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The use of insecticide smoke bombs to kill bugs in the room

Выясняем, помогают ли дымовые шашки избавиться от клопов...

Further you will learn:

  • Are insecticide smoke bombs effective against bedbugs?
  • How to choose the smoke checker for self-control against bedbugs (given that some products may be absolutely useless in the fight against these parasites);
  • What is the mechanism of the action of smoke bombs on bedbugs, and what are the important rules for processing to be observed;
  • And also how much insecticide smoke bombs cost and where they can be bought without the risk of running into a fake.

Insecticide smoke bombs against bedbugs are used quite rarely, as few people know that their effectiveness is not only not inferior to traditional sprays and aerosols, but also significantly exceed them. At the best, someone knows that special smoke bombs can be used against mosquitoes and flies in the country, but they do not suspect that bugs can be taken out of the apartment literally 24 hours a day.

Многие люди даже и не подозревают, что клопов в квартире (как, впрочем, и других насекомых) можно эффективно уничтожить с помощью дымовых шашек.

Due to what the smoke bomb is so effective and at the same time easy to use:

  1. Smoke from a draft is distributed indoors on its own. Here, a fighter with bugs does not need to spray an insecticide spray or an aerosol into every slot - the smoke with air penetrates even to such hard-to-reach places that a person can not physically reach. Remember how quickly and everywhere smoke is spread, for example, from a cigarette, soaking everything in the room, from furniture and walls to clothes. Similarly, insecticide smoke from a special checker will fill all the rooms of the apartment, penetrate under the baseboards, in the parquet floor, under the linoleum, into the outlets, into the furniture, including through its soft upholstery ; На фотографии показано гнездо клопов под обивкой мебели.
  2. Smoke gum generates, in fact, the thinnest insecticidal aerosol, which has a high penetrating power, even through tissues. And consequently, the insecticide in the form of smoke will get bedbugs almost everywhere, wherever they hid inside the sofa or bed, and the rate of parasite damage can be further increased by removing mattresses from the beds.

It is also important that for the use of a smoke bomb from bedbugs, there is no need for preliminary search for places of their shelter. Smoke in any case will penetrate into the nests of parasites, even those that it would be very difficult to detect when visually inspecting the apartment.

Инсектицидный дым проникнет в мельчайшие щели и отверстия, где также могут прятаться клопы.

However, if you have already decided to buy a smoke bomb from insects , you should keep in mind that not all of them will be equally effective against bedbugs. To conduct reliable disinsection, it is important to consider the type of active substance in the sword and to buy exactly the variant whose effect on bugs will be maximum.

About what smoke bombs from bugs will be effective, and which are useless, let's talk more ...


"I've never heard of smoke bombs from bedbugs. In the mother-in-law, the cockroach devoured the battalion commander, he used dichlorvos for himself. And then there were bugs, and no aerosols from them do not help. Stood, to be honest, seven (!) Once he had been poisoned for two months, and at least that. I even bought a special poison in a bottle, took a garden sprayer from my mother-in-law and treated the whole bed, but helped for a couple of days. Then, just for the sake of interest, I bought a smoke bomb from mosquitoes "Quiet Evening". Everything according to the instructions was made and still doubted that everything was so simple, set it on fire, closed it in the apartment, came, ventilated, the wife cleaned up. And that's all, there are no bugs! A couple of handfuls of them were collected dead and have not had a single bite for a month, not a single parasite anywhere. This, of course, was a surprise. Moreover, given the price, something about 500 rubles, it is cheaper than a bubble of that odorous poison ... "

Pavel, Moscow

Which smoke bombs effectively destroy bedbugs

Smoke grenades for insect control, available today for sale, may contain the following active components:

  1. Pyrethroids are modern high-performance insecticides, also used in some aerosols for domestic use;
  2. Hexachlorane is a rather powerful, but obsolete insecticide, used mainly in agriculture;
  3. As well as sulfur, which forms a sulfur dioxide (sulfur dioxide) when burning smoke, such drafts are more often used for processing cellars, greenhouses and cellars from mold.

Of these funds in the event of the destruction of bedbugs in a residential building, only the pyrethroid-based pieces are suitable.

Структурная формула перметрина (эффективный инсектицид, действующее вещество дымовых шашек Тихий Вечер).

