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Tincture of wax moth larvae and its application

Перед применением настойки восковой моли следует получше узнать об этом средстве

Tincture of wax moth is a well-known folk remedy originally used to combat tuberculosis and some other diseases of the lungs, bronchi and the whole respiratory tract. However, later, with the increasing popularity of this tool, he suddenly suddenly found numerous additional opportunities, and today healers recommend using it almost in any disease.

However, no matter how popular the wax moth is as a healing agent, its tincture is never prescribed by certified doctors for the treatment of patients. Its effectiveness, it would seem, is justified using scientific terms, but in reality large-scale scientific studies and works on its study were not.

Серьезных научных исследований, которые бы показали эффективность настойки восковой моли, не проводилось

Therefore, the use of tincture of wax moles should be treated with caution and remember that statistically significant documented cases of cure with its help history does not know, and feedback on the effectiveness of tinctures is often of very doubtful reliability.

How and from what the wax moth tincture is prepared

Tincture wax moth larvae is prepared from the caterpillars of the penultimate age butterfly wax firings - a known pest of bee hives. And the caterpillar itself, and the butterfly of this species, give off special substances, the same for the smell, as those released by the bees. Accordingly, bees in the hive do not perceive them as strangers and do not attack them.

На фото - личинка восковой моли

Wax larvae feed on honey, wax, perga, sometimes they can eat eggs and even young larvae of bees, which is very harmful to the whole bee family. If a beehive is set too many fire, the bee family can not die at all.

При сильном заражении улья восковой молью пчелиная семья может погибнуть


"Tincture of wax moths - an excellent remedy for chest pain and migraine. I am a beekeeper with experience, for more than ten years I have been preparing such a tincture according to my recipe and drinking it. Previously, I had a headache on the weather, and in winter there were obvious signs of tuberculosis, although he was not found by his doctors. As he began to drink, it all went away. I recommend this tool to everyone. "

Ilya Ivanovich Smirny, Belozersk

It is believed that the ability of wax moth larvae to absorb wax as food is due to the maintenance in their digestive tract of the enzyme ceraza - a special substance that cleaves the chemical components of the wax. Since the tubercle bacillus has a membrane that is close to wax in chemical nature, a theory arose that cerraza can split the outer layers of mycobacterium tuberculosis and lead to its death.

Считается, что фермент церраза, содержащийся в личинках восковой моли, способен расщеплять клеточные стенки бактерий

For the sake of truth, it is worth noting that biochemistry does not know of such a substance - ceraza (at least with this name), nor reliable data confirming that when a tincture of wax moth larvae is applied, the causative agent of tuberculosis perishes in the human body. Therefore, the proofs of the properties of wax moth tincture are not very convincing.

It is interesting

The fact that the contradictoriness of the properties of wax moth tincture can be confirmed by any student of the biological faculty adds to the fire of doubt. The only person who tried to confirm the effectiveness of the use of wax moth is a certain "academician" Mukhin, neither about scientific achievements, nor even about the name and surname of which nothing is known. It was he who "invented" the church, and it was convincing for low-scores that he proved the effectiveness of the drug itself.

To prepare tincture wax moth used large larvae, continuing to feed. At the last stage of development, the amount of digestive enzyme in the caterpillar decreases sharply, since it needs to be engaged in preparation for pupation during this period, and younger larvae contain, respectively, less useful substances.

On a note

More reliable is the assumption that the larger the larvae, the less they are needed to make a tincture portion. Accordingly, the beekeeper is easier to prepare the right amount of medicine from large caterpillars than from small ones.

The recipe for wax moth tincture is simple: larvae (usually live) are poured with 40% alcohol in a ratio of 1:10 by weight, that is, 10 grams of larvae are added 100 grams of alcohol. After that, the entire mixture is infused in a cool dark place for 1-2 months.

Личинки восковой моли

Спирт этиловый медицинский

When preparing a 20% tincture per 100 grams of alcohol, 20 grams of larvae are taken.

On a note

Very often alcoholic tincture of wax moth is called in the people (and "folk" producers) extract. This is not entirely correct - the extract is usually prepared from crushed raw materials. In the proposed medicines, the "caterpillar caterpillars" always float near the bottom.

Despite the simplicity of the preparation of wax moth, the monopoly belongs to beekeepers. In a place other than artificial hives, it is simply impossible to obtain enough larvae. Some honey producers sell caterpillars themselves, but at such a price that it is more rational to buy ready-made alcoholic tincture of wax moth larvae.

Обычно настойку готовят и продают сами пасечники

It is interesting

Perhaps to prepare a tincture of wax moth came to the beekeeper who was tired of fighting the pest and decided to try on this pest to earn. And later, when the placebo effect and feedback on the tincture of the wax moth began to make successful advertising for this tool, there were bright minds who tried more or less consistently to justify the use of the tincture. So, it seems, the useless drug quickly became a well-known medicine.


