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What to do if a cat is bitten by a wasp ...

В некоторых случаях укус осы может действительно представлять для кошек повышенную опасность...

Many owners (especially those who like to take their fluffy pet to the dacha) sooner or later face the question: what if the cat was stung by a wasp? In most cases, no special procedures are necessary: ​​if a bite falls on the paw or body, the pain and itching after it will quickly pass by themselves - the owners may not even know what happened.

Even when a cat or a cat was bitten by a wasp and as a result the animal had a large blister on the paw that prevents it from stepping on it, everything can be left as it is - the pain itself will pass for several days and the animal will return to normal life.

Если укус осы пришелся на лапу кошки, то в этом месте может появиться припухлость или волдырь

Иногда отек достигает внушительных размеров...

Nevertheless, there are a number of cases when the host necessarily needs to show more attention to the condition of the pet with such bites. This includes the following situations:

  1. If the bite is in the head, the muzzle, mouth, nose or throat of the animal. In this situation, edema can spread to the respiratory tract and lead to suffocation of the animal.
  2. If a wasp has bitten a cat or cat for an eye. Such bites are fraught with severe inflammation, suppuration and other serious complications.
  3. The wasp bit a small kitten. Several portions of the poison of this insect can lead to serious intoxication of the baby and even his death.
  4. If the cat or cat has a high sensitivity to the poisons of insects.

Особую опасность представляют укусы ос в морду и шею кошки - это может иногда приводить к удушью.

In such situations, the first thing an animal owner must do is show it to the vet. However, sometimes complications after the bite of the wasps can appear very quickly, so the master needs to have time to take measures to preserve the health of the cat or cat even before the visit to a specialist.

При наличии явных осложнений после укуса насекомого желательно как можно скорее отвезти кошку к ветеринару.


"When I saw this nightmare, I thought I was going to faint. Leia's head was twice as big as usual, her eyes were completely closed, her tongue fell out. Trembling all, wheezing, it is audible that hardly breathes. Horror! Well, I have a vet friend, I called her right in the middle of the night, explained all this through the snot, she advised me to immediately inject the cat with Prednisolone and take it to the vet. She gave the address of the clinic where animals were taken around the clock. Probably only this Prednisolon saved. Leia after him did not even shiver. So I drove it in a jacket in the front seat. The next day after work came to the clinic - as if she had nothing. So, a small tumor remained, but in her hair this is not particularly visible. So this is not all: the day after the cat was stung by a wasp, another stung the child. On the balcony flew, infection.

Irina, Ivanovo

What can be dangerous is the bite of a wasp for a cat

In general, the symptoms of ostal bites in cats and cats are very similar to those in humans. The main ones are:

  • severe pain, followed by itching;
  • a swelling or - sometimes - a swelling in the place where the wasp was bitten.

Типичной реакцией на укус осы является отек пораженного места, его припухлость.

Pain and itching, no matter how strong they were, almost no danger to life cat or cat does not represent - the owner here to do additionally nothing is needed. A slight swelling in most cases will also pass by itself. The exception is a strong swelling that can lead to blockage of the respiratory system or urinary tract - such situations for the animal can be deadly.

Severe consequences are observed in those cases when the wasle was bitten by a cat or cat, which differ in their sensitivity to insect venoms. As a rule, in these animals, after stinging, the systemic allergic reaction begins to develop to varying degrees, which can be accompanied by such symptoms as:

  • chills;
  • vomiting;
  • severe shortness of breath;
  • disorders of coordination of movements;
  • shock (in particularly severe cases).

Иногда может развиваться системная аллергическая реакция с тяжелыми последствиями...

Having in his house such a special animal, the owner clearly must imagine what to do if the condition of the pet worsens after the bite of the wasp: when any signs of an allergic cat begin appearing, the cat needs to be taken to the hospital as soon as possible.

To rely on your own experience of treatment and to trust the advice of numerous articles in this case it is not necessary to prescribe medications to a cat or a cat, only a qualified specialist should, since all animals respond differently to seemingly innocuous medicines for people.

Лекарственные препараты для лечения кошки должен подобрать врач, не стоит здесь проявлять излишнюю самостоятельность.

First aid with bite

To help the owners of veterinarians, a reminder was developed, suggesting that it is necessary to do immediately after the wasp stung the cat or cat. So, in order to avoid serious consequences (but not to harm the animal):

  • dilute in water table vinegar 9% vinegar in a ratio of 1: 1 and carefully wipe them the place of bite;
  • rinse bite with soap and water;
  • wrap pieces of ice or any frozen product in a thin plastic bag and apply the resulting ice compress to the bite site.

Для уменьшения отека и зуда на место укуса осы полезно приложить лед

If a wasp has bitten a cat, for example, into a paw or other not a "strategically important" place for the health of the animal, these actions will be enough to prevent the edema from growing. There is no sense in doing anything else to the owner of the pet.

