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About the moth

Mole: photos of various species of this insect
Моль: фотографии различных видов этого насекомого

We are used to perceive the moth only as a home parasite. Someone is even surprised to learn that a mole can live in gardens and orchards. Meanwhile, moths are a very large group of butterflies, of which only a few species have adapted to cohabitation with humans and are serious pests. The rest use characteristic features of anatomy for all moles in order to occupy their unique niches in the wild, and sometimes completely unusual. Mole is really an interesting insect, and the way of life and appearance of some species of it can surprise even experienced entomologists.

Treatment with tincture of wax moth
Лечение настойкой восковой моли

The wax moth today is used to treat a large number of diseases, but in many cases - completely groundless. Nevertheless, certain prerequisites for using wax moth tincture in medicine are available, and therefore it is worthwhile to talk about the expediency of treatment with its help separately.

Furniture and furniture moth
Платяная и мебельная моль

A moth is just one species from more than two thousand kinds of moles. But it is he who gives the greatest trouble to housewives and owners of large wardrobes. Due to the hidden way of life, the moth often manifests itself only in battered clothes, and sometimes, even when meeting it in an apartment, the owner does not pay any attention to the small, ordinary butterfly. Let's learn to recognize the moth at a glance and distinguish it from other types of room moths.

The use of bee moth tincture for the treatment of diseases
Применение настойки пчелиной моли для лечения заболеваний

Tincture of bee moth is used in the treatment of tuberculosis and many other diseases more and more people. They refuse reliable methods of treatment, from outpatient examinations and trust this folk remedy. But before such a step, it is worth getting acquainted more closely with the moth itself, and with a tincture based on its larvae, and then consciously decide on whether it is worth entirely relying on this remedy.

Moth larvae in photos and methods of combating them
Личинки моли на фото и методы борьбы с ними

If the clothes in the closets suddenly began to deteriorate, it appears holes, bald spots and unaesthetic spots - it is gnawed by a mole. And gnaw at all those butterflies that can hide on walls and ceilings. And not even those that come across in the closet. Clothes are spoiled by larvae of moths, imperceptible and noiseless, and it is with them that one must fight in the first place. About the larvae and the rules of this struggle, we'll talk further.

Why do moths lack a proboscis - is not it a butterfly?
Почему у моли отсутствует хоботок — разве она не бабочка?

All moths are quite different from most typical butterflies in their anatomical structure. Among such features is the absence of the proboscis, which is so necessary for other lepidopterans for normal nutrition. And in this there is nothing special - after all, the method of feeding at the moths is quite specific ...

Where does the mole come from?
Откуда берется моль

The mole almost always appears literally "out of nowhere". But for a full-fledged integrated pest control, it is still necessary to represent the ways of penetration of moths into the house and to observe preventive measures. Next, we'll look at how to identify the mole that got into the house and prevent its reproduction on the territory of the apartment. Councils are given both in terms of food and clothing moths.

About the potato moth and methods of combating it
Про картофельную моль и методы борьбы с ней

A few decades ago, only the workers of the sanitary and epidemiological services in agriculture knew about the potato moth. However, this pest was no less universal and active than another famous introduced potato consumer - the Colorado beetle. And today, the area of ​​infection with potato moths is estimated in many thousands of hectares around the world, and in all the guides for gardening and horticulture, methods of combating it are carefully painted. About the butterfly itself and how to get rid of it, let's talk.

Fighting cabbage moths
Борьба с капустной молью

Cabbage moth is an inconspicuous butterfly whose caterpillars, when uncontrolled reproduction, can seriously damage the harvest of cruciferous, in the first place - cabbage. At the same time, mainly small private farms suffer from cabbage moths, because in industrial areas powerful insecticides are effectively used against it. What to do to protect your garden from this pest?

What is eating clothes and food moths
Что ест платяная и пищевая моль

There are a lot of pests, among them there are moths, beetles, and mold mushrooms. But the mole of them is most known. There are several reasons for this, but the main thing is that it is the mole on the largest scale and the fastest can turn a good thing into collapsing rags. How and why does she do this, does the moth eat anything, or is able to eat only certain types of tissues? Let's understand.

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