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How to get rid of hornets and wasps: effective methods and safety rules

Если вы решили избавиться от шершней или ос, например, на своем дачном участке, то делать это нужно грамотно и со всеми мерами предосторожности.

Hornets and wasps are very "ambiguous" neighbors of a man. On the one hand, by their presence at the dacha, they prevent her master from relaxing, forcing him to constantly be on the alert because of the possibility of getting a bite. On the other hand, being natural predators, they are capable of destroying harmful agricultural insects in significant quantities.

Thus, the inhabitants of only one nest of hornets daily bring to their home up to several hundred different caterpillars, bedbugs and butterflies, thereby helping truck farmers and gardeners to fight for the harvest. Therefore, before you get rid of hornets or wasps, you should make sure that there is no possibility of peaceful coexistence with them on the site.

Шершни, так же как и осы, питаются другими насекомыми, а значит, помогают дачнику избавляться от различных вредителей огорода

However, there are times when the need to get rid of the nest of hornets arises, as they say, here and now. If, for example, the dwelling of these insects appeared not far from the apiary, they will definitely hunt bees, and if the family grows, they will actively destroy their beehives.

Действительно серьезную угрозу представляют шершни для пасеки

It is logical that beekeepers are unlikely to tolerate such a state of affairs and will eventually begin actively destroying predators, protecting beehive beehives.

At the same time, knowing what the hornets are afraid of, it is not so difficult to destroy them.

On a note

Hornet or wasp? For many townsfolk it is a problem to distinguish these two insects from each other. In fact, it is quite simple: the wasp has a body length of about 1-1.5 cm, while the hornet is ordinary - up to 3 cm. In addition, the hornet has a noticeable characteristic brown spot on the back and at the base of the abdomen, and there is no brown color in the color of the paper wasp.

Шершни крупнее ос и отличаются от них коричневатой расцветкой

На фото показана оса

Despite all the advantages of destroying harmful insects, hornets in the country can have a significant disadvantage - their neighborhood poses a serious threat to the health of children and adults. One or two large wasps that accidentally flew to the site are not so dangerous, but a family settled in a permanent residence can cause serious consequences.

In the case of an attack on a person of ordinary wasps, severe lesions are observed only occasionally, their bites are simply painful. If the hornet is taken as a "matter", then the consequences of a meeting with him can be really terrible.

What are dangerous hornets and wasps?

So, what is dangerous for a hornet for a person? First of all, the fact that his bite often causes an acute allergic reaction. In the overwhelming majority of manifestations, it is limited only to severe inflammation and edema at the site of the bite, but in about 10-15% of cases, stinging causes severe poisoning of the body, accompanied by headaches, palpitations and numerous hemorrhages.

Укусы шершней могут вызывать весьма сильный отек тканей

Such symptoms, as a rule, are typical for people who have an increased sensitivity to insect bites. However, in nature there are also such types of hornets, meetings with which lead to severe consequences even for seemingly non-allergic people before.

If the hornet stings in the area of ​​the chest and neck, the victim may develop edema of the bronchi or lungs, fraught with suffocation. Sometimes the resulting allergic reaction flows into anaphylactic shock, in which a person without immediate medical assistance can simply die. And, finally, in the case when a person is bitten several hornets at once, the deaths are fixed as a consequence of renal failure and necrosis of internal organs.

On a note

In Japan, about 40 people die each year, bitten by local giant hornets. Approximately the same number of victims falls into resuscitation with edema of internal organs after a single attack of several insects. The situation is similar in China and Thailand, because local hornets are one of the largest and most dangerous of all representatives of their kind.

Укусы гигантского азиатского шершня (на фото) очень опасны и часто могут приводить к летальному исходу

Speaking about the gravest consequences after the bites of hornets, we can not say about the wasps. The bites of these insects, of course, are less dangerous, but they, in turn, can lead to serious poisoning if a person has an acute allergic reaction to their poison.

It is obvious that if at least one member of the family knows the sensitivity to insect bites, get rid of hornets or wasps as soon as they appear in the country.

