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Overview of the most effective means against bedbugs

Выбираем средство от клопов

Competition in the market of domestic insecticides has led to the fact that most of the funds from bugs today have very high efficiency. Especially it is characteristic for chemical preparations. At the same time, manufacturers of such products in pursuit of the customer do everything to ensure that the product was not only effective, but also simple and safe to use.

It is not surprising that practically every effective remedy for bed bugs can be safely applied in an apartment where children, pets and plants live. With the observance of the necessary rules, of course. About such opportunities a few decades ago, residents of private and apartment buildings could not even dream of.

Rules for choosing a remedy for bedbugs

Of all the variety of drugs on the market, the most effective remedy for bed bugs should be selected according to several criteria:

  1. The presence in its composition of a well-proven insecticide. The composition of each drug can be easily found on the Internet, and the effectiveness of a key insecticide will be surely described in specialized forums.


If the composition of the facility is not disclosed in detail, and the seller leaves it from a direct answer and indicating the complex name of the chemical compound, there is a risk of buying a fake or useless mixture.

  1. Availability of reviews. In the ideal case - reviews of real, from familiar or living people. If you evaluate reviews on the Internet, you should at least explore several sites to avoid customized opinions. Otherwise, instead of the most effective and safe means from bugs, there is a risk to choose the most untwisted.
  2. Manufacturer. Not necessarily this should be a European remedy: many domestic or, for example, Korean drugs are extremely effective. However, buying a compound in a bank with inscriptions in a foreign language and without a strictly prescribed in Russian instruction on use is not worth it.
  3. Safety means. Today, the power of the means from bugs is fully combined with its complete or relative harmlessness to humans or pets, and therefore it is not necessary to use superpowers without fail. It is necessary to look for not only the most effective tool, but combining the optimal level of efficiency, security and price.

There are a few more recommendations born of their practical experience, which work in most cases:

  • To choose a professional remedy for bedbugs, you can contact the local insect control service and ask questions as a potential customer. In particular, to find out what means they use. However, professional drugs require a professional approach. Perhaps it will be harder to work with them than with simple home remedies.
  • If there is a suspicion that the bedbugs have moved to the apartment from neighbors, you can ask them what means they used. And then - buy another. An effective remedy for bugs with proper application will destroy insects for certain, and if they are left after treatment, then their drug was ineffective. In addition, even an effective remedy for bedbugs at home can cause the emergence of a stable population of parasites, and using it against insects will again be meaningless.
  • Do not use ultrasonic scarers that do not affect the activity of bedbugs at all.

To date, the Russian market of drugs to combat bugs has formed a set of tools that in varying degrees combine efficiency, ease of use and safety.

Let's try to evaluate which of them will be the most optimal choice.

Insecticide means the Executioner - the German leader in the fight against bugs

The executioner is today produced by Russian enterprises under a German license. The active substance of the drug is a solution of fenthion - a substance that exerts a neuro-paralytic effect on bedbugs.

Флаконы со средством от клопов Палач

In the body of warm-blooded animals and humans, fenthion is rapidly neutralized by special enzymes, and therefore the danger can only be present in the body in very large quantities.

The executioner is a very effective remedy for bedbugs. With proper use, the flat of any infection gets rid of bedbugs with its help in a few hours. The hangman is sold in household and Internet shops in small bottles.

The contents of one bottle must be dissolved in 0.5 liters of water and sprayed on a maximum number of surfaces using any spray (usually using household chemicals - Mr. Muscle, Sanklin and others).

Response: "Three times called in the hostel SES. It did not help, a week after the treatment bugs did not disturb, and then it all started again. This is despite the fact that all the rooms in the hostel were being processed. In the end, they folded themselves, bought several boxes of these bottles (it turned out for 55 rubles a bottle for wholesale), each processed his room himself. And what do you think? More bugs in the hostel was not! "

Dima Kokanyuk, Kiev

One bottle is enough to handle the sofa or part of the skirtings in the room. One-room apartment usually takes 20-25 bottles.

On average, the price of one bottle of the Executioner today is 70-100 rubles.

Klopomor is a powerful Russian development

Of all the drugs offered on sale, Klopomor is among the means of high efficiency. It consists of cypermethrin, permethrin and piperonyl butoxide, thanks to which a 300 ml Klopomor vial will be sufficient for processing a two-room apartment.

