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Means from bedbugs Cifox

Препарат Цифокс вполне успешно применяется дезинсекторами для уничтожения клопов

Cifox is known to professional disinfectants as an effective insecticide that works well against bedbugs and other parasitic insects. Tsifoks allows you to quickly and permanently get rid of insects, but there are some drawbacks, in some cases limiting its use at home. Nevertheless, people use it, and in general reviews about the drug are pretty positive.

So, before deciding whether to use Cyphox against bedbugs in an apartment, let's get acquainted with this tool.

Composition, form of production and principle of operation of the facility

The Cifox, which is also used against bugs, is a concentrated (25%) solution of the insecticide - cypermethrin, in addition to which the solvent, fragrances and emulsifiers are contained in the composition. Such a solution is also often referred to as an emulsion concentrate.

Tsifoks is made in the form of a transparent liquid, which has a slightly yellowish hue and a specific sharp odor. The preparation is packaged in polymer bottles with the capacity of 50 ml, 500 ml and 1 l.

Цифокс во флаконе емкостью 500 мл.

It is interesting

Cypermethrin is an insecticide of the pyrethroid group, which is also obtained from the alkaloids of Persian chamomile. It effectively blocks the nerve impulses of bedbugs, and for a short time they die. To date, this substance is recognized as one of the most effective insecticides.

How to prepare and use Cyphox from bedbugs

The ready-for-use aqueous solution of the preparation Tsifoks obtained from dilution of the concentrate has a milky shade and is strongly exposed to oxygen, as a result of which it can not be stored for a long time to avoid a decrease in activity. Thus, the remedy is recommended immediately before use, and store the solution - no more than 8 hours.


"Six months ago we had bugs. We tried a couple of times to poison them with the Combat and Dichlophos, but there was no sense at all. Well, my wife has a friend who works at the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station. She advised me to buy Tsifox from bedbugs. It is bred with a very large amount of water, but this does not stop the stink. Bedbugs from him die in a moment. Three hours of treatment from under all cracks povylazili and died right in the middle of the apartment. True, the apartment had another three days to weather, but it was worth it. "

Yaroslav, Kirov

To prepare the solution, it is necessary to take a suitable container and mix the necessary amount of tap water with Tsifox concentrate from the vial, stirring constantly.

Препарат Цифокс является концентратом, и для приготовления раствора его нужно развести водой в соответствии с инструкцией

To eliminate bugs, it is recommended to use the following relationships:

  • if the room is heavily infested with bed bugs, a 0.05% solution is suitable: 2 ml of Cifox is added to 1 liter of water, 10 ml of 5 liters of water, and 20 ml of concentrate per 10 liters of water.
  • If there are few bedbugs, 0.01% solution should be used: 1 ml of water per 0.4 ml of Cyfox, 5 ml of water - 2 ml, 10 ml of water - 4 ml.

The components are thoroughly mixed for 5 minutes, after which they are poured into a pre-prepared household spray - it will be convenient to spray the composition onto various surfaces.

Из пульверизатора удобно распылять готовый раствор Цифокса в местах возможного обитания и перемещения клопов

If bedbugs in the house have appeared recently and their number is not very large yet, it is necessary first of all to process the places of possible dispersal of parasites, which are usually located near the beds:

  • bed frame or beds
  • the reverse side of the carpets next to the bed and sofa
  • back walls of bedside furniture
  • wall joints of wall-paper and plinth near the bed.

Для уничтожения клопов обязательно следует обработать раствором Цифокса каркасы дивана или кровати

In those cases where there are many bedbugs in the house, it is worth paying attention to all the secluded places that can serve as a potential home for them:

  • back walls of all furniture in the apartment
  • all skirting boards
  • the bottom surface of the windowsills
  • back of paintings
  • soft part of chairs from below
  • electrical appliances (always disconnect before this)
  • cavities of electrical outlets (neat)
  • ventilation holes.

If the treated surface absorbs fluid well (wood, plywood, fabric), then the solution consumption can be increased to 100 ml per square meter.

