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Overview of the most effective means against wasps and hornets

Попробуем разобраться, какое лучше всего выбрать средство против ос и шершней, если эти насекомые начали донимать вас на даче или пасеке...

In everyday life, especially urban residents, to seek an effective remedy for wasps and hornets is much less likely than, for example, to try to find a drug against cockroaches. As a rule, it is necessary to think about what can be hacked by hornets, and especially beekeepers (several dozen hornets in just a couple of hours can completely destroy a thousand-thousand bee family).

Азиатские шершни - гроза местных пасечников, так как всего несколько особей могут уничтожить целую пчелиную семью

Poison for wasps and hornets can come in handy when especially "insolent" insects decide to build their nest inside the premises or in the immediate vicinity of them. In this case, such close proximity of insects to humans can be simply dangerous to health, especially for young children.

Если гнездо шершней находится в хозяйственной постройке, то это может представлять прямую угрозу для заходящих в нее людей.

Considering the fact that bites of hornets and wasps (even single ones) can sometimes lead to strong intoxications, and in rare cases even fatal outcomes, it is desirable to destroy the nests of these insects as soon as possible, without waiting until they once suddenly perceive a person as a threat and attack on him. In this case, you can kill hornets and wasps both directly by insecticide means, and combining them with mechanical destruction of the nest.

Insecticides against stinging insects

Not every insecticide, sold at the nearest economic or garden store, is capable of killing a hornet or a wasp. When choosing, it is advisable to focus on modern insect preparations, most of which have a wide range of action.

Among the variety of universal tools, there are some that are quite suitable for use in practice:

  • Carbofos is an inexpensive and safe enough drug based on the organophosphorus insecticide of the same name, which is often used to control cockroaches, Colorado beetles and bedbugs. Requires dilution in water, and can be sold both in liquid form in canisters and in powder form in bags. В качестве средства для уничтожения шершней вполне можно использовать проверенный временем Карбофос в порошке.
  • Insecticides based on chlorpyrifos, having a contact effect. Based on this compound, for example, Get, Agran, Xulat, Dobrohim Micro, Dursban, Fosban, Tsipi Lux, Sinuzan, etc. are available. All these preparations can also be used as a means against hornets in the concentrations indicated in the instructions. Современное средство от насекомых Get
  • The executioner is also quite an effective remedy for insects with a wide spectrum of action. The amount of the drug that will be required to cook the poison for hornets and wasps will be limited in most cases to just 2-3 bottles for a total of about 200-300 rubles. Средство для борьбы с насекомыми Палач также можно использовать для уничтожения шершней и ос
  • Tetrix is ​​a professional tool for disinsection of Dutch production. It is sold in our country in bulk and mainly only professional services for the destruction of insects. In a small amount, it may be problematic to acquire it. Средство Тетрикс больше подходит для применения профессиональными дезинсекторами, так как имеет повышенную токсичность для человека.
  • Aerosols such as Raid, Combat, Raptor, Dichlophos Neo and the like are sold in many hardware stores, but their use implies direct contact with the nest. Kill a hornet or a wasp with aerosols instantly does not work, so usually, first the product is released from the balloon into a plastic bag, which is then quickly put on the nest and tied. Аэрозольные средства лучше всего распылять в полиэтиленовый пакет, который затем надевается на гнездо шершней или ос.

Any poison when dealing with hornets or wasps should be applied very carefully: remember that these insects are able to actively defend their nest by attacking the whole swarm.

Применять средства против шершней и ос надо осторожно, поскольку разозленные насекомые могут нападать всем роем.

If there are no nests on the site, it is advisable to use special poisoned baits for hornets and wasps (more on this later).

If a nest is found, it is better to destroy it at night, when insects are inactive: you need to come to the nest at night with a diluted drug or aerosol canister and a garbage bag of such size that the insect dwelling can be easily placed in it.

The first option is when the nest is hanging on a tree branch.

На фотографии показано гнездо шершней на ветке дерева.

In this case, the package is poured or sprayed with poison, after which it is worn on a hornet or hornet's nest at the bottom. Then the neck of the bag is fastened at the place where the nest is fastened to the branch so that its inhabitants do not scatter.

The second option is the location of the nest on the ceiling of the farm building. In this case, the technology is almost the same, the main difference is only that the garbage bag is not tied, but is glued to the ceiling with adhesive tape.

Осиные гнезда на потолке

А это уже пример шершневых гнезд, они могут быть гораздо больше осиных, что требует использования пакетов большого объема.

The third option (the simplest) is if the socket is in a tree or hole in a tree. In these cases, the insecticide is quickly poured into these holes, after which the entrances to them are immediately sealed with a sintepon, a stick or rag, which are also slightly impregnated with poison.

Если гнездо шершней находится в дупле дерева, инсектицидное средство можно просто залить туда, а вход закупорить пропитанной отравой тканью.

Пример гнезда шершней в дереве


Regardless of whether you were going to kill hornets by special means at night or in the daytime, you should wear gloves, a mask of a beekeeper and clothes with long sleeves. If at least one hornet during the procedure has time to fly out of the nest and sting, the consequences can be quite severe - depending on the availability of a tendency to allergy to insect bites.

Folk recipes for persecution of wasps and hornets

It is also possible to fight with hornets and wasps, using numerous folk remedies. In the whole history of the destruction of such recipes by man, these recipes have accumulated a lot, but most of them are still much less effective than modern insecticides.

Народные средства борьбы с осами и шершнями зачастую все же уступают по эффективности современным инсектицидным препаратам.

On some particularly popular folk remedies, let's dwell in more detail.

Firstly, it is a fly agaric, considered by the people as an effective poison from hornets, but requiring special preparation. How to kill a hornet using this method? For this, three hats of mushroom are taken with 100 grams of honey and a glass of water, the mushroom is cut into small pieces, mixed with the rest of the ingredients and cooked for 3-5 minutes.

