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How can you safely remove the wasps from the house, as well as from the suburban area

Вывести ос, устроивших свое гнездо в доме или на дачном участке, не так уж и сложно, если знать, как это правильно делается - об этом мы дальше и поговорим...

Further you will learn:

  • How can you quickly and efficiently withdraw the wasps from the house if they have built their own nest here;
  • Reliable ways to destroy the wasp nest, even if it is in a remote location;
  • How can I completely remove the wastelands from the country plot by means of traps made from ordinary plastic bottles;
  • How can you destroy the wasps with the help of poisoned baits, which will be carried off by insects into the nest for feeding larvae;

And other interesting nuances of combating wasps.

Ordinary paper wasps often lodge next to human habitation, creating at the same time many problems with their undesirable presence. For example, insects often equip their nests in lofts, in sheds, under roofs of houses, in cracks behind a covering of walls and balconies.

На фотографии показано осиное гнездо под крышей деревянного дома.

Осы и шершни любят также устраивать свои гнезда на чердаках.

Even in the presence of a single nest of wasps, few people can feel at ease in the cottage area, and by the middle of the summer there usually are so many insects that they literally fill the entire territory - so much so that it is not clear who is the owner. Moreover, approaching closer than 2-3 meters to the hornet's nest is simply dangerous for health, since insects can one day take a person for a threat and attack the whole swarm. Now imagine a small child who, without the supervision of his parents, decided to take a walk near the house ...

In some cases, it is necessary to remove the wasps (and hornets) from the site even when there is no nest directly on it, but insects often and in large quantities visit here and cause damage. For example, if beehives with bees are placed on the site, strawberry, cherry and grapes are grown - the wasps very often spoil a significant portion of the harvest of berries, and hornets are actively destroyed by bees.

Иногда осы (и особенно шершни) нападают на пчелиные улья, нанося им существенный урон.

On a note

A detachment of 20-30 giant hornets destroys a bee family of 30 000 individuals in about 2 hours.

In all such cases, in order to withdraw the wasps from the house or from the site, the following methods are used:

  • Destruction of the nest is the fastest, most reliable, but also quite dangerous method of getting rid of unwanted neighborhood;
  • trapping wasps with the help of traps, both self-made and purchased - a method longer, but also very effective (especially with a large number of traps), while safe and not requiring serious labor;
  • gradual destruction of wasps by poisoned baits.

In order to quickly withdraw the wasps from the house or from any other summer cottage, it is most rational to try to destroy the nest of insects. If the wasps have settled, for example, in an attic that people do not visit, and yet do not want to approach the nest directly, then you can use traps and poison to remove insects.

Близко приближаться к такому гнезду может быть попросту опасно для здоровья...

If the nest is not on the site, and the insects arrive here only in search of food, then it is most sensible to deduce them most precisely by traps or poisoned baits.

Иногда осы не устраивают на участке свое гнездо, а прилетают лишь полакомиться, например, виноградом или опавшими сливами.

Let's take a closer look at all these methods ...

We take out the wasps from the house: we destroy the nest correctly and safely

In order to get the wasps out of the house, you first need to find a place where they placed their nest. In many cases, their home is in rather inaccessible places, where it can not simply be removed or burned.

For example, wasps can settle in holes under the slate, between the siding and the wall, under the roof of the house. However, even with such an uncomfortable (for us) disposition, it is quite possible to destroy the nest, if it is right to approach this.

На фото показано осиное гнездо на кирпичной стене дома.

But let's start with simple cases ...

If the nest of a rounded shape hangs under the ceiling, the cornice, just on the wall and is attached to a small foot, it's easiest to get to it at night, when all wasps are inside and are inactive: you need to quickly "tighten" the nest a tight plastic bag, tear off the leg the paper ball from the attachment point and tighten the bag mouth. It is useful before pouring into the package any remedy for insects so that within a few hours all the wasps die in it.

Если гнездо насекомых крепится к основанию тонкой ножкой, то на него легко будет накинуть полиэтиленовый пакет...

On a note

Effective insecticides that make it possible to withdraw wasps in this way are, for example, modern Lambda-Zone, Get, Delta-Zone, and also somewhat outdated Carbophos, which, however, also works quite well.

In more complex situations, the nest can simply not be torn from the attachment point. See the example in the photo:

А вот на такое гнездо накинуть пакет будет весьма проблематично.

