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Treatment with tincture of wax moth

Эффективно ли лечение настойкой восковой моли? Давайте разбираться вместе

Wax moth - well-known to each beekeeper pest of hives. The butterfly itself is practically harmless, and does not eat anything, but the larvae of the wax moth eat honey, pergue, wax, litter in the hive, sometimes even the larvae of bees and smaller caterpillars of their own kind. They also entangle the honeycomb with silk, not allowing bees to care for the larvae and leading to the death of part of the brood.

For treatment of different diseases wax moth larvae are used - medium-sized (up to 20 mm) light yellow caterpillars, inactive and very voracious. Of these, home-made tinctures are prepared, which when taken are taken internally.

Личинка восковой моли - именно из них делается настойка

Восковая моль является вредителем пчелиных ульев, однако многие пасечники разводят ее специально

It is interesting

It is not known to whom and when the first one came to mind was to make a tincture of wax moth larvae. Perhaps it was a way for the beekeepers to gain at least some benefit from the hated pest. And then those who prefer to be treated with nontraditional drugs, the patients actively spread the rumor about the miracle cure of the medicine.

The rationale for the effectiveness of wax moth tincture in the treatment of diseases is small. Among them:

  • several scientific papers devoted to the study of the composition of the larvae themselves. They found substances that improve the functioning of the cardiovascular and endocrine systems of the body, but in such modest amounts that the tincture of wax moth is inferior in properties to various plant preparations, and treatment of wax moth diseases in calculating only these substances is irrational.
  • Investigations of the "professors" unknown in scientific circles, who discovered in the larvae an enzyme of ceramics (still not known to chemists), which effectively destroys bacterial cells in the body.

Officially, it is considered that the tincture of wax moth is a placebo, the expediency of the appointment of which for the treatment of any diseases is ensured by the patient's conviction of a successful outcome (a person believes that the remedy will help him heal). However, this does not prevent thousands of traditional healers from prescribing tincture from the larva of wax moth to trusting patients, regardless of the severity of the disease, and the patients themselves - to drink this remedy instead of the medications proven by many years of medical practice and really effective.

Серьезных научных обоснований эффективности настойки восковой моли при лечении различных заболеваний - нет


"When my daughter discovered asthma, we decided to go first to the local grandmother - the folk healer. She advised us to begin treatment with a wax moth, she said that this is the most reliable remedy. First we were confused by the price of pleasure - for the full course it was necessary to pay 3000 rubles - and then the fact that after two months of treatment the child's condition only worsened. Cough became permanent, choking daughter began and at night. We went to the hospital, they told us that it was still on time, otherwise it could have ended badly. "

Olesya, Alma-Ata

Tincture of wax moth as a means of treatment

Initially tincture of wax moth was intended for the treatment of tuberculosis. Even there have been attempts to scientifically explain its effectiveness - allegedly, the same enzyme of ceraza that breaks fats and allows larvae to feed on wax, safely splits also the lipid envelopes of Koch's rod and leads to the death of the pathogen of tuberculosis.

Считается, что личинки восковой моли содержат особый фермент, который способен расщеплять клеточные стенки болезнетворных микроорганизмов

Even though there is no "ceraza" enzyme in nature (there is no scientific evidence of its existence), there are questions about its penetration into the lungs themselves and selective effects on Koch's wand. Why, for example, the enzyme does not destroy as effectively the phospholipid walls of other cells: for example, cells of Escherichia coli, brain cells or heart, finally.

However, shortly after the success, the wax moth funds were used not only to treat tuberculosis, but also to fight diseases not associated with bacterial infections. For example, the means are carried out:

  • cancer treatment
  • treatment of varicose veins
  • treatment of prostatitis
  • treatment of atherosclerosis
  • fighting with nervous disorders
  • treatment of impotence and infertility in men

…and many many others.

Сегодня восковую моль рекомендуют для лечения практически любых заболеваний

It is obvious that one remedy can not effectively treat such a variety of diseases - traditional healers simply exploit the well-known name of the drug and faith in it. In this case, patients themselves willingly check the healing properties of wax moles on themselves and their relatives, which creates scope for charlatans.