When destroying bedbugs, spraying is carried out only with open windows, as the preparation of Cifox is quite toxic. Immediately after the work is finished, the room must be ventilated for at least half an hour.

После обработки поверхностей нужно как следует проветрить помещение

Wet cleaning can be done after 12 hours - also with open windows. The aqueous solution on the surface retains its properties from 1.5 (0.01% solution) to 3 (0.05% solution) months, which is one of the reasons for its high effectiveness against bedbugs and other house insects.

Advantages and disadvantages of the drug

One of the advantages of Cifox is its ability to remain effective for a long time on the treated surfaces - this allows to destroy even those bugs that at the time of treatment have not yet emerged from the eggs (they will also be destroyed as they exit). In addition, the drug is effective against cockroaches and fleas in the apartment.

Препарат Цифокс эффективен не только против клопов, но и против тараканов

Another advantage of the drug is an affordable price. A bottle for 500 ml of concentrate costs approximately 370 rubles. With the dilution according to the instructions of one vial of Cifox in the conditions of processing agricultural territories, there are enough pests per hectare, and with this same bottle, several large apartments, densely packed with furniture, can be successfully treated from bugs .

Таблица разведений препарата Цифокс

Meanwhile, this tool has some drawbacks, which you need to know in advance:

  • In view of the rather high toxicity, Tsifoks is considered a professional drug from bedbugs , which is sold only to employees of disinsection services if there is an appropriate certificate. Recently, it became possible to purchase this drug for personal domestic needs, but it is difficult to find it in free sale.
  • When processing the room with Cifox, you must strictly adhere to the safety rules that are prescribed in the instructions, otherwise the destruction of bedbugs can result in poisoning the owners of the apartment.
  • Some insects (including bed bugs) may develop resistance to insecticides of the pyrethroid group. If this happens, then the entire population of parasites reacts much less to such a disinfestation until the latter is completely ineffective. Therefore, if the house was previously treated with Tsifoksom and this did not work, it is likely that the efficiency of re-treatment will be low.

For comparison: similar to Tsifoks, the drug Kukaracha retains the residual effect of only three days, and the dust is Clean house - about a month. Meanwhile, Cucaracha and Pure house are more often used in everyday life, since they are less toxic to humans and animals.

Препарат Кукарача похож на Цифокс

Дуст от насекомых Чистый Дом


"When I was a student renting an apartment, I had a real bugger at home. I saw these bloodsuckers for the first time in my life, so I did not dare to fight them myself, I summoned the disinsector from a private company. He performed the treatment with the drug "Tsifoks", which for a long time is eroded and terribly smells. I generally could not go home until late in the evening, because it was impossible to breathe, even with the windows open. Bedbugs, I must say, disappeared all to one - no re-processing is no longer needed. Now I recommend this method to all. "

Alina, Moscow

Safety measures and rules of action for possible intoxications

When killing bedbugs in an apartment with such a serious insecticide, as Tsifoks, you need to make sure of the strict observance of all safety standards. Adolescents, pregnant and lactating women, poison sensitive persons (allergy sufferers) are not allowed to work. For processing, protective clothing is required:

  • Special overalls or unnecessary clothes that can be thrown away
  • rubber boots or any unnecessary shoes
  • Safety goggles that will not miss harmful fumes
  • respirator, in extreme cases - a gauze bandage.

Во время процедуры уничтожения клопов следует использовать защитные очки

Респиратор поможет защитить легкие от попадания в них аэрозоля

After work it is necessary to take a shower and rinse thoroughly with soap all open areas of the body where the emulsion could get to.

Before processing the room from bedbugs, all people and pets are removed from it, aquariums are taken out or hermetically closed. It is better to remove all food and dishes for a while.

After 12 hours, you can spend wet cleaning, during which the floors and contact surfaces are washed with a soap-soda solution neutralizing the effect of the poison. In secluded places do not wash with such a solution, enough pure water.

If Tsifok still got into the body, the following symptoms of poisoning may appear:

  • nausea
  • unpleasant taste in the mouth
  • increased salivation
  • tremor of extremities
  • vomiting
  • pain in the head and / or stomach.

