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Bites of wasps during pregnancy: how dangerous is it and what to do?

В большинстве случаев укус осы во время беременности не представляет особой опасности, но в ряде ситуаций последствия действительно могут быть серьезными...

In most cases, the bite of a wasp during pregnancy or lactation is no more dangerous than in any other period of a woman's life. The mother herself will certainly suffer to some extent from pain, swelling and itching, but on the health of the fetus or the already born child (through the milk), the bite with a high probability will not affect at all.

The only thing that should be prepared, if a pregnant or nursing mother was bitten by a wasp, is that pain and itching will have to be tolerated for some time, because it is not recommended to use special medicines at this time - they are just capable of inflicting certain harm on the baby.

Если вы беременны и вас вдруг укусила оса, то не стоит сразу же прибегать к применению лекарственных средств.

Nevertheless, nevertheless there are cases when the attack of a stinging insect on a pregnant woman can be really dangerous. So, for example, if a bite of a wasp caused an allergic reaction that is overly pronounced, then such an immune response of the mother's organism is quite capable of adversely affecting the fetus's condition.

However, future mothers who have a high sensitivity to insect bites, as a rule, are well aware of this peculiarity of their organism, therefore, they are usually ready to take the necessary measures in advance.

Люди с повышенной чувствительностью к ядам насекомых обычно знают об этом и всегда имеют при себе подходящее средство.


"Here, for example, I was bitten by a wasp when I was pregnant. Nothing terrible happened. There were no strong edema, no allergies. His hand hurt, as usual, swollen slightly below the elbow, and that's all. And my gynecologist told me that there is nothing terrible in this. So stop panicking and go for a walk. "

Svetlana, Kirov

As medical practice shows, during pregnancy, the bite of a wasp can be dangerous, including due to improper actions on the part of the future mother. Most of the remedies used to relieve swelling, itching and pain in "normal" life are not recommended during pregnancy. However, in fact a considerable percentage of women, trying to protect their baby, are eager to get something to bite at any price.

Многие лекарственные средства для снятия зуда и отека после укуса ос или других насекомых не подходят беременным.

Укус осы вызывает отек и зуд в пораженном месте

It is an elementary misunderstanding of the potential danger of drugs that often leads to the fact that such a "treatment" future mother creates a serious enough threat to the development of the child - especially in the first trimester of pregnancy, when the laying of all the organs of the fetus.

Therefore, remember: if you were suddenly bitten by a wasp during pregnancy, then it is forbidden to use any medication without consulting a doctor. This is just the case when it is better not to do anything than to tamper with firewood itself.

Aspen poison, pregnancy and breast milk: no intersection points found

A child who is pregnant by a healthy pregnant woman is 100% protected from wasp venom. From the point of view of physiology, it is not so difficult to explain: during a bite the toxin gets into the blood of the mother, and along with it necessarily passes through the liver, where it undergoes a kind of biological "disposal".

To penetrate through the placenta, the wasp venom is also not capable, so its direct contact with the fetus of a pregnant woman is excluded. Even if the bite of a wasp fell on the stomach, resulting in a noticeable cone, it is not worth worrying about.

Яд осы не проникает через плаценту даже при укусе в живот, поэтому непосредственное воздействие токсинов на плод исключено.

Even less chance of poison penetrate into breast milk. To do this, he also needs to go through the liver of the nursing mother, and then - to be able to somehow get directly into the mammary glands. In a normal situation, this is excluded, therefore - as during pregnancy - a bite of a wasp during breastfeeding does not pose any danger to the child.


"We were very lucky with the pediatrician. Such a balanced, generally impenetrable woman. Experience with her - five lives for others will suffice. When I was bitten once by a wasp during breastfeeding, I was so frustrated, I was afraid that I would have to interrupt GW, and this was in the third month. Called her, barely frightened. She calmed me so well, said that in general there was nothing dangerous in this situation, she told me to go to sleep and did not worry about anything. And really, nothing happened. Even though the bite was on the shoulder, like, near the chest. A week passed, the little one did not even feel anything. "

Oksana, Moscow

Difficulties in the treatment of bites in pregnancy and GW

As mentioned above, the vast majority of medicines during pregnancy and breastfeeding are banned - including those that are commonly used to eliminate the biting symptoms of the wasps. This is one of the important problems that disturb pregnant and lactating women.