"My father-in-law at the dacha has four clues. When I found out how to make a tincture of wax moth, I asked him, he says that sometimes he finds these butterflies and caterpillars, but there are too few of them. I do not think that even at 50 grams will be enough. "

Peter, the Great Valley

Indications for use of the tincture

Initially, when the remedy was just gaining popularity, tincture of wax moth was recommended for patients with tuberculosis. It was believed that it was the tubercle bacillus that destroyed this remedy.

Раньше настойку восковой моли использовали для лечения туберкулеза, а сегодня - практически от всего

It is interesting

In fact, if the preconditions for the effectiveness of wax moth tincture were correct, then it could be used against a huge number of bacterial infections - very many bacteria have lipid constituents in their shell. Obviously, among the defenders of this remedy there were no really experienced physicians: instead of promoting tincture as a means specifically for bacterial infections, it was used against increased blood pressure, impotence and hemorrhoids. This is clear evidence that the remedy has simply acquired a halo of a panacea.

Today, the use of tincture of wax moth is advised to those who suffer from the following diseases (note only the most popular ones):

  • asthma
  • tuberculosis
  • thrombophlebitis
  • hemorrhoids
  • headaches
  • atherosclerosis
  • cardiac arrhythmia
  • suffers from stroke
  • adenoma of the prostate
  • depression
  • infertility
  • and also used for the treatment of cancer.

Of course, traditional healers prescribe their dosages for each case and can explain how the remedy acts on the "cellular" level. Therefore, before taking a tincture of wax moth, or even better - before you buy it, you should ask about the advisability of such a step of a doctor who has behind him a successful experience of treating a particular disease.

Перед использованием настойки обязательно стоит проконсультироваться со своим лечащим врачом


"My husband has an beekeeper, he prepared a tincture of wax moth himself. I drank against pain in my heart, it seemed to help a little this remedy, but not for long. By spring, the vesicle had ended, and a few weeks after the cessation, the pain began again. "

Anna, Taganrog

Application rules

Instructions for the use of waxy moth larvae instill the same doubts about the efficacy of the remedy, as well as its scientific justification. Regardless of the disease, its timing, nature of the course and degree of neglect, you should take 15-20 drops of tincture, diluted in any other liquid, 3 times a day.

Настойку восковой моли обычно принимают по 15-20 капель 3 раза в день

If not 10%, but stronger, 20% solution is used, the number of drops should be reduced to 7-10 2-3 times a day. However, for full confidence in the safety of such treatment, it is with the attending physician who assumes responsibility for the patient's health that the program for using the wax moth tincture should be agreed upon.

Contraindications to the use of tincture of wax moth

Contraindications to the use of wax moth tincture are few: the product is not recommended for children under 14 years of age, pregnant and lactating women.


"I did not help the tincture of wax moth larvae. I fought with thrombophlebitis, took three months, strictly according to the prescriptions. The result is zero. Even the pain did not pass. But there were constant headaches. I stopped drinking, my pain was gone. "

Oksana Yurievna, Novosibirsk

Comments on serious side effects from the use of wax moth tincture is not known. Contraindications for use are justified by common sense: an adult is unlikely to harm this drug, and a sensitive child can react to it with an acute allergic reaction.

Price, manufacturers and ways to buy wax moth tincture

Only private beekeepers and small private companies specializing in the sale of bee products are engaged in preparing tinctures of wax moth larvae. No licensed pharmaceutical company wax moth tincture produces or sells.

Настойку продают обычно пасечники, крупные компании этим не занимаются

The tincture of wax moth and the recipe for this remedy are not patented developments.


"... the tuberculosis in the upper lobe of the left lung was diagnosed. Have registered medicines, but I have decided to drink tincture of wax fire. Buy it almost nowhere possible, the mother of all the pharmacies ran around, but could not find anywhere else. We were ordered from some beekeeper from Nevinnomyssk via the Internet. "

Timur, Bryansk

Typically, tincture of wax moth can be bought through the Internet. Usually 100 and 250-ml vials of a pharmacy sample with a screw cap are sold here. Through the transparent walls of the vials, the larvae of the whitish color floating there are visible.

The price of a 20% waxy moth tincture in a 100 ml vial is approximately 750-800 rubles. 10% solution is cheaper by one and a half times. At the same time the price of tincture when buying directly from the hands in the apiary can be about 250-300 rubles, although with the ability to bargain - slightly less.


I searched for a long time where to buy tincture from wax moth larvae in Donetsk, but nobody in the region, or even in Zaporozhye, sells it. I ordered a bottle from Uman, in the apiary of Dmitrov, a week later.

Galina Evgenievna, Mariupol

Private producers of tinctures from Russia and Ukraine send a remedy all over the world. An important point: if you really decided to buy a tincture of wax moth larvae, then it's better to order on sites on which besides the tincture and beekeeping products nothing is sold anymore.

Если уж и покупать настойку восковой моли, то лишь в специализированных магазинах

As a rule, these sites belong to the farms themselves, who are interested in customers and who keep their reputation. If the tincture is sold in online stores, littered with a very diverse product, then it is better to refrain from buying.

If you decide to fight the moth yourself, then we recommend using only proven tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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