Means with hexachlorane are very toxic and have long been banned for use in civilized countries (hexachlorane has a cumulative property and is capable of causing embryo deformities).

Sulfur checkers against insects are not recommended, as sulfur dioxide is significantly inferior to pyrethroids for insecticidal activity. But as a fungicide, sulfur dioxide works well - therefore sulfuric beads are worth using when it is necessary to suppress the growth of mold in a humid room.

Использование против клопов серных шашек в большинстве случаев нецелесообразно по причине их пониженной инсектицидной активности.

Based on pyrethroids in Russia, the most common are two checkers - City (Permethrin concentration 13%) and Quiet Evening (10% Permethrin concentration). Checkers Quiet Evening to buy is easier due to the fact that it is widely popular with summer residents and fishermen who use it to scare away and destroy mosquitoes. Therefore, we will continue to talk about the saber of insects Quiet Evening, implying that the other checkers with pyrethroids are quite similar to it.

Дымовая шашка от насекомых Тихий Вечер

It is interesting

Pyrethroids, which include and insecticide permethrin, received their name due to similarities in chemical structure and action with natural pyrethrin. In turn, pyrethrins (that is, natural pyrethroids) are found in the flowers of some species of chamomile, called lat. Pyrethrum.

Therefore , Piretrum powder , made from dried chamomile flowers, is effective from a wide variety of insects, including bedbugs.

A good alternative to permethrin smoke bombs is the Raptor aquafumigator, which operates on the basis of digitenotrin. However, in the case of using such an aquafumigator, the active substance spreads with water vapor, and the penetrating power of the resulting aerosol will be somewhat lower than that of smoke. Therefore, keep in mind that the Raptor is not a smoke bomb, and from bedbugs it is not as effective as the same Quiet Evening.

Чем выше проникающая способность инсектицидного аэрозоля (например, дыма), тем эффективнее такая обработка будет уничтожать клопов в их укрытиях.

Judging by the reviews, popular Japanese and Chinese checkers from cockroaches do not always justify expectations. In addition, since they are purchased and imported into our country uncontrollably, one can never guess which active substance will be contained in a particular purchased piece. It is possible that some of them contain substances dangerous to humans. In addition, Japanese smoke bombs from insects can be difficult to buy even in Moscow.

Mechanism of action of an insecticide smoke bomb on bedbugs

A smoke bomb against bugs operates according to a principle similar to that of aerosols and sprays:

  1. Insecticide with smoke penetrates to the places of shelter of parasites, settles on chitinous coverings of their bodies and penetrates into spiracles;
  2. When it hits the integument of the body, the substance penetrates through the cuticle into soft tissues (pyrethroids in general and permethrin in particular have contact action), absorbed into the hemolymph and reaches the nerve ganglia. In addition, when penetrated with smoke through the spiracles, the insecticide penetrates the hemolymph immediately through the system of the respiratory tubules;
  3. Once in the nervous system, permethrin causes a continuous excitation of nerve cells, which manifests itself in paralysis of the insect and its rather rapid death.

Перметрин действует, прежде всего, на нервную систему клопов, вызывая паралич и последующую гибель насекомого.

When settling the smallest particles of permethrin from the smoke on various interior surfaces, the insecticide remains there for some time. In the future, if the bedbugs run through such a surface, then inevitably they cling to the legs and abdomen particles of the substance, which then penetrates into their bodies, just as it does with simple settling on the covers. This provides a prolonged effect after a single treatment - the product is retained for a long time in small crevices (for example, behind skirting boards), where the hand of the hostess does not reach with the rag, and continues to protect the premises from individual surviving individuals of bedbugs, as well as from young larvae emerging from eggs.

On a note

Permethrin also has a well-defined repellent effect on insects. For example, smoke bombs used in open spaces destroy only a small part of mosquitoes (which stay in the zone of high smoke concentration for a long time), but they can scare off literally whole hordes of these insects - flying bloodsuckers quickly retreat from places of insecticide smoke.

So keep in mind that during the processing of an apartment by a permethin smoke bomb, a partial migration of bedbugs from your apartment to neighbors is possible, if you do not create obstacles to it beforehand, blocking such ways of possible "retreat".

Избавляясь от клопов в квартире с помощью дымовой шашки, следует учитывать, что паразиты могут перебежать к соседям.

