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Nests of hornets (photo): about their arrangement and how to remove them correctly and safely

Если гнездо шершней находится в опасном соседстве с вами, то имеет смысл задуматься о способах его уничтожения... Но как сделать это правильно и с минимальным риском для своего здоровья?

The nest of hornets in the cottage is always a certain source of danger. It is believed that to ensure the peaceful coexistence of man and hornets, one should not approach their nest more than 50 meters. But in most suburban areas this condition is simply not feasible, which means that it is desirable to remove the nest of hornets, and the sooner, the better.

In the photo there is a nest of hornets above the entrance to the utility room. In this case, access to such a place is always associated with a health risk:

Гнездо шершней может иногда находиться над входом в помещение, создавая прямую угрозу для тех, кто в него пытается зайти.

На фотографии показано шершневое гнездо, размещенное внутри помещения над его входом.

In general, hornets very carefully guard their nest and when danger signs are sharply activated (this must be borne in mind when you try to remove it). However, at a great distance from the nest, the hornet may well seem relatively peace-loving insects, since it will always prefer to fly away in case of danger.

Thus, settling in suburban areas, these large insects at least provide tangible inconvenience to their owners. It often happens that a person has to experience a bite of a hornet.

Если шершни облюбовали ваш участок, то существует большая вероятность быть укушенным ими

Bites of hornets are very painful. In most cases, they lead to a strong edema and a long, throbbing pain. But that's not all: in some cases, when the victim has a heightened sensitivity to insect bites, a hornet attack can lead to the development of severe rapidly spreading allergy symptoms that are life-threatening. If a person does not provide qualified medical assistance in time, the meeting with the hornet may result in anaphylactic shock and even death (in rare cases).

Very urgent this problem is for the inhabitants of Primorye and countries of South-East Asia, where the giant Asian hornet lives.

В азиатских странах от укусов шершней каждый год гибнут десятки людей

However, its ordinary European counterparts can be very dangerous.

Especially often think about how to destroy a nest of hornets, it is necessary for beekeepers. The fact is that in addition to the inconvenience caused to ordinary summer residents and gardeners, these insects are very harmful to beekeeping: they hunt the bees, which feed, including their larvae, seriously reducing the number of honey-bearing families. Sometimes, flying massively, a relatively small detachment of hornets in just a few hours can destroy thousands of bee colonies.

The photo below shows the Japanese huge hornets that attacked the beehive:

Всего лишь несколько огромных азиатских шершней с легкостью могут расправиться со всеми обитателями пчелиного улья

Нападая на ульи, шершни убивают насекомых, а затем разграбляют запасы пчел.


Due to the constant persecution of man and the thoughtless destruction of dwellings, hornets have become a rarity in many regions of our country, and in some places even listed in the Red Book. Therefore, to destroy the nests of nests should be only when they create serious problems for economic activities or pose a threat to human health.

Nest of hornet and its inner life

The hanging nest of hornets looks like a rather cumbersome construction of light gray color. Outwardly it resembles a large fruit, the width of which can reach 40 cm, and the height - 70 cm.

Внешне гнездо шершней может напоминать огромный шар

The hive of a hornet has a rather complex internal structure - it develops from several initial honeycombs built by the female founder, around which later working hornets constantly build up additional structures, decorating them from the outside.

Below the video shows the nest of hornets and the constant fuss inside it:

A nest of winged predators is constructed from a thin young tree bark, which workers chew and mix with saliva. The result is a soft and ductile mass that resembles a wet paper, from which honeycombs or nest walls are molded.

Для постройки гнезда шершни обычно используют пережеванную кору деревьев

Из мягкой пластичной массы пережеванной коры и лепятся стенки шершневого гнезда

It is interesting

The noise that the hornets produce with their jaws is distinctly audible at a distance of several meters from the nest. In a large hive, several hundred workers can be engaged in such work at the same time.

In the photo - a nest of hornets at the stage of construction of the second tier of honeycombs. The first few houses for larvae and the top of the new wall are visible:

Так выглядит конструкция на начальном этапе постройки

Uterus of hornets constantly moves between tiers of the nest. The eggs that are deposited by her workers are transferred and stacked in honeycombs, in which the larva will develop until fully transformed into an adult insect.