Клопомор от клопов

However, the effectiveness of Klopomor was increased due to a slight decrease in its safety. The drug is quite toxic, and should be used only in an empty apartment. After processing the room in it, you need to thoroughly clean and air.

Feedback on the drug Klopomor: "Oh and powerful this Klopomor. Already during the treatment room bugs began to crawl out from under the pictures and die. You could not even wait a couple of hours after the persecution, they all died in the process. True, my hands were scratching after him, but the instructions strictly stated that I should work with gloves, but I ignored it. But in general I advise, the result will be. "

Andrey, Tomsk

Combat against bedbugs

Combat battalion is also quite an effective remedy for bed bugs, developed and produced in Korea.

Средство от насекомых Комбат

Effective in much the same way as the Executioner, but more expensive. Its important advantages are:

  • ease of use - it is available in air freshener type cylinders with additional nozzles that allow the processing of narrow slits and holes
  • Invisibility of application - the flavoring agents of mint or lemon are added to the product, and therefore, when used, the Combat gives the impression of an air freshener

The disadvantage of the Combat is its relatively high cost: to handle the most carefully two-room apartment with furniture, you will have to spend about 2000 rubles for cans. Approximately the same number of services are services of pest control.

Feedback on Combat: "I do not know where, but the apartment has bugs. We were immediately told that the usual means against them do not work. We bought three Kombat balloons, popshikali on the plinth, a mattress on the bed, a baby crib was processed. On the day we went to the parents, then we went into the apartment. Bugs after that were not there. But the lemon smelled for a long time))) ".

Anna, Kiev

Traditional Carbophos

Used even then, when the Executioner and Klopomora did not exist even in theory, Carbophos has not lost its relevance today. Despite the fact that, in terms of its efficiency, it is inferior to many novelties, the availability and ease of use (especially the ready-made solution in cans) makes it possible to use it in rural areas or for processing auxiliary premises.

Кабофос в виде концентрата эмульсии

Карбофос в виде порошка

Carbofos is quite simple to use: it is enough to spray a solution of its desired concentration with a spray or brush, apply to the maximum number of surfaces, allow to stand for several hours (optimally - a day) and then rinse with a damp cloth.

The response: "I'll tell you so - forget about all these newfangled tricks and poison Carbophos. A universal thing. Fast, efficient, reliable. We once etched the dacha, and for four years, like no bugs have been seen. Probably, our whole street after this, Carbophos bought. "

Anton, Lighthouses

Of all the effective remedies against bedbugs, Carbophos is one of the most accessible. To process a one-room apartment you will need to spend a powder or a liquid solution in a canister for the amount of about 400-500 rubles. At the same time, Carbophos is really a true remedy for bedbugs, and so far there are no known cases of the appearance of insects resistant to it.

Pencil Mashenka from bedbugs

Choosing what an effective remedy for bugs to buy, you can remember about the usual since the post-perestroika times insecticide crayons. Today, they changed their composition a little, becoming even more dangerous for bedbugs and less harmful to humans.

Of these, specifically against bedbugs, Melo Mashenka is the best person, since it includes cypermethrin and deltamethrin - the substances most effective against bugs.

Мелок Машенька

"And I got rid of bedbugs from ordinary chalk. Masha is called. Feet at the bed smeared, the mattress from the inside, skirting. Already in the first days of biting stopped, and then regularly began to find dead bugs in the apartment. Now they do not bother me at all. From that chalk, even a piece remained, I sometimes smear a box of the front door, so that from neighbors, if something does not come running. "

Alena Igorevna, Dnepropetrovsk

Advantage of Mashenka is the ability to combat bugs without temporary evacuation of residents from the apartment.

Pencil should be smeared skirting, the place of departure of wall-paper from walls, legs and skeletons of beds. A strip of chalk in 3-4 centimeters is an insurmountable obstacle for bedbugs, and therefore at least with the help of a pencil it is possible to deprive insects of access to food. And if you treat them places of congestion of bugs, most of the insects will die from poisoning.

Masha Mashenka is quite accessible: one pencil costs about 10 rubles and allows you to process most of the surfaces in the apartment.

Remedy for bedbugs Fufanon

Fufanon is an effective Dutch remedy designed to combat all insects in the apartment. It is produced in the form of a 57% emulsion concentrate in the form of ampoules, as well as in cans.

