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Effective means of wasps: a review of drugs and the nuances of their use

Сегодня существует довольно много различных средств, позволяющих избавиться от ос, и далее мы рассмотрим наиболее эффективные препараты и особенности их применения на практике...

Let's start with the fact that the biochemical processes taking place in the body of various kinds of insects are in many respects the same and are based on similar principles. And the wasps are not an exception. Accordingly, an effective remedy for wasps is an insecticidal drug, which in most cases will be equally effective against other insects: cockroaches, ants, flies, etc.

In other words, most modern insecticides have a very wide spectrum of action, so do not go too far with a "magic" remedy that would destroy the wasps. Various advertising materials, online stores and their managers quite seriously can glorify their preparations as powerful tools for wasps and hornets (and quite often it is true), although at the same time the same drug is already in another store or even just in another section of the same store is positioned as an excellent tool, for example, against cockroaches.

Большинство современных инсектицидов обладают широким спектром действия, почти одинаково эффективно уничтожая ос, шершней, мух, муравьев и многих других насекомых.

But what really should be emphasized in the fight against wasps - so this is on the important nuances of the correct application of the relevant insecticide:

  1. To achieve a 100% result in the presence of a nest in the suburban area or balcony of a city apartment, you need to be able to destroy both adult wasps, and larvae, and the uterus in the nest. In this case, high-speed insecticides are suitable.
  2. If the insects simply fly to the site to feed, they need, first, to attract to the poisoned bait, and secondly, somehow force it to eat. Accordingly, in this case, it is better to buy a drug that does not have a strong repulsive odor, so as not to interrupt the smell of bait.
  3. Applying insecticides from wasps in the garden or vegetable garden, you need to be able to do it safely both for the crop, and for all the inhabitants of the site.

На фотографии показано осиное гнездо, расположенное на чердаке деревянного дома.

Generally speaking, today it is not a problem to buy a remedy because there is a more or less wide assortment of different insecticides available in almost every hardware store. However, many of them will be far from the best choice due to strong unpleasant odor, relatively low efficiency and danger to human health.

So let's see what types of insect remedies exist today and which ones should be preferred in the fight against wasps.

Types of funds from wasps

According to the method of application, the means against the wasps can be divided into two types. The first type combines the preparations intended for preparation of the poisoned baits and traps.

Such funds must meet the following requirements:

  • not have a strong smell;
  • be highly toxic to wasps;
  • Do not pose a high risk for warm-blooded (humans and animals).

The second group of drugs is a means by which you can quickly, safely and safely destroy all insects in your nest. The main requirement here:

  • high speed of action of the drug on insects;
  • ease of use (aerosol or spray);
  • low toxicity for humans.

Depending on the form of release of the insecticidal drug, distinguish:

  1. Concentrates for dilution and subsequent application as a spray - some such means for controlling wasps are very effective and at the same time quite economical. Concentrates are well suited both for the preparation of poisoned baits and for the treatment of aspen nests (after dilution according to the instructions). Многие концентраты инсектицидов адаптированы для бытового применения и продаются в мелкой фасовке.
  2. Aerosols, which are already sold fully ready for use (in balloons with sprayers). They are usually treated with nests of insects. Особенность аэрозольных средств - высокая скорость уничтожения насекомых, поэтому ими можно обрабатывать непосредственно гнездо ос.
  3. Insecticidal agents in the form of powders, which dissolve in water or are poured directly into the bait in order to produce poisonous for oatmeal. This group includes, for example, borax and boric acid - perhaps the most famous folk remedies from wasps. Некоторые инсектицидные порошки хорошо подходят для приготовления отравленных приманок.
  4. Special gels with insecticides, which were originally created as good baits for insects (especially for cockroaches and ants).

Гели, применяемые для травления тараканов, будут вполне эффективны и против ос.

And also note glues for insects, to which the wasps simply stick.

Poisoned lures for wasps can also be divided into two types: the first are intended for baiting only adult insects, and the latter - strangely enough, for larvae as well.

The action of the lures of the first type is based on the taste preferences of adults: they will never "pass" past the available sweet syrup or fermented jam - in our case poisoned with insecticides. Wasps willingly flock to them, and after feeding quickly die.

The effect of poisoned baits of the second type is not directed at the immediate destruction of insects - they must first bring the poison into their nest and feed the "delicacy" of the larvae and uterus.

For example, processed with a suitable insecticide, the meat is laid out in a prominent place, and very soon attracts the first "victims". The poisoned bait of a wasp is carried to the nest, where they chew themselves assiduously, and after feeding the larvae, which leads to the death of both adult insects and brood. Pleasure goes to the queen of the aspen nest.

Отравленную приманку осы унесут в свое гнездо и накормят ею личинок и матку.

To date, there are quite a few different insecticides that are suitable as a means of wasps. Below we will talk about the most effective and successful ones to prove in practice.