No certified doctor or licensed clinic prescribes tincture of wax moth even as a supporting or prophylactic agent.

It is useful to draw a conclusion for themselves: treatment with wax moth larvae is possible only as an additional measure to the basic treatment. To refuse treatment by recognized methods in favor of wax moth tincture, especially when dealing with such serious diseases as oncology and tuberculosis, it is impossible.

Лечение восковой молью следует рассматривать лишь как дополнение к основному лечению

But even when deciding whether to use the product, it is necessary to consult a doctor who is ready to take responsibility for the result of applying the remedy to yourself.


"I never knew what it was and what the wax moth was treating. Her son was treated for tuberculosis, as it turned out, and they prescribed me for varicose veins. In parallel - leeches three times a month and heating with mustard plasters. This is very tiring. The second month I am doing, there is no living place on my feet. But something must come out. "

Tatyana, Volgodonsk

Indications and how to use the tincture

There are some theoretical premises to say that treatment with wax moth tincture can be shown in the following cases:

  • with atherosclerosis
  • with diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • at a lowered arterial pressure.

В личинках пчелиной моли все-таки содержатся некоторые полезные вещества

It is the substances useful in these diseases that were reliably found in the larvae themselves. All other indications are solely the initiative of the people's healers:

  • tuberculosis
  • bronchitis
  • migraine
  • impotence
  • premature ejaculation
  • phlebeurysm
  • thrombophlebitis
  • disorders of the nervous system
  • allergy
  • premenstrual syndrome
  • cardiac ischemia.

Especially doubtful is the treatment with a wax moth of varicose veins - no relation either to the larvae or to the alcohol in the tincture to the expansion of the veins do not have.

It is also necessary to be sure that the tincture will not cause an allergic reaction when applied, which is typical for many beekeeping products.

Перед началом лечения следует убедиться, что у вас нет аллергии на настойку


Judging by the responses in the network, the medicine from wax moth larvae is prescribed by folk doctors even with viral infections - influenza or poliomyelitis. Following such recommendations can be dangerous, because the tincture does not affect the virus itself, and without proper treatment, the clinical condition may worsen.

Dosage in the treatment with wax moth extract is usually prescribed depending on the strength of the tincture itself. 25% tincture is drunk 6-8 drops three times a day, diluting them with any amount of water. 10% of the drug use 10-15 drops three times a day. From the specific nature of the disease, the dosage usually does not change.

Настойка восковой моли выпускается в разной концентрации - в зависимости от соотношения массы личинок и спирта


"There is no equal in the treatment of tuberculosis of wax moths. I myself have cured it and advise everyone. I had tuberculosis in both lungs in the upper lobes. He could neither breathe nor move normally. Medicines were prescribed so much that there was simply no money to buy them. For two months I drank a wax moth without a single pill, on the X-ray showed that there was a small hearth in the upper lobe of the right lung. This tool really works, a few more months, and I will be a healthy person. "

Alexander, Tyumen

Tincture wax moths own hands: recipes and cooking rules

Tincture wax moth is usually made by beekeepers or private beekeeping companies. They also usually can directly buy a wax mole for treatment.

To prepare tincture wax moth used fairly large caterpillars of the penultimate age. On the medicinal properties of the tincture, the age of the larvae does not affect almost in any way (it is impossible to use only the most adult larvae that have stopped feeding and ready to pupate), but the larger each individual larva, the less it will be required for the preparation of the medicine.

На фотографии - личинки восковой моли

Личинка восковой моли крупным планом

Larvae of wax moths are simply poured with alcohol (sometimes vodka) in a mass ratio of 1:10 for a 10% tincture or 1: 4 for a 25% tincture. The vessel with the tincture is tightly and hermetically closed and placed for 2-3 months in a dark cool room for infusion.

Possible side effects and contraindications

To date, it is not known about side effects when treating a large wax moth. Healers usually warn patients that during the reception, sometimes there may be allergic reactions and worsen well-being. In these cases, the tincture should be discontinued.