The penetrating ability of insecticidal smoke from a draft is generally comparable to that of a fine aerosol produced by a cold mist generator - similar facilities are used by professional disinfestation services. The particle size in the aerosol cloud is only a few tens of microns (in the case of using the Raptor aquafumer, as noted above, the penetrating ability of the aerosol is somewhat lower).

При использовании инсектицидной дымовой шашки дым рассеивается по всему помещению и проникает практически во все щели и отверстия.

It is also worth noting that the price for processing a one-room apartment with a cold fog from bugs is now 3000-4000 rubles. The same independent of the processing of an apartment using a smoke bomb will cost about 10 times cheaper.

Important rules for the use of checkers

Before using the smoke bomb from the room, you must remove all people and pets, if there is an aquarium, cover it with a cover glass and turn off the compressor.

Bedding from beds and sofas is recommended to be removed and hung in the room or on the balcony (if it is glazed), leaving free access to it for smoke. The idea here is to insecticide smoke was processed and the furniture itself, and bed linens.

Mattresses are removed from the bed - they should be placed vertically, slightly tilted and leaning against the wall. In this case, they will be processed from all sides by smoke.

Скопление клопов на нижней стороне матраса.

Важно перед обработкой снять матрас с кровати, чтобы обеспечить хороший доступ дыма ко всем его поверхностям.

Зараженный клопами матрас можно установить, например, вертикально, или слегка наклонить к стене.

Food, dishes, electronics, clothes, shoes and toys should be packed in plastic bags. Such hermetically sealed bags can be left in the room itself.

Furniture moves away from the walls to facilitate smoke access to its rear surfaces. The windows are closed tightly so that the smoke does not stretch out into the street. If there are fire sensors in the room, they must be turned off or covered with scotch tape. Ventilation grilles are also sealed with adhesive tape.

A smoke bomb from bedbugs is placed in the middle of the bedroom in a metal basin or a pan on the floor. This will help to avoid the spillage of products of smoldering and accidental ignition. Then the wick lights up, and as soon as thick smoke emits, the handler leaves the room, closing the door.

Checker smears for about 5-10 minutes. For another two hours the smoke evenly spreads throughout the room and settles on the surfaces. For example, one smoke bomb Quiet Evening is effective for breeding bedbugs in rooms with a total area of ​​up to 300 square meters. m. (If the apartment has a much smaller area - nothing terrible, the more efficient the treatment, and without any harm to the walls and furniture).

Одной дымовой шашки Тихий Вечер достаточно для уничтожения клопов в помещении площадью до 300 кв. м.

Two hours after lighting up the checkers, you can return to the apartment, open the windows wide and carefully ventilate the room for at least an hour. Then, all surfaces that people and pets can contact with must be wiped with a damp cloth (a mild soap or detergent solution is used).

Furniture is arranged in places, and the laundry of smoke-treated bedding is carried out.

It should be borne in mind that even after the application of the smoke bomb in the shelters, the eggs laid by the female bugs are retained. The vast majority of insecticides generally have minimal effect on bug eggs or do not act on them at all (no matter how the disinsection services managers tried to convince you otherwise).

Thus, after about 1-2 weeks, young larvae of bedbugs will start to hatch from the eggs. Therefore, do not panic if after a couple of weeks (or even a few days) again found bites on the body - this situation is typical for professional disinsection. The main thing here is to carry out the re-treatment in time, not allowing the larvae to grow and lay new eggs.

Очень важно вовремя провести повторную обработку квартиры (или дома), чтобы не дать вылупившимся из яиц личинкам подрасти.

На фото показано скопление личинок постельных клопов, которые только что вылупились из яиц.

In advance, you need to buy one additional checker, and not later than three weeks after the first disinfestation (but not earlier than 2 weeks) to perform another treatment. It will finally finish off the young growth of parasites.


"I've been living for so long, but I've never met bugs for the first time. We ran to our apartment from neighbors, they moved out and now hand over to guest workers somehow. It's just real horror, we've been walking around the whole family for three months! And SES called, and a private firm, they themselves were poisoned three times. And all to no avail, bedbugs crawled over us. I read a lot on the Internet, and about smoke chips too. I confess I did not believe that I would help. Well, nothing, bought, used. Here is the treatment so processing, this is not dichlorvos for you! Smoke was a yoke in the apartment. But by the evening, what happiness it was to see the corpses of bedbugs, who were still writhing on the floor. They shoveled them with a shovel from under the couch ... "

Olga, St. Petersburg

Safety when working with insecticide smoke bombs

Permethrin, as the active substance of smoke bombs, is very toxic to insects and is relatively safe for humans and domestic animals. However, when insecticidal smoke enters the respiratory tract, especially in large quantities, it can cause intoxication accompanied by dizziness, nausea and coughing. With prolonged contact with skin in people prone to allergies, the substance can cause allergic reactions.

