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The use of bee moth tincture for the treatment of diseases

Сегодня настойку из личинок пчелиной моли используют для лечения самых различных заболеваний. Действительно ли это средство эффективно?

For most people, the bee moth is known only for the fact that on the basis of its larvae, tincture is prepared, which is used in the fight against tuberculosis and some other diseases. This butterfly is called a wax moth, and its main feature is that its larvae feed on bee hives not only with honey and perga, but also with wax (at the expense of a special enzyme), seriously damaging honey cultivation and indignation of beekeepers.

However, despite the popularity and widespread use of tincture of bee moth, in fact there is no scientific confirmation and justification for its effectiveness. Moreover, many people tend to think of it as a placebo remedy, which relieves the disease only because of a person's belief that "the tincture works."

So is there any positive effect of using the tincture? Let's consider this issue in more detail.

Bee moth: description, appearance, lifestyle and nutrition

The so-called bee-moth is not like the homemade moth in general. It is a medium-sized butterfly with a wing length of about 25-35 mm, an unsightly gray-brown color.

Бабочка пчелиной моли (другое название - восковая моль)

When she sits on any surface, she belongs to the family of moles in her head shape and a small peculiar "nose". In general, the color of this butterfly is patronizing and allows it to be masked on the bark of trees.

On a note

The term "bee moth" in science is understood by several species of butterflies, but the people call it a large bee moth. It is her larvae that reach the largest size and are best suited for cooking tinctures.

The bee moth in its biology is closely related to the bees themselves. Its larvae live in hives and feed on almost all the products that bees produce: honey, wax, perga and even the larvae of bees.

На фото - личинки пчелиной моли

Личинки пчелиной моли активно поедают пергу и воск

Butterfly moths are removed here, in the hives, but for breeding leave the nest and mate outside the hive.

It is interesting

Bees do not touch either butterflies or moth larvae because they can be masked with the help of allocated odorous substances, identical to those of the bees themselves. Even though the butterfly of a bee moth is absolutely unlike a bee or its larva, the owners of the hive trust the sense of smell and do not dare to interfere with the life of parasites "leading them by their nose" almost in the literal sense of the word.

Adult butterfly moths do not eat at all and do not live long. They mate already in the first days after leaving the pupae, and literally within a week the females have time to fulfill their main purpose - to find a new hive of bees and lay eggs in it.

Яйца пчелиной моли

The larvae of the bee moth emerging from the eggs at first eat only honey, but then switch to a more abundant food - wax. At the same time they damage honeycombs, entangle them with silk and do not allow bees to feed their brood.

Вышедшие из яиц личинки опутывают пчелиные соты плотным слоем своего шелка

Serious infection of butterflies can lead to the death of a bee family. That is why in beekeeping a wax moth is considered one of the most dangerous parasites.

On a note

With a strong infection of the hive, moth larvae can manifest cannibalism or eat various organic remains, bee larvae and even debris in the hive.

Fighting a wax moth is extremely difficult, and for beekeepers the appearance of this butterfly in the hives is a big headache.

There is an opinion that at one time enterprising beekeepers decided to somehow make money on their own and come up with curative properties for wax moth larvae. And already popular rumor spread this rumor and turned tincture of bee moth into a real elixir against all diseases.

Indications and how to use the tincture

Its use of wax moth found in the people's treatment of a huge number of diseases.

Initially, it was used to treat tuberculosis, since the effectiveness of the drug was justified by the presence in the digestive tract of larvae of moths of a special enzyme ceraza, equally successfully dissolving both the wax in the bee hive and the phospholipid membranes of the Koch bacillus, the main causative agent of tuberculosis.

Считается, что личинки пчелиной моли способны переваривать воск за счет фермента церразы, который, якобы, и расщепляет стенки туберкулезной палочки

However, over time, the folk doctors began to prescribe the bee moth tincture for the treatment of so different diseases that today this remedy has gained fame as a real panacea - he is advised to use practically everything.

So, for example, the bee moth is prescribed for the treatment of lung diseases, cardiovascular and genitourinary systems, nervous disorders, allergies, gastrointestinal diseases, oncological diseases. It is important only to consider that official medicine does not recognize this drug, and certified doctors tincture of bee moth with all its "healing" properties is never prescribed.

On a note

For the sake of truth it is worth noting that there is no statistically significant evidence of the efficacy of bee moth in the fight for health. The enzyme "ceraza", to which the advocates of the drug appeals, does not exist in official biochemistry, and only one person, who is not known by anybody but sellers of the tincture, conducted scientific studies of the tincture.