As the provision of pre-hospital care you need to bring the victim to the air, prepare him 2% soda solution for mouth and nose rinsing. To force to drink the activated coal from calculation of 1 tablet on 10 kg of weight with a glass of water or other adsorbent.

При появлении признаков отравления раствором Цифокс нужно принять активированный уголь

Eyes are digested with albucid. If the solution has got on the skin, it can not be rubbed, it's enough to remove it with a rag. Affected area must be rinsed with water, using soap or soda.


"I read on the Internet about the means of Tsifoks from bedbugs, as the most effective. Before that I tried several powders, I did not take any of these parasites. We can not find Tsifoks in Ukraine, so we had to ask friends from Russia to send. With him a lot of trouble (you need to dilute the solution), but the effect is worth it. I put it on the apartment once and the bugs no longer bothered me! Although I myself was a little poisoned, my head was very dizzy for a couple of days. "

Pavel, Zhitomir

The drug Tsifoks, reviews of which are generally positive and quite numerous, can also be used to control other insects: cockroaches, ants, wasps, fleas, mites, garden pests.

Препарат Цифокс во флаконах разной емкости

This strong insecticide will help to get rid of all parasites for a long time, including in the garden. When using the same in the apartment, the main problem is usually an unpleasant and persistent odor of the remedy.

If you have your experience using the Zyphox to fight bed bugs, be sure to leave your feedback in the comments box at the bottom of this page.

To the record "Remedy for the bugs of Tsifoks" left 44 comments.
  1. Antonina :

    Nothing, I too poisoned Tsifoksom. For the first time, I did not crawl so creepy. Now it's 5. After him 4 crawled out and 2 were hibernating. Now it's 2 days quiet. Pah-pah, so as not to jinx. I do not know what will happen next. I have not slept at night for 2 months, I am sitting by the light, guarding bedbugs.

    • Natalia :

      It will help, but not for long, 3-4 days, and then again. I have the same situation. It is better to call the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station. I tried everything.

      • Anonymous :

        A Sanitary and Epidemiological Station arrived, 4000 thousand rubles were taken for a small area, Tsifoks was put to death and one bottle was left as a present, they said that they would still - they themselves popshikayte, although they gave a guarantee. Why they called, we ourselves and pshykali, although after him bedbugs did not become. So why they called, it was easier to buy it yourself.

    • Catherine :

      I also slept with the light turned on, like d * ra ... I gathered them in a jar, horror in one word. Pregnant was still at the same time!

  2. Sergey :

    A cool thing I recommend to everyone! I got rid of bedbugs in 1 day! Thank you so much…

    • Natalia :

      I did not help! One hope for san treatment. In general, I can not understand where they came from.

  3. Pauline :

    I wonder how reliable the information in the article. They were going to go to their parents for a week and during this time they were thinking of putting the apartment away from bedbugs. So now we decide when to go and what means to choose, so that the smell completely disappears within a week.

  4. Vasilisa :

    Damn, it's not funny! (And in Ukraine, where is Sifox?

  5. Punisher of bedbugs :

    You are extremely inefficient, diluting 1-2 ml per liter of water. Tried, it's all garbage full. But when a bottle of 500 ml was diluted with a teaspoon of warm water and spilled it through the cracks, the insides of the sofa, the jambs, it helped. Plus, he took two different dichlorvos and chalk. Dichlorfos also need to sprinkle all the potential places of accumulation of these creatures, and chalk I crumbled and scattered through the cracks in the couch. All these actions must be carried out together, for one approach. Also, you need to wash ALL clothes, bedding, blankets, etc. We wait for day, we check effect. If it does not help, throw out the furniture, tear the wallpaper, tear off the baseboards and jambs, release the room and conduct the same treatment again, but in addition to this, seal the windows with foil, bring the heaters as much as possible, catch up with the heat. Through the cracks, you can walk a hairdryer. Bedbugs die from the heat, plus the molecules of Tsifox and Dichlophos expand and give the greatest effect. Dare, my friends. I do not want to live with these parasites.

