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First aid with a bite of a wasp

Правильно оказанная первая помощь после укуса осы помогает свести к минимуму вероятность развития тяжелых и даже опасных для жизни состояний.

When biting a wasp, first aid to a person must be provided necessarily - even though the event may seem to the victim a fairly ordinary and insignificant event. For such "brave" you can identify several reasons that prove the need, if not full-fledged first aid, then at least a minimal bite processing.

  • The wasp venom always causes acute pain, gradually spreading through the tissues near the bite site. What for longly to suffer unpleasant sensations if there are simple and effective methods of a pain removal in such situations? На фото показано жало осы - за одно нападение насекомое может использовать его несколько раз.
  • Edema, which almost always appears after a bite, can sometimes grow very quickly in size. And if nothing is done, then the injured hand or, for example, the leg may well become almost one and a half times thicker than its original state. Pain from such a strongly pronounced edema will also be appropriate. And now imagine that the wasp stung in the throat or neck ... Is it really worthwhile in this situation to let things go by themselves and wait, block the swelling of the airways or not? Даже укус осы в губу выглядит довольно устрашающе, а представьте, что будет, если несколько насекомых покусают горло человека...
  • The wasp venom, especially with multiple insect bites, in some cases can cause a general intoxication of the body, accompanied by headaches, nausea, digestive disorders, general arousal, fever and shortness of breath. Such states are also very dangerous. Множественные укусы ос - не редкость, и часто случаются при попытке избавиться от гнезда этих насекомых.
  • In some cases, after the bite of a wasp, an allergic reaction begins to develop, which sometimes occurs in severe form, and with a high sensitivity, a bitten one can even lead to anaphylactic shock and subsequent death.

При высокой чувствительности человека к яду перепончатокрылых насекомых могут наблюдаться весьма тяжелые и опасные аллергические реакции.

Perhaps, the above reasons are enough to clearly understand: if a person was bitten by a wasp, then it is very desirable to give him at least a minimum first aid, and in the future to carefully monitor the overall well-being, especially during the first hour.

On a note

So-called road wasps have one of the most painful bites among insects in general (they are more bitten by a tropical bullet ant). And the largest representatives of the family of os - huge Japanese hornets - according to statistics, their bites annually kill in Japan several dozen people. The cause of death of victims of these insects is, first, allergy and anaphylactic shock, and secondly, intoxication of the organism in case of attack of a large number of hornets.

So, the first aid provided with a bite of a wasp in time makes it possible to avoid many problems: to reduce pain at the site of a bite, to promote a faster disappearance of the edema (or not to allow its development at all), and to reduce the manifestations of an allergic reaction. That is why the victim should be helped in the first minutes after the bite of a wasp.

Оказывать первую помощь при укусе осы следует сразу же, не тратя драгоценные минуты на эмоции.


"I was often bitten by wasps in my childhood, and then, as I went to the city, probably no one has stung up to 25 at all. There was no occasion. Just recently, one stung while we all family went on a picnic. I did not even think that everything would be so bad. I squeezed my cheek, I do not understand what she was doing there. The cheek spread, both eyes so swollen that they closed completely, the pain infernal, in the head pounding. Moreover, I managed to slap the owl - an ordinary one, not a hornet. They began to put bottles of water, his wife anointed with some ointment, but no use. The nose stopped breathing at all, but the throat did not get edema. So I sat, I could not see anything, I breathed my mouth, my head began to crack. My wife called the father-in-law, he came with his brother, took us out in the cars, I was taken to the emergency department. The doctor injected something from the allergy and said to drink antihistamine tablets. In general, I got an unplanned hospital - only after three days my eyes opened. "

Oleg, Kazan

Actions in the first minutes after a bite

Perhaps the first thing to do right after the bite is to make sure that it was the wasp, not the bee, that stung: some basic moments of first aid after the attack of these insects vary considerably. So, for example, if a wasp stung, then do not waste precious time looking for a sting - unlike a bee, this insect never leaves it in the skin.

Фотография жала осы при сильном увеличении

А так выглядит жало пчелы (в сравнении со стальной иглой) - благодаря зазубринам, оно застревает в теле жертвы.

The task of the initial stage of first aid with a bite of a wasp is reduced to the maximum reduction of the amount of poison of the insect introduced under the skin at the site of the bite. There are several ways to do this.

To begin with, it is necessary to try to suck out a maximum of the poison from the bite site: it can be spent on strength for 1 minute, as the skin around the puncture site, as a rule, contracts very quickly, and further attempts will be ineffective. Do not be afraid of getting wasp venom into your mouth - then it will not do any harm, it's important not to swallow it, but spit it.

В первую минуту после укуса определенный положительный эффект может оказать отсасывание яда из ранки.

