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Extract of wax moth larvae

Огневка, или восковая моль, живет рядом с пчелами, а ее личинки используются для приготовления знаменитого экстракта.

In folk healing wax moth extract has been used for a long time. Even in the XVII century in Europe, wax moth larva extract was used to treat high-ranking individuals and those who had access to apiaries. However, it was only in the last century that the first scientific studies were carried out to confirm or deny the effectiveness of this drug.

Principle of action and scientific prerequisites for the effectiveness of the extract

If we deal with the issue of the effectiveness of the wax moth extract in the most objective and impartial way, without reading the invented reviews and aggressive advertising of the beekeepers, then the application of the wax moth extract can be safely regarded as the use of a placebo: no serious studies confirming the efficacy of this remedy have ever been carried out.

Indeed, as sellers and producers say, at the heart of the extract of the fire-wax moth lies a certain cerase enzyme - a unique substance capable of splitting complex fat molecules. It is due to this enzyme that the larva is supposedly digesting beeswax.

Личинка восковой моли способна переваривать воск, и считается, что фермент церраза способен расщепить стенки болезнетворных микроорганизмов

Considering the fact that the molecular walls of many bacteria consist of lipopolysaccharides, partly related to the chemical nature of waxes, pseudovarches began actively exploiting the idea that extracting wax moths is capable of killing tuberculosis bacteria and certain other diseases.

It sounds very plausible, given that the principle of the operation of the facility is so well described. But in actual fact everything is not so smooth.

First, science does not know the enzyme cerraz. This name appears only in the advertising of dietary supplements and all the same alcohol extract of wax moth larvae. And if chemists, who carefully studied the composition of wax moth larvae, did not find this substance, serious doubts arise about its existence in nature in general.

On a note

The only person who described the enzyme of the ceramics is a certain Mukhin, appearing as EO in different sources, then he did not write as a candidate for the dissertation, but he spoke about the enzyme in very admiring tones. Almost the same as the sellers of dietary supplements tell.

Further, from a purely principled point of view, practically all bacteria contain lipids in their shells. Accordingly, the miracle-working enzyme must, without parsing, destroy both mycobacteria that cause tuberculosis and the beneficial microflora of the intestine and stomach.

С точки зрения здравого смысла чудо-экстракт не сможет избирательно уничтожать только микобактерии, вызывающие туберкулез

In fact, such an enzyme is an antibiotic, because the action of a number of antibiotics is directed specifically at splitting the walls of bacteria. Why then does not cerraza destroy useful lactobacilli or an intestinal bacillus always present in the digestive tract? How is selectivity maintained and how is the enzyme delivered to the lungs for "treatment of tuberculosis"? Unclear…


"My diagnosis before applying the wax moth extract: thrombophlebitis, varicose veins on the left leg, indications for surgery. I applied the extract for 2 months, two large knots disappeared, my pain ceased to last at night. "

Vladimir, Tver

And the last, though not the most important. It is generally accepted throughout the world that the extract is extracted after drying and grinding the feedstock, and then - extracting it with alcohol, oil or other substances. If the raw material without preparation is filled with alcohol, the result is tincture.

At the same time, sellers and manufacturers of the product insist on the name "extract", although the bottles themselves show untouched, butter-bound butterfly caterpillars.

Экстракт или все-таки настойка восковой моли?

This seemingly small inaccuracy indicates that a serious patented production of wax moth extract never existed, and it can only be purchased from home-grown healers.

There is an opinion

One can not deny the possibility that the miraculous properties of the wax moth extract were invented due to the fact that the wax moth itself affects in abundance the hives and is a by-product of beekeeping. Instead of hatching the hated larvae, enterprising beekeepers managed to earn them.

However, this practice is common with honey products. There are still no serious studies on the efficacy of perga or royal jelly, and these remedies are considered the property of folk medicine. Nevertheless, thousands of people are treated by them and some even praise.

Whether the "placebo" effect is to blame, or if these products actually have useful properties yet to be researched - it is impossible to say unambiguously. Be that as it may, when using them, it is useful to observe some caution and be critical about advertising.

What treats wax moth extract and what effect does it have on the body?

According to the producers, waxy moth extract (sometimes referred to as "melonella" in the Latin name of the butterfly) helps to treat the following diseases:

  • tuberculosis
  • bronchial asthma
  • bronchitis
  • pneumonia
  • deterioration after myocardial infarction
  • thrombophlebitis
  • anemia
  • menopausal disorders
  • depression
  • disorders of the endocrine system.


