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What to do with a bite of a hornet and how much it can be dangerous to health
Что делать при укусе шершня и насколько это может быть опасно для здоровья

Bitten by a hornet? The main thing - do not panic. Despite the fact that it can be very painful, your main task in such a situation is not to let the emerging swelling spread to the tissues and urgently take pre-emptive actions to reduce the severity of a possible allergic reaction. After all, it is the allergy to the bite of the hornet that causes serious consequences for human health, sometimes even fatal. What is dangerous bite hornet and what if the insect still stung? Let's talk about this in more detail ...

Nests of hornets (photo): about their arrangement and how to remove them correctly and safely
Гнезда шершней (фото): об их устройстве и как их правильно и безопасно убрать

Nest hornets - not the most pleasant surprise, which can be found in the suburban area, attic of a house or in an economic building. If you do not touch it, you constantly have to bypass the place where it is located. Agree, this tires ... If the nest is placed over a frequently used path or directly under the roof of a toilet or shed with tools, then this neighborhood may pose a direct threat to human health, especially for children. That is why, in most cases, the nest of hornets in the suburban area should be cleaned. But how to do it quickly, effectively and most importantly - safely? Let's understand ...

Overview of the most effective means against wasps and hornets
Обзор наиболее эффективных средств против ос и шершней

Destroy the wasps and hornets in the suburban area, the apiary or in the house can be a variety of different means. Most often - in the absence of the necessary knowledge and experience - to this end, trying to apply almost the first drugs received from cockroaches, and sometimes - a variety of folk recipes. However, it is often overlooked that the most important thing in the fight against stinging insects is not even their rapid destruction, but first of all the guarantee of their own safety during the procedure. That is why it is important not only to choose the right insecticide for the destruction of wasps and hornets, but also to be able to use it safely. Let's find out that to achieve the desired result apply experienced fighters with these dangerous insects.

The rules of first aid for biting hornets
Правила оказания первой помощи при укусах шершня

Know the measures of first aid with a bite of a hornet is necessary for every summer resident, truck farmer, beekeeper or resident of a private house. Hornets always appear on the site unexpectedly, and attempts to drive them away, or, especially, destroy a nest often lead to an attack of insects. Their bites in some people cause only swelling and pain, but for others - can even be fatal. And here the physical strength or the state of health of the victim does not play a role - only the specificity of the immune system determines the severity of the reaction to their venom. What should be done first, in order to avoid serious consequences after the bite of a hornet? About this, we'll talk more ...

Life of the uterus of hornets - the most important female in the nest
Жизнь матки шершней – самой главной самки в гнезде

Uterus in social insects is not only the most important, but also the largest representative of the family. In bees, it is about one and a half times more than working individuals, while in bees it differs by an average of half a centimeter. Immediately on the mind come hornets: if in themselves their working individuals are huge and reach a length of 2.5 cm, then the uterus should generally have a giant size! Indeed, the main female hornets are actually larger than insects-workers, but the queen from the large tropical species has a particularly strong impression of the "immensity". In addition, the life of the uterus is much more interesting than the existence of most of its descendants, and some features of its life cycle are truly amazing. What does the largest individual look like in a horny family? How does she live? Let's understand ...

Interesting features of life of a huge Japanese hornet and the danger of its bites
Интересные особенности жизни огромного японского шершня и опасность его укусов

When you see a Japanese huge hornet live, the stories of Jonathan Swift about the country of giants and the struggle with giant wasps cease to seem like a fairy tale. Indeed, these hornets look incredibly large, even, one might say, unreal, but, nevertheless, they are real, and moreover - are a disaster for many Japanese villages and farms. Across the country, the Japanese giant hornet is considered one of the most dangerous and deadly: there are more cases of death from its bites than from any other poisonous insects. How do these monsters look and how dangerous are they for humans? Let's understand ...

Bites of hornets and their danger to humans
Укусы шершней и их опасность для человека

Almost everyone who has ever had the "pleasure" of experiencing the consequences of meeting bees and wasps, or just seeing it from the outside, is afraid of them. Of course, there are those who claim that they are not afraid of these insects, but they will reflexively shake them off their hands or neck, risking a bite. Is it worth talking about hornets, frightening people only by their appearance and huge size? Indeed, the bite of these predatory insects is much stronger than that of most of their relatives, and the stinging of some of the large tropical species of hornet is considered one of the most dangerous in the world. What should we expect when attacking hornets? Let's understand ...

What usually dreams a hornet - let's go to the dream
К чему обычно снится шершень – обратимся к сонникам

Neither wasps, nor hornets in a dream from the point of view of dream-books, nothing good promises. Despite the absence of significant harm to humans from these insects (if they are not disturbed), they are remembered and thought mostly in a negative way. That is why in a dream these insects are perceived as satellites of negative thoughts. Numerous dream books indicate the connection between hornets in the dreams of a person and various events in his future. Let's try to understand this in more detail ...

How to effectively deal with hornets and bring them out to a dacha or apiary
Как эффективно бороться с шершнями и вывести их на даче или пасеке

Hornets - insects, the neighborhood with them in the country is always unpleasant, sometimes it's just impossible to endure. One or two hornet, flying to the garden - it's generally not scary, but in case of appearance on the site - and even more so in the economic building - the nests of these insects, it is worth to sound the alarm, especially if the frequent visitors here are children. Bites of hornets can cause strong allergic reactions in any person, ending in the most severe cases with anaphylactic shock and fatal outcome. No less dangerous are hornets and for apiaries, where they hunt bees. It is necessary to struggle with winged predators here, destroying them as soon as possible. How to do it? Let's look at this issue in more detail ...

Giant Asian hornet Vespa Mandarinia
Гигантский азиатский шершень  Vespa Mandarinia

One of the largest wasps on Earth is the giant Asian hornet of Vespa Mandarinia. Only single individuals of other species can reach this length in length, and practically none of them weighs as much as the "bee-sparrow" weighs, as this giant in Southeast Asia is called. The Asian hornet is very toxic and deadly even to humans, when meeting with it, you must be careful and avoid any contact. Otherwise, the consequences can be the most sad ...

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