A significant drawback of the use of insecticide smoke bombs in an apartment is the long-term preservation of a specific odor in the room: furniture, clothing and carpets can keep the odor for more than a week. This should be taken into account in advance if you decide to do so.

Как и при работе с любыми инсектицидными средствами, применение дымовых шашек от насекомых требует соблюдения определенных правил безопасности.

On a note

Particularly sensitive to cat permetrin. For this reason, if such a pet lives in the treated area, then before processing and 3-4 days after it is desirable to send the animal to relatives or friends.

For maximum safety, a smoke bomb when destroying bedbugs in an apartment should be applied with the following measures:

  • The handler must, after lighting the gun, quickly leave the room without inhaling the smoke;
  • Enter the room after treatment for ventilation should be in clothing with long sleeves and a respirator. If possible, the window should be opened without inhaling air at all, and after opening them, re-enter for 5-10 minutes from the apartment;
  • After the treatment, the apartment must be wet-cleaned.

Where can I buy a smoke bomb to kill bugs and how much does it cost?

Buy a smoke bomb from bugs in St. Petersburg and Moscow can be in some specialized shops for fishermen and hunters (most likely, you will be offered a checker Silent Evening). However, it is much easier and with less risk to run into a fake to buy an insecticide smoke bomb can large online stores that deal with the sale of insect repellent. Moreover, the main warehouses of most of these stores are in Moscow, and after the purchase the checker will be delivered to the customer quickly enough.

Целесообразно купить сразу несколько шашек, чтобы хватило на повторную обработку помещения.

Price checkers Quiet Evening in online stores is currently about 500 rubles (and even less than 400 rubles, if you take a lot). For comparison: the treatment of a one-room apartment from bugs with the help of a cold fog generator with about the same efficiency costs about 3000-4000 rubles.

Some online stores send mail to any city in Russia (the price of a smoke bomb increases with the price of delivery by mail). Remember also that buying smoke bombs in bulk can be more profitable than one piece, and so if bedbugs are a problem not only for you, but for all your neighbors on the floor, then it may be worthwhile to conduct the treatment in an organized manner, saving a decent amount .

If you have your experience using smoke bombs against bedbugs, then do not forget to leave your feedback in the comments box at the bottom of this page.

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  1. Vyacheslav :

    Tried aerosols from mosquitoes - does not help. The day before yesterday I lit this such a sword. The whole apartment stank of this burning, on all surfaces a layer of this dust in a millimeter thick. Tonight three bites on my elbow again. I do not know anymore ...

    • Igor :

      You also wrote that the bites will continue, you need to re-etch after 3 weeks!

  2. Anonymous :

    So, you do not recommend. What is there to do? The trouble.

  3. Askar :

    I'm tired, I can not get rid of it. I tried everything, I just had to make repairs and throw out all the furniture.

  4. Tamara :

    The third year we are fighting with bedbugs, I do not know what to poison anymore. There are no forces. How to get rid of them? Help me please! The child is small, I also find bites on it.

  5. Andrew :

    Call for service, they only develop immunity for themselves, the farther away, the more difficult it is to pick up the drug for complete destruction. I like the pros recommend starting with drugs of ovicidal properties, then rotation according to the scheme.

  6. Elena :

    I have a question ... What about plants that are in the room while using a smoke bomb?

    • Igor :

      I used one checker A quiet evening in a room with a century-old - in addition to flying smoldering products on the leaves, no side effects were found. True, the vampire corpses also did not find, in the evening he went to bed with confidence in his victory over the enemy, and fell asleep with the winner's dream! BUT at 5 o'clock in the morning, without announcing the war, was treacherously attacked and beaten by a gang of five age-old bedbugs ... It seems that we are again naked ... Before that, tried Get, the effect is zero. The last hope is Tetrix. And suddenly it will help.

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