Еще один пример неудобно расположенного гнезда на чердаке дома.

In these cases, the package with a pre-filled insecticide is also pulled over the nest, but its neck is not pulled together, but is glued to the surface with adhesive tape. Within a few days all the wasps in the package will die, and it can be thrown out together with the nest.

As you understand, this option will require you more agility. And it's far from the fact that adhesive tape can be reliably affixed to a dusty uneven surface, so in advance, think over your own ways of retreat.


"As we tried to bring out the wasps on the site - so it's a whole epic. They wound up under the roof of the toilet, and when her husband tried to remove one of the panels of metal, immediately flew out a swarm of his bite. They bought a remedy, called Get, from cockroaches use it. Have made an emulsion, the husband has processed all roof at night. They waited for three days, it was clear that the wasps were smaller, but there was a problem, since it rained every two days. We felt that the bottle of remedy was not enough for a week, and we started making baits. They just took spoiled plums, crushed them, stacked them in half of plastic bottles and poured it on the same Geth. The wasps on them flew only so.

Five such bottles were hung under the roof, and so that when it rains, the water in them does not become numb. A week later, not a single wasp was visible on the site! Husband happy got there again to remove the tile and throw out the nest, and from there again a whole swarm! He fell down the stairs and broke the rib. While lying in the hospital, I summoned firefighters, paid them 1,500 rubles, and they did everything themselves, they took off the roof and took out the nest. And baits need a minimum of a month to pickle. "

Lidia Alexandrovna, Astrakhan

Инсектицидное средство Гет

Even more difficult is sometimes the case where the nest is, for example, behind the plating of a house or under a slate, so that it can not be accessed. In this case, it is best to use any aerosol insecticide (Combat, Reid, Dichlophos Eco, etc.). If for some reason this did not help, then you can consider another effective, but longer way to deduce the wasps.

Аэрозольное средство от летающих и ползающих насекомых Дихлофос Эко.

So, if the aerosol does not work, you can sprinkle the entrance to the insect shelter with insecticides of contact action (the same Get, Delta-Zone or Lambda Zone). The concentration should be increased. And then - with regularity every two to three days, you need to update the layer of the drug. All wasps that will crawl over the treated surface will die within a few hours.

Современный инсектицидный препарат Дельта Зона - вполне подходит для уничтожения ос.


With self-excretion of the wasps, all operations should be carried out in dense clothing with long sleeves, gloves and a mask of the beekeeper.

При выведении ос в целях безопасности следует одевать плотную одежду, перчатки и маску пчеловода.

In the most extreme case, when you can not get close to the nest at all, you can call firefighters or the service of pest control. They will destroy the nest for half an hour for quite acceptable money and in general without the participation of the tenants of the house.

However, this is an extreme case, since it is possible to withdraw the wasps without access to their nest (see below about the traps and poisoned baits).

Destruction of the wasps nest on the site

At a distance from the living quarters, the nest of wasps is sometimes destroyed in the following ways:

  1. Burn it by dousing it with gasoline beforehand. This procedure can be carried out if the nest is located on a brick building, in an earthen hole, between stones or building blocks. In no event can you set fire to a nest if it is on a tree or on a wooden structure.
  2. When the nest is located in the hollow of a tree, an insecticide solution is simply poured in, and the entrance to the hollow is closed with a cloth moistened with the same composition.
  3. A nest of so-called earth os can be poured with water (sometimes using boiling water, and so that the insects do not get out, just cover the entrance to the burrow with a stone). Earthen wasps are ordinary paper wasps, just arranged their dwelling in the ground.

На фотографии показан вход в осиное гнездо, расположенное под землей.

As in the house, all procedures for destroying the nest on the site are desirable to be carried out at night and in dense clothing, completely covering the body. These simple rules will help not only to destroy all wasps at once (in fact, they are inside their home during the dark), but also to protect oneself from insect bites in case of failure.

On a note

To find the wasps nest on the site, put fresh fish or a piece of meat in the open area, wait for the insects to find food, and observe where they fly with pieces of prey. Adult individuals do not eat meat, but feed their larvae. Consequently, with such prey, insects will fly straight to the nest.

Вместе с кусочком рыбы, мяса или сала оса сразу же полетит в свое гнездо кормить личинок.

Trapped with traps

In the spring or early summer, when there are not many insects in the nest, the traps can become the main means of excretion of wasps (both from the house and the site as a whole) - often without the need for additional poisonous drugs.