Goethe os

Preparation Get is widely known as a powerful remedy for bedbugs and cockroaches, but as a means to kill wasps it also shows very worthy results. Get is of little danger to humans, and, what is very important, practically odorless. This tool can be used both for the destruction of the nest itself and as a poisonous substance in the composition of baits for wasps.

Высокоэффективный препарат от насекомых Get

To destroy the nest, Get is bred in water in a ratio of 100 ml of the drug (one bottle) to 2 liters of liquid. Next, the product is poured into a large plastic bag that snaps into the nest at night, and its neck is either tightly wrapped with adhesive tape (if the insect dwelling is hanging on a tree branch) or is glued to a flat surface (if the nest, for example, is suspended on the ceiling of a room) . You can remove the package only after a couple of days, when all adults will be already dead.

На осиное гнездо, висящее на ветке, можно просто надеть пакет с налитым в него раствором отравы.

A socket located in the ground or hollow of a tree is simply poured with the same solution of the Get device , as in the previous case, and the outlet is clogged with a cloth impregnated with this solution.

To prepare the poisoned bait in beer, fermented jam or kvass, Get is added from the bottle in the ratio 1:10, mixed, after which such bait with poison is poured into plastic bottles. You can also treat the water emulsion of the preparation with a piece of meat that is placed near the hornet's nest.

Thanks to the fact that Get does not have a smell, wasps absolutely calmly eat baits based on it. The drug has been repeatedly tested by many people in practice, and in general it can be characterized as a fairly effective poison against wasps.

Perhaps the main drawback of Get's means is its relatively high price. This drug costs about 800 rubles per 100 ml bottle and is realized mainly through the Internet.


"Wasps appeared at us in the beginning of spring, and then they became terribly many. It turned out that they built their nest near the toilet. We did not even know then what the wasps could be wasted, went to neighbors, and they recently poisoned the cockroaches , and they still had a poison. We divorced her, the husband took a sprayer and processed the whole nest in the evening. In the morning under him was a carpet of dead wasps, but still alive. Then we finished off them too. "

Irina Vitalevna, Volgodonsk

Boric acid as a component of poisoned baits

Boric acid - perhaps the most famous folk remedy for wasps. As part of various baits, it is also widely used as a poison against cockroaches and ants.

Борная кислота эффективна не только против тараканов, но и против ос.

The main advantages of boric acid:

  • sufficiently high poisoning ability in relation to insects;
  • relative harmlessness to humans (previously boric acid was even used to disinfect wounds);
  • complete absence of odor;
  • availability and low price (you can buy it at any pharmacy).

Usually boric acid (as well as the Get product described above) is added to the fermented jam or beer, after which the cooked bait is poured into a suitable container. It is also possible to treat slices of raw meat with a suspension of boric acid and lay them near the aspen nests.

Химическая формула борной кислоты

On a note

Bura is also a well-known tool for combating wasps and other insects. By chemical nature, this is the sodium salt of boric acid, which has almost the same insecticidal properties as the acid itself.

Combating wasps with Dichlorvos

Dichlorvos against wasps was used even when it was practically the only means of escape from domestic insects. Apply this aerosol drug even today, although from the Soviet times the active substance of the drug has changed a long time (now in different brands of Dichlorvos use pyrethroids instead of organophosphorus substances).

Сегодня существует большое количество различных видов современных Дихлофосов, действующее вещество которых не имеет никакого отношения к старому советскому варианту.

Dichlorvos, as a rule, is processed by the wasps. Choosing this tool, you need to understand that to approach the nest and spray it from the canister will have more than once. Each treatment will lead to the death of a sufficiently large number of insects, and within a few days it is possible to achieve the destruction of the entire aspen family.

Applying Dichlorvos (however, like any other remedy), do not forget about precautions. Destroy the nest should only at night, when insects are inactive. It is necessary to wear tight clothes with sleeves, thick gloves and a mask of the beekeeper.

Buy Dichlorvos of various brands (Eco, Neo, Varan, etc.) today, you can almost in any hardware store. It is worth the drug is inexpensive, and in most cases one bottle is enough to destroy the middle wasp nest.

Дихлофос вполне подойдет, чтобы быстро отравить насекомых в гнезде.

It is possible to replace Dichlophos with other similar aerosol insecticides: Raptor from creeping insects, Moth raptor, Combat, Pure House insect sprays, etc.

Delta Zone

Concentrate Delta Zone is another well-known and very effective drug that can be successfully applied from wasps and hornets. A characteristic feature of this remedy is the presence of a very weak odor, which makes it perfectly suitable for the preparation of poisoned baits.

Средство от насекомых Дельта Зона (практически не имеет запаха)

The bottle of the drug per 100 ml costs about 650 rubles. In general, the effectiveness of the means of the Delta Zone and Get against the wasps is approximately the same.


Carbofos - known for its efficacy and low cost of poison from insects, although it is somewhat outdated. It is sold as a powder, or as a concentrate for the preparation of an aqueous emulsion. The last form of this product is more convenient for the preparation of poisonous wasps.