  6. Pauline :

    Diluted 50 ml of Tsifoks per 1 liter of water, treated everything, she almost poisoned herself. Two days did not live at home! And on you - four days later the baby was bitten again, parted the sofa - and now he crawls, the immortal parasite! You can go crazy ((I can not do it myself, besides, I nearly got poisoned.) Still, it is necessary to call SES, probably the most optimal option.

  7. Valentina :

    She tried Tsifoks: it sprayed all the places of cornfields, at night 2 bugs fell out. Treated again. I'm afraid to sleep, but today I'll see if it does not help - I'll call a specialist.

  8. Tatiana :

    Question to Valentine (her comment of 30.01.15). Valentina, please write, how are you? I want to process the apartment with tsifoksom, and now I think, whether to spend strength. Thank you!

  9. Igor :

    People, the best option is zipperrin or tetracin, but you can easily run into a fake, so think.

  10. Nina :

    Faced this many times in different rented apartments. I tried everything: from modern poison, to grandmother's advice. Tsifoks always helped, but I buy in SES.

  11. Sergey :

    They did everything according to the instructions, processed the room, after 3 hours aired and after 2 days all washed. There was no one in the room. People came and somewhere in the middle of the day: who got a headache, who was covered in spots. What can be, who will tell? Treated with the drug tsifoks.

  12. Ales :

    For a week I have been working on the whole apartment with Tsifoks and almost no effect. I do 25 ml of Tsifoks per 700 ml of water, after treatment, the fog in the apartment is ... The stink is incredible! A little use. Money to the wind ...

  13. Oksana :

    At the old apartment treated with carbophos. From the first time it helped. We moved to another apartment: no carbofos, nothing takes these parasites. I want to try Tsifoksom. I wonder if it will help.

  14. Armen Bubekov :

    I bought Tsifoks for the destruction of these creatures, sprayed the whole apartment. The whole sofa was impregnated with a tool, all the cracks were processed. We left with my family to my parents. After 5 days came to look at the result, and found many dead bedbugs, and, unfortunately, there were some among them. But the desired effect should be achieved for a long time, as the bedbugs die, and the larvae laid by them will again reproduce. I decided the second time to process the whole apartment: as for the first time everything that can be done, poured the remedy, again turned all the furniture and went to my parents. Now it's time to check the result again, but unfortunately, these critters still exist, but very few. I bought another Tsifoksa, 50 ml, but I will dilute now so that the solution was even more deadly. And they advised: before the treatment, make a barrier out of thin cloth on the ventilation grilles, so that bedbugs do not wander from the apartment to other apartments. Later I will write the result.

  15. Armen Bubekov :

    Hello, it's me again. As promised to you to write the result after using the drug Tsifoks 50, and now, I performed the re-treatment, making a solution when diluting the preparation Tsifoks 50 to 3 liters, although it is written that it is possible to dilute 20 liters. Treated soft furniture and the whole apartment. Superfluous things we threw out, and bed linens and their belongings were washed at a temperature of 90 °. I was convinced that the drug kills instantly, but the effectiveness of the action of the type up to 3 months of BAM, and as I wrote to you before, the eggs laid aside by these creatures are not destroyed by the drug. It turns out that as these creatures hatch, although the place is processed, but they feel quite comfortable and are waiting for you. The conclusion is this: you have to process the apartment every week for a month, especially the furniture where you sleep. All wash or put in a bath, boil a couple of buckets of water and pour, then re-wash and dry things put in voluminous on 50 liters of garbage bags to isolate them. If there is a steam mop, then treat the seams of furniture and skirting boards. I think I have only one time to repeat all this, and we will be at home! Wait for the end))

    • Alexander :

      Try Averfos, guarantee the destruction of eggs and protection from a month to two. After treatment, three weeks passed, the dead come across, the live did not see, the treatment was done by the disinfector.

  16. Irina :

    I was helped very much by the drug "Tsifoks". Has got rid of bedbugs for 2 times. In the room where the bugs were most, pasted new wallpaper. In the glue, too, added "Tsifoks." I live in a block of flats. I thought that my neighbors would come running again. It's been 5 years now, there's not a single bug. An excellent product. I advise everyone.

