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How to get rid of lice

Symptoms and signs of head lice
Симптомы и признаки вшей на голове

Symptoms of having lice on the head or other part of the body are easier to notice than the lice themselves. Moreover, many signs of the presence of these parasites not only make themselves felt, but simply prevent the patient from feeling normal. It is important to understand that the earlier the symptoms of the presence of lice are correctly recognized, the easier and more effective will be the fight against parasites, and the risk of infection of the patient with serious concomitant infections will significantly decrease.

The use of chinese water for the removal of lice: instructions and reviews
Применение чемеричной воды для выведения вшей: инструкция и отзывы

Of the folk remedies for lice, chinese water is one of the most famous. Indeed, the tincture of chieftains was used to treat pediculosis even in ancient Rome, when even kerosene and vinegar as pediculicidal drugs were not known. But even today, with the abundance of modern preparations from lice on the market, the chinese water still has not lost its relevance and is used against lice even in traditional medical practice. About how to properly use this tool, is it really effective and what security measures should be followed when applying it, we will continue and talk.

Apply tar soap against lice: is it effective?
Применение дегтярного мыла против вшей: действительно ли это эффективно?

One of the most famous and safe means for removing lice is the tar soap - the very thing that leaves a heavy, specific smell of tar on its hair. And the smell itself is not so terrible for lice, as some other properties of this remedy. So, let's try to figure out how to deduce lice with tar soap and whether it is really effective against these parasites.

Is it possible to withdraw lice and nits Dichlorvos
Можно ли вывести вшей и гнид Дихлофосом

Strangely enough, many of the infected people think about using Dichlorvos against lice. Especially those who have a positive experience of deducing other insects by dichlorvos: moths, cockroaches, bugs. Indeed, dichlorvos efficiently destroys pests and parasites, but do not forget that this drug is very toxic, and when applied to the hair and body can be extremely dangerous to humans. That is why it is not included in the list of means by which it is customary to poison lice, but folk craftsmen still try to remove parasites with it. Let's see how justified and permissible it is.

Remedy for lice Paranitis and feedback on its use
Средство от вшей Паранит и отзывы о его применении

Effective means against lice that do not contain highly toxic insecticides - today is not uncommon. Among these drugs is Spray Paranitis, which has virtually no side effects, but is very effective and convenient to use. At the same time, compared with other means, it is quite expensive, and therefore, before buying it, it is useful to carefully study the feedback of those who have already applied it and evaluate it. So, get acquainted - Spray Paranit ...

We get rid of lice and nits at home
Избавляемся от вшей и гнид в домашних условиях

Getting rid of lice at home is not difficult, and in most cases, it is the home of lice and nits that are excreted in both children and adults. To successfully carry out this procedure, it is necessary to choose the right means of destroying parasites, to know some of the nuances of fighting them and to try to do everything carefully so that the fight against lice does not cause harm to health. So, let's see how to deduce lice efficiently, quickly and at the same time it's safe for health ...

Does hydrogen peroxide drive lice and nits
Позволяет ли перекись водорода вывести вшей и гнид

Is it possible to drive lice and nits with hydrogen peroxide? The popular rumor claims that it is possible, but the opinion of modern doctors and parasitologists is not so unambiguous. And even if hydrogen peroxide and destroys lice, this does not mean that it can be safely used for hair treatment. So, let's see if it's possible to use hydrogen peroxide as a remedy for lice ...

Remedy for lice Medifox and reviews on its use
Средство от вшей Медифокс и отзывы о его применении

When it comes to removing lice, many experienced wrestlers with parasites recall MediFox - a special emulsion that appeared on the market of pediculicidal drugs among the first and still has not lost its popularity. However, like all lice remedies, MediFox requires strict application rules - only in this case the manufacturer can guarantee the effectiveness of the product and its safety. So, what kind of drug is this - MediFox, and how should they louse the lice - let's try to figure it out together ...

How to clean nits from hair: practical advice
Как правильно убирать гниды с волос: практические советы

Remove the nits from the hair simply by hand or a comb will not work. During the time of parasitism on a man lice have developed a reliable mechanism of attaching their eggs to the hair, due to which they manage to survive even with the owner's constant attempts to remove them. Nevertheless, there are ways to remove nits, both old (dry) and still alive, and these methods differ substantially in simplicity, cost of implementation and safety. So, evaluate all the solutions and choose the optimal one.

How to get rid of lice and nits: practical advice and recommendations
Как правильно избавляться от вшей и гнид: практические советы и рекомендации

Today it is easy enough to get rid of lice and nits on your own, and it takes quite a bit - a good effective tool, the ability to apply it and a little patience and diligence. However, if one of these components is not enough, the parasites may not disappear completely, and their excretion will turn into a titanic work. So let's understand what means should be chosen from the existing ones on the market, how to apply it correctly and what typical mistakes should be avoided.


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