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How can one get rid of wasps in the house and exterminate them in the suburban area

Когда осы решают построить свое гнездо в доме или просто на дачном участке, зачастую приходится от них избавляться - об этом мы и поговорим далее.

In more or less large cities, residents of apartments struggle against wasps is rather rare. Although if we consider the statistics of visits to the services of pest control, even here the owners of housing sometimes have to think about how to get rid of the wasps on the balcony or the loggia where insects arrange their nests.

If you talk about dacha and private houses, problems with wasps are more common, even though these insects, in general, are of some use, destroying small pests of the garden in large numbers.

Осы могут быть полезны тем, что уничтожают мелких вредителей огорода

Be that as it may, there are certain situations, you can even say - the rules, when you need to get rid of the wasps. So, you must certainly get rid of the wasps in the house when they settle in the attic, the balcony, under the roof slope, near the subsidiary premises of the suburban area, that is, in all those cases when insects arrange their nest in close proximity to a person and ways its possible movement around the site.

Осиные гнезда могут представлять прямую угрозу для здоровья человека

Someone has a hornet's nest, hanging, say, under the roof of a shed, it may seem quite harmless. Well, you think, hangs to yourself and hangs, if you do not touch it - then there will be no problems.

But you need to take into account the fact that you can never be sure in advance how the wasps will react to a person who is just a few meters away from the nest . Sometimes they begin to actively defend their home, attacking the entire swarm. And now imagine that along the path not far from the nest decided to walk a small child, and even without the supervision of parents ...

Remember: wherever a hornet's nest is present, a person is in danger of being bitten without any apparent reason. And at best it will be a single bite of an insect.

Единичный укус осы - это еще не самое страшное, так как иногда они нападают всем роем.

In rare cases, the home of the wasps can not be touched - for example, if the area of ​​the site is so large that its owner does not intersect with the winged neighbors.

To reliably get rid of wasps, it is first necessary to find out the reason for their appearance: whether they fly into the house or to the site simply in search of food, or have already set up their own nest here. To do this, fortunately, is not so difficult: the main sign that