На фото видны личинки шершней в сотах гнезда

In the nest of hornets there are separate floors, joined together by strong pendants.

Larvae of hornets are carnivores. If adult insects can sometimes eat fruit, honey or aphid, the young people eat exclusively the meat of the prey they bring (usually small insects).

Личинки должны питаться мясной пищей, поэтому взрослые шершни приносят им мелких насекомых.

Before feeding the victim, the hornet clears it from the chitinous shell, removes the limbs and head. Not surprisingly, all this unused food "garbage" accumulates under the hornet's nest. Frequently, various parasites are planted in it, which for several generations are replaced by several generations.

In the photo - hive hive in cross section:

Так выглядит улей шершней в разрезе

Hornets live in the nest only from spring to autumn. At the end of the season, all its residents are no longer there, in rare cases there are only a few wintering young queens who did not scatter in search of other shelters. It is this time that is considered to be the safest for removing and destroying the dwelling of hornets, since often it is generally empty.

Where to find the nest?

Even if winged predators are frequent visitors to a dacha or vegetable garden, it is not always clear where their nest is located. This is especially true for apiaries, which hornets often come from the surrounding forest belts. In this case, before you fight uninvited guests, first you need to find a place for their settlement.

Нередко шершни прилетают на участок из гнезда, расположенного в ближайшей лесополосе

So how do you find the hornet's nest? The easiest way to observe this is to observe the insects: once in a few hours it necessarily returns to its nest, and if it can catch a bee, it will happen immediately after a successful hunt.

However, it is not worthwhile to completely rely on one's own vision, because the insect can easily be lost from sight on the background of foliage and herbage. It's better to do this: the hornet seen hides itself with a tennis racket and is already caught on the ground with a hand protected by a dense leather glove (this is necessary so that the insect does not sting). On the waist of the hornet is put on a well-marked ribbon or thread, which is tied slightly with a knot.

The following photo shows an example:

На фото показан пример шершня, перевязанного ниткой для того, чтобы было легче проследить за его перемещением.

So, the predator is caught, the beacon is in place. After this, the insect can be safely released - now the hornet will fly to the nest with a high probability, and the beekeeper, in turn, can easily follow him and find his home.

If the hornets literally flood the country plot, this can only mean one thing - their home is somewhere very close. To find a nest of hornets in such cases is usually possible in the attics of the backyard buildings, in the corners of the sheds, behind various structures.

Если шершней на участке стало очень много, есть высокая вероятность, что их гнездо находится где-то поблизости...

It should be noted that sometimes hornets can settle in earth burrows. It is also possible to determine the location of their nests only as a result of observations.

Methods of killing nesting nests

Remove the nest of hornets just will not work - insects will actively protect it and bite the "offender" even before he can reach the hive. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the nest very carefully and correctly.

Избавляться от гнезда шершней нужно очень аккуратно, так как насекомые могут его весьма активно защищать, нападая на обидчика всем роем.

You can get rid of hornets in several ways. Let's dwell on the most effective of them.

  1. Drown the nest together with the hornets in the water. To do this, you do not need to shoot the hive itself from the place where it hangs - it is enough just to raise a bucket of water to it so that the whole nest in it is submerged. If it happens in the room, the task is even simpler: you do not need to hold the water tank, just push it to the ceiling, supporting it from below, for example, with a stepladder.
  2. Burn the hive hornets, pre-sprinkling it with gasoline or kerosene. This is one of the simplest and most effective methods, which, however, can only be used when the nest is hanging on a non-flammable basis and there is no danger of creating a fire by its actions.
  3. Or you can spray a powerful insecticide in the plastic bag (Get, Lambda Zone, Delta Zone, Executioner, etc.) and gently wrap the nest in them.

Для уничтожения шершней можно использовать высокоэффективные современные инсектициды, например, препарат Get

An important feature of carrying out all these works is that it is advisable to start them at night, when the hornets are inactive and practically do not fly. And, of course, you need to follow certain safety rules (more on this later).