In the video below, the hornets in the country house when you place your nest:

At once we will notice that it is necessary to get rid of the nest of hornets very carefully (more about this we will discuss below).

The destruction of wasps in an apartment and a house: a few simple tips

Hornets in the house most often appear due to the attraction of a sweet smell. Having flown into a man's dwelling, they can no longer find a way out. To drive a hornet or a whisk in an apartment with a broom or a folded newspaper is dangerous - an angry insect can sting.

Оса или шершень могут ужалить, если почувствуют угрозу для себя.

In that case, how to get the hornet or the wasp out of the house? It turns out that it is not so difficult.

The easiest way to catch an uninvited guest is by using a half-liter glass jar for this, or, more specifically, simply covering it with an insect. When a wasp or hornet begins to fly over the bank, an improvised trap must be torn off the wall or window and covered with a plastic lid.

Летающее по кухне насекомое можно поймать с помощью обычной стеклянной банки

A similar trap for wasps and hornets is "made" from a matchbox. If the house has very dense construction or leather gloves, then they can be used - even the hornet will not be able to pierce such a thick cloth with a sting.

If you do not have any of the devices described above, and the presence of an insect in the house is very irritating, you can also use a newspaper sheet folded several times.

After catching the insect is not worth killing, you just need to throw it out the window.

How to destroy a nest of wasps or hornets

If the hornets in the country or the apiary become very frequent visitors, this means only one thing: their nest is somewhere nearby. The discovery of such a dwelling is the first step to victory over insects.

Если шершней на даче стало много, придется поискать их гнездо

As a rule, all wasps prefer to place their nests in quiet places - closed barns, attics, tree branches, under canopies. If the nest hangs open, you can destroy it in several ways. Let's take a closer look at the algorithm for the necessary actions.

  • Option for the premises: to recruit two-thirds of the buckets of water, raise it to the required level and lower the nest inside. After such manipulations, all hornets will be in the water and, accordingly, perish. For reliability, the bucket can be pressed to the ceiling and supported from below with a wooden bar or stepladder.
  • Cover the nest with a plastic bag, pre-sprinkling it with more insecticide - Dichlophos, Raptor, Executioner, Tetrix, Aktar or others. Hornets are afraid of all the means by which bedrages are bitten by bedbugs and cockroaches. If the socket is located on the wall or ceiling, you need to glue the edges of the package to them. If a hornet or a wasp hangs a nest on a branch, the packet should simply be tied over it in a tight knot. Шершней в гнезде можно уничтожить с помощью полиэтиленового пакета, куда набрызган, например, Дихлофос
  • The most brutal, but no less effective method: to collect a spray of gasoline or kerosene, several times sprinkle them with a nest from different sides and set it on fire.

It is worth paying special attention to the fact that the latter method requires strict fire safety measures. It should not be used indoors at all, but even if the hornets sit on a pear or any other valuable tree, the fuel must be sprayed strictly on the nest so that it does not catch fire and burn the tree when it is ignited.

It is more difficult to get rid of hornets from a birch or other tree in a hollow which they arranged a nest.

Если шершни обосновали свое гнездо в дереве, избавиться от них иногда бывает довольно сложно

In this case, a concentrated insecticide such as Carbophos or the Executioner is poured into the hole, after which the entrance to it is carefully covered with putty or sealed with adhesive tape.

And, finally, it is easiest to cope with wasps, who settled in an earth burrow. In this case, 3-4 liters of boiling water is poured into the hole and the hole is pierced by a stone.

Safety regulations

All procedures for the destruction of aspen and cherry nests must be carried out at night, when the insects are the least active and are in or near the nest. But in this case it is necessary to strictly observe the elementary rules of safety in order to eventually remain unharmed.

To get rid of hornets, you should put on an beekeeper mask that covers the entire face and neck, clothes with long sleeves and gloves. Thus, the main principle in choosing clothes for a similar purpose is the complete absence of open areas of the body.

