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EcoKiller from bugs and cockroaches (specially treated diatomaceous)

Поговорим о свойствах препарата Экокиллер и посмотрим, действительно ли это средство эффективно уничтожает клопов и тараканов...

Comparatively recently appeared on the market insecticide EkoKiller refers to insecticidal drugs of contact action, that is, destroying pests and parasites (bugs, cockroaches, fleas, house ants, scales, etc.) with a simple hit on their outer covers. It would seem, nothing special - many insect preparations today work like this.

However, the point is that the mechanism of the insecticidal action of the EkoKiller is fundamentally different from the mechanism of the vast majority of other drugs. And this not only provides a high effectiveness of the means in the fight against insects, but also allows the drug to be successfully used even in the most neglected cases, reliably destroying populations resistant to the "chemistry" of cockroaches and bed bugs.

Экокиллер достаточно надежно работает даже в тех случаях, когда у популяции тараканов или постельных клопов имеется устойчивость к стандартным инсектицидам.

Due to what is this achieved? Let's understand ...

What is Ecokiller and why does he kill insects?

The basis of the drug EkoKiller is a specially processed diatomite (also kieselguhr or mountain flour) - a natural rock, which is a beige powder. The particle size of the preparation is from 10 to 35 micrometers.

Основой средства является специально обработанный диатомит.

On a note

Sometimes diatomace is incorrectly called infusorial ground. In fact, there is nothing to do with ciliates, but remains of shells of ancient diatoms. Such shells are almost entirely composed of silicon dioxide, and due to their shape they have very high abrasive properties.

In the US, diatom powder-based products for the destruction of cockroaches and bed bugs are present on the market for a long time and have become popular.

The most important feature of the diatomite used in Ecokiller is the combination of high abrasivity of its particles with the ability to absorb various substances efficiently.

На фото показаны частицы диатомита под микроскопом.

Getting on the outer covers of the body of an insect, EkoKiller particles literally scratch the protective wax layer of the cuticle, while absorbing it. As a result, the wax layer turns into a kind of molecular sieve, practically losing its ability to perform its main function - to prevent the evaporation of liquid from the soft tissues of the insect's body.

As a result, water begins to actively evaporate through diatomite damaged cuticle, leading to dehydration of the parasite, whether it is bed bugs, fleas, cockroaches or ant. In addition, dehydration is further enhanced by the pulling of water by the diatomite itself.

Dirty in an insect, the insect quickly, usually within a few hours, dies of dehydration. Below the video shows an example of how this happens when exposure to diatomaceous powder on the cockroach:

How effective is the remedy?

Despite the fact that EkoKiller is currently used most in the fight against bugs and cockroaches (especially in neglected cases when "chemistry" does not take them), nevertheless, the remedy effectively destroys other arthropods - ants, scales, fleas, spiders , ticks, moths, etc.

Средство Экокиллер эффективно уничтожает не только клопов и тараканов, но и других членистоногих, зачастую вредящих и паразитирующих в жилье человека или на огородном участке.

It is also important that the diatomite that is part of the Ecokiller does not cause pest and parasite resistance, as is often the case with the use of chemical insecticides. The fact is that insects simply do not have mechanisms to neutralize the destructive effect of mineral particles in relation to the protective wax layer of the cuticle. As a result, no case of the emergence of insect populations has been known so far, to which the drug would not function.

Муравей, испачканный в диатомите

On a note

Especially quickly from contact with EkoKiller perish nymphs (larvae) of insects. However, it should be borne in mind that the product does not work on the eggs of bed bugs, therefore, larvae will continue to hatch from the eggs at the first time after its application - perhaps even for a few days they will bite the tenants of the room, but at least once running over the surface treated with powder , soon inevitably perish (reviews confirm this, gradually bed bugs from the apartment disappear completely).

Следует учитывать, что Экокиллер не действует на яйца клопов (из них продолжат вылупляться личинки, которые погибнут лишь после того, как пробегут по порошку).

The only way an insect survives after contact with EkoKiller is to constantly be in the room with almost 100% relative humidity, try to purify the powder and be able to consume a lot of liquid until the wax layer of the cuticle gradually regenerates. However, in practice, such opportunities for cockroaches and bedbugs in most cases there.

On the Safety of the Eco-Killer for Humans and Pets

When there are children in the house or somebody from tenants is prone to allergic reactions, bugs or cockroaches to poison with standard chemical insecticides can be very problematic. In this respect, EkoKiller has an important advantage - it is non-toxic, does not release harmful substances into the air, does not cause allergies and does not create an unpleasant smell in the room.

Важным преимуществом инсектицидного препарата Экокиллер является то, что он не токсичен и не создает в обработанном помещении неприятного запаха.

Diatomite, the basis of which is silicon dioxide, is extremely inert (neutral) substance - both for skin integuments of the human body and domestic animals, and for mucous membranes.

On a note

Pharmaceutical preparations based on diatomite sometimes even prescribed for ingestion as a sorbent (like activated charcoal) - in the stomach and intestines diatomite binds toxic substances, not allowing them to be absorbed into the blood and providing safe excretion from the body.

In addition, diatomite (diatomaceous earth) is widely used as a filler for tablets, as a food additive for supplying the body with silicon, as part of various scrubs, peelings and masks (for example, in alginate masks its share in the composition can reach up to 75%).

Nevertheless, as with any fine powder, when handling EkoKiller, standard precautions should be followed - do not inhale the powder (you can use a respirator) and avoid contact with eyes (goggles can be used).

