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Wax moth and feedback on its application

Большая восковая моль: экстракт из ее личинок сегодня широко применяется для лечения многих болезней

Wax moth - a butterfly from the family of fire, a dangerous parasite of bee hives. Her larva eats honey, perga, larvae of bees and sometimes even a heater in hives. But most of all the white and yellow caterpillars of this butterfly are known for being able to digest the wax - this ultimately served as the basis for the application of wax moths in medicine. It is believed that the enzyme produced by its caterpillars, which breaks down the wax, effectively destroys pathogenic bacteria whose composition of shells has similar properties to wax. This served as a prerequisite for the use of wax moths as a drug first to fight tuberculosis, and then - and to treat many other diseases.

На фото показана личинка восковой моли


"I used to hear about wax moth tincture, but I thought that it only helps with tuberculosis. My grandmother prescribed it for me with pain in my heart. She drank two months, then the bottle ended. Indeed, the result is! I stopped pricking before going to bed, it became easier for me to walk, there is almost no hypertension. Very good tool. I think I will drink it constantly, but in smaller quantities. "

Olga, Petrozavodsk

The use of wax moths

The use of wax moths has gone far beyond the treatment of tuberculosis and in general microbial diseases: this agent is actively treated with thrombophlebitis, infertility and post-infarction states, which have nothing in common with bacterial infections. For an experienced physician, this may seem like a placebo effect - with the same success, patients could drink a simple alcohol. But if people recover en masse, it is difficult to fight with success.

Настойка из личинок восковой моли


"I've worked all my life in the North, and now I've moved to my children and grandchildren. I could not even suspect that I would be sick here with respiratory diseases. I, accustomed to frost, literally collapsed here. ARVI, pneumonia, influenza, chronic tonsillitis, snot. Even on the 5th floor could not rise. I thought, we will move to a private house, it will be better, but everything only worsened. After she began to drink a wax moth regularly, she stopped being sick at all. I always let go of the stuffy nose. For the second year in the winter I do not get cold, even if I jump out into the cold in the house on the street. If now I get rid of the allergy to ragweed, then I will drink this tincture for the rest of my life. "

Irina, Temryuk

Today it is difficult to say exactly what a wax moth is useful for. The enzyme cerraza, which traditional healers consider to be the main curative component of the extract, is not practically described in science at all, and vitamins and other active substances can hardly be contained in the extract of caterpillars in a larger quantity than in specialized preparations.

Nevertheless, the useful properties of the wax moth today are widely advertised. It is believed that with her help you can treat the following diseases:

  • tuberculosis
  • myocardial infarction
  • hypertension
  • pneumonia
  • bronchial asthma
  • infertility in men
  • ARVI
  • prostate adenoma
  • thrombophlebitis
  • diseases of the endocrine system

... and many other ailments. With such a spectrum of action, the drug is more and more like a charlatan panacea for all ills, but numerous reviews of the use of wax moth larvae suggest that people are still helping this tool.

Считается, что экстракт из личинок восковой моли содержит фермент церразу, который расщепляет клеточные стенки болезнетворных микроорганизмов


"I was refused to go to the hospital, saying that together with tuberculosis I have a whole set of concomitant diseases. I did not drink medicine, but I used tincture of wax firing, and strictly in the dosages indicated by the doctor-healer. On the next X-ray, I was told that there is a positive dynamics, and were very surprised, because, as I understood, I was placed in the dispensary at the clinic. Now I see that the extract works, and I will drink it to the victorious one. "

Ilya, Yakutsk

The use of wax moth is not scientifically confirmed. Biologically active substances in its extract are not very many, and those that are available are not typical medicines. But the less is said about this tool by science, the more useful properties wax moles find folk healers ...

How to apply a wax moth

The application of the extract of wax moth larvae depends on the disease against which it is used, and on the physical condition of the patient himself.

As a rule, in the most general case, 25% wax moth extract is used in the amount of 3-6 drops for every 10 kg of human weight. 10% of the drug, respectively, is used in double quantities.

Экстракт восковой моли

It is not recommended to use the drug without consulting the doctor , although there were no obvious side effects from its use previously.

There is no official instruction on the use of wax moths, since this drug is not on the register of medicines. Nevertheless, even manufacturers do not recommend giving it to children under 14 years old, as well as pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Is wax moth extract really useful?

Judging by the results of treatment of a large number of people with wax moth extract, this remedy can indeed be useful and effective. Experts believe that in most cases there is a placebo effect: people recover only because they are convinced of the possibility of recovery and believe in the drug.

Множество отзывов свидетельствуют о положительном эффекте при приеме настойки восковой моли

Scientific research and medical experiments have not been carried out to prove the effectiveness of wax moths. But the chemical composition of the extract of the larvae of this butterfly was studied because scientists were interested in the ability of this species to survive in beehives.

The usefulness of the wax moth extract is evidenced only by the reviews of numerous patients of national physicians who used this remedy for the treatment of completely different diseases. In most cases, it is difficult to verify whether only the extract was used, or if other drugs were used in parallel, but there are positive results, although there are also negative ones.


"Drank a tincture for the treatment of prostate adenoma. She did not give any result. After that I started using candles. Rectofit, they say, is also completely natural, the tumor has decreased. But after the tincture I stopped pawning my nose. I do not even know what it is better to treat now. "

Igor, Volgograd

"There was tuberculosis with a hearth in the upper lobe of the lung. Lying in a tuberculosis dispenser, he drank pills with kilograms, injections did, but the result was almost imperceptible. I barely left for home treatment. There immediately bought a wax moth and began to drink. Two months later, in the results of the X-ray, "the volume of the thorax is preserved, the shape is ordinary, in the left lung it is formed with calcium inclusions." In short, there is no tuberculosis. This tool only helped. Thank you!"

Igor, Nizhny Novgorod

"On the recommendation of our local herbalist, she began to drink waxy moth extract. I was tormented by legs, varicose veins, at night I could not sleep with pain. At the same time I put leeches. When I bought a bottle, I generally thought, what could be the benefit of them, what from the larvae, what from the leeches? Five sessions of leeches, two cans of tincture drank. When the swelling from the bites of leeches passed, everything became, as before, no change. Maybe they got a little less sick. But there was no cure. I'll have to go to surgery. "

Lyudmila, North-Donetsk

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    From the wax moth can be an allergy, itching in the legs, mostly the upper part of the foot.

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