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We prepare a trap for wasps with our own hands

Учимся делать простую, но весьма эффективную ловушку для ос своими руками из обычной пластиковой бутылки.

A trap for wasps is perhaps the most effective and easiest way to get rid of insects on the site, if their nest itself is located outside of it. And these traps help not only in the country, in the garden or the garden, but especially in the apiary, where the wasps often actively hunt bees. Only a few correctly made traps in a relatively short period of time can significantly reduce the number of wasps in the area.

Next, we'll look at how you can make a trap for a wasp with your own hands, and it will work so that you yourself will be surprised how simple and at the same time very effective the design is. For its production it is enough to have at hand an empty plastic bottle of mineral water, scissors, as well as wire or scotch tape. The very manufacture of one product will take several minutes to complete, and such a trap for wasps from a bottle is often even more effective than expensive store analogues.

Практика показывает, что самодельная ловушка для ос, сделанная из бутылки, работает ничуть не хуже, чем промышленно выпускаемые аналоги.

By the way, we note that many standard traps for insects practically do not act on wasps. For example, lamp devices, very effective against mosquitoes, flies and night butterflies, do not attract wasps at all, and even when located directly near the vineyard, they catch only the insects that fly into them accidentally. A trap made by oneself, which will be discussed further, first effectively attracts wasps (more effectively than, for example, grapes or blackberries on a bush), and then destroys them.


Even before making a trap for wasps, it will be useful to make sure that the insects did not settle on the site or in the economic buildings, having organized their own nest here. To do this, you need to observe where the insects fly after feeding on berry or grapes, and for reliability - carefully check out the little-attended attics, awnings and sheds. If there is a nest on the site, it's enough just to destroy it so that the wasps no longer disturb - this will solve the problem in just a couple of hours. However, if you are afraid to approach the nest too close, then traps will be useful to you in this case as it is impossible by the way ...

Иногда проще и быстрее бывает просто уничтожить осиное гнездо, чем вылавливать одиночных особей.

Traps-traps for the wasps themselves: the principles of work and the materials used

So, let's now take a closer look at how to make a trap for a wasp with an empty two-liter plastic bottle.

The order of manufacture is as follows:

  1. Scissors or a knife cut off the top third of the bottle with a neck. На первом этапе изготовления ловушки от бутылки отрезается верхняя ее часть с горлышком.
  2. The bait is poured into the bottom of the bottle.
  3. A lid is twisted from the cut piece.
  4. Then cut off the top of the bottle flips the neck down and inserts into the bottom (if the bottle has different diameters at different heights, cut it up so that when turning over the upper part becomes lower in the tight enough). Нужно плотно вставить получившуюся воронку в нижнюю часть бутылки.
  5. Slightly above the level of the bottom of the neck in the trap, you can additionally make small holes (however, this is not necessary). They are needed in order to smell the bait better out of the bottle and spread around the area, but the insects themselves should not be able to get through these holes.
  6. If the trap is to be suspended on tree branches, two holes are made on the upper part of the resulting structure from different sides, into which a wire loop is inserted - a handle is obtained.

Такие ловушки от ос удобно подвешивать на ветвях деревьев или виноградника.


The volume of a bottle of 2 or 5 liters will be optimal if a universal trap is required from wasps and hornets . The fact is that with a large number of them in a day, a few dozen or even hundreds of insects can enter the bottle, so traps of a smaller size simply do not accommodate such a large number of "guests." If you only need a trap for paper wasps, you can take a smaller bottle, for example, 1.5 liters.

The principle of the self-made trap is simple: a wasp attracted by a pleasant aroma, crawls through the funnel into the inside of the bottle, registers with bait, and then tries to fly out, either instinctively soaring upwards or crawling to the top of the trap along the inner wall. In any case, the insect rests on the joint of two parts of the bottle and the "biological algorithms" simply do not allow the ax to make a saving path along the neck of the funnel to the exit from the trap.

Инстинкт не дает осам выбраться из западни...

Very often such traps are placed by skilled summer residents under tables on verandas or in summer kitchens, since the wasps to the tables are strongly attracted by the smells of cooking products, especially fish. Here the traps just stick to the table legs with scotch tape.


"We had to hang ten traps at the dacha in the summer, so many wasps. They are caught properly, every day it was necessary to shake out bottles. True, less of them became only a week or two, because there were too many of them. But without any chemistry and biting, like the others. "

Valentina Petrovna, Kolomiya

One should bear in mind that one trap for an wasp in an apiary or on a large plot (more than 5 ares) will not help. Here you need to apply them at least 5-6 pieces, placed evenly across the territory.

Если участок большой и ос на нем много, то потребуется приготовить сразу несколько ловушек, разместив их равномерно по территории.

However, if you carefully read, making the above-described construction with your own hands is only part of the task. The modified bottle turns into a trap only after it is placed correctly selected effective bait, capable of attracting wasps.

We correctly prepare the bait for the trap

As a bait for wasps and hornets in traps, brew, kvass, beer (with sugar), fermented jam, water diluted honey, watermelon juice or compote is usually used. They are poured into a trap so that there is some distance to the bottom of the neck.

Если приманка в ловушке приготовлена неправильно, то насекомые просто не будут слетаться в бутылку.


The choice of bait must be treated very responsibly. It should not attract bees, which are very important for pollination of plants in the garden and in the garden. Therefore, sugar syrups or fresh jams, especially in the apiary, are not desirable to be poured into a trap. On the same brew or beer, the bees do not fly.