At the height of the season, the traps will perfectly cope with the "flying" wasps arriving at the site behind the fodder, as well as with those insects that have settled their dwelling directly in the garden or vegetable garden.

A very effective trap from the wasps can be done with your own hands from a simple plastic bottle. To do this, the lid is twisted from it, the upper third is cut off, which is then turned upside down and inserted into the bottom of the bottle. Approximately in the middle of the formed structure it is possible to make small holes for the handle from a rope or a wire on which then the trap will hang.

Высокоэффективную ловушку для ос легко изготовить самостоятельно из обычной пластиковой бутылки.

Отрезанная верхняя часть бутылки вставляется в нижнюю горлышком вниз.

As a bait inside the bottle is poured diluted with water sour jam, beer or kvass with sugar, you can also put fermented sweet fruit (for example, rotten peaches or plums). It should be borne in mind that the fermented bait will not attract bees, which, of course, should not be destroyed.

A trap is established where the wasps fly most often.

On a note

Some summer residents sometimes add boric acid , borax, or insecticide preparations without odor (Lambda-Zone is quite suitable), these funds guarantee that in a few hours all the wasps in the trap will die, like those individuals, who can get out of the bottles. A shake a trap with a hundred dead insects is much safer than if they were alive.

Наличие инсектицидного препарата в приманке обеспечит быструю гибель насекомых, попавших в ловушку.

If there are many wasps, it is necessary to place several traps - up to one for every 20-30 square meters.

As the traps are filled with insects, they are cleaned and re-filled with fresh bait.

With the help of these simple devices, the wasps can be withdrawn from both the house and any non-residential buildings. If the location of the nest of insects is known, then it is desirable to locate the traps near it - this will make it possible to withdraw the wasps at an accelerated rate.

Ловушку желательно располагать в непосредственной близости от гнезда ос - так истребить насекомых получится быстрее.

If for some reason it is not possible to make a trap from a plastic bottle yourself, then it can be purchased at the store - purchased traps from this type of pox work according to the same principle.

Пример промышленно изготавливаемой ловушки для ос (Мухояр).

А вот еще один пример ловушки для ос и шершней.

On a note

Generally speaking, you can also remove the wasps from the house or from the site with the help of so-called glue traps. They are sold in specialized stores, however you can make them yourself.

To do this, paste Alt, RaTrap or any similar adhesive on a sheet of cardboard, and put a bait - spoon of fermented jam or a piece of decayed peach (you can also use meat or fish). Such a trap is placed in a place where the wasps are most often and in the largest quantities. Fly to the bait insects will simply stick to the glue, and will not be able to tear themselves away from it.

Клей RaTrap хорошо подходит для изготовления липких ловушек для насекомых.

Сев на такую клеевую поверхность, осы уже не смогут от нее оторваться.

Poisoned baits for the destruction of wasps

Poisoned lures are made from the same products that are used to attract wasps into traps. In addition, they add insecticidal preparations that are odorless - boric acid or borax (medium-effective), or in small quantities Lambda Zone or Delta Zone (high-performance insecticides lambda-cyhalothrin and deltamethrin are almost odorless). For example, for a half-liter of beer or jam, 3-4 bags of boric acid per 10 grams or 10 ml of Lambda-Zona preparation are consumed.

В отравленную приманку для уничтожения ос может быть использована, например, борная кислота или иной инсектицид без запаха.

The ready-made bait is poured into saucers, plastic lids or cut bottoms of plastic bottles, and simply placed in different parts of the suburban area or indoors near the nest. Those wasps that will be fed on it will die within a few hours.


Do not use sugar syrup or honey as a bait, as they attract bees.

And finally, we note that in your war with the wasps, you should not go too far. There are situations when these insects should not be destroyed. For example, if they fly to the site occasionally, in small quantities and keep mostly on flower beds and in the garden.

Следует помнить, что осы в целом не являются вредными насекомыми и способны даже приносить немало пользы на огородном участке.

Here, wasps destroy many harmful insects, and damage to the vineyard or beds with strawberries from striped raiders will be clearly insignificant (in addition, this damage can be minimized, using, for example, special mesh bags).

By and large, without a clear threat from the side for health, it is better to live in harmony with these insects (as well as with others) than to burn them with fire, poison with poisons and pour boiling water - just because they decided to build their home not far away From your.

If you decide to deal with hornets or wasps yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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