Карбофос продается как в порошкообразном, так и в жидком виде.

Carbophos is also famous for its very sharp and unpleasant odor. That is why it can not be used as part of poisoned baits - the smell of the remedy will simply scare off most insects.

You can apply the tool in two ways:

  • dilute 100 ml of a concentrated solution of Carbophos with a liter of water, pour it into a large plastic bag, and then (at night) stretch from the bottom to the nest;
  • or simply sprinkle the nest received emulsion (in this case, the procedure sometimes have to be repeated more than once).

Traps and drug OTOS

Traps are widely known folk remedies for combating wasps. They are usually made from simple plastic bottles: cut the top and insert it with a neck down into the bottom half.

Jam, beer, brag or kvass are poured into a ready-made trap. To increase the efficiency, it is possible to add Het, boric acid, Chlorophos or any other suitable insecticide without odor to the bait.

Эффективная ловушка для ос может быть приготовлена из обычной пластиковой бутылки.

Верхняя часть бутылки отрезается и плотно вставляется в нижнюю.

Such a trap can be used even without the upper part - the wasps that have flown out of it will still perish. In the case of a standard design, the presence of an insecticide in the bait makes it much easier to shake out insects from the bottle - by this time they are all dead (otherwise, you might have to think how to quickly destroy hundreds of grams of live wasps in a crowded trap).

На фотографии показан пример ловушки, заполненной мертвыми осами.

As a poison bait, you can also use the Otos preparation - insecticides and sugar with flavoring have already been added to it. The drug is sold in ready-to-use form. There is only one problem - to buy this tool from wasps can not be in every store.

Препарат для уничтожения ос и шершней Отос

Gels from cockroaches for combating wasps

It is possible to get rid of wasps in the house or in the suburban area with the help of gels from cockroaches. The peculiarity of insecticidal gels is that they represent both bait and poison, so to speak, in one bottle (true, for a wasp such a bait is not as attractive as for cockroaches and ants, but often also works). In addition, it is convenient to apply gels to virtually any surface.

With regard to wasps, it is especially effective to apply gels to different places near their nests - this greatly increases the probability of insect detection.

Инсектицидным гелем следует обрабатывать поверхности рядом с гнездом ос

To destroy the wasps, almost any cockroach gels, for example, Absolute, Globol or Fas, which are spread on either a sheet of paper and laid out somewhere near the nest, are either applied directly to the wall or trunk of a tree.

Гель для уничтожения насекомых Абсолют

Инсектицидный гель Фас

Insect glue and traps based on it

And in conclusion we note one more effective type of funds from os - special adhesives, which also use for catching cockroaches and ants. Glue is smeared with a piece of cardboard, and in the center of the resulting sticky stain is laid sweet bait - for example, a piece of meat or watermelon. The wasps that gather for a meal, of course, stick to the cardboard, and can be destroyed without problems.

Against the wasps, you can use glues such as Alt, Apcoll, Kapkan and some others: there is not much difference between them, they all have about the same efficiency.

Клей от грызунов и насекомых Alt

Клей для приготовления клеевых ловушек от грызунов и насекомых Капкан

Using glue as a tool against wasps, you need to consider two things:

  • to fight against insects will have more than one day, since once all residents of the nest this method is not destroyed;
  • In addition to wasps, other insects can also be found in the adhesive trap.

In general, if the wasps do not terrorize the inhabitants of the site and do not particularly harm it, it is not worth fighting with single specimens of insects. It must be remembered that they are of great benefit, destroying agricultural pests, and therefore the thoughtless destruction of wasps can lead to the fact that part of the crop will be threatened. Be reasonable and apply appropriate means only when it is really necessary.

If you decide to deal with hornets or wasps yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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  1. Anonymous :

    Hello. We have a beehive in the dacha, tell us how to get rid of it without destroying bee-eaters.

  2. Andrey Zimin :

    Interesting ways, thanks for the tips!

  3. Svetlana :

    A lot of wasps at home ... Every day climb. Nests have not been found anywhere, but a gap has been found from the street where they flew. First dichlorvos, and then zapenili. But they still climb. True, they do not fly to the place where they are stuck. What can you do if you do not find the nests?

  4. Anonymous :

    And if you do not get to the nest, what then?

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    Tell me, please, what to do, at home very much. They're climbing somewhere near the window. It seems that all replaced, but they still climb. Caused the disinfectants, processed, became even more angry, fly between the bricks. Tell me, how can I get rid of them?

    I think that the nest is somewhere in the street, between the bricks and our window. They bothered, but it was no good. Tell me what to do?

    • Kote :

      Take glue mammoth for wallpaper, dilute it, as for wallpaper, and pin it to the place where these wasps are arriving. Awesome effect!

  6. Kote :

    Three days than just did not poison these wasps, and here you are)) The glue remained for the wallpaper, pozakidyval this glue to the place where these wasps arrive. And all have died))

    You can use a large syringe))

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