Собираясь избавиться от шершней, надо надеть одежду, закрывающую руки, ноги и лицо

Raising the issue of safety, it should also be said that treating the nest with smoke or special stains to reduce the activity of insects can not be a panacea for getting rid of wasps. The thing is that it is impossible to know for sure how a hornet or a wasp will behave when smoking, which means that this way of getting rid of is fraught with an attack of insects.

Если вы решили выкурить насекомых из гнезда, соблюдайте все меры предосторожности: разъяренные шершни или осы могут напасть.

Proceeding from all the above, the pledge of efficiency in the destruction of undesirable winged neighbors will be premeditated actions and high speed of this procedure.

Traps from wasps and hornets as a preventive measure

If the wasps or hornets in the dacha do not yet live, but fly to the site for the purpose of reconnaissance, they can be caught by special traps. It is easiest to prevent the justification of these insects in the garden by catching their first individual specimens that penetrate the site.

Отдельных ос и шершней можно уничтожить с помощью ловушек

A trap is made for wasps and hornets from a conventional plastic bottle, which for the beginning is cut in the middle. Further, its upper half with the unscrewed lid is turned over and inserted into the lower part. After these simple actions, the trap is filled with a mixture of beer and honey, and insects attracted by this "fragrance" can no longer get out of the funnel.

Пример ловушки для шершней и ос из пластиковой бутылки

Заполненная насекомыми ловушка на дереве

Hang traps on the site can be approximately from the middle of spring, when the first scouts begin to fly. In general, the use of these special devices is advisable only when the wasps nest is away from the site, because it will not be possible to catch all the members of the family with their help.

Thus, traps are a great way to catch individual insects. Even if they can not get rid of a large family aspen, they will perfectly protect your site from the theoretically possible unwanted neighborhood.

If the insects still stung: first aid

Despite all the protective measures, sometimes hornets still sting. If this happens, follow these steps:

  • Apply a cold compress or soaked sugar to the bite site - this will not give the poison quickly spreading through the tissues; Холодный компресс замедлит распространение яда по тканям
  • take Dimedrol or Suprastin (to reduce the severity of the allergic reaction); Супрастин поможет снизить аллергическую реакцию на укус осы или шершня
  • rinse the wound with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide (for disinfection); Перекись водорода используют для дезинфицирования ранки от укуса
  • drink a liter of water and drink as much as possible in the future (to reduce the concentration of toxins in the blood and accelerated excretion in the urine).

If after the bite began to appear anxious symptoms - headache, palpitations, shortness of breath, Quincke's edema - you should immediately call an ambulance. Delay in this case is fraught with loss of consciousness and even death.

Above it was said about how to get rid of hornets and wasps, if they settled in the country. If the nest is seen in the wild, it should be carefully avoided and left alone.

These insects, however, like all the others, are very much needed by natural biocenoses, they occupy their strictly defined niche, and therefore it is by no means impossible to destroy them without any reason.

If you decide to deal with hornets or wasps yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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  1. Julia :

    What kind of niche do they occupy? Muck and rubbish all this. I have no cockroaches, no ants, no flies in the house, and no biological balance is disturbed by one gram. And even very excellent. Let the whole earth destroy this rubbish.

  2. Valery :

    In August 2016 in my garage settled hornets. And unexpectedly. The ceiling is sewn with a hedge, where the nest is difficult to say, we must dismantle the ceiling. I tried in the evening, when I came home from work, I switched on ultrasound. Somehow I bought, just in case, the device in the store. And now he helped me. One day later, in the morning, I went to the garage to go to work, and saw that the adults were hovering over the gate at the top of the garage. Opened the gate, inside they were not. In the evening I arrived, found only young people in the garage. The next day - all disappeared. The device, of course, still works, I want to fix the result. But while I lived with these "striped flies", they completely ate all the bark beetles, so I received the same from the hornets ... I wish all luck, bring these reptiles!

  3. Rose :

    Thanks for the advice. Bitten Asian hornet: horror, pain, allergy. Your advice has helped.

    • Sergo :

      I sympathize. I can not bear these reptiles myself, I'm terrified.

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