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Traps for hornets and wasps: self-made and application rules

Боремся с шершнями и осами на приусадебном участке с помощью ловушек...

The basis of the ration of hornets is mainly insects. That's why hornets and wasps are good help gardeners or gardener in the struggle for harvest. They are capable of destroying a significant number of insects harmful to crops, often such as are not eaten by birds.

However, such assistance is only good provided that the wasps and hornets themselves live somewhere in the district, and the site arrives only to collect food. If these insects decided to settle near the house, and in the worst cases - inside the premises or right in the yard, they need to be taken out, as this neighborhood poses a real danger to human health. To get rid of such unpleasant guests, a huntings trap is usually used.

На фотографии - пример ловушки для ос и шершней промышленного производства

А это самодельная ловушка для ос и шершней, подвешенная на дереве

On a note

For a person with a high sensitivity to the poisons of insects, one bite of a wasp, and even more so a hornet, can be deadly. The poison of the hornet and wasps causes a powerful allergic reaction and can lead even to anaphylactic shock. The greatest danger these insects represent for children - in the case of serious bites the child may develop sensitivity, and for life stinging insects will be a great danger for him.

In each specific case, one must be able to correctly choose the method of combating wasps and hornets.

В каждом конкретном случае средство для уничтожения ос и шершней надо выбирать индивидуально

Often the trap becomes the optimal way to get rid of them. However, as they say, each rule has its own exceptions ...


"I took a hornet with a simple plastic bottle. We cut off the top, turn it upside down and insert it into the bottom half. Before that, I poured a glass of beer and added honey. For a week I caught a little more than 20 hornets, and today there are 2 more. "

Alexander, Kursk

When traps are better than other ways of fighting

Trap for wasps and hornets is ideal for catching insects in those areas where there is no nest. The explanation for this fact is simple: if the hornets are not returned to their homes from the garden or the garden because of falling into a trap, after a few weeks they will completely stop visiting this place.

Лучше всего ловушка работает в том случае, когда насекомых на участке довольно мало

But to catch a hornet in an apiary - the task is more complicated, because baits can attract baits for it. In addition, the hives themselves are a more desirable object for these predators than the ordinary honey lure.

To protect the apiary, it makes sense to begin to find the very location of the hornet's nest and hang a trap directly next to it. With due diligence, it is quite easy to determine where the hornet lives, as a rule, this insect settles in stands not far from agricultural land, so their nest can be found at times for just one excursion.

Чтобы уберечь пасеку от шершней, полезно для начала найти гнездо насекомых


"I somehow drove the hornets from the site as a young man and looked for their nests. Interesting process, but tedious. Find the hornet, catch, tag, track down ... But it works for sure. Now I only hang traps near their evidence, but right away, since April. Result: the hornets are never touched by the apiary. But they are caught regularly until the end of summer, and many more. "

Igor, Kiev

In addition, a trap for wasps and hornets can be used in all situations when there is no rush to remove these insects. For example, it is worthwhile to struggle with wasps during the period when the country plot is not visited. In this case, the trap can be hung here and left for a few weeks, and during the next visit it's easy to throw out the caught insects.

На фотографии - осы, пойманные в простую ловушку из пластиковой бутылки

However, there are situations when hornets and wasps need to be caught quickly and immediately: they can interfere with the work required to work or frankly harm the apiary. In this scenario, destroy their homes as soon as possible. To do this, in the dark, it is necessary to remove the nest and lower it into a bucket with a damp cloth moistened with ammonia. The second option of extermination is simply to treat the taken nest with insecticides.

Nevertheless, despite the seemingly simple methods of combating hornets, there are cases when for the destruction of the nests of these insects it was necessary to call the service of the Ministry of Emergencies. Fortunately, such situations are quite rare, and when dealing with wasps and hornets, you can, in most cases, dispense with traps.

How and from what to make a trap

The simplest, but no less effective, traps for wasps and hornets are prepared from improvised materials.

Let's see what and how you can use for these purposes:

  • Plastic bottle - cut off its upper third, in the bottom part is poured a sweet bait. Then the lid is unscrewed, and the top of the bottle is turned over and set to its lower part. Thus, it turns out a funnel into which hornets and wasps easily creep, but can not get out again, because they are looking for an exit along the edges of the walls. Add the resulting design can be lubricating the neck of the bottle with petroleum jelly. With this improvement, even particularly resourceful specimens will not be able to cling to the neck and get out of the trap. В такую ловушку из пластиковой бутылки осы и шершни забраться могут, а выбраться наружу - нет.
  • A similar design is made from a glass jar with a screw cap. In this case, a cross is cut out with a strong knife in the lid, the corners of which are wrapped inwards, after which the bait is poured into the bottom of the jar.
  • To produce a slightly more complicated trap, you will need a cylinder made of galvanized sheet metal. Inside it is inserted a funnel made of a fine metal mesh with a narrow neck up. The top of the funnel should not be higher than 10-20 cm from the top of the cylinder. All this construction is installed on bricks, and from above is covered with an old sieve or a sheet of fine mesh. In order to catch a hornet or a wasp, a piece of meat or fish should be put under the cylinder. As a result of all these manipulations, insects fly to the bait, attracted by the smell of food, eat it and instinctively fly away, climbing up. On the funnel, they fall into the upper part of the cylinder and, until exhaustion, they strike against the upper mesh. In this trap, they can be etched every few days with any insecticide.