"Even when I was tormented by my heart, I learned that I was curing a tincture of wax moth. It turned out that it is good for preventing heart attack and stroke. I tried to drink it, I drank three vials according to the instructions, but did not feel a particular result. Although the pain began to happen less often, the state of health did not improve. "

Ekaterina, Ekaterinburg

Есть ряд противопоказаний для лечения восковой молью

Unambiguous contraindications to the use of tincture of wax moth are pregnancy, breast-feeding and children's age - up to 14 years. Also, one should not use tincture for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Manufacturers of tinctures and prices for it

No pharmaceutical campaign tincture or wax moth extract produces. All products on sale are exclusively private, only a few are produced by private companies without registration and obtaining a license.

You can buy tincture of wax moth either with the hands of the manufacturer, or through the Internet, in specialized online stores. And with the online purchase of the product can be delivered to almost any country in the world (which affects the cost of delivery). In case of necessity of an advance payment to buy means costs only at the sellers having good responses. This will help to avoid deception.

Если уж решились покупать настойку восковой моли, то предпочтение следует отдавать продавцам, имеющим хорошие отзывы

The price of a 100-ml bottle of 25% tincture is about 700-800 rubles, and 10% of a tincture is about 350-400 rubles.

In general, it can be said that tincture of wax moth is one of those means that you can try for the sake of interest, but to put all your hopes on which is impossible in any case. After all, there is a risk to miss the moment for really necessary treatment, when even effective means of applying will be too late ...

Be healthy!

If you decide to fight the moth yourself, then we recommend using only proven tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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  1. Sergey :

    A very convincing story about a wax moth. I would like to learn more about the chemistry produced by pharmaceutical licensing companies, with which we are treated, and in the majority crippled, also just as truthfully and easily understandable.

    • Anonymous :

      I support on 100%! Pharmaceutical business is one of the most profitable in Ukraine and Russia, unlike European countries! So let's not downplay the dignity of the products bestowed by nature. The article is clearly written by a person who has a direct interest in traditional medicine or pharmacy.

      • Antonina :

        Quite right!

      • Andrew :

        The one who hates the tincture, probably, she never even smelled it. I myself do it and accept it. I want to say that it was necessary to do it 15 years ago)) Then my relatives would prolong their lives. And these writers, pharmacists, let them take pills and other chemotherapy themselves)) Maybe they will live longer.

  2. Gulnara :

    8 months treated with tuberculosis only drugs - it's useless. Then she reduced the dose of tablets and added a mole - the year saw regularly, cured the MDR tube. And the state of health immediately improved, hence the result, probably. I have only positive emotions from this moth. The extract prepared itself, so without costs and more reliable.

    • Azamat :

      Gulnara, good afternoon, write your data, I want to contact you.

    • Anonymous :

      Gulnara, write down your phone number, I want to contact you.

  3. Natalia :

    Often had sore throat and colds. After she began to drink the tincture, she ceased to hurt, even forgot about the runny nose, the state of health improved in about a week. I drink the third bottle and I am very pleased with the result.

  4. Natalia :

    I started to drink a tincture of wax moth, until I see a result.

  5. Vladimir Sheva :

    At me a bronchial asthma, in a hospital very much to me helped droppers. But at the moment I have not helped, I have been ill for 6 years and every year I have been hospitalized 2 times. I have been taking ginger, honey, wax moth and scarlet for 20 days and the result is improving. He could not be cured yet, but it's easier to breathe and thoughts of death have passed away. As I recall the attacks of suffocation and helplessness (horror). I wish everyone to be healthy.

    • Zoya :

      I'm afraid to jinx myself ... Lord, forgive me and have mercy. You helped me find the cure for my insidious illness. People, do not believe the devastating article. Vladimir, drink on and believe that it will help you. I was terribly surprised when I drank only for a week, and at night I wake up and breathe normally, stopped inhaling the chemistry that helped me. At me PNEVMOSKLEROSIS is an obstructive pneumosclerosis. It's terrible - no breathing, no strength even, 5 meters was hard to pass. I take 2 drops per 10 kg of body weight 3 times a day. I'm alive, I breathe without chemistry. God willing, it will be even better. But I have some alveoli scattered, hang with rags. Only 70% of lungs work. Of course, the alveoli are not restored, but my task is not to destroy the rest, to stop the proliferation of some kind of connective tissue. Placebo does not work that way. I am delighted. My forecasts were bad ... But I ask God for forgiveness for all my sins (about which I do not know) and ask me to help me recover! And I thank the Almighty for the help - I really have these unattractive creatures helping me overcome my illness. Believe.

