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Dusts from bedbugs: a review of drugs and feedback on their use

Инсектициды от клопов в виде дуста (порошка) имеют свои достоинства и недостатки.

Compared to the closest competitor, insecticide aerosol, the average dust from bedbugs (that is, a powdered preparation) is a tool with less destructive ability and a longer period of complete destruction of parasites. This is due to the fact that the dust is a powder that must somehow get into the insect's body in order to have a poisonous effect. And if the aerosol copes with this quite simply (its particles are very fine), then with the ingestion of a dust inside the bedbugs, some difficulties may arise.

Аэрозоль в целом легче проникает в организм насекомого по сравнению с порошком, поэтому действует быстрее. Но скорость не всегда является решающим фактором в борьбе с клопами

Home bugs are typical blood-sucking parasites, and therefore in some cases even the most poisonous dust against bedbugs can be harmless - they simply do not have the ability to swallow it, as they can only pierce the skin and suck blood. Therefore, only dust is effective against bugs, which is based on an insecticide of contact action (while, for example, powders of both contact and intestinal action will be effective from cockroaches).

Клопы - кровососущие насекомые, поэтому для их уничтожения нужно подбирать дуст с инсектицидом контактного действия

For reference

Insecticides of contact action are poisonous substances that can penetrate the insects through their chitinous cover. For the death of a bug, it is enough for him to simply run through a dust with such an insecticide or accidentally get smeared in it. To insecticides of contact action is widely and notorious DDT, and from more modern and safe - Carbofos, Chlorophos, Pyrethrum, Neopin, Neopinamine, Cypermethrin and some other substances.

Among all the tools that are being actively advertised today, as reliable drugs against domestic insects, including bedbugs, let's try to identify those that are not only tested for basic fitness, but also those that have gained popularity among the people. After all, theory is a theory, and in practice many drugs manifest themselves in different ways.


"We constantly had to bug bugs on a private tourist base in the Crimea. Before the next season they were able to withdraw, but in the summer they appeared again. The fastest are Carbofos in canisters and the German Executioner. The latter, however, is very expensive, and there was not enough to handle all budget houses to fight parasites. Tried the dust, in our case, with systematic etching, they proved to be the best tool. All the premises before the general cleaning were treated with dry powders, then the control etching was again carried out with an aqueous solution of the agent. As a result, insects were destroyed, but the whole operation took about a week to complete. "

Anton, Small Lighthouse

The most common dust today and the rules for their use

Among a large number of dusts from bedbugs, which can be bought both in the markets and in stores, and over the Internet, really effective is not so much. The most reliable means are used in their work by specialists of pest control and sanitary epidemiological stations. Among such dusts:

  • Clovorone is one of the most inaccessible and expensive drugs from bedbugs (domestic production). In addition, it is rightfully considered one of the most effective means of bugs and is used in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the Navy.
  • Phenaxin is a remedy that, in addition to its effectiveness, is not odorless, which is rare for insecticides.
  • Dust from Insects Clean House.
  • Pyrethrum is the only truly effective remedy for all natural remedies.
  • Riapan.
  • Biocifen

…and some others. This list is constantly updated with new developments, and it is the composition that should be checked for effectiveness.

In application, dusts are not complex, but they have many features. They should be scattered in places of constant bedbugs, and also where parasites move frequently. It is very important to treat dusts with surfaces that are close to mattresses and pillows on which people sleep - here the chance for drugs to get the most bugs.

При уничтожении клопов именно матрасы необходимо подвергать обработке дустом в первую очередь

On a note

Dusts are ineffective against egg bugs. Therefore, when working with them, it always requires re-treatment, five to seven days after the first - to destroy those parasites that during this time will come from untouched egg poison.

Some dusts can be dissolved in water and sprayed or smeared with a solution of the surface. After the desiccation of such a suspension, a layer of the drug remains, which will poison the parasites.

All modern insecticides are relatively safe for humans, but in serious handling of the premises they require compliance with all safety rules. When they are scattered or sprayed, use gloves and a face mask. After the application of dust, do not clean the room for several days, and it is advisable not to wash the elements of the bed for several weeks.

Работая с инсектицидами, не забудьте надеть перчатки

Modern dust from bedbugs do not smell and do not evaporate, and therefore their presence in the bedroom is safe enough for a person.

It is interesting

It is because of its toxicity and the ability to accumulate in the body that DDT stopped being used in everyday life, and then in agriculture. Almost all modern insecticides are not inferior to it in efficiency, but are safer at contact with the human body and warm-blooded animals.

It should be remembered that when using dust, the effect will not be instantaneous. Complete destruction of bedbugs will happen at best in a few days, when all the parasites will have time to perepaskatsya in the poison. Therefore, before buying a dust from bedbugs, it should be decided whether the tenants have the desire to tolerate a few more days of harassment.