After cooling, the product is poured into cans and placed where the hornets are found most often (in fact, a typical poisoned bait for hornets and wasps). Destroy all the insects in this way will not work, but some of them still perish.

As an option - amanita in this recipe can be replaced with boric acid.

Борная кислота не менее ядовита для шершней и ос, чем мухомор.


"We always hurtle the fly agaric in the spring. Excellent tool, reliably etches them and also affordable. It should be used in the spring, when hornets only appear. So you can destroy even the uterus sitting in the nest - working hornets will bring her poison and feed her. But if you try to hug the hornet so in August, it will not work out - there are already a lot of them by this time. It's easier to find and burn the nest itself. "

Vladislav, Tashkent

The second folk remedy for wasps and hornets is red pepper, the bundles of which are hung directly near the nest. It is believed that the smell of pepper scare away hornets and wasps, and because of it they can leave the already lived nest.

Еще одно народное средство против ос и шершней - красный перец, обладающий свойством отпугивать этих насекомых (а иногда они на него просто напросто нападают).

The third way is to use a piece of meat. It is placed near the nest of hornet and allowed to hang for a day or two, so that insects are accustomed to fly it for feeding. Then the meat is treated with chlorophos or DDT (now, of course, for this purpose it is better to use any modern insecticide, for example, preparations Get, Lambda Zone, Executioner, etc.)

Для привлечения внимания шершней можно использовать мясо, пропитанное инсектицидом.

Современное микрокапсулированное средство от насекомых Дельта Зона (на основе хлорпирифоса)

Practice shows that the variant with poisoned meat allows just a few days to kill almost all working hornets. It should be noted that under the bait itself it is desirable to place a bucket into which poisoned insects will fall, and periodically remove them from there. Otherwise, birds living on the site may be poisoned, who will actively eat poisoned insects from the ground.

It is important to understand that all these folk methods will give results at best within a few days (or even weeks), so if the wasps or hornets need to be destroyed quickly, they, unfortunately, will not work.

Traps and rules for their use

Similarly to poisoned baits, you can also use special traps for hornets and wasps . The simplest such trap is made from a plastic bottle, which cuts off the upper half with a knife or scissors, the lid turns off, the top is turned over and inserted by the neck down into the lower part.

На фотографии показан пример ловушки для ос и шершней, сделанной из обычной пластиковой бутылки.

The bottom half of the bottle is filled with sugar syrup or honey with beer, on which insects will actively fly. Attracted by bait hornets crawl through the resulting funnel inside the bottle-trap, feed there, but find a hole to exit can not.

The same principle applies to imported specialized traps for wasps and hornets. With a strong desire or doubt about the effectiveness of the homemade device, it is also possible to use them. There are also sticky options for traps.

А это уже пример липкой ловушки для насекомыхЛовушка для ос, мух и шершней Argus

However, again, all hornets quickly such a trap is unlikely to catch.

Quick-acting tools for the destruction of wasps and hornets

Nevertheless, powerful and quick-acting remedies for hornets are still available. Oddly enough, one of the most effective ways to get rid of wasps and hornets is all available plain water in a bucket.

Одним из самых доступных средств для уничтожения шершней является вода, в ведре с которой можно попросту утопить гнездо.

Depending on the size of the nest, so much water is poured into the bucket, so that when the woolen house is placed in it, the liquid comes to the very edge. The bucket rises to the nest so that it completely submerges into the water. It is necessary to think in advance how to fix the tank: for example, to prepare a suitable wooden beam or stepladder, which will be able to prop up the bucket pressed to the ceiling from the bottom.

Another option - pouring a nest of wasps or hornets with gasoline or kerosene and its subsequent ignition. The dwelling of these insects is made of cardboard-like substance, so it burns very quickly, and the entire procedure takes quite a bit of time.

Использовать керосин для уничтожения шершневого гнезда надо крайне осторожно, чтобы не пострадать самим и не поджечь окружающие постройки и деревья.

However, this method should be used very carefully and only if the socket is located outside the room. So you can kill hornets, whose dwelling, for example, hangs on a lonely tree branch.

During the operation, care must be taken to ensure that the fire engulfs only the nest itself and does not spread to a tree or surrounding plants. Ideally, when choosing this method of disposal, you need to have a fire extinguisher at hand and, accordingly, be able to use it.

A nest in the ground can be destroyed, for example, a bay in a hole in a pan or a whole bucket of boiling water. It is not recommended to take a smaller capacity, because the burrow may be deep, and boiling water simply does not suffice. After the procedure, the exit to the surface should be closed with something, so that accidentally surviving insects could not get out.

Если гнездо шершней или ос находится в земле, уничтожить насекомых можно с помощью кипятка

Kill hornets and wasps can also be used engine oil: as a rule, they pour a nest, hanging, again, on a tree. However, it is worthwhile to understand that this method is extremely non-ecological.

And, finally, it should be remembered that hornets and wasps - despite everything - are useful partners of man in the fight against agricultural pests. These predatory insects actively destroy caterpillars, larvae of beetles and aphids.

Before ruthlessly killing a hornet, watch him - perhaps he flies just over the garden or in the garden, and near the house in the suburban area does not even appear. Stop for a moment and think - in fact this insect helps you in the struggle for the crop, is it worth fighting against it?

When you are in close proximity to the hornet, you certainly need to take care of yourself. But it is also not necessary to destroy them without a reason: recently, because of the purposeless extermination by truck farmers of hornets, alas, they are already quite rare insects.

Be conscious, save for future generations this interesting and important - at least for nature - an insect.

If you decide to deal with hornets or wasps yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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