Фуфанон в виде концентрата эмульсии

Фуфанон в ампулах по 5 мл

Specifically against bedbugs, it is necessary to dissolve the concentrate of Fufanone in water in the ratio of 5 ml of the emulsion concentrate to 2 liters of water. 50 ml of this solution is sufficient for processing one square meter of the room.

The room is treated by Fufanon in the same way as the Executioner. When working with the drug, it is advisable to use gloves and glasses, it is necessary to apply the drug on the surface in the absence of animals and people in the room. A few hours after the treatment, a wet cleaning should be done.

On a note

Fufanon is widely used in the work of disinfestation services due to its effectiveness and accessibility.

Feedback on Fufanon: "We called SES. Indeed, the guys are specialists. For two hours the apartment was processed so that no bugs, no cockroaches left at all. We asked them what means they use. They said that Fufanon. "

Yaroslav Arenin

Medilis Zieper

Medilis Ziper is a preparation developed to combat insects in agriculture. Has a very wide range of effects, including the destruction of bed bugs.

Эффективное средство от насекомых Медилис Ципер

However, its disadvantage is the focus primarily on working in conditions of open street spaces, and therefore using it in an apartment requires intensive ventilation and cleaning after use.

Feedback on the use of Medilis Zieper means: "We took a long time to choose a remedy for bedbugs, tried Reid and Tetrix, but the bugs came back. Then my mother-in-law advised the remedy she uses for tomatoes in the garden. Medilis Ziper is called. We carried out a full treatment of the apartment and only after that the bedbugs ceased to appear. True, I had to combine the treatment with the trip for a week to the seas. Six days the apartment was sour at this facility with closed windows ... "

Anna, Gorky

Effective remedy for bedbugs without smell - Get

Many drugs from bedbugs have an unpleasant smell, which persists in the room sometimes for months. However, a number of modern high-tech insecticides are not deprived of this defect, and an example is the preparation from the bedbugs Get.

Микрокапсулированное средство от клопов Get

The basis of this agent is insecticide chlorpyrifos, dispersed in the aquatic environment to the state of microcapsules (that's why the drug is called microencapsulated). This form of insecticide, together with a virtually complete absence of odor, allows long-term preservation of high efficiency on the treated surfaces.


The sooner I did not bug the bedbugs , it's all to no avail. Not only did all the bitten food go around, so it was still barely digging itself from these stifling smells. When she bought, she thought that I would run into another pacifier. Then for a long time I could not believe that bedbugs really die. Bundles! Wonderful action and without any smells.

Dinara, Yekaterinburg

It is important to remember that even the most effective remedy for bedbugs will only have a temporary effect if you treat it to an apartment in a completely contaminated apartment building. Already a couple of weeks after the destruction of bedbugs, parasites from neighboring apartments will move into the room, and the operation will have to be repeated again and again.

That is why in multi-apartment buildings treatment should be carried out jointly by all residents of apartments infected with bedbugs. Only in this case it is possible to achieve the destruction of parasites once and for all.

To the record "Review of the most effective means from bugs" 54 comments are left.
  1. Irina :

    I'm looking at the photo of the executioner. I bought one, but in a transparent bubble. Could this be a fake? And for 300 rubles.

  2. Irina :

    My room is just spilled with dichlorvos, carbophos, chalked, the couch splashed with the executioner. And one fig, they are!

    • Olga :

      We have the same story! Five bottles of "Raptor", as many "Clean House", three calls to the service of pest control, they in turn each time processed differently by different means. And these crap all do! Live and reproduce. Apartment in a new building.

    • Elena :

      They are, because they have neighbors.

  3. Natasha :

    We must first discard their "shelter" (sofa, for example), it will be a big plus in the fight against bedbugs ... We caused disinfestation 2 times, and before that we ourselves were poisoned with dichlorvos, we did not have much, we lived in the couch, but we left the sofa, and in the end nothing helped.

  4. Natalia :

    I brought all the bedbugs with boiling water. She broke through the sofas and jambs. Free, effective, no toxicity. No fakes.

    • Anonymous :

      And did not they show up?

    • Anonymous :

      And helps the boiling water?

    • Anonymous :

      You can pass a steam cleaner (or, at worst, a steamer) instead of boiling water - even more effectively, but then it's better to call chemists - for long-term effect, because neighbors will come stopudovo!

  5. Karina :

    They bought Get. Processed every two weeks. They drew Mashenka. It's useless, these reptiles are immortal.