There is also one more or less effective way of partial neutralization of an insect toxin. The poison of the wasp has an alkaline reaction, so its neutralizers are acids. In order to reduce the amount of active form of poison in the wound, you should apply for a minute to it a cotton wool soaked with table vine 9% vinegar, a slice of lemon, a piece of apple or orange.

In some cases, especially bold victims cauterize the place of bite of a wasp with an extinct match, a cigarette or a hot coal. Usually the effect of heat is considered as a first aid method with snake bites and some venomous spiders - that is, when there is a real threat to life. When cauterized, the toxins of the poison, which is close to the surface of the skin, disintegrate and simply do not have time to cause any harm.

Such first aid, of course, will give a definite effect in the case of a wasp sting, but it must be clearly understood that this method is, in the first place, very painful (sometimes even more sensitive than the bite itself), and secondly, the trace of the burn can remain for life. Probably the only case when it is worthwhile to apply to such help is when the victim is obviously inclined to the strongest insect allergy, and knows about it himself, but he does not have a special injector with adrenaline.

Автоинъектор с адреналином

Использовать автоинъектор с адреналином следует сразу же после укуса, не дожидаясь признаков аллергической реакции (она может развиваться очень стремительно).

In addition to all the above actions, at the initial stage of providing first aid to the wound, you can put a kind of compress of wet sugar, which will also delay the poison from the wound.


When providing first aid, in no case should you try to squeeze out poison from the wound. Such pressure on the bite site will cause in it increased blood circulation and, as a consequence, a faster spread of the poison throughout the body.

Further actions of first aid with a wasp bite should be aimed at preventing the rapid entry of poison into the bloodstream, reducing the likelihood of developing severe allergies and stopping the symptoms of intoxication. For example, to reduce the speed of the spread of poison and reduce the edema at the site of the bite, you need to keep a cold compress as long as possible - it may be a piece of ice, frozen meat or a bottle of cold water. Just the same under a cold compress and may be the above-mentioned piece of moist sugar, the hypertonic solution of which will additionally pull the poison out of the wound.

Холодный компресс сузит сосуды и замедлит всасывание яда в кровь.

What to do immediately so that the allergy does not start

Usually a person can not be absolutely sure beforehand that he will not have an allergic reaction to a wasp sting. Sensitivity to poison does not depend on the overall level of health and physical condition of the body, and with equal probability it can appear in men, women and children. Therefore, in the case of a wasp sting, first aid should necessarily include a number of actions aimed at preventing allergies - even in those affected who have never experienced such a reaction of their body before.

The easiest way after a cold compress has been applied to the bite site, to drink a tablet of Suprastin, Dimedrol or Tavegil. Sometimes these drugs do not give an allergic reaction to start at all.

Антигистаминный препарат Супрастин (таблетки)

Еще одно противоаллергическое средство - Тавегил

However, in this case it is advisable to first consult with a doctor, at least by phone, and also strictly observe the dosage of the drug (it is always prescribed in the instructions for use). Use the same more serious means (for example, Prednisolone) is possible only with clear and life-threatening symptoms of an allergic reaction.

Particular care should be taken to stop allergies in children - they are usually banned from the standard for such cases, "adult" drugs. The fact is that these preparations for the baby's organism can be even more dangerous than the bite itself or uncomplicated allergy after it. About what to do if a child was bitten by a wasp, you can read in a separate article on our website (subsection "Wasps").

При оказании первой помощи ребенку следует помнить, что многие препараты от аллергии не предназначены для приема в детском возрасте.


"I have a passport of an allergic person, I always have Suprastin and an autoinjector with adrenaline in my purse. Recently, at the dacha of my son (14), I was bitten by a wasp, I immediately gave him a Suprastin tablet, so that nothing happened exactly. He refused to drink, said, they say, stupidity, some bite of a wasp. Two hours later he was already lying hardly alive, with the temperature and swelling on the floor of the body. I injected him this adrenaline, called an ambulance, they pumped out. They said that without adrenaline, maybe they would not have had time. So my son now got a passport of an allergic person. "

Irina Vyacheslavovna, Samara

Get rid of itching

After the poison has been neutralized to the maximum, and to prevent allergies, an antihistamine medication has been taken, subsequent care for the bite of the wasps should be directed to reducing the unpleasant sensations in the affected area.

Зачастую укус осы вызывает в пораженном месте не только воспаление и отек, но и сильный зуд.

As a rule, the most significant and noticeable symptoms for an affected person are itching and swelling. To eliminate them, there are special ointments and balms, which also apply to first aid equipment. Here, for example, are some of them:

  • gel Fenistil;
  • Sowentol;
  • Gardex Family;
  • Mosquitol;
  • Picnic Family.

Бальзам после укусов насекомых Picnic Family.

One of these or similar means should definitely be with you in the medicine cabinet when you leave for a summer residence or for nature. If you plan to travel with a child, you need to take care of the purchase of a "child" drug in advance (a line of such funds is, for example, Gardex or Mosquitall).