Traps for wasps in the country can also be filled with baits with poisonous substances. First, even single wasps, which will escape from the trap, after feeding such a bait will die. And secondly, even if they were caught, already trapped alive wasps would not have been allowed to shake them out quietly (imagine - to shake out two hundred still living wasps). When using the same insecticide additive as bait, insects die very quickly, they can be removed, and the trap can be hung again for work.

При добавлении в приманку отравляющего вещества без запаха можно существенно упростить процедуру освобождения ловушки от пойманных насекомых.

Poisoned bait for a trap can also be done by yourself. To this end, boric acid is added and carefully mixed into standard kvass, beer or compote, or you can buy effective insecticides that do not smell - they work even better. Such means include, for example, Get, Lambda Zone, Delta Zone. These are not very expensive tools and they are enough for a long time.

Примеры высокоэффективных инсектицидных препаратов, практически не имеющих запаха - Get, Дельта Зона и Лямбда Зона

You can also use as a bait special drug Otos. It is implemented in 10-gram packets, and the contents of each packet are enough for one trap. The powder is simply poured into the bottle and poured into half a glass of warm water, then mixed. After 2-3 hours the mixture will begin to smell and attract the wasps, and the bees do not fly to such a bait.

Purchased products: types, prices and reviews

If there is no desire to tinker with the manufacture of a trap for wasps, then it is quite possible to buy it. For example, in agricultural shops or via the Internet, the following models are actively sold today:

  • Wasp Trap - a wide plastic trap with a transparent top and colored bottom. It has special entrances, directed inwards and upwards, and these entrances that are inside the wasps no longer find. Trap Wasp Trap has a convenient mount for hanging on the branches, and costs about 400 rubles. Ловушка для ос Wasp Trap
  • Swissinno, a Swiss-made trap. It works in much the same way as Wasp Trap, but it looks like a neat bucket. Sold already with bait, which does not attract bees. It is also worth about 400 rubles. Ловушка для ос Swissinno
  • GUARD'n CARE made in China by order of the Dutch concern - a product with several compartments of different widths. It is worth about 350 rubles.

А так выглядят китайские ловушки для ос от компании GUARD'n CARE

All these traps are quite effective, and the price does not reflect their quality. You can buy one that is cheaper and easier to deliver, or one that is available (we recommend that you prefer the Swissinno trap).


"This summer we suffered from wasps. They made a nest in the fence at the dacha, and my daughter and I arrived a day before her husband. Well, we were bitten on the first day. I called my husband, he came with a purchased trap. This bucket with holes on the sides. We hung directly near the nest, poured a sweet compote. The wasps were caught for several days, until the whole trap was scored, but there was nothing special about this. All the same, the others flew. It ended with the fact that the husband at night had poured a nest on the nest with gasoline and burned them. "

Yana, Kirov

Sticky traps for wasps

Another way to catch a wasp at the dacha is to do it with sticky tapes designed for flies. Such tapes are hung in the places of the greatest accumulation of wasps, and sooner or later insects sit down on them to rest, stick and die.

Липкая лента Раптор для защиты от мух

Такая лента вполне способна удержать и ос

The tapes have their advantages and disadvantages. The main advantages of them are cheapness, availability and ease of use. They do not even require baits! But the disadvantage of sticky traps is that not only wasps, but also bees, butterflies, riders, beetles and a bunch of other, sometimes useful insects can stick to them. Another drawback - sticky tape does not particularly appeal to wasps.

In addition, sticky tape should be hung on prominent and free of other objects places. In themselves they have an unsightly appearance, and being plastered with wasps, flies and mosquitoes, still moving, represent a frankly repulsive sight. Therefore, in most cases, traps from bottles that can be disguised or placed under a table or in the thick of foliage are preferable to tapes.

Practice has shown that sticky tapes do not allow you to effectively catch hornets: these insects can tear themselves away from Velcro, intended, in fact, only to hold flies.

А вот шершни являются весьма крупными и сильными насекомыми, поэтому далеко не всякая клейкая лента от мух способна их удержать

In an apiary for the protection of hives, special glues can be used, which are used to catch cockroaches in houses or caterpillars in orchards. The glue is applied in a thin layer on a cardboard or sheet of plywood, and the whole trap is placed on a hive or other prominent place. For reliability, you can place a piece of watermelon or peach inside it. In such a mass of glue even the hornet will get stuck.

На фото показан пример клеевой ловушки

For example, the following adhesives can be used:

  1. RaTrap, a tube with 135 ml of which costs about 80 rubles.
  2. Clean House at a price of 60 rubles for 60 grams;
  3. ALT, about 200 rubles for 135 grams.

To make a single sticky trap, there may be enough 100-120 grams of glue.


At the apiary, you must carefully monitor that no sticky bees fall into the sticky traps.

Below is a video from South-East Asia, where a trap with this principle of action in the apiary caught giant hornets:

What if the traps for wasps do not help?

In exceptional cases, even with a constant catch of a large number of wasps, their quantity on the site may not seem to decrease. In such situations, you just have to endure it when grape or raspberries go away, or find their nest in the vicinity and destroy it.

В отдельных случаях оптимальным способом борьбы с осами на участке будет непосредственное уничтожение их гнезда.

Еще один пример осиного гнезда.

In horticultural partnerships with a high density of construction, wasps are almost certainly settled on someone's site. After skirting the neighbors, you can eventually find a "lucky" who has a nest in the attic or in the toilet, and often several at the same time. In addition, in apiaries or in the neighborhood with orphan territories, you can catch a pair of wasps in leather gloves, tie scarlet ribbons around their abdomen, release them and trace where they will fly. Literally half an hour so you can find their nest.

About how to properly destroy the nests of wasps and hornets, read in other articles on our site (section "Hornets and Wasps"). We also recommend reading the video below.

If you decide to deal with hornets or wasps yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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