"I was cured of tuberculosis in the hospital, and bronchial asthma was left, I thought, forever. But then, on the advice of a friend, he began to drink moth extract and for six months the condition improved so that I even stopped choking in the summer. "

Ivan, Moscow

However, no serious studies confirming the effectiveness of the extract in the treatment of these diseases have been carried out.

In general, the use of wax moth larva extract is based on its suspected antimicrobial activity.

Так выглядит экстракт личинок огневки, или восковой моли, в продаже. На тарелке - сами личинки

First of all, the extract from wax moth larvae is considered a remedy for tuberculosis, it is quite possible because it was first applied when tuberculosis was an extremely common disease.

Approximately with the same efficiency, it would now be used for breast augmentation.

In general, the properties of the extract of wax moth larvae today are seriously overestimated, but both positive responses and cases of successful application are known.

Method of preparation preparation

The method of preparing the wax moth extract is quite simple. Collected larvae are placed in any vessel and filled with 40% medical alcohol. After this, the drug is infused for 1-2 months.

Для самостоятельного приготовления экстракта понадобятся несколько личинок восковой моли и спирт

Спирт этиловый медицинский

In the same way, wax moth extract can be prepared at home. Depending on the ratio of the weight of larvae and alcohol, 10% or 25% of the preparation is obtained.


"When I bought this product, I almost puked, I thought I could never drink it. In the same place, the larvae directly fly dead! But the taste was just alcohol. The main thing is not to look at the bottle. It became easier to breathe, hypertension was over. "

Alla, Ishmael

In beekeeping farms, the preparation of the wax moth extract begins at the stage of selection of the larvae themselves. It is believed that the caterpillar must be large enough, but not of the last age: the larvae preparing for pupation feed little and do not extract the necessary enzyme.

It is interesting

On the assurances of some manufacturers, in order to prepare an extract of large wax moth larvae in the amount of half a liter, it is necessary to completely ruin one whole frame with honey, which is given for eating caterpillars. For the price it is approximately 120-150 rubles.

How to use wax moth extract?

There is no general instruction on the use of the wax moth extract in nature, and each manufacturer applies its own recommendations for its use to its product.

As a rule, for the treatment of diseases of internal organs usually use a drug of 15-20 drops 2-3 times a day, mixing them with 100-150 grams of any other liquid.

It is desirable that the instructions for receiving the extract of larvae of wax moths are issued by a doctor who prescribes the drug itself. Use this tool without prescribing a doctor is not worth it.


"My doctor prescribed a pierge after a heart attack, but I get a strong start from it. We decided to try a wax fire extract, and he helped. The condition returned to normal, a very good remedy in addition to the usual complex of medicines. "

Marya Rudolfovna, Kerch

Before taking the wax moth extract, it should be noted that very many people are prone to allergies to beekeeping products. Uniquely, the drug is contraindicated in children under 14 years of age, pregnant and lactating mothers.

Forms and brands

Buy extract wax moth larvae today is simple: it actively spreads through the Internet and beekeepers themselves. The price of 100 ml of a bottle of waxy moth extract is about 800 rubles. This price is relevant for the extract of fire-wax moth with 20% of the content of the larvae. 10% of the extract is twice cheaper, but it is less common.

Экстракт восковой моли изготавливают в разной концентрации сами пасечники

There is no known pharmaceutical company that produces this drug. There is a Melonella company producing products in beautiful packages, but the compliance of their preparations with any requirements is not checked.

In any case, in order to avoid fraud, before buying, be sure to look at the jar. It should have larvae that look like caterpillars. Without them, it is quite possible to buy a fake with alcohol alone.

If you decide to fight the moth yourself, then we recommend using only proven tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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  1. Alexander :


    "In any case, in order to avoid fraud, before buying, be sure to look at the jar. It should have larvae that look like caterpillars. Without them, it is likely that buying a fake with alcohol alone. "

    On the contrary, in a qualitative extract made on manufacture on technology, - do not swim skins (useless) larvae ...

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    Doctors of this remedy are not appointed, because they are unprofitable. It would be desirable to learn or find out, how to apply at a diabetes of 1 degree, at shchitovidke.

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