    • Gennady :

      Most likely, forgery was slipped, I also came across. And then I compared the packaging and saw the differences. And it was etched with tangible differences.

      • Consultant GET :

        Good afternoon. And tell me, where did you buy the fake GET? We can send you a bottle of the drug for free.

        • Julia :

          I, for example, bought Get in a store in St. Petersburg, poured everything, as written in the attached instructions. Well, the bedbugs did not go away.

    • Nina :

      Tetrix will help you.

  6. Anastasia :

    We bought Carbophos, we divorced the whole package for 2 liters, everything was sprinkled and left for 10 days. They came back before they cleaned it, they all looked through - and still the living creeps :(

  7. Victor Andreevich :

    I also stoned them with various means. Nothing helped. But one day I managed to destroy them, like, Raptor. That day I was very angry with them. And whether from anger, or from indignation, I began to spray Raptor in general everywhere, and not only where advised. I sprayed all the walls, the floor, the TV, the computer, the books, into the drawers of the table - almost everywhere and a lot, so much so that even the wallpaper flowed! And in principle, it helped! Bugs were not nearly three years old! But a couple of days ago I woke up at night and saw familiar bites in my stomach. I could not believe my eyes! He dumped on mosquitoes, then on urticaria. But tonight I turned on the light and found one big bug on the wall. He killed and sniffed to see whether he was. Unfortunately - he. What do I do now, I do not know ... Is it possible to start everything in a new way ?! And how, curious to know, after so much time, they were able to return? Horror just some.

    • Anonymous :

      I poured all the walls, the floors with foresight. However, after that did cosmetic repair. The thing is that if there are at least somewhere their shit (black dots), then they will definitely come again. And even now in new wallpaper glues there is a remedy that scares off insects.

  8. Elena :

    I do not know ... Many people write that they process the surface and leave. To us the expert from SES has told, that necessarily in the night after processing it is necessary to remain at home. Man serves as a bait to them. They'll go to dinner and get into the poison and die. And so they sit in a secluded place, where the remedy is not got, and wait. You left, it makes no sense to climb out. It took 2 weeks, the remedy had already lost its basic strength, and they climbed ... Yes, and developed immunity to this remedy, because it is not so destructive, but still present.

  9. Alexander :

    Ordered the executioner, he scraped the whole apartment. A month was empty, however, and dead too, just two pieces found. Then they appeared again, and it seems that the Executioner likes them - it does not work.

    • Irina :

      I do not know about you, but the Executioner saved me from bedbugs. For a very long time I could not get them out, it was some sort of nightmare ... I exterminated the executioner with two treatments. At first everything worked out, including things, and a week later did the processing again, but only the cracks and the sofa with the bed. After the first treatment, I found 10 big bedbugs under the couch, did not even think there were so many of them, I think they were hiding somewhere inside the sofa. Within a week two more saw the dead. A week later, noticed a trifle, in all likelihood, it was the bug, which hatched from the clutches. Immediately I made one more treatment. Means did not regret, on a liter of water has dissolved 3 bottles instead of two. The smell was not strong, the furniture did not spoil ... It's already two months I sleep without bites and not a single bug I do not observe.

  10. Andrew :

    The same story as everyone else :) Do not get rid of reptiles. I run after them with a vacuum cleaner, as long as the means are more effective than he did not meet.

  11. Larissa :

    Everything is useless, as long as they live with your neighbors ... We call SES every year, and in a year everything is new. Living bastards. Although SES promise that through their means from neighbors will not come. They're coming. We bought an apartment 8 years ago, and everything is just a fight against parasites. Horror! I've never seen them before ...

  12. Ilyas :

    Called a specialist twice, bedbugs became more. He began his method: hot water poured into all the crevices of skirting boards, sockets, wallpaper. Turn off the light and water with boiling water - it helps, larvae and eggs die just like adults. Take shpaklevku and close all the cracks in the room, and paint from above with paint. Not a single bug will be seen again.

    • Anonymous :

      How did you pour water in the socket, did not hit you with an electric shock?

  13. Elbek :

    It seems that the tool will not help us, but what should we do? .. Burn the house and leave somewhere?