      • Anonymous :

        That's right, dear Zoya. I have a similar case. So many sores in my lungs, and bronchi ... I already thought that it was all over. Attacks tormented. Suffered from shortness of breath. She slept only while sitting, already thought that everything, the end of my life. But I did my mommy with my grandfather. Themselves. We had an apiary. And I drank a lot of it already. But then I began to sing in the ensemble, and go to the forest now without any problems. God grant all health and faith ... Live by faith and wish good and happiness to people. I really wish everyone not to be ill and be happy.

  6. Alexandra :

    People believe in the wax moth in the dust and dust, apparently, in order to continue to carry money to pharmacies :-) and doctors with narrow views and standard treatment approaches. And yet, each is individual, and the wax moth is a natural "product". On bitter experience I was convinced of the stupidity of doctors and to them I will turn in the last turn.

    • Yuri Grinko :

      I'm Grinko Yuri. The doctors found pulmonary tuberculosis of the 3rd degree. Wax moth extract with larvae was discharged from Russia. Passing treatment in the hospital, took tincture - 3 times a day. After 10 months, there was a survey of the Lugansk dispensary: ​​all the doctors gasped - no tuberculosis bacillus was found. She disappeared completely, the lungs are clean. I very much thank Nina Dmitrievna Krasnoyarsk Territory, I bought this wonderful tincture from her.

  7. Love :

    Can her contacts be urgent ?!

  8. Vladimir :

    After a heart attack, he threw away a lot of money for treatment. By pure chance I tried tincture of wax moth, I have been taking it for half a year already - I do not notice any pain in my heart. Well helps with flu. I myself learned how to grow a wax moth. The case is painstaking, but useful. The whole family uses my wax moth tincture in case of illness.

  9. Leonid :

    I myself am a beekeeper, I prepared the infusion for the first time, I start to drink, I'll write off the results!

  10. Angelica :

    I ask you, very much I need a tincture, I'm afraid to buy something else, suddenly deceived. Now many such people, if only to sell, but we drink and hope for recovery!

    • Valentina :

      Angelica, if you have not bought the tincture, I will look for the contacts of the person I bought from. Give answer.

      • Irina :

        Hello Valentine! You and I could be contacted by the person who bought the wax moth? Urgent need. Thank you so much.

        • George :

          There is a familiar beekeeper who himself knows how to correctly make this tincture, cured many, he is treated only by her, especially with the flu epidemic.

  11. Tatjana :

    This drug has been used since the 17th century, with the help of it it is possible to cure tuberculosis, the aging process will stop. In ancient times tincture was considered one of the best rejuvenating agents, was popular among women, it is recommended to take with the purpose of rejuvenating the body.

  12. Nastya :

    Tincture helps and it is unequivocal. For several years I suffered from noise in my head. Treatment with chemical preparations, prescribed by doctors, was of little use. A friend brought with a beekeeper, from whom I met this tincture. First he gave me a try for ten days, he says, if you do not feel the relief, it makes no sense to take it. But I felt and still like! It's a pity, before, no one brought me with beekeepers, how much chemistry would have passed by me.

  13. Amina :

    Now, patients with tuberculosis are increasingly using waxy moth extract, as an additional means of traditional medicine, to raise the level of immunity precisely on the advice of their doctor.

  14. Akbar :

    I also took, you can say, a very good thing from all diseases. I had high blood pressure, I drank a wax moth. After one bottle, I cured the pressure. Today I bought one bottle for a friend.

  15. Nick :

    Where to buy it?

    • Anonymous :

      In Kazakhstan, they are sold in shops, brought from Altai. Melanium. Wax moth.

