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Earth wasps: the features of biology and how to get rid of these insects

Познакомимся с некоторыми интересными особенностями биологии земляных ос, а также рассмотрим ряд способов, с помощью которых можно безопасно избавиться от их гнезд на участке...

Earth wasps - this name is exclusively popular: to scientists-entomologists such insects are not known. In the scientific classification there are, for example, road, sand, burrowing wasps, but there are no earthen ones.

The fact is that in the people "earthy wasps" are called absolutely any wasps, which simply arrange their nests in the ground. More often than not, people refer to earthenware as ordinary paper wasps, who chose not the roof of the barn for the location of their dwelling, but an abandoned underground anthill or burrow of a rodent.

Обычные бумажные осы вполне могут построить свое гнездо под землей, например, в бывшей норе какого-нибудь грызуна.

It is interesting

Paper wasps - this is the most common and familiar to all from childhood slender yellow in a black strip of insects. They are flocking to the smell of fish or watermelons in markets or out-of-town picnics and it is from them that they are so diligently trying to get rid of in dachas and apiaries. Paper wasps were named because they build their nest from a chewed bark, which, in a mixture with their saliva, forms a parchment-like mass.

Moreover, sometimes trying to get rid of the so-called earthen wasps, the owners of the countryside are actually fighting with hornets, which also sometimes settle their nest in the ground. The hornet of its ordinary coloring is quite similar to a wasp, only noticeably larger.

Слева на фотографии показана оса, а справа - шершень

Несмотря на то, что осы гораздо меньше шершней, они тоже могут весьма сильно покусать человека.

Rarely does anyone think about what kind of an insect after all has settled in the garden, because the main thing here is to get rid of unwanted "earthy" inhabitants as quickly as possible, which are quite capable of attacking the swarm and seriously biting.


"We had to fight earthy wasps last year. They built a nest right under the stone on an alpine hill. There was a special drainage so that the water would not stagnate, and they settled in this drainage system. The main problem was that the nest could not be burned or poisoned with kerosene, because many elite plants were growing on the hill. I had to buy Aktar and do everything in a few steps. I came to the lawn at night, sprayed the entrance to the nest with dilute Aktara and, in addition, sprinkled it near Chlorpyrifos. The wasps quickly became smaller, but they did not cease to fly. So he poisoned them every three or four days in the evenings, and three weeks later they completely stopped flying out of the hole. I do not know if they got out, or not, because I do not want to dig up only the whole hill for this. "

Pavel, Dnepropetrovsk

Если осы почувствуют в человеке угрозу для своего гнезда, они будут активно его защищать, представляя тем самым опасность для всех, кто находится рядом.

A little about the biology of earthenware

The bites of earthen wasps are absolutely no different from the bites of brothers living in a nest under the roof of a barn or on a tree branch. And this is logical, because the location of the home of the wasp does not affect its biology in any way.

Укусы земляных ос так же болезненны, как и у тех их сородичей, которые строят свои жилища на чердаках или деревьях.

Paper wasps in the land are usually settled for two reasons: either because of a lack of suitable places to attach the suspension socket, or simply because of the presence of an excessively attractive burrow or shelter under the ground. The choice of the future habitat is wholly and completely carried out by the uterus - it is in the spring that it looks for the most suitable conditions for building a nest.

In the photo there is an earth wasp at the entrance to the burrow:

Оса у входа в нору, которая ведет в находящееся довольно глубокого под землей гнездо.

At the beginning of the warm season, the wasps arrange a nest in the ground, collectively feed there for growing larvae, and by the end of summer young males and males ready for breeding appear in the underground dwelling. After mating, the fertilized females go to winter, and the next year they begin the cycle anew.

It is worth noting that the same nest located in the burrow, the wasps do not use twice twice, so if this year the insects are in the garden, then it is likely that they will not be here next year.

However, in addition to the usual paper, there is another group of earthen wasps that lead a completely different way of life. They are single hunters, females catch other insects, paralyze them with their poison, and then hide in small underground nests where they lay one egg each. After that, the female clogs its earth mink, and after a while the larva is withdrawn from the egg, slowly eating an alive but immobilized victim.

А так выглядит оса сколия, она не является общественным насекомым

To feed the larva of the earth wasp begins from those parts of the body that do not lead to the instant death of the insect-victim - from the intestines, excretory and reproductive systems. Only at the end of the predator gets to the nervous system and heart, and then pupates and winters. The following year, an adult wasp will be chosen from the earthen mink.

Личинки сколий развиваются внутри-насекомого-жертвы и лишь на следующий год выбираются из-под земли в виде взрослой особи.

It is interesting

Single earth wasps are known as universal and very powerful predators. Some species catch them for their larvae exclusively poisonous spiders, and, for example, the whole subfamily of these insects feeds on only bugs, including a bedbug by a harmful turtle . Meanwhile, ordinary paper wasps also feed their larvae with other insects, and the so-called bee-wolf, or philanthropist, hunts only bees, for which it is extremely disliked by beekeepers.

Among single earthen os there are species with very strong venom - such that ordinary wasps simply do not go with them in any comparison. For example, some road wasps are included in the Schmidt index (the scale of assessing the sickness of insect bites) as one of the most painful stinging insects in the world: only the ant bullet from South America bites them harder. However, fortunately, road wasps - insects are rare, and even if they suddenly settle in the suburban area, it is likely that the owner will not cause any problems.

А так выглядит дорожная оса, укусы которой очень болезненны.