  17. Lyudmila :

    I hate ((We rent an apartment in a new building with a family, new houses are being built, old barracks are demolished.) In the barracks there lived only drunks and drunks, and they gave them new apartments, they brought some furniture from the barracks with bugs. , but then some bites started, because the summer, thought the mosquitoes, while near the bed in the curtain did not see the bug, the husband said that it's a bug ... I have a panic ((And so the day we were bitten. It was quiet, they processed NEO with Dichlorvos and two weeks of silence, but somehow I was lying with my daughter in her room I got a sharp pain in my eyelid ... I had a reaction to these bites ... It swells like a bite after a bite: on the pillow I caught a creature: Dichlorvos helps for two weeks exactly. Yesterday I saw on the wall in a child's "empty" bug, he guarded my daughter, today I bought Tsifoks, I hope it will help.

  18. Victoria :

    Called SES, the specialist processed the entire apartment Tsifoksom. Four days lived quietly, on the fifth day they again woke up bitten ((I'll have to call again.

  19. Elena :

    Two weeks ago I noticed bites on my back by a path. I climbed on the Internet to read, it turned out, bedbugs! It's horrible, before that I did not even hear anything about them. I did not sleep a week, I switched on the light at 4 am, and put down a white sheet - nothing! Another week collected information, I thought I was going crazy (just really afraid of all sorts of flies, cockroaches, etc.) I took a steam swab from my friend and started from my couch. I started steaming from the armrests, and a bug jumped out from there, followed by two more. In short, the sofa was taken out the same day, all the clothes were washed for three days in hot water and packed in large bags. Pillows threw out, blankets for dry cleaning. I got everything out of furniture and packed it too, and all the packages were sprinkled with lavender oil (this is a repeller for bugs). Tsifoks did not find, they found an analogue, cypervit, diluted and filled in all skirting boards and cornices, cracks and walls of furniture. We closed the windows for a day and left.
    A day later aired, laid out things, washed the floors and door handles (bedbugs found only 5 pieces of dead). Three days later I filled the plinth again, bought a new sofa and cushions (although the old sofa was 3 years old). And they only bitten me, did not touch my husband and my child. In a month, one more prophylaxis needs to be done. And about Tsifok heard from friends from Russia, we have only analogues in Ukraine. In general, I sleep well for a week, there is no smell, I am happy with the drug, and the furniture has changed. Good luck to all! The main thing - dilute twice as much as indicated in the instructions, and directly fill in the cracks, well, everything in the hot wash.

  20. Elena :

    Bedbugs got into a son in Moscow, it's a horror, than just did not poison, twice called the master of a felt-tip pen, only takes money, there's no sense. Now the son called, again povylazili. We are already tired of throwing out and buying new underwear and pillows with blankets and washing everything. This lasts seven months, we just do not know what to do, and who and what will help us.

  21. Lesya :

    I do not know what to do either, tsifok does not help, flooded the whole apartment. Now I'm sitting, the light is on, but they do not care, they climb, do not understand where. The baby is bitten. Just ask, five minutes - and again, what should I do?

  22. Galina :

    Yes, business ... When I saw bedbugs, my heart just did not stop. I barely got to the store, and then I just cried with horror. The store recommended to buy tsifoks. Treated with tsifoksom in the following concentration: 4 ml per 1 liter of water, yesterday. The seller recommended in two weeks to repeat. It splashed everywhere: walls, books, wardrobes, curtains, blankets, etc. It will have to be poisoned quarterly, because many neighbors and not all are concerned. Some do nothing! Hoping for the best!

  23. Galina :

    This is again Galina, I have been fighting for almost three months now. First after tsifoksa everything was fine, she spread out tansy under the mattresses and fell asleep in the cracks. Neighbors from the top began to make major repairs - and "PICTURES OF REPIN ..." Apparently there were simply hordes. Once I get rid of these scoundrels or not - is it a matter of time ?!

