of bed bugs will be restored in the shortest time, and new individuals will develop resistance to Fufanon.

Precautions for operation

When working with the drug, it is very important to observe the following precautions:

  • In the treated room should not be people, pets (as well as fish, birds) and houseplants; windows at the same time it is recommended to keep open - the drug is toxic and has a strong specific odor.
  • Use the treated rooms can only after the day after additional treatment with a soda solution (250-300 g per bucket of water) and subsequent general cleaning with ventilation.
  • Preparations and disinfection must be carried out using personal protective equipment: overalls or robe, cotton headscarf, apron and rubber sleeves, rubber gloves, hermetically sealed goggles.
  • It is forbidden to drink and eat, and also to smoke in the treated room.

In case of appearance of unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth, vomiting, headache or abdominal irritation after treatment, it is necessary to go to fresh air, remove contaminated clothing, then rinse the oral cavity with 2% sodium bicarbonate solution or plain water, and in especially severe cases consult a doctor.

If the product gets into the eyes, rinse it with plenty of cold water, if it hurts, add 2% solution of novocaine and immediately consult a specialist.

If, during the treatment of premises with Fufanon against bedbugs and other pests, the preparation gets on the skin, the affected area should be washed immediately with a large amount of water and soap.

This remedy is rightly considered one of the most powerful and effective insecticides, while having a fairly low consumption. What is the price of this miracle drug and where to buy Fufanon for getting rid of bugs and other insect parasites?

Overview of prices for Fufanon (Malathion)

Like any other insecticide, this tool has different types:

  • Means protective Fufanon in ampoules 5 ml from the company Green Belt, the price is from 8 to 10 rubles per package. Фуфанон в ампулах, 5 мл As mentioned above, according to the spectrum of action, the preparation is similar to the known Carbophos, while the liquid form in ampoules is very convenient in dissolving and is successfully used against a huge number of garden and garden pests: spider mites, bedbugs, aphids, various flies and other insects.
  • Insecticide Fufanon, canister of 5 liters. Фуфанон в канистре Retail price for 5 liters - from 3000 rubles. It is a highly effective concentrate from bedbugs, cockroaches and other insects.
  • Fufanon Super, a bottle of 1 liter. Фуфанон-супер, 1 л The price is 710 rubles. The agent is an aqueous emulsion of white or light yellow color, with a weak specific odor. Has a very wide spectrum of action and effectively fights with synanthropic insects: cockroaches, flies, bed bugs, fleas, etc.
  • Fufanon Super Taran from the company "Dobrohim", microencapsulated product in bottles of 50, 100 ml, as well as an aqueous emulsion in canisters of 1-5 liters. The price of the drug ranges from 500 to 5000 rubles, depending on the volume of the container. This tool is widely used in farms and agricultural enterprises for processing large areas from insects of various types. The microencapsulated concentrate is odorless, but has no less potent effect than its liquid counterparts.

Means from bedbugs Fufanon can be bought in specialized hypermarkets, shops and Internet shops selling household chemical products, as well as fertilizers, and preparations for protecting houses and garden areas from insect invasion. In addition, Malathion can easily be purchased from professional disinfestation services, as this is the main "working" tool of most such companies.

Well, let's sum up a little. Fufanon is an affordable and highly effective remedy for bedbugs and other insects. Nevertheless, in self-management of pests, one should remember the toxicity of the active substance of the drug, do not neglect precautions and use personal protective equipment as prescribed by the instruction.

Only competent and especially careful processing of premises will help get rid of bugs and other undesirable "guests" forever.

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