Is it worth it to withdraw?

Due to the fact that earthenware is actively catching other insects (including agricultural pests), in some cases getting rid of them means the destruction of very useful assistants in the struggle for harvest.

In this connection, the question arises: Is it worthwhile to destroy earth-bearing wasps in the suburban area? Is it really necessary to fight earthworms if one nest consumes at least 50-70 harmful insects per day, including caterpillars, bedbugs and aphids?

Осы уничтожают большое количество вредных насекомых, поэтому перед тем как избавляться от них, полезно подумать, насколько это вообще необходимо...

In fact, to make the right decision, you need to take into account some additional important points.

If the nest of wasps is located in the center of the flowerbed or beds, if insects interfere with the necessary work on the site, constantly fly next to the table, summer kitchen or playground for children, they need to be displayed without doubting. It is also necessary to destroy the nest of earthen wasps, if it is on the potato bed: in August-September, when the potatoes will need to be harvested, the disturbed swarm can heavily bite gardener.

На фотографии показан отек руки после осиного укуса

При укусах ос помимо сильных отеков может также подниматься температура тела и ухудшаться общее самочувствие.

If the wasps have settled somewhere in the corner of the garden and do not interfere with anyone, then it is not necessary to get rid of them - let insects help fight pests. Even if the earth wasps have chosen a garden, but the vegetables on it will need to be excavated only in the late autumn, they also can not be touched - the nest will empty itself.

Excavation of earthen wasps from the site: rules and methods

Struggle against wasps in the earth is carried out by several methods, among which three main ones can be distinguished.

  1. Burning the nest is perhaps the most reliable way. For its implementation, the hole is filled with 1-2 liters of kerosene or gasoline, from them a "path" of a few centimeters long is made, which is then ignited. The underground nest fires very quickly because of the abundance of paper honeycombs in it. Один из довольно распространенных методов борьбы с земляными осами - выжигание их гнезда, например, керосином.
  2. Pouring the nest with boiling water. This is a less effective way, therefore, repeated processing is often required for complete destruction. Applying this method, it is important to remember that after each such filling the entrance to the nest should be covered with a stone so that live, but extremely angry insects do not fly out. Можно также залить гнездо насекомых кипятком
  3. Destruction of earth wasps with insecticides. For this, a solution of a powerful poison agent is poured into the burrow (for example, Cucaracha, Get, Carbophos, Solfisan, Aktara), and the entrance is clogged with a gag impregnated with the same drug. It should be noted that this method though effective, but quite expensive.

Инсектицид Актара

Средство от насекомых Сольфисан (концентрат)

You can also deduce earthen wasps, using poisoned baits: this is a long enough, but easy to implement method. A syrup or honey is poured on a saucer or a glass in which boric acid or some effective insecticide is dissolved (preferably odorless, for example Get), after which the bait is placed near the nest. All wasps that "lacerate" with the solution, die, therefore, with a constant update of the poison, all earth wasps can be destroyed within a week or two.


"Common situation. At us about two years ago such was. Wasps at the entrance to the kitchen garden in the ground arranged a nest. And it seemed as though they did not bother anyone, but once the husband installed light bulbs for lighting and was bitten by earthen wasps. And not one, but a whole swarm attacked him, but he was dressed, and so easily escaped. After that, we decided to withdraw them. We were helped simply by pouring water. My husband pulled up the hose to the gate in the evening, turned on the water and put the hose in the hole. An hour later, the whole nest was in the center of a large puddle. Apparently, all wasps were killed, because we did not see them near this nest. "

Olga, Moscow

Whichever way to get rid of earthenware was chosen, it is necessary to observe safety techniques, otherwise the consequences of such "hunting" can be very deplorable. Let's find out how you can protect yourself during the operation to destroy the wasp nest in the ground.

Safety precautions for breeding insects

The struggle with earth wasps requires caution, since it is always associated with the risk of stinging. In some cases, especially dangerous for human beings, the wasps, protecting their nest, can attack a whole swarm.

Избавляясь от ос, не следует забывать, что каждое насекомое способно ужалить вас несколько раз.

To get rid of wasps in the ground and not to cause harm to their health, all procedures for the destruction of insects should be carried out:

  • at the onset of darkness, when the wasps are hiding in the nest and generally less active;
  • in dense clothes with long sleeves, gloves and mask of the beekeeper;
  • without sudden movements and cries.

If something suddenly went wrong, the wasps began to fly out of the hole and try to attack, you should quickly, but smoothly leave their nest and hide in an enclosed space. Only after a few hours the operation to get rid of earthen wasps can be repeated again (or it is better to postpone it for a day).

На фотографии показан вход в гнездо земляных ос

А так выглядит то же гнездо после раскапывания

Как видите, под землей было довольно-таки большое гнездо, ведь почти в каждой ячейке сот могла развиваться личинка...


"We tried to get the wasps out of the ground, but everything turned out only from the third time. Once they poured a nest with boiling water, and the whole bucket was boiled and poured, but the wasps became only slightly less. Then they simply closed their hole with a stone. It did not help, they dug it out next to him. In the end, my husband could not stand it, he diluted several liters of Carbophos and filled them all with a nest. Immediately acted. He poured in the evening so that no one would bite him, and next morning we did not see a single wasp. "

Olga, Izyum

Well, if you are still seriously intending to get rid of earthen wasps in your area - it remains only to choose the method you like and, following the safety technique, act!

If you decide to deal with hornets or wasps yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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