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Feedback on the use of funds from bugs Forsyte

Несколько отзывов о применении средства Форсайт для уничтожения клопов в доме...

Trying to find reviews about the Forsythe from bugs (as, indeed, about any other), often future fighter home parasites get to the sites of the manufacturer, regional dealers or online stores. For a number of reasons, it is problematic to obtain objective information from such sources:

  • the manufacturer and sellers are interested in selling, so there is a possibility that they filter the reviews, leaving only positive, and at best neutral ones. To study the same shortcomings of the funds, these reviews do not help, and therefore, after getting to know them, a person gets a one-sided view of the drug and is often not ready for real difficulties in using it.
  • Moreover, as practice shows, reviews are often written by the people concerned (in this case, it is not specifically about reviews about the remedy for the Forsyth bugs , but in general about many insect preparations).

Зачастую найти в интернете объективную информацию о средствах от клопов бывает проблематично.

We hope that the following reviews about Forsythe help to make a more complete picture of this tool. If you already have experience in applying it, be sure to leave your feedback using the comment form at the very bottom of this page.


"We have never had any cockroaches, not bugs. And here we look, at the child any stings appear constantly, and us like anything also does not bite. There are no mosquitoes in the house, so they sinned on allergies, but bites constantly appeared more and more. Finally, my wife found a whole nest in the towel under the children's mattress in the crib. There she had such hysteria, that I had to go home from work. She wrapped this towel in a bag, carried it out to the street and burned it, and while I got home, I had already bought Forsythe from bedbugs in the store. And I bought so much to treat the whole apartment. It seems to me that the bedbugs were only in this towel, but it was impossible to argue with his wife at that moment. She said that until I processed the apartment, she would not return home. So walked half a day with a stroller, and then made the wheelchair work. In short, there were four bottles with this Forsyte, each one must be dissolved in a liter of water. He dissolved it, took a bottle with a pshikalkoy from Mr. Muscle, poured a remedy into it, sprinkled the whole bed, our bed, skirting boards, the closet, and also processed the living room. It stinks, but it quickly goes out. Maybe a couple more bedbugs I saw under the bed, but more during the treatment they did not come across to me. I think they only lived in a towel, but I did not see any more. The wife then all evening washing things out of the closet, because they smelled of Forsyte. "

Yegor, Uman

Клопы в квартире могут стать настоящей проблемой для ее жильцов, и вывести паразитов даже с помощью эффективного средства не всегда получается с первого раза.

На фото - средство Форсайт от клопов, тараканов, блох и других насекомых в доме

Comparison table of analog preparations of Forsyte

The main parameters that consumers pay attention to when choosing are their safety, price, availability and presence of smell.


"They chose between Forsythe and the Executioner. Forsyte is cheaper and seems more effective. But getting it is a big headache. It's just that it's not for sale. Well, we were not in a hurry and we could order the Executioner via the Internet. So it is not in sale in Omsk. I think that if we had to bug bugs not at the dacha but in the apartment, we would go to SES and buy this Forsyth. "

Irina, Omsk

Foresight from bedbugs can be obtained in SES or from employees of special services of pest control. And the executioner, similar in efficiency and method of use, is present in free sale.

Средство от насекомых Палач, в отличие от Форсайта, легко можно найти в свободной продаже.

The price of the drug is usually calculated per unit of treated area, and in this respect, Forsyth is in the middle price category (about 800 rubles per 1 room apartment). For comparison, Tetriks, considered one of the most powerful tools for the destruction of bed bugs, is sold at a price of about 2000 rubles. for a bottle of 250 ml, and this amount is enough to handle about 2 apartments (so for a one-time use to buy Tetriks is not always rational).