Такой вот бальзам-стик Gardex Baby вполне можно применять при укусах осы у детей.

If the bite of a wasp still caught you unawares, you can apply the time-tested folk remedies. Of course, in comparison with specialized drugs they will be less effective, but for want of more, they will be of invaluable help. So, for the treatment of edema will suit, for example, a gruel of garlic or grated parsley root, or an alcoholic tincture of St. John's wort.

Be that as it may, it should be understood that it is often impossible to completely eliminate the swelling after the bite of the wasp even with the use of powerful and not always safe medications. In any case: the sooner and more correctly the ambulance will be given with a bite of a wasp, the less will be swelling and the sooner it will pass.

How does the allergy manifest itself and what to do if it starts

The allergy almost never arises on the first bite of the wasp: for the development of such a reaction the organism must at least once in life "taste" the poison of this insect. Simply put, before the immediate development of allergies a person should ever, for example, in childhood, already be bitten by wasps.

Чувствительность человека к укусам ос может увеличиваться с каждым последующим нападением этих насекомых.

As a rule, the first "encounter" with an insect leads only to a small edema, and occasionally to mild intoxication. This often introduces the bitten: he believes that if for the first time nothing terrible has happened, then in subsequent cases everything will be similar.

However, this is not at all the case: an allergy can develop both after the second and after the fifth bite. Therefore, if the first symptoms of an allergy begin to appear in the victim with a bite of a wasp, you do not need to wait and wait - you need to immediately give him emergency help.

Anxious signs of an allergy are:

  • Extensive edema, which goes far beyond the bite, and sometimes spreads throughout the body;
  • urticaria (usually on the ground edema);
  • headache;
  • nausea;
  • dyspnea;
  • cardiopalmus;
  • heartache;
  • increased body temperature;
  • confusion of consciousness.

Если после укуса осы появилась крапивница - это может быть одним из признаков опасной аллергической реакции.

With normal reaction of the body to the bite of the wasp, these signs do not appear.

Therefore, if the victim has at least one of the listed symptoms, immediately call an ambulance and, after describing the situation, follow the doctor's instructions for first aid.

In the event that even a phone call is impossible, you need to act independently, not forgetting that the life of a person can be at stake. The first aid for the development of a severe allergic reaction should be given approximately according to this scheme:

  1. It is necessary to give the victim an additional pill of an antihistamine. It can be as mentioned above, Diphenhydramine and Suprastin, as well as stronger drugs - for example, Desloratadine, Promethazine, Fexofenadine and some others.
  2. If you have an autoinjector with adrenaline on hand, it should be used immediately.
  3. Provide a copious drink.

Then you need to try to take the victim to the hospital.

В тяжелых случаях после оказания первой помощи человека следует как можно скорее доставить в больницу.

One of the most dangerous consequences of an allergy is difficulty breathing. In the event that, due to swelling, the victim can not breathe in or out, one should carefully insert a thin tube into his throat, which will provide airway patency.

When this is no longer possible, the only way to ensure breathing is to hold a conicotomy. To do this, the victim's throat dissects in the area between the thyroid and cricoid cartilage, and a hollow tube is inserted into the resulting opening, allowing it to breathe.

Для обеспечения проходимости дыхательных путей пострадавшего врачам может потребоваться сделать коникотомию...

It is important to understand that properly provided emergency assistance with a wasp bite in most cases ensures that before the occurrence of such complications the matter will not come to pass, or they will be already dealt with by the hospital staff. Severe situations arise most often precisely because of disorder and neglect of the bite in general.

Actions that can not be done

The first aid with a bite of a wasp should be strictly "regulated" - there should be no unnecessary maneuvers. Incorrect actions after a bite not only spend precious time, but also can cause additional harm to the victim.

Оказывая человеку первую помощь после укуса осы, следует помнить, что некоторые неправильные действия могут нанести вред здоровью пострадавшего.

For example, when biting a wasp, it is strictly forbidden:

  • squeeze out the poison from the wound, because he himself will not flow out, but because of the massage of the tissues, he will only spread faster by blood (this has already focused attention);
  • apply earth as a cold compress - this can lead to infection of blood;
  • use alcohol after a bite - this, like massage, increases blood circulation and promotes the spread of poison throughout the body;
  • Drinking the drug Diprazin - it alone can cause allergies.

And most importantly, you can not ignore the bite itself and hope that nothing terrible will happen. Fortunately, most of the consequences of a bite of a wasp are really limited to only a small edema, but almost all cases of getting into resuscitation turned out to be completely unexpected for the victims, and sometimes occurred only because people hoped for the Russian "maybe".

The first bite should be provided in any case, and in the future - closely monitor its condition, ensure peace, and if necessary, take measures to deliver to the hospital.

Remember: from others in this situation, the life of a person can depend.

If you decide to deal with hornets or wasps yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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