Tincture of bee moth is made by private beekeepers in the form of 10% - and 20% solution ("extract").

Настойка пчелиной моли

Use them at the rate of 2-3 drops per 10 kg of human weight three times a day. The right amount of tincture for consumption is dissolved in any liquid.


"When the pain in the chest and cough became permanent, went to the examination. According to the results of the X-ray - tuberculosis, pathology in the upper part of the right lung. From the hospital, I left, a mountain of medicines did not even buy, immediately ordered a bee moth. I drank a teaspoon twice a day. After two months on X-ray, the area of ​​the lung lesion was half as large. So, I will be cured. "

Oleg, Kirov

The healers themselves prescribe certain amounts of tincture for treatment in accordance with a specific case. Those who really care about their health, preferably before buying and using the means to communicate with a doctor who has a successful experience of treating a particular disease.

Preparation of bee moth tincture

Tincture of bee moth is prepared quite simply: the necessary number of larvae is filled with 40% alcohol in a ratio of 1:10 for a 10% solution or 1: 5 for a 20% solution.

Для приготовления настойки понадобятся живые личинки пчелиной моли

Также для приготовления настойки потребуется этиловый (медицинский) спирт

For the preparation of the present, larvae of about 15 mm long, of the penultimate or last age are selected. These caterpillars already have a sufficient amount of useful substances in their bodies: they constantly produce a cerase enzyme, because they are still actively feeding.

On a note

Wrong name of tincture - extract of bee moth. The extract is usually obtained by heating a very finely divided raw material, while the larvae moths are immersed in alcohol unharmed and even alive. To make the drug called an extract, the larvae would have to be dried and ground before alcohol.

Contraindications and side effects

Contraindications to the use of tincture of bee moth are few. It is not recommended to drink:

  • children under 14 years
  • pregnant and lactating women
  • people with acute forms of inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

In general, the side effects from the use of tinctures are usually not observed. Very rarely, it can cause allergic reactions in particularly sensitive patients.

Where and how to buy tincture of bee moth

Buy tincture of bee moth is available only from private beekeepers-producers. The tincture is usually realized via the Internet, and the price of a 100-ml vial with a 20% solution is usually 700-800 rubles.

Зачастую настойка пчелиной моли готовится и реализуется самими пасечниками

Typically, suppliers offer to buy a wax moth in the form of still living larvae for self-cooking tincture. This is not a good option, simply because after being outside the hive, the caterpillars begin to pupate at any stage, and a good medicine will not work out of them. Therefore, you only need to buy a moth when it can be poured with alcohol within a few hours.

And finally: before consuming tincture of bee moth should always consult with your doctor. Putting high hopes on this remedy, you can miss a time-favorable treatment and launch a serious illness.

Be healthy!

If you decide to fight the moth yourself, then we recommend using only proven tools that have shown their high efficiency:

To the record "The use of tincture of bee moth for the treatment of diseases" left 3 comments.
  1. Antonina :

    I drank tincture of wax moth for the prevention of tuberculosis, because I was in contact with the patient. I noticed that on my legs a lot less became visible varicose veins and cramps in my legs stopped. At the same time, papillomas on the body and all the "age-related" skin changes began to disappear. So the tincture does its job, whatever the doctors say. Try everything that has similar sores, and see for yourself. I wish you health.

  2. Annushka :

    And I found a wellness course of the extract of fire 20% wax moth Galleria mellonella 350 ml - this is 5 bottles of 70 ml, costs only 1100 rubles. Fire from Bashkiria from the beekeeper in 4 generations.

  3. Ava-Sherf Mammadov :

    Two years ago I fell ill with bilateral pneumonia, which was taking place in my severe form. My friend from St. Petersburg, a beekeeper of a wide profile, sent me a wax moth tincture in Simferopol. I am still quite in poor condition, I asked for an extract from the hospital home and began drinking this tincture for one teaspoonful. for 0.5 glasses of water. A month later, CT scan showed excellent changes in the lungs. I have alveoli, it turns out, covered with a fibrous tissue, it is very dangerous for the lungs, a person, eventually can suffocate. I continued to drink this tincture and here's the VICTORY, I have completely gone these fibrous outgrowths, I breathe easily. And a friend, Lena, for her advice and for this tincture, I am very grateful.

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