Clovoron is considered to be one of the most powerful and effective remedies for bedbugs. The drug was developed for the purposes of the Soviet Army (and, even more precisely, for etching bugs on warships and submarines) and is now used only by single professional companies because of its high cost.

Buy this dust from bedbugs can be at the price of about 1800 rubles for 250 grams of powder - cheaper and much easier to contact a regular professional company to remove insects. The composition of Klopveron includes a synthetic insecticide, which ensures the rapid onset of paralysis in insects.

Довольно сильный инсектицид в составе Клоповерона обеспечивает быстрый паралич и смерть клопов


"We were still in Soviet times, the kum gave Clovorion, some secret military remedy for bedbugs. A vigorous thing, mowing parasites on the spot, but today it can not be got. At one station of pest control, we were charged with a price of 2000 rubles per bag, we had to buy Carbophos. Although he did not stand next to the strength of Klopvereon. "

Ilya Ivanovich, Yaroslavl

Dust Clean House

Dust Clean house is also an effective insecticide, known for its active use of disinfestation services. The powder is quite toxic, so it requires careful use.

Дуст от клопов Чистый Дом требует аккуратности при нанесении

The product is scattered under the mattress of the bed, along the skirting boards and near the cabinets. To process an average one-room apartment, you should buy 5 packages of dust at 50 grams and use them all - the result in this case should be well pronounced. Optimal after a week after the first pickle, repeat the treatment of the apartment, but with less money.

A pack of dust A clean house weighing 50 grams costs about 12 rubles.

Phenaxin from bedbugs

The phenaxine consists of fenvalerate - the main active insecticide, as well as boric acid (does not affect bugs) and lubricating oil. This composition provides an excellent effect from bedbugs, but most importantly - practically nothing and nothing smells. This advantage allows the use of phenaxin not only in residential buildings, but also in hotels and public catering establishments.

В составе дуста Фенаксин - достаточно малотоксичный инсектицид фенвалерат

125 grams of phenaxine costing about 20 rubles.


"When my daughter moved into the institute dormitory in the first semester, she came to us for a week in horror - she said that in the hostel bugs on the walls sit. We raised all the friends, found only the phenaxin powder, said it was effective. The daughter sprinkled all the plinths, a bed under the mattress, a parquet, a closet. The result was good, but constantly had to process the room, because the bedbugs climbed from the neighbors. "

Anna, Kurgan


Dust from Insects Fast-double is not much different from Phenaxin, but has many positive responses and is often used to fight not only with bedbugs, but practically with all other domestic insects.

Дуст Фас-дубль от насекомых похож по действию на Фенаксин

It is worth a fast double about 20 rubles for 125 grams.

Riapan against bed bugs

Riapan is a dust, when used in an apartment it retains its effectiveness for 2-3 weeks. The active substance in the preparation is Permethrin. A stack of 125 grams of dust is enough to handle 20 square meters. m of the room.

В составе дуста Риапан - пиретроид Перметрин


"Bedbugs have appeared in our house for a long time, but we have been persecuting them more and more with folk remedies - tansy, wormwood. Constantly had to buy these herbs , but the bedbugs did not become less. We were advised to buy an insecticide, we found Riapan. This is an excellent tool. Spent somewhere around 250 rubles for the whole house, they all sprinkled, then they also carried out a control dressing. As a result, for the first time in two years they were in the house without bedbugs at all. Just in case, we bought a few more packages and are ready to bug bugs as soon as they appear. "

Antonina Petrovna, Tula

When applying any dust in the room, it must always be remembered that a child or a pet may accidentally get dirty. And although in small amounts, most of these drugs are not very dangerous, it is better not to allow children and pets to contact them. When processing the same room should take into account the specifics of all the inhabitants of the house (for example, take into account the possibility of allergies in sensitive people) and observe the safety measures specified for a particular drug.

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  1. Irina :

    Where can I get the DUST?

  2. Zulia :

    I bought Fas Double to get rid of cockroaches! I was very pleasantly surprised, there was not a single cockroach left. Thank you so much!

  3. Abeke :

    I tried a good tested product called neostomazan, sold in vetaptekah, in ampoules of 2 mg, one ampoule costs 50 cents. There are five ampoules on a bucket of water: bedbugs on animals, birds, housing, and utility rooms disappear instantly.

  4. Camille :

    Recently, I bought phenaxine to get rid of black cockroaches that run to our yard from a nearby landfill! Was pleasantly surprised by the effect of this drug, cockroaches whole piles of dying, and their yard delivered from these critters. I recommend this drug. Very effective kills cockroaches.

  5. Vladislav :

    I bought a dust Clean house, the whole apartment sprinkled them. There were corpses of bedbugs, much less became. He even spread it with water, splashed the seams on the wallpaper, these parasites began to crawl out of their shelters. For a greater result, I bought another spray Clean house, I will accomplish the result ...

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