  16. Galina :

    I live in the Altai Territory. In Barnaul, there is a manufacturer of wax moth extract. The drug is certified. Called Galleria Melonella. They send only large wholesale to Moscow, Yaroslavl and abroad, including China and Kazakhstan. My brother took the extract, recovered from tuberculosis. Many friends, who helped the drug from various diseases. In the Altai Territory, the price for wax moth extract is the lowest.

  17. Alexander :

    All health! I live in Chuvashia, the beekeeper myself, I make wax moth extract. We also drink the whole family. Mom knocked down the pressure from 200 to 120, and stopped spraying with asthma.

  18. Ninel :

    I'm an oncologist. I drink tincture of wax moth, ordered on the Internet, but somehow it is not very sure of it. I ask the beekeepers to share the moth itself. The price is within reason. I will be very grateful.

    • Sergey :

      Mole is good. Propolis alcohol would add 10-20%. With infusion of a lespede. Look at "Aconite or Fighter". And the author's book Sviridonov G., M., "Health of the fountain is nature", 1990.

  19. Victor :

    Finally, an objective article about the mole, and the reviews read in the internet, I think everyone knows how to do it, ie. it is better not to read them at all. I myself make tincture and on moths, and on products of vital activity of larvae of moths, I distribute to relatives and friends. I have never sold, which I advise to all beekeepers: gratitude is the best reward for work, especially when you find out what diseases people cure by this "placebo". This is definitely not a placebo, tk. I know what the person was taking, without knowing it myself, and cured bronchitis. From observations - there is a side effect, and is typical for men - after a week of taking on the stomach, it is impossible to sleep. All of health!

  20. Inna :

    Yes, indeed, now phthisiatricians advise the wax moth themselves.

  21. Anonymous :

    How can I order the moth tincture in Germany?

    • Anonymous :

      I have been a beekeeper for 6 years. I live in Germany. I'll try to do this recipe, although I have a tincture since last year. There were larvae of wax moth, and I poured them alcohol (I bought alcohol in a Russian store). I have not tried it on myself yet.

      • Asya :

        Dear! I also live in Germany, drink 20% of tincture, 2 bottles already bought in Ukraine. If there is an opportunity to buy from you, I will be grateful to you. I've got a heart problem.

  22. Sergey :

    The beekeeper himself, prepared the tincture for the first time in the year before last. Saw from high blood pressure (hypertensive, even had a stroke in 2005). As a result, the pressure was no higher than 135/90. For me - an excellent result. I used 3 bubbles 100 ml, 20% tincture. Then he repeated, for me, 2 courses a year are enough courses. But when I asked a neurologist about a mole, she ridiculed me and did not even read it in the internet. Although every year I am treated in a day hospital - dripping magnesia and vitamins ... Suffices for a couple of weeks, and then the pressure rises again. But with the moth - it is quite stable for almost six months.

  23. Ayan :

    Probably, I will also try this tincture. At me a tuberculosis, and the liver does not allow to treat this infection, preparations strong, chemistry, it is impossible to apply. Doctors do not know how to treat.

  24. Andrew :

    Tincture wax moth helps almost all diseases! I accept it constantly, I even smear her wounds. The beekeeper himself, I cook it myself.

  25. Svetlana :

    And with diabetes you can take it? I have varicose veins and thrombophlebitis. I am 43 years old.

  26. Alexandra :

    Hmm, an article or a custom, or just a stupid person wrote some. I also drink wax moth tincture, and it's not for that kind of money that I bought it, as the article says. In Kharkov, a bottle of 0.5 wax moth tincture costs 350 hryvnia (1200 rubles). Pollutrovaya! I prescribed it to drink an endocrinologist - menstruation cycles are thrown up because of not very good thyroid work, little thyroid-stimulating hormones. I drink tincture courses, and monthly as by the hour. And this despite the fact that gynecologists go to my ears, that I have polycystic ovaries (with normal hormones and low sugar). Modern official medicine in Ukraine is still a sight.