Means Price per processing 1-room. apartments Action on bug eggs Availability Toxicity Presence of smell
Forsyte ~ 800 rub. No In SES, in special services of pest control Average, causes allergies and flushing with skin contact, leads to poisoning when ingested in the gastrointestinal tract The smell is, but quickly erodes
Executioner ~ 1200 rub. No Available for free sale Medium, can cause allergies there is
Get 720 rubles. there is Available for free sale Low No
Tetriks ~ 1000 rubles (the minimum purchase is 2000 rubles). No Available for free sale High Strong smell
Diazinone ~ 450 rub. No Available for free sale Average Strong smell


"Probably, for three days we were looking for something sensible from bedbugs. On the Internet, there is no point in ordering - it will still go to our province, these bloodsuckers will devour us, and in stores we have nothing. Neighbors only know that kerosene to offer and Masha. Well, the husband went to the city and was able to buy at the station of pest control Forsythe in a canister. Smelly such a tool, but it works. True, it says that they need to bug bugs two times. We did so, and a month later they were still working on the chicken coop. The house of the three rooms was taken by the half-crayons, the remainder - to the chicken coop. There are no more bedbugs. "

Galina, Khabars

Фотография постельного клопа во время укуса

"Forssayt did not help us. Maybe it became easier for a week, and then the bugs returned. Below us is some kind of bomber, or that ten people in the apartment live in constant unsanitary conditions. We are already swearing with the whole house, but it's all useless. I had to call the guys from the station, they use Tetrix. The smell after it is spooky, but there are no bugs, no cockroaches after it. "

Tatiana, Vanino

Opinions of specialists

"Foresight is a remedy that has a neuro-paralytic effect on insects. It is highly effective in controlling bugs, it is safe enough for a person and can be used in living quarters if the safety rules are observed. The main component of Forsyth is insecticide fenthion. This substance blocks the production and activity of cholinesterase in the insect's body, and as a result, acetylcholine accumulates in all parts of the nervous system of the parasite, leading to an ever-growing excitation and tone of the muscles. When a deadly dose of a substance enters the body of a bug, the insect perishes within a few minutes from complete paralysis of the muscles. "

Kupriyanov S. T., Cand. Biol. science

В состав Форсайта входит сильный инсектицид фентион

"The tool for bedbugs Forsythe is intended primarily for the professional processing of premises by special services. For domestic use, it should be used with the mandatory use of gloves, a respirator and clothing with long sleeves. If the product gets on the skin, allergic reactions and hyperemia may develop, and if accidentally swallowed, severe intoxication with nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain. In the optimal case, for processing the premises Forsyte should contact professionals in the service of pest control. "

Morozova OE, Cand. honey. science

You ask, we answer

"How large is one Forsyth bottle?"

Approximately 10 square meters including furniture processing. The apartment has a total area of ​​about 35 square meters. m. should be treated with 3-4 bottles of the drug.

"After Forsyte's application in the apartment, my head hurts the third day already. What to do?"

To see the doctor. Typically, signs of temporary intoxication with Forsyth couples disappear after walking on the street. Perhaps the headache is not due to Forsythe, but simply coincided with its application. Determine this can only medik.

One more tip

"Well, this smelly Forsyte, horror. At me already in the opinion of darkness while to them apartment splashed. Well, it disappears quickly, but on clothes the smell still remains, as if from second-hand it. If you process it, then wash clothes and things in the closet at the same time, wash in a typewriter at high temperature. It will be easier that way. "

Anna, Moscow

"How soon after treatment should you wash the floors in the room and wash the processed laundry on the bed?"

It is desirable - in a few hours. The longer the furniture and bed will be infused with Forsyte, the more likely that all the bugs will die. In the optimal case, the facility can process the apartment before leaving the premises for the weekend. But, as a rule, 4-5 hours in most cases is enough.

Обрабатывать помещение Форсайтом надо осторожно, поскольку от его действия могут пострадать не только клопы, но и человек.

В оптимальном случае стоит обработать квартиру Форсайтом и покинуть ее на выходные.

"Is it possible to treat Forsyte pets against fleas?"

In no event it is impossible. The concentration of the agent even after breeding is very high, and it is very easy for a pet (especially a cat) to poison them.

Do not forget to leave your review about the remedy for the Forsyth bugs in the comments box below.

To the record "Comments on the use of funds from the bedbugs Forsyte" left 6 comments.
  1. Nurzhamal :

    Where to buy the Forsyth tool?

  2. Anonymous :

    Where can I get Forsyte?

  3. Timur :

    I found the foresight in Moscow for 150 rubles. Treated and opaaa, not a single bug, but very smelly, you can die.

  4. Margarita :

    A month ago, called employees SES, processed the entire apartment Forsythe. 5000 rubles. All filled. The cupboards floated, now in white spots. And today I discovered a bug. I'm terrified. What now to do, I do not know ...

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