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Where does the mole come from?

Моль - не самый приятный гость в квартире, поэтому давайте узнаем, откуда же она появляется

Many owners of even the cleanest apartments periodically have to think about where the mole comes from. It seems that in the house everything is clean and there are no other insects, but these ordinary-looking gray butterflies begin to come across more and more often. In fact, the reason for the appearance of moths depends primarily not on the purity of the dwelling itself (as, for example, in the case of cockroaches), but on other factors.

Most importantly, what kind of mole wound up in the house, what kind of mole it belongs to - there are a moth and a food moth . These pests, similar to each other, but completely different in their biology, enter the house in their own ways.


Wondering where the mole is taking in the apartment, it is useful to remember that it does not care about the sanitary condition of the premises. The pest equally effectively infects both malogigenic barracks and elite housing. The main thing for her is the availability of fodder base, but this fodder base is most abundant in expensive houses.

The way food moths in the apartment

In order to understand where the moth comes from in the kitchen (food), it is worth remembering how often it is necessary to bring home products from the store. Basically it is in the factory packaging that this unpleasant parasite gets into the apartment. The reason - leaky packing or improper storage of food products in the factory, warehouse or directly in the store.

Favorite foods are moths - cereals, seeds, nuts, dried fruits, milk mixtures, flour, animal feed, dried berries, herbs and roots.

Личинка пищевой моли

On a note

Very often, products in warehouses infected with moths are sold at bargain prices. Sometimes it means that having bought buckwheat or flour with a "holiday" discount, the housewife provides herself with a headache and bewilderment about the appearance of moths in the apartment. It is important to remember that the food moth does not appear in the kitchen itself - in most cases it is brought by the owners of the premises themselves.

Sometimes the reasons for the appearance of moths in the house become clear after a conversation with neighbors: the pest moves through the ventilation systems passing through the house. This means that the mole in your apartment may well appear from the next room.


Mole is a bad flyer, and it's rare to move between flats. Much more often, larvae, pupae and eggs of moths enter the house with food or furniture.

If there is a grocery store on the first floor of a residential building, it is possible that it is the place from where the food moth is taken in the apartment building. Storage of cereals and flour in warehouses in large quantities provokes the multiplication of this pest.

Неправильное хранение больших количеств пищевых продуктов может приводить к массовому их заражению молью

Перед добавлением муки в выпечку желательно ее просеять, чтобы проконтролировать наличие личинок пищевой моли

Покупая крупу в мешках, убедитесь дома в том, что в ней нет личинок моли

Like any other winged insect, a mole can simply fly into the apartment, for example, from the staircase through an open door, but this happens extremely rarely.

How does the moth get into the apartment?

So, where does the mole come from in the closet, if all things are new, clean and neatly folded? To find this out, it is worth remembering whether the following products have been bought recently:

  • natural woolen carpets
  • furniture with natural upholstery
  • outer clothing made of fur or wool
  • woolen or knitted clothing
  • shoes with natural fur.

Новая обувь с натуральным мехом вполне может стать причиной появления моли в квартире

If at home a mole wound after one of these purchases, then it can be said with certainty that the larvae were already in it at the time of acquisition. After settling, the moth began to multiply and spoil other things that came across her way. Unfortunately, a pest can even be in expensive things from trusted stores that cherish their reputation.

Purchased in the store or used furniture can also serve as an excellent "vehicle" for transporting larvae of moths to a new place of residence. Especially it concerns old furniture, in which it is very easy to get to the "delicious" filler.

The moth can also choose a more exotic way of penetrating the house - the wool of pets. In principle, the moth does not parasitize living things, but fur can be used as a temporary shelter very much. Cases when a mole appears this way are quite rare, and only adult butterflies can be settled in this way on dogs with long, shaggy hair - bobtails, rizenschnauzer, coarse dachshunds, South Russian sheepdogs.

Иногда моль выбирает нестандартный путь в квартиру - на шерсти домашнего питомца

Above are listed the main ways in which the clothing and food moth appears in a person's home. But whatever the method of its penetration, it is important not to allow the parasite to multiply throughout the apartment.

Causes of contamination of the food moth

Fully insure against the emergence of food moths in the apartment is unlikely to succeed, because to infect the kitchen, one person who has flown in the individual or one larva in the packed croup is enough. It is much more important to create such conditions at home that will not allow moles to comfortably multiply and spoil the products.

Гусеницы моли могут уже присутствовать в купленной крупе

First let's see what conditions for food moths are most favorable:

  • Feed. Without food, the mole simply will not be able to multiply, so she always needs a food source: boxes with flakes, bags of flour and nuts, or at least dried herbs. Овсяные хлопья могут стать идеальным кормом для пищевой моли
  • A convenient place to live. Mole prefers closed kitchen cabinets, storage rooms where she can both live and eat. It is almost impossible to detect food moths on open kitchen shelves - it avoids light.
  • Absence of airing and twilight. The moth does not tolerate fresh air and direct sunlight, preferring closed rooms where food is stored.
  • Absence of sharp odors. There are scents that moths are very unpleasant and make her move away from their source. These include the smell of citrus, lavender, eucalyptus, tobacco, vinegar.

How to prevent moths from entering the house?

Anyone who knows well where the mole in the apartment comes from, can competently approach and prevent its appearance in the dwelling.

Avoid the appearance of clothing moths can only be through a thorough inspection of all new things that fall into the house. Even if a fur coat or a hat is bought in an expensive store, it is worthwhile right there to carefully examine its external and internal sides for damage by moth larvae. At home, you should hang the purchased item on the balcony and leave it there for three days. Do it in a clear sunny weather without dampness, so as not to spoil the fur or wool.

A wonderful fragrant prevention from moths will be lavender or orange peel spread out in the closet (they need to be changed as they dry up), you can also put an open vial of essential oil of any of these plants.

Открытый флакон с маслом лаванды в шкафу поможет спасти продукты и вещи от моли

For lovers of ready-made preparations, you can offer special sections from moths that are hung in the closet and also have a pleasant scent. The fur coat, hat or carpet can be treated with a spray from moths - especially it is recommended to do this when storing warm clothes in the summer season.

Повесив в шкафу такие секции Raid, вы убережете вещи от платяной моли

It is interesting

There are several other ways to keep your favorite things from the clothes moth. Before storage, they can be covered with fresh newspapers or put a few strong cigarettes in your pockets (the moth does not like the smell of printing ink and tobacco, but it can persist for a long time and ruin the pleasure of wearing things). Another good way is to gnaw out things or products. For this, in the cold season, they can be "forgotten" for a few days on the balcony, after which any mole will die. It also works and a central heating battery, which will destroy the moth on small woolen and knitted things - socks, hats, jackets.

The principles of preventing food moth infection are similar to those described above. After coming from the grocery store, you need to look through all the products where the moth can start: cereals, dried fruits, nuts, dry spices, herbs. If nothing is found there, the food can be stored for storage in glass jars or linen bags.

В таких емкостях из Ikea крупы будут защищены от моли

Some folk recipes recommend impregnating bags with brine or simply salt water. Unequivocally, it is not necessary to store cereals or flour in an open factory package.

It is recommended to periodically ventilate the kitchen cabinets and wipe the shelves with vinegar, lay out lavender or orange peel in them. It is not recommended to purchase cereals and nuts in large quantities "in reserve", as the longer this product is stored, the more likely the moths will multiply in it.

If you decide to fight the moth yourself, then we recommend using only proven tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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