  24. Maria :

    Recently, new neighbors came to us, but nothing, except that they brought with them a bedbug. I did prophylaxis, but all to no avail, a month later they registered and I ... First fought Dichlophos, less became, but still were. We found a special store, they very much praise cyfox. I took it. I worked every Saturday for a month, but they, such parasites, remained. No, no, yes, and see 2-3. Now I'll try the cucumbers, in the same store I talked it out, again popping my own cifox, which only helped me to pass the weekend to no avail. In a week I'll sign off how the cucaracha works.

    • Alexander :

      Cucaracha is the same rubbish as tsifoks, only weaker. Slay with the neighbors at Averfos, spoil all the crowd.

      • Anonymous :

        I used this three times with Averfos, only those that are directly affected by the treatment are killed. Literally yesterday, sprayed the edge of the carpet so that it was wet through, and in the morning two people are sitting on this place with blood (from dinner). Then he bought Master 250, said that the microcapsule, Tipo, and after processing. Yes nifiga does not work, but only those who die will fall for whom. So why do these funds, if anyone I see, and so I can transmit. Diluted Averfos 50 ml per 1 liter of water.

  25. Anna :

    This creepy horror haunts me from January. I tried first with dichlorvos - it did not help, then with some kind of aerosol - it's useless. So, I decided to buy and try the zyphox. Did first 25 ml per 3 liters: three days slept normally, but then these reptiles again appeared. Has made a proportion of 25 ml on 1 liter and all the same in some days has found a bedbug alive, and today two more. So it did not help me. I do not know what else to poison!

    • Alla :

      Try the Fas-double powder. It is worth a penny, but the effect is.

  26. Anonymous :

    To those who did not help Tsifoks, I advise you to read about Medilis. Itself did not use it yet. I myself recommended the employees of SES. In the Internet read about it, all the reviews are good. I struggle with these insects for a month. Treated three times by different means. I do not have many, like, only in the sofa wound up yet. This time I will handle Medilis. If he does not help, I think, quietly, give everything with boiling water and iron the sofa and everything else that you can with an iron. I wish everyone good luck in the fight against these "neighbors."

  27. Alla :

    I read and understand all perfectly ... My husband and I were presented with a sofa for the wedding. As it turned out later, with bedbugs. Scary! I when have understood, whence at me the erup all over body, has hardly gone mad from mind or wit. In addition to all the insulting - we just drove into his new home (built 2 years) ... The store advised Tsifoks. We bought it, diluted 50 ml for 5-6 liters of water. Filled everything: and walls, and ceilings, and furniture, and equipment. The effect for one night ((Burned 2 couches (from the donated bedbugs to the other moved) and pillows, all things for hot washing and in packages.Teffected by Tsifoksom again, they were still alive.Bought a powder Fas-double, showered the whole house, every crack, all the windows.Now a week, not one bug, not one bite ... I hope they got rid of it.

  28. Lydia :

    We have bugs after the new year, it's already the middle of summer, and we can not get rid of it at all. They bought dichlophos - there's no sense, then they took chalks, they also do not help. As a result, my nerves could not stand and I filled the whole room with vinegar, and soft furniture with boiling water. Closed all the windows and doors, the smell of vinegar was felt even in the entrance to the first floor. On the day they left for my mother, when they arrived, they hoped that they all took a break. Yes, there it was: the apartment has a terrible stench, that neither breathes nor exhales, but these creatures are all on their side, dances are conducted. I climbed the Internet, found the drug "Tsifoks," there are such good reviews, as soon as it is not praised. I thought, this is my salvation. The same day we went to buy a bottle of this drug, processed all the cracks, skirting boards, cabinets, furniture, walls, floors. The house smelled so that they themselves did not die - vinegar and tsifoksom mixed. The houses were not for two days. We come home with full confidence that the bedbugs have all rest. Yesterday all day they boiled things, arranged furniture, did a wet cleaning, washed off the corpses of bedbugs in the toilet and did not single out any living things. With a light heart they went to bed, and the night passed perfectly. But I was not there ((I wake up this morning, open the blanket-and on you, an adult animal is running around the bed, drinking blood, and so active that you can not say that they were being poisoned.) Generally speaking, we lost this war with bugs, one hope remained, at SES.