Ловушку для шершней и ос можно купить, а также можно сделать ее своими руками

Finally, for those who can not for some reason make a trap for wasps and hornets on their own or if they doubt the success of the matter, today there are a number of special devices for factory production available on the market that allow them to catch insects without much time and effort. It is important to use these traps correctly.

How to attract hornets and wasps

Hosi and hornets can be attracted by a large number of products from fruits to spoiled fish. Practice shows that the most attractive baits for them are:

  • a mixture of beer with honey or simply sweetened beer
  • syrup with strong odor
  • fermented raspberry or grapes
  • a fish.

Одной из наиболее привлекательных ловушек для ос и шершней будет та, в которой используется пиво в качестве приманки

Of course, in each specific case it is necessary to apply exactly that bait, which will not disturb the atmosphere of the place. For example, even those wasps that never visited a site will fly to the fish with a smell, but it's not very pleasant for a person to be near such a bait.

When and how to catch pests

The best time to place traps is spring, because in this period only young uterus and the first individuals of the new brood fly. If you catch these hornets and wasps, the family to which they belong will die.

To catch wasps at the end of summer is usually not the most effective, although there are a lot of insects at this time, and they are very annoying. This is explained by the fact that the use of any means of capture, even the most sophisticated, does not guarantee a person to capture all members of a huge family. At this time, the traps will only work as a limit to the number of hornets and wasps on the site.

Ловушку на участке стоит размещать весной, когда ос и шершней еще не так много


"In the spring I trail the entire apiary with traps from hornets. Usually I make them from bottles, and as a bait I use beer with sugar. I tried import traps, but the result is the same, but they cost several times more. Until June, they come across hornets, then cease. And that's all, I have never suffered any evidence. "

Sergey Petrovich, Tuapse

Another important advantage of placing the trap on the site in the spring is that it will not allow insects to settle here first. Wasps and hornets in the first place will fly into it, but they will not be able to fly back.

Safety measures when using traps

So, the hornet or wasp has already been caught, but, nevertheless, they remain dangerous until their own death. You can contact the trap without fear of being stung, only if the insects are dead. If the wasps or hornets still creep, it is enough to sprinkle on them with any means for removing cockroaches, and only then, having made sure of the death of insects, proceed to emptying the trap.

Если насекомые в ловушке еще живы и их много, стоит потравить их инсектицидным средством, например, Дихлофосом Нео

Extreme caution should be given when placing and testing traps located in close proximity to insect nests. Here hornets can attack if they consider that a person threatens their nest. That's why you should not place a trap closer than 20 m to a dwelling of insects, tk. at this distance the wasps easily smell the bait's odor, but the person placing it will not attack.


"We have one neighbor with such things with hornets fond of. Bottles put, some buckets. Once the hornet as a vsandal in the neck, "The ambulance" barely managed to take to the intensive care unit. My wife could not stand it and called the Emergency Ministry. The boys came with jokes and jokes, smashed all the trash in the attic in the shed with him, put the nest from under the roof in a bucket and filled it with bleach. And they brought it out. "

Andrey, Moscow region

Despite the seriousness of the situation with hornets and wasps living in close proximity to human habitation, one must remember the main thing: when catching these insects, one should not get carried away and destroy them simply because they are. In our country, hornet is an insect with a steadily shrinking area, listed in some regional Red Books.

Не стоит бездумно уничтожать шершней и ос, если они не представляют для вас прямой опасности.

So, to destroy these insects should be only when they really interfere with economic activities and are dangerous for humans. In other situations hornets and wasps are excellent helpers of truck farmers and gardeners in the fight against pests. So work and live in harmony with nature.

If you decide to deal with hornets or wasps yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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  1. Ivan :

    We also had hornets on the site somehow, and I did everything exactly as it is written in the article. I made a trap out of a plastic bottle and poured beer into it. As a result, some hornets came across, but still they flew a lot on the site. Then I reconnoitered and found their nest. As I was later told by friends, the whole point is to destroy the uterus of the hornet - it is laying eggs, and hornets workers regularly bring food for them. She did not react to the smell of beer, so I took and poured into this plastic trap directly half of the 1.5 liter tin can of liquid honey. And it should be, just the same day the uterus of the hornets (it was certainly she judging by the size) got out of the nest and fell into a trap. And really after that, the other hornets were very easy to catch. Maybe your case, of course, is not the same, but only such a tool helped us.

  2. Alexander :

    Thank you, good article.

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