  14. Gennady :

    Too sick to fight these creatures, tenacious. Long with them fought with varying success, will be lost for a couple of weeks, again appear. Once already thought that, all - won, half a year was not. How, from them you can not hide. Then several times he treated with two different poisonings at once. Disappeared, the whole year was gone. And before NG for one and a half weeks the wife has caught on a sweater one, then still pair on plinths. The end of a quiet life, all over again. Rosettes from neighbors have filled with foam for a long time. These creatures without food can live more than a year. I guess in the couch sleeping creatures, I changed the spring mattress (it was tight there), under the upholstery, probably, were. By the way, Get not bad at poisoning them, but I'm still something more than a grass. One means expels them, and the other kills, the second is treated in 10 minutes. And repeat the weeks after one and a half.

  15. Sabina :

    SES nifiga does not help! Clean house and dichlorvos - all garbage. Seicha tore off the wallpaper, so they live in the junctions, I'll re-glue everything, in the glue of carbophos I'll pack a pack and a sofa in the trash.

  16. Inessa :

    Thankful to the insect fighting service, for helping us get rid of bed bugs. We suffered with these reptiles for six months, used various folk remedies, dust, vinegar, boiling water and so on, helped for a short time, and it's hard to constantly raise everything, push it away, since we are already retired. The disinfector processed everything qualitatively and left recommendations. After leaving the specialist, the smell was terrible, disappeared overnight. The next day we noticed a small number of bedbugs, but after a week all disappeared! Now we sleep peacefully. Recommended!

  17. Alice :

    Also tried a bunch of poisoned, but unsuccessfully ((Who advised a quartz lamp, bought, all nonsense, hurt, I roar ((

  18. Anonymous :

    The most effective remedy is phenaxine, and safe, but in large quantities and with the correct application. It is necessary under a heater at stacking a laminate, not greedy, to pour in a phenaxine. When laying the panels on the ceiling, do not be greedy, pour the phenaxine, on each panel by a teaspoon or coffee. When gluing wallpaper, do not be greedy, pour fenaxin into the glue. Or, when painting the walls, stick phenaxine into the paint. Do not be greedy, pour phenaxin into all the chimneys and ventilation, add phenaxine to the paint for the windows from the inside and outside. Do all the procedures in the shortest time. After the completion of all the works, do not be greedy, pour phenaxin under the mattress and turn it over from time to time. Pillows are better to change. In the lockers pour phenaxine on all the shelves and on top of the powder cover with clean paper, on which you can stack things. In the washing machine, when washing, add a tablespoon phenaxine. About a month later you will forget about bedbugs, like a terrible dream. In a month - because by that time you are overdoing all things. Do not forget every spring to paint the windows from the outside, adding, without greed, to the paint phenaxin. That from neighbors to you did not crawl through the grid open in the summer window. Good luck. I'll have to get on. But the effect is stunning.

  19. Maria :

    It's horrible, it does not help ((I sometimes think that even in the daytime they crawl for me, they got it.) SES came, but to the point! I'll burn everything.

  20. Nikolay :

    This is a complete "ALES". We live with bugs for six months. They moved from them to the balcony. One fig, they got there ... Today they called a company that deals with pest control. I gave it to 2800. Now I'm sitting and crying. They were as they were, they are. But with all this the smell is unbearable ((When I went into the apartment, I saw puddles from the means.) What's more, I thought, 2 ambals will come to open the skirting boards (as it is written in the advertisement) , and 2 grandmothers came in. Tomorrow I will call and swear ...

  21. Sergey :

    We also had bedbugs, but we noticed them in time. The daughter said that someone bitten her, we found a nest. Found a drug on the Internet, read reviews, bought "Tsifoks." Processed and the result is obvious.

  22. Hikmat :

    2 times called the service of pest control, yet it did not help. And then in the online store bought Dobrokhim micro, this afternoon I independently disinfected myself. There are no results yet. Another 3 days waiting, but if they do not disappear, then I myself will leave home, instead of bedbugs.

  23. Natalia :

    And did somebody try insect repellent, helps or not?

  24. Tatiana :

    Three times the workers called Clean House to process the room, they spent more than 10,000 rubles. Etched and fufanonom, and lambda cyhalothrin - nothing helped. The sofa and pillows were thrown out, they still creep and bite. And the pumping out of money from the employees of the "Clean House" at a high level! Every time they promise that we'll sleep peacefully, and if we throw another 3-5 thousand, we will forever forget about the bugs, the super barrier will save us. Alas…

  25. Quan :

    Not knowing, I treated bed linen with cypermethrin. What to do now? Nothing will happen?