So, if during a pregnancy you were bitten by a wasp, you can not use, for example, the following drugs:

  • Aspirin, which is usually attempted to relieve pain after a bite and to take off the temperature if it suddenly rises;
  • Diphenhydramine, which prevents the spread of edema;
  • Advantan - ointment, intended to limit the tumor and relieve itching.

Адвантан - это гормональное средство, поэтому при беременности его применять не рекомендуют.


"We once had such a thing that a mother was bitten by a wasp. Still, as luck would have it, in the heat, and in the village just one car - all in the field. The girl spread, her legs swelled, and then the baby is small, even half a year he does not. I was still a little girl, lived in the next house, I was scared. But it's good, then the ambulance came from the district center for half an hour, probably. The doctor looked at it and said that you do not need to do anything, because of the medication troubles can be even greater. And indeed, the very next day at mamma everything was normal. The bite itself was very large, but the edema was asleep, and the milk was not lost. "

Tatyana, Art. Kamenskaya

When breastfeeding is prohibited the independent use of any antihistamines, including the most "favorite" in such cases Suprastin, Loratadina and Dimedrol.

Многие распространенные препараты нельзя использовать при беременности.

If these drugs are used in the first trimester of pregnancy, they can have a mutagenic effect on the developing fetus, and in later terms - lead to premature birth. This means that when a pregnant woman has even the slightest signs of an allergy to a wasp sting, you need to contact the hospital as soon as possible.

On a note

During pregnancy, under strict medical supervision, Suprastin, Fenistil and Zirtek are allowed. However, they are used only in special cases, when for the mother's body these drugs are vital.

Средство Фенистил-гель.

TOP-3 safe and effective means for treatment of stings of wasps in pregnant and lactating women

If a pregnant woman is bitten by a wasp, in order not to harm the baby, it is best to do without the use of medicines. This rule is also relevant for lactating women.

Nevertheless, medicines that are allowed for use in future or already real mothers, nevertheless are available:

  • Menovazine is an inexpensive and effective ointment for eliminating pain and itching at the site of an insect bite;
  • Paracetamol, recognized by WHO experts as the most harmless analgesic and anti-inflammatory drug for pregnant women;
  • But-Shpa - also a very well-known drug for the removal of pain syndromes.

Для облегчения зуда можно использовать Меновазин.


Before using No-Shpa it is always necessary to consult a doctor, since in some cases this remedy can cause premature opening of the cervix and, as a result, premature birth.

The above medicines can only be used to eliminate local symptoms. In the event that a wasp bitten a pregnant or lactating woman, as a result of which a generalized allergic reaction began to develop, the victim should immediately consult a doctor.

Срочно обращаться за врачебной помощью нужно в том случае, если после укуса осы самочувствие все продолжает ухудшаться.


"Do not worry you so much because of this bite. Great trouble, a bump on his hand. My father is a bee-keeper, while I lived in the village for the fifth month, I was bitten by bees and wasps about ten times. And nothing. It hurt and passed. Has drunk Paracetamolum and has forgotten in general about these problems. If you turn on the computer after a bite and have a discussion here, then it means that nothing terrible will happen to you. Relax. "

Inna, Kiev

When a bite of a wasp is really dangerous

A really dangerous bite of a wasp during pregnancy becomes when it provokes a general allergic reaction. Such a result of stinging can pose a serious threat to both the fetus and the mother.

Let's define the main symptoms of an allergy to a wasp sting, which should be perceived as an alarm:

  • very extensive edema, both local (on the whole arm or leg), and general, extending to the whole body;
  • hives throughout the body;
  • shortness of breath, headaches, dizziness;
  • increased heart rate;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • chest pain.

Ярко выраженная аллергическая реакция в виде сыпи при беременности также является поводом для посещения врача.

If any of these symptoms appear, the pregnant woman should immediately be taken to the hospital, or call for her "First Aid", without fail, explaining to doctors that the victim of a bite wasp waiting for the child.

With an acute allergic reaction, Quincke's edema, anaphylactic shock and even death are possible. However, in less dangerous situations, it should be remembered that a woman is responsible not only for herself and her life, but also for the health of her baby: for him, both allergies and the means by which they usually get rid of may be equally dangerous. That's why any appointments here should only be done by a good qualified physician.

Summing up, we can say that the bite of a wasp during pregnancy or during breastfeeding, for the most part, does not pose a serious danger to the mother and baby. Nevertheless, these happy periods in the life of a woman require due attention and "supervision" on the part of relatives and doctors, in case of a possible threat to have time to react in time.

If you decide to deal with hornets or wasps yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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