Drugs that can be used to stop symptoms and combat allergies

As mentioned above, the first thing to do to the master, if the cat or cat had initial signs of general intoxication and allergies, - without thinking to take the animal to the vet. Medications to eliminate symptoms and ease the condition of the pet before a visit to the clinic can be used only after consulting a doctor, at least by phone - otherwise the cat can be seriously harmed.

На фотографии показана бумажная оса

При ухудшении состояния питомца его нужно поскорее отвезти в больницу

As a rule, veterinarians often advise in such cases:

  1. Prednisolone, which inhibits the development of an allergic reaction - in the form of intramuscular injection (dosage - 0.5 ml), or half the tablet.
  2. Dexamethasone - as an injection of 0.2 ml.
  3. Benadryl is a universal enough tool, suitable even to teenage kittens.
  4. Diazolin - half a tablet at a time.
  5. Less often Suprastin, since this drug is less universal and in itself is able to cause in some cats and cats an immune response.

It is not superfluous to emphasize once again that independently, without consulting a veterinarian, these drugs should not be used, because if used improperly they can suppress the immunity of the animal and lead to the attachment of a secondary viral, fungal or bacterial infection.

Those who repeatedly turned to the veterinarian after a cat or cat was bitten by a wasp, know that the adrenaline can be injected into the animal to the animal, but it's forbidden to do it on your own - the risk is too great to damage the pet even more.

Врачи спасают кота...

On a note

The most susceptible to allergies are cats of longhaired breeds: Persians, British, Angora. In addition, the bite of them is noticeable not immediately.

If a cat or cat was stung by a wasp and the poison of an insect began to provoke the development of an allergy, one of its symptoms could be an increase in the body temperature of the animal. To knock down the temperature by drugs in this case also should not be done independently - at its critical values ​​only the veterinarian should make a decision to stop this symptom (however, it is possible to use a wet cool towel).

Folk Remedies for Animal Care

Unlike medications, some folk remedies for ostal bites in cats and cats can be used with almost no restrictions. Of course, they are not as effective as specialized pharmaceuticals, but, nevertheless, they are also able to help the animal.

For example, for faster removal of edema, you can use:

  • Natural acids and acid-containing products that treat the bite immediately after the wasp attack (for example, citric acid, apple, orange); Кислые фрукты помогут нейтрализовать часть яда в ранке
  • tampon with chamomile infusion, which must be applied to the bite site for 30-40 minutes; Также полезно прикладывать к месту укуса тампон, смоченный настоем ромашки
  • turmeric. Куркума молотая

In addition, the place of bite of a wasp in a cat or a cat can be wiped with a soap solution (only it should be done regularly) - by these actions you will reduce the itching force in the animal.


"My cat was bitten by a wasp in its paw. This number was. The paw is bigger than my hand. He could not attack her for four days, he went for three. But at the same time, I immediately took the very ode after a bite and ate it just like that. "

George Melnichuk, Zhmerynka

When the animal needs to be urgently taken to the vet

If a cat or cat is bitten by a wasp, it is important for the owner not to miss the moment when the pet needs to be taken to the clinic urgently - even if he does not have an allergy to the poison of insects. Otherwise, even half an hour of delay can become fatal for an animal.

Бывают особые ситуации, когда животное после укуса осы нужно срочно везти к ветеринару.

Unambiguous indications for a trip to the clinic are:

  1. Bite into the eye, tongue or groin area. If a wasp has bitten a cat in the eye, the animal can go blind without treatment, and with a bite in the groin it may be difficult to urinate (in this case, a catheter will be required).
  2. A bite of a special kitten. If a wasp has bitten a baby just opened his eyes, you need to take him to the hospital immediately, without observing the symptoms, since the likelihood of a fatal outcome is quite high.
  3. Sharp change of behavior of the animal, apathy, refusal to eat.
  4. Signs of intoxication: trembling, foam at the mouth, loss of coordination, vomiting.

Тревожным признаком является рвота у кошки, возникающая через некоторое время после укуса насекомого.

In all of the above cases, a call to a veterinarian before going to the clinic is mandatory. In order to have enough time for the trip itself, you should describe the condition of the cat or cat as fully as possible and be ready for any of its directions. For example, if a wasp has bitten a cat in the tongue, it may be necessary to place a thin tube in the animal's throat to allow breathing.


"I did not even have time to figure out what to do. The kitten bit a wasp while the cat ate from the bowl. He's a baby, he's literally a few days old. He was not even heard that he was squeaking. Only the cat heard. Immediately I went to him, began to lick him, to calm him down, but his swelling quickly spread over his body. And what will we do? Tried to put soda, but all to no avail. He was already in a couple of hours as lifeless. The next day he died. "

Galina, the Reed

Для маленьких котят укус осы может оказаться смертельным...

Protect your animals, be attentive to them and their condition, and in case of danger, do not let things go on their own and immediately contact the specialists. Remember: we are responsible for those who have tamed.

If you decide to deal with hornets or wasps yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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