  29. Alain :

    I bought zifoks, I will process from fleas! They advised him to SES. The results will be reported.

  30. San :

    Used Tsifoksom, the whole house was treated 2 times - spilled by a garden sprayer. The result is unsatisfactory, apparently, dilution according to the instructions gives too weak a solution. I will try to concentrate 50 ml per 1.5 liters of water. Unsubscribe later.

  31. Olga :

    Tell me, please, through which time you can go home after treatment?

  32. Tatiana :

    If you have bugs in your apartment, then it's useless to fight with them alone. It is necessary to do disinfection on the same day together with neighbors, i.e. all the porch negotiate and poison. Even if they do not all have - they will come from you, and then back to you. And do not hesitate to talk about it to your neighbors, otherwise there will be money thrown away to the wind and a long torment with bedbugs.

    Once in 1987, we moved into a new multi-storey house, and in February 1988 I discovered a bedbug, accidentally crushed it at night ... Then I was still at school and I never encountered this nastiness. In those years, carpets on the walls hung. In the morning, curling the carpet ... From the sight already arose. Than they were poisoned: I went to the SES, they gave me a vial of liquid, they told me to put it in a bucket of water. Judging by the smell and appearance (the color of milk when breeding) this was Tsifoks. The treatment was carried out by everyone at each entrance. It helped with once. The smell was very long, not one year, especially when there was high humidity. And now the SES is recommended to everyone by this CIFOX, it is important to make the right treatment.

  33. Anastasia :

    I do not understand, such different comments. At us 2 days ago have processed Tsifoksom, the second day at night I catch these reptiles: both old obozhravshihsja, and absolutely small. I called the deceiver, who was doing the treatment, he says, you have to wait 10 days, then they will leave. In the sense, WILL go? They, a pancake, it is necessary to kill, instead of on street to take a walk to send! Okay, I said I'll wait 10 days and call. I called my friend (she is a neighbor through the porch, we have a house converted from a hostel), she says that when they were treated, everything was in stains - and the windows, walls, and furniture were wet. At us so only a sofa after Tsifoks wet was, and so any streaks. I do not know how she was treated, but there are no bedbugs, they died right away, only the corpses were removed. Unsubscribe in a week, I will tell you how the vaunted Tsifok helped. Although it seems to me useless it.

  34. Yana :

    Good day to all who continue to fight this scourge! I want to share my experience in the fight. Suddenly, out of nowhere appeared bugs. Either came from where, or after the persecution of the cellars rose (rent an apartment on the 2 nd floor). I saw on my father's bed - I first encountered this muck, at first I did not even understand that it was a bug, the Internet helped me sort out the types of insects. There was no limit to the horror! But to do something is necessary, again, helped by people who leave feedback. Цифокс have advised in shop - has bought, already after a persecution has read through, that sometimes at bedbugs immunity to preparations is developed. We were lucky - they did not have immunity to Tsifox. Triple lucky that they were only in the couch, and in a row of standing furniture were not found. But despite everything splattered the whole apartment, every corner, all the furniture, wallpaper from top to bottom, the drug does not leave a trace, just a smell. He disappeared within 3-4 days. The sofa first etched, and the next day it was thrown out, etched, so as not to scatter the larvae and insects around the apartment. Two days after pickling, several pieces crept out and sat on the wallpaper. Immediately, just in case, Anti-bug was sprayed. I read that there are no bugs on eggs, but all the wallpaper was soaked with a drug, so they did not have a chance. According to the instructions, if necessary, you need to repeat the procedure, today just two weeks, I repeated everything in the whole apartment, although I did not observe any movements (just in case). So far, no living creature has appeared. I think we won! But the apartment will still change, psychologically I can not be in that terrible room, where it all began. And thanks Tsifox, it worked out! I advise. I hope that your trouble is not immune to this wonderful drug. Good luck to all!

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