"Hornets were wound up in the attic, but we did not dare to climb there at all. But in vain. At first there the nest was the size of a light bulb, and when these monsters became so many that they did not let out into the garden, the beehive grew and became large, like a barrel. My husband once tried to climb into the attic and remove, so the hornets started to buzz, and it was clear that they would now attack. He came down from there, and went to poison them at night. Etched Carbophos, and we weakly divorced, so as to be sure acted. All the nest had to be poured, then he ran away from there. Two days later I checked - the bulk of hornets died, but still alive. He processed again and finished off everyone. After that, the nest had to be cut off with a hacksaw. "

Tatiana, Kostroma

Пример срезанного гнезда шершней

Other possible options for housing insects - when their nest is in a hollow tree or in the ground. In the first case, you need an insecticide, which should be poured into the hole at night, and putty - to cover the entrance to the hollow.

В случае если шершни разместили свое жилище в дереве, в дупло заливается инсектицид, а отверстие закупоривается, например, шпатлевкой или тряпкой.

But the nest in the ground can simply be poured with boiling water. It is only important to remember that a hornet's dwelling can be very voluminous, and for its destruction it will take a whole bucket or a large pan of boiling water.

Observe safety!

Whichever method of disposal is chosen by the owner of the plot or apiary, the main thing is to remember that it is necessary to destroy the nest of hornets very carefully. Even at night they do not sleep, just inactive, but are ready at any time to start defending their home. That is why for the operation you should choose clothing that completely covers the body, the mask of the beekeeper and dense gloves.

Прежде чем приступить к уничтожению шершней, стоит надеть костюм пчеловода

If quickly the necessary manipulations did not work out, the hornets began to fly out of the nest and try to bite their clothes, calmly, without sudden movements, move to a safe distance.

Even before destroying the nest of hornets, it is reasonable to prepare alcohol or peroxide to treat bites, a cold compress and Suprastin. Of course, it's good if these funds are not needed at all, but, nevertheless, to hedge and prepare for any outcome of events is worth.

In the photo below - a strong swelling after a bite of a hornet:

После укуса шершня пораженные ядом ткани могут сильно отекать, иногда развивается мощная аллергическая реакция.

In the future, in order to prevent the construction of nesting nests in the suburban area, even at the beginning of spring, at least inspect all the buildings and note the occurrence of these insects. If somewhere the first honeycomb with the founding mother is found, then it is necessary, without a hitch, to destroy them, because at this stage disposal is much easier and safer than it will be in a few months.

Если на участке вы обнаружили гнездо шершней на начальном этапе его постройки, лучше всего будет уничтожить его сразу.

If the hornets in the dacha severely hamper the usual way of life or threaten health, they, of course, must be taken out. However, there are also "ideal" cases where the hornets' nest is outside the plot, and they come to the garden or the garden only to hunt. In this scenario, it is not necessary to fight hornets - these insects will only help the owner of the garden, destroying pests.

If you decide to deal with hornets or wasps yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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  1. Ivan Vasilievich :

    In my opinion, it is clear to everyone that when the hornet of the hornet already lays eggs in the nest, the larvae will grow and the nest itself will become larger, then it will be absolutely impossible to drive out the hornets safely. As my practice confirms (and I myself am a beekeeper and often came across a hornet's dominance near the apiary), aggressively-tuned insects can be bitten and taken very seriously. I wonder if it is possible to try to divide the nest into parts and remove the hornet of the hornet together with one of these parts? Or is it only necessary to radically destroy all hornets?

  2. Yural :

    I have a nest of hornets in the attic of the apartment house, like a bucket. I think in winter, maybe cut it off and burn it. If hornets, of course, there winter. And if not, then it's useless. Tell me, do hibernates hibernate in their nest and should it be removed? ..

  3. Cher :

    Today I removed the nest, small, only in 2 tiers. Tied a cylinder of Dichlophos on a 2-meter stick. Pshiknul 2 seconds, they showered.

  4. Galya Rybalkina :

    Wow, a huge hornet's nest!

  5. Galya Rybalkina :

    Hornets attack!

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