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Means for bedbugs

Agent Executioner for the destruction of bed bugs
Средство Палач для уничтожения постельных клопов

One of the effective means to combat domestic bugs is the drug Executioner. It is a 25% solution of Fenthion (insecticide), and after dilution in water it can be used in self-destruction of bedbugs in the house.

EcoKiller from bugs and cockroaches (specially treated diatomaceous)
Средство Экокиллер от клопов и тараканов (специально обработанный диатомит)

One of the very interesting (and at the same time quite effective) drugs, used today to combat bugs and cockroaches, is the recently appeared on the market insecticide EcoKiller. And its main distinguishing feature is the specific mechanism of action on insects, based on the ability of specially treated diatomite to violate the integrity of the outer covers of pests and parasites, leading literally to their dehydration. And Ekokiller shows high efficiency not only against cockroaches, ants and scales, but also against parasites feeding on blood - bed bugs, fleas and linen lice ...

Reviews about the tool Executioner from house bugs
Отзывы о средстве Палач от домашних клопов

Of all drugs against bedbugs, the Executioner today is one of the most popular. Not only that this insecticide is deprived of most of the disadvantages of analogues, it effectively effectively destroys bedbugs and is a reliable protection of the premises from any other insects. And this is not just a statement of producers. The executioner is used by thousands of people every year, and their testimonials give an opportunity to evaluate the drug rather objectively.

A remedy for Soder bugs and reviews about the use of this drug
Средство от клопов Зондер и отзывы о применении этого препарата

The insecticide Zonder, positioned primarily as a means of destroying bed bugs, has appeared on the market relatively recently, but it is rapidly growing in popularity, not only among ordinary consumers, but also among professional disinfesters. The reason for this - the relatively high efficiency, which allows successfully to deal with parasites, even in the most neglected cases. But what is so special about the preparation from the bedbugs of Zonder - due to what it works, is it not toxic for a person, can it be possible to live normally in a treated apartment and how do those who have already experienced it in practice react about this facility? let's talk more ...

The use of insecticide smoke bombs to kill bugs in the room
Применение инсектицидных дымовых шашек для уничтожения клопов в помещении

Few people know that insecticide smoke bombs, in their effectiveness against bugs, are not inferior to expensive professional methods of disinsection using so-called cold or hot fog. In addition, these checkers have another significant plus - it's easy to use. Self-treatment of the room from bedbugs with aerosols and sprays is known for its laboriousness, the danger of poisoning and, often, most unpleasantly, the lack of the necessary result. In the case of the use of smoke bombs, everything is much simpler: the room itself is filled with insecticide smoke, which penetrates even the most difficult places, effectively destroying bedbugs in their shelters. However, let's talk about everything in order ...

Choose the best remedy for bed bugs
Выбираем лучшее средство от постельных клопов

The best remedy for bedbugs is not always the one that is famous for its greatest effectiveness. The fact is that in most cases, the funds from bed bugs are used by residents of apartments and houses themselves, and therefore the best drug should be not only effective, but also safe for people, simple enough to use and not too expensive. Combining all these qualities in one bottle is quite difficult, but many manufacturers still succeed. Let's see what means from bugs can really be considered the best ...

Sprays and aerosols from bedbugs: which remedy is better?
Спреи и аэрозоли от клопов: какое средство лучше?

When in the store or in the market the buyer needs to decide which remedy to choose from bugs - aerosol or spray, he can get lost if he has never used either one before. From the decision here depends both complexity, and efficiency of deducing bedbugs. But sprays and aerosols have their own characteristic areas of application, and knowing their specifics, it is not at all difficult to make the right choice. So what do you prefer - a spray or an aerosol?

Poison from bugs: how to choose and buy a really effective remedy?
Отравы от клопов: как выбрать и купить действительно эффективное средство?

Today, the market can find all kinds of poison from bedbugs, and all of them, judging by the descriptions of manufacturers, incredibly effective, modern and completely safe. And only when the balloon with a particular miracle tool is in hand, it is found that the price of it is not so democratic, and it can not be used in certain situations, and it will be necessary to poison bedbugs with such a tool several times. At the same time, there are always tools on the market that are really optimal for breeding bugs in the premises. And to choose the right poison, they, they say, you need to know in person.

Is tansy effective against bedbugs?
Действительно ли пижма эффективна против клопов?

Tansy is one of the most famous folk remedies against bedbugs. It was used long before special insecticides began to be produced for the control of parasites. Today, scientists know exactly how and how effective tansy acts on bedbugs, and the owners of infected premises continue to use it willingly. How effective is tansy from bedbugs and how to apply it correctly? ..

Feedback on the use of funds from bugs Forsyte
Отзывы о применении средства от клопов Форсайт

Forsyth is a rather popular remedy for bedbugs, although feedback from those who have already applied it is far from always positive. Before you buy this drug, it is useful to find out what consumers are saying about it, and then, being informed of all the advantages and disadvantages of the tool, make your choice and make a purchasing decision.

What exactly would you put in the first place when choosing a remedy for bed bugs in the apartment? Efficiency? And maybe safety for humans and animals? Or is the long-term protective effect of the drug more important, its price?

In fact, as practice shows, most people who first encountered the problem of having bedbugs in their home, do not even think about these seemingly elementary things when choosing a product. Something to process, sprinkle and as quickly as possible - this is the main thought that arises in my head shocked by the sight of insects in my average citizen's bed.

As you understand, the rush in choosing a remedy for bedbugs does not lead to anything good. In the best case, you will simply waste your money and time. In the worst case, such haste can have serious consequences for your health, the health of your loved ones or pets (cases of severe insecticide poisoning, especially when used incorrectly, are not uncommon).

That is why the choice of means for the destruction of bed bugs should be deliberate, conscious, it must be preceded by a careful study of the relevant information. When choosing, pay attention to the feedback of other people about how they fought against bedbugs, see instructions for the use of drugs, recommended precautions when using the product.

Today the market has many effective and relatively safe means to combat domestic bugs, but there are also a lot of obsolete tools and fakes . In this section of the site you will find information that will help you better understand all this diversity and make the right choice.


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