  26. Eugene :

    I lived alone in my house, and then in the fall, as a preventive measure, I decided to pickle the home cellar with sulfur balls. All living things died down, even in the attic of a two-story house. But 2 days later, fleas appeared on the ground floor! A bunch of brown fleas leaped on the floor of the first floor and happily rolled on my feet through the rooms. Clearly, rushed to the market for salvation, where foolishly and bought sulfur balls "Fas", 10 pieces of 25 rubles - does not work, the fleas only deepened, and asked for more. "Varan" - four 500-gram cans of 400 rubles - does not work. Dichlorvos and the like - it works only if you drown every flea in it personally. Then there was "Phenaxin" - dissolved in water and sprayed with an air compressor and a paint spray gun. I thought it did not work, but the main part still died on the second day. I called the disinfestation service and, under the guise of a meticulous grandmother, found out that all such organizations in our city were working with a solution of "Tsipermetrin". Take for departure 2-5 thousand rubles and professionally treat me everything with a pshikalkoy from "Mr. Muscle". Decided not to give the enemy a breather, and today, with a wink at the seller with his left eye, bought from under the counter for a lot of money (250 rubles) Tsipermetrin. A bottle (50 ml, 25%) is sufficient to treat fleas with 500 square meters of surfaces. This is a professional drug, so if you do not sell it, wink :)

    So diluted according to the instructions 1 ml per 1 liter of warm water, and turned out 1.001 liters of milky matter. Fleas are dead with pleasure right in the process of processing. Do not spend money on expensive drugs, at best containing few active substances. Acquire only professional active substances of high concentration! "A ton of fluff is not lighter than a ton of iron." I spent on 2 treatments of 80 squares of 25 ml of Cypermethrin, and Phenaxin would have gone a couple of kilos ... Good luck to everyone, and remember - they just want a little of your blood!

  27. Albina :

    She moved to the hostel and first met with the bugs. A nightmare. They have been harassed for 3 months already. NEO Dichlorvos, Raptor, Carbophos, Mashenka do not help. After dichlorvos, they on the contrary become more active. Forces are no longer there. They bite and sleep at night. Their nest was not found, everything looked through: sofa, wallpaper, plinth, mattress. I do not know what to do.

  28. Rustavali :

    They say that the "Silent Evening" is a good remedy, a smoke bomb. The truth is worth more than 400 rubles. I potravil, again in two weeks and everything, there will be no more of them. True, there is a caveat - neighbors should also drain (both above and below), and if the 1st floor, then in the basement you also need to poison.

  29. Elena :

    Professional. Another free way to deal with bedbugs: in winter, in a severe frost, take out mattresses, pillows and blankets on the balcony ... Bedbugs will die of frost. In general, it is very difficult to fight them, for 25 years of work they have never died of one of my treatments. Immediately I tell the customers why they do not like me.

  30. Anonymous :

    I also spent money to the fig, all the means that I have, I tried everything, all exactly after some time they crawled out. Finally, I conducted an experiment: I started cockroaches. After them, a month later, not a single bug saw, cockroaches - their main enemies, and a year later bought traps for cockroaches, they all destroyed. Cockroaches can be brought out much easier than bugs. Now buzzing with happiness!

  31. Botan :

    True, cockroaches eat everything, and eggs of bedbugs too. But only the eggs. So you need 2 means: cockroaches and time.

  32. Vasya :

    I tried a lot of things, every tool helps a bit, but the most effective tool that will completely destroy bugs is a steam generator. Just bring a jet of hot steam to the habitat of bedbugs and they are immediately welded (like eggs, hard-boiled).

  33. Anna :

    I generally panic, and my husband is furious. Bedbugs in the new couch. The sofa was bought in the middle of October - to order, waited for the manufacture of the month, the amount was given for it about 40 thousand. After a while, I began to notice at first one bite, then again, and finally, it came down to allergies. About bites her husband said not immediately, but only when it became unbearably itch. It somehow does not bite. On the throwing out of the couch and speech can not be. I already have such a condition that I'm ready not just to throw it out, but to burn it, but my husband is against it. I read reviews, and they do not console. Previously, with bedbugs never encountered. Call the service? Where in this case to put pets?

  34. Marina :

    Yesterday I tortured him with the Executioner, the result is! I found 10 dead bugs. But I'm going to poison a few more times, to be sure!

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