Some shortcomings of the means, which must be taken into account in advance

Perhaps the only significant drawback of the Eco-Killer, which has to be considered when it is used in everyday life, is its ability to dust and contaminate surfaces. If, during the fight against bugs or cockroaches, the remedy falls on the carpet or clothes, they will have to be shaken out or washed.

And just imagine beige powder on the mattress of the bed, on the couch, on the floor of the apartment along the baseboards - when slamming doors or drafts, it can dust and swell over the room. And if a pet or child gets dirty in it, the white powder will be the entire floor in the apartment.

Следует учитывать, что порошок способен пылить и разноситься по помещению, например, сквозняком, детьми или домашними животными.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that diatomite destroys bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, scales and other insects not instantly - this takes time, often several days. In case of neglected cases, from the moment of processing and until the entire population is lost, it may take a week or even more.

Пример гнезда постельных клопов в деревянной мебели

On a note

When using EkoKiller in the garden or in the garden, it should be borne in mind that the preparation (as, indeed, most other insecticides) does not have a selective effect, and if misused, it will equally effectively destroy both harmful and beneficial insects.

Variants of application of the product in everyday life

Given the mechanism of action of the drug, the main task that needs to be solved when using EkoKiller is to fill it up where insects, including bugs, cockroaches, fleas or other pests and parasites, inevitably get stained. To do this, you need to well imagine the places of possible accumulation and movement.

Обрабатывать средством Экокиллер необходимо, прежде всего, места скопления и возможного перемещения насекомых.

For example:

  1. When fighting bugs, the powder can be scattered along the baseboards, around the legs of the bed, under the carpet, pollinate the back walls of the furniture, mattresses, shelves with books - that is, potential shelter places (often there are nests of bedbugs) and ways of moving parasites;
  2. When destroying cockroaches, the powder should be sprinkled, first of all, near the shells (previously dried dry), near the garbage can, kitchen stove, refrigerator, under the bedside tables and other kitchen furniture.

On a note

If bed bugs are not hiding in the couch and not in bed, it is often enough to pour Ecokiller around the legs of the bed (sofa), or put the legs themselves in plastic containers with the drug. Insects that will be out at night from their hiding places and crawl to the sleeping victim will inevitably get into the diatomite powder and get dirty in it.

Ножки кровати можно поставить в пластиковые емкости с инсектицидным порошком - тогда клопы, пытаясь добраться до жертвы, неминуемо в нем испачкаются.

The same can be done if the nest of parasites is somewhere in the bed (or sofa), but in this case you need to sleep on a cot, around the legs which also form closed paths from the drug EkoKiller. Hungry, bedbugs will begin to crawl out of the infected bed in search of a victim, fall into diatomaceous and die after some time.

When combating cockroaches, house ants or scales, it may be useful to use so-called bait stations - they allow the drug to be used, without fear that it will be stolen by children or pets. This can be both purchased boxes and cardboard boxes converted by hand: they cut openings at a small height from the bottom, Eko-killing is poured into the box, and in the center there is a bait - a piece of sausage, bread with vegetable oil or a piece of fish.

Then the box closes. To get into it after this can only insects and only through small holes. And inside, getting close to the bait, they are sure to get dirty in EkoKiller powder. It is important, however, to understand that such a trap will be useless in the fight against bedbugs - they are not attracted by food products, and therefore they will not crawl into the box.

In the country or vegetable garden Ecokiller, according to the instructions, it is necessary to apply in dry, windless weather to places of accumulation of harmful insects. However, even if it rains, then after drying, the diatomite, which is part of the Ecokiller, again works as an effective insecticide.

Препарат можно использовать для эффективного уничтожения вредителей на садовых и огородных растениях.

Where to buy Ecokiller?

The drug is sold in two flavors:

  1. In a special vial from which the powder is sprayed with a thin stream; Так выглядит флакон со средством Экокиллер
  2. In bags, from which the powder can be poured, for example, through a cut off corner. Пакет со средством Экокиллер (3 литра)

Vials are especially suitable for use in an apartment against bed bugs and cockroaches, because with their help it is possible to easily dispense a remedy even in hard-to-reach places.

If you buy EkoKiller for processing large areas (for example, to treat the basement of fleas or garden from pests of plants), it is more rational to take the tool in packages.

The price of one bottle of the drug (volume 0.5 liters) is 349 rubles, and one package (3 liters) - 749 rubles.

Analogues of the preparation on the basis of diatomaceous earth

In the Russian Federation and CIS countries, there are no analogues of EkoKiller for today. That is, any other diatomite (diatomaceous earth) insecticidal products are not produced and are not available for sale.

Meanwhile, insecticidal preparations with diatomite Alpine-D, Cimi-Shield Protect, Perma-Guard, Bed Bug Killer, Drion and Safer are known, but they are sold only in the US and are not supplied to Russia.

Инсектицидное средство Safer на основе диатомита.

Средство от постельных клопов Bed Bug Killer (тоже на базе диатомитового порошка).

On a note

Interestingly, in the preparation Alpine-D besides kieselguhr contains also neonicotinoid dinotefuran, which has a pronounced poisoning effect on insects (however, it is also toxic to humans). A Cimi-Shield Protect after a relatively short career was found to be ineffective due to the presence of soybean oil in its composition.

In conclusion, it should be noted that EkoKiller as a whole is a very interesting and promising alternative to standard poisonous insecticides - the drug combines high efficiency in controlling insects and is safe for humans and domestic animals. In cases where it is not possible to get rid of pests or parasites with the help of traditional chemical agents, the use of the drug can be especially relevant.

If you have personal experience using EcoKiller against bugs, cockroaches or other insects, be sure to share them, leaving your feedback at the bottom of this page (in the comments field).

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