  27. Nikolay :

    Do not believe these peddlers of pills, they advertise their products, cripple people from young to helpless old people. If they advertise the effectiveness of traditional medicines, such as wax moth extract, and others, their products will not be acquired (the business will go bankrupt). Therefore, they are fighting for the safety of their products, crawling out their skin!

    • Irina :

      Problems with the gastrointestinal tract; I will start drinking after August 15; about the results I will write.

      • Nikolay :

        When I left the service, I was pressured to 165. I live in a family estate in Stavropol, I have my apiary. Life in the estate normalized the pressure, 120-125 at 80, even re-recruit for service. During the time after my dismissal, I was forgotten in the polyclinic, very rarely go to the dentist. In the past year, it started to play up the heart, I had to switch to tablets. Once a relative gave a bottle of LMW extract. Drank, diluted with water, a couple of weeks. Health is normal. In 1 bee family the VM has now divorced. I will do the extract myself.

      • Lyudmila :

        At me too problems with GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT, especially with a liver. Irina, write about the results. Now I have pneumonia, but I'm afraid to be treated by the moth because of the gastrointestinal tract. Thank you.

        • Catherine :

          Lyudmila, do not be afraid, find the right tincture and drink. Dilute 20 drops in 70-100 g of water and take two times a day. My sister drinks with a stomach ulcer. The husband was treated after a heart attack, the results of the tests (especially indicators of liver enzymes) surprised. I am a skeptic, I do not believe anyone until I check it myself. But the tincture actually works. Gently, not fast, but cures.

  28. Elena :

    I bought a tincture a few days ago at an exhibition of the Holy Elizabethan Monastery from Minsk, which was held in Novorossiysk (Krasnodar Territory). I suffered from cough after a month ago. Twice I took a tincture of 1 tsp. - it became easy to cough and there were forces. Treatment continues. The cough is gone. Forces return. About the mole did not know anything (read just on the Internet). The article was outraged, even the tip for the first time in my life decided to write. Name of tincture: Monastic product. Balm "Health". Fire +. Ingredients: wax moth extract, Iceland moss (cetrarium), hyssop, violet, coltsfoot, rosewood, rhodiola rosea, echinacea, plantain, lime blossom, pine buds, cyanosis, thyme, raspberry leaf, oregano, licorice . 100 ml. I paid 400 rubles.

  29. Marina :

    I have HIV and hepatitis, can I cure such a tincture? Tell me please.

  30. Elena :

    She took the flask for 4 months with interruptions of 10 days, all the papillomas disappeared.

  31. Andrew :

    Do not slander the tincture. I learned about it a year ago. My brother's brother is a general, so this general was treated in the hospital for varicose veins. I ask: does the general have no money for pills? I was told that they should sell the pills, but the general must be cured. I've been drinking for three months and one month of larvae, the effect is palpable - I had a wound in my nose, I did not heal very long. Then I had heartburn (2 months later). After 2 and a half months, there were headaches (at the age of 18 there was a concussion, so when changing weather, I drank 2 tablets of citramone). And the bald head began to overgrow, it's actually visible, and it's become better to see (I'm 48 years old, I was already going to buy glasses). I stopped drinking omez, festal, etc., the stomach works like a clock. And I make the tincture myself, starting with the brew. Understand, advertising is lying, and monks will not lie, since they are treating the larva - hence, it really helps.

  32. Irina :

    Tincture drinks my friend. Her blood pressure was 90/60, now it's 120/70. She told me about the tincture, I want to try. I'll write about the result.

  33. Sergey :

    For several years I have been doing and drinking tincture. The result was surprised. According to my statistics, eight out of ten people who took the tincture, note a significant improvement in well-being. A positive result for tuberculosis and many chronic diseases is clearly visible. Sergei.

  34. Murad :

    I would have bought it, too.

  35. Larissa :

    At mum metastasises in lungs, the dyspnea has begun. What to do, do not know where you can buy a wax moth? Maybe she could help her!

  36. Boris :

    I read all the reviews and made sure that the tincture of the moth larvae helps the sick. I wish all ill people recover.

  37. Roman :

    All the good afternoon, I can offer tincture of wax moth, Kemerovo region, the city of Prokopyevsk.

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