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What does the mole dream about and what does this dream mean?

Посмотрим, что говорят разные сонники о сновидениях с молью...

To dream of a mole every person who has ever encountered this domestic insect can. Most often the mole in the dream is treated as a bad sign, foreshadowing trouble or indicating the presence of secret enemies.

However, some dream books are not so categorical: they argue that the moth can be a harbinger of luck and some good events. Everything depends on the context of the dream, on the circumstances in which the mole dreamed.

It is interesting

According to the doctrine of symbols (semiotics), a mole is an antipode of a butterfly. Unlike the last mole symbolizes the unknown side of human nature - fears, complexes, forebodings and subconscious in general. The most favorable is the dream in which the mole flies out of the darkness towards the dreamer - this means that he successfully learns the depths of his own "I".

The person to whom the mole dreams, should pay more attention to his own spiritual development, to seek contact with the unconscious. More often necessary hints and explanations can be found without outside help, asking yourself the right questions.

Miller's dream about moths

To find out what the mole dreams about, it is possible in one of the most authoritative dream books - Miller's dream book. He also offers several interpretations of the dream.

Сонник Миллера считается одним из самых авторитетных

If a large moth flies around the room and does not get killed, it means a lot of boring paperwork, lengthy paperwork, bureaucratic red tape. It is worth immediately preparing for delays and delays, loss of time. The case in question is resolved slowly, but successfully.

If such a dream is dreaming: the moth ate a fur coat or other fur or woolen product, then we should expect some tension on the love front. The dream book itself does not mean a rupture of relations or their deterioration - it is only a matter of moth-eaten things.

Согласно соннику Миллера, моль, съевшая меховое или шерстяное изделие, предвещает напряжение на любовном фронте

If a person dreams that he is buying a remedy for moths or laying plants in a closet with a strong scaring scent, a short joy awaits him, which will be replaced by sadness, loss and disappointment.

In general, Miller's dream book is interpreted by the mole as a disgusting sign, a loser for loss, sadness and bad changes in life. Other sources most often share this opinion, but recommend paying much attention to your own feelings from what you saw.

Mole in a dream: a sign of trouble

Sonnik Smurova for the whole family cautions: this insect in a dream threatens with financial losses and unhappiness. He also answers the question of what many dreams of a moth dream about - most often such a dream is associated with the appearance in real life of enemies who are waiting for the moment to deliver some kind of trouble. Care should be taken and avoiding casual acquaintances.

Большой универсальный сонник для всей семьи О. Смуровой

The dream mole Dream Book, too, is called a not very good sign: this symbol indicates an inevitable quarrel with relatives and lover.

Freud's dream interpreter points to minor adversities that will come at the same time and can cause serious damage to the deeds. And if the mole in a dream has left traces of its vital activity, it is necessary to beware of returning to the old pernicious habits that will not allow us to move forward. For a young girl, a dream of this kind means gossip, slander, which she will have to endure through the fault of envious persons. If there are many moths, respectively, a lot and gossip.

The English dream book, the dream book of Hasse, Azar and Tsvetkov are unanimous in their interpretation of moths in a dream: it always indicates obvious or secret enemies that poison the life of a dreamer and hamper the success of his deeds.

The modern dream book points to the mole as a symbol of lack of activity, ambition and inner strength. Perhaps, it is worth to be more attentive to your desires, to allow yourself to be successful and in demand. And the mole dream interprets as an image of old habits that prevent people from moving to a qualitatively new level of life. To improve your mental and material condition, you should dump the old ballast, which leaves no room for something new.

A dream interpreter of the 21st century warns: the moth flying in the room warns of family and financial troubles, crop failures, losses, and the presence of enemies.

What is the dream of a moth eating clothes

According to Grishina's dream book, a moth that eats clothes or other household items, testifies to future spending. However, these expenses will not be associated with new things or pleasant moments - a hanger will appear in the house.

Согласно соннику Гришиной, моль во сне, поедающая одежду, предвещает нахлебника в доме

A Guide to the Interpretation of Dreams Denise Lynn suggests another interpretation: if in a dream the mole gnaws holes in the tissue, it gnaws at her - the dreamer's awake awake problems and difficulties that he is not able to solve now. It is necessary to determine as soon as possible the cause of endless anxieties and to try to get rid of it.

A dream interpreter from A to Z connects the things that were spoiled in a dream with complications in love relationships, with parting or misunderstanding by a close person. Sleep is given as a warning, so it is worth paying attention to the claims of your half and try not to allow deterioration of the relationship.

According to Wangi's dream book, a mole in clothes speaks about future unpleasant changes, the betrayal of a loved one, decline in business. For people involved in trade, this symbol predicts fraud on the part of partners, non-payment of monetary obligations, fraud and litigation. Also, the mole-eating clothing indicates the spoilage of the property belonging to the dreamer: this can happen both through the fault of other people and by his own recklessness.

To kill a mole in a dream: is it good?

In itself, the image of a moth in a dream is negative, it hints at the worst aspects of human nature, not the best period in life and in relationships with others. To kill a mole in a dream - that is, to perform a seemingly bad action, is in fact not at all bad. This action is regarded as the destruction of the negative symbol and complete disposal of its influence.

Убивать моль во сне - символ уничтожения отрицательного в своей жизни

It is worth saying that in the treatment of dreams of this kind, all the dream books are unanimous: the destruction of moles promises success, security and prosperity. Let's try to understand this more:

  • Freud's dream interpreter convinces that killing a mole in a dream is the key to understanding your family problems and the possibility of avoiding them in the future. Such a symbol promises good luck in love and a guarantee of preserving the warmth of the family hearth.
  • The interpreter of the last birthday of January, February, April and March, as well as the Wanderer's dream book, indicate a favorable omen: to kill a moth in a dream means to gain support, neutralize enemies and get rid of them, at least for six months. If a person sees how a harmful insect (the projection of his fears, experiences and external aggression) is destroyed, all that is bad is destroyed along with him. It can be said that the killed moth is a symbol of a new life full of joy and well-being.

Многие сонники связывают уничтожение моли во сне с радостью и процветанием в реальной жизни

From a scientific point of view, a mole in the mind of a person is a symbol of dilapidation, old things and memories, old ones, obsolete their relations. When the image of this insect appears in a dream, it can be regarded as a desire to return to the past, experience the former emotions or again feel young. Also moth indicates stagnation and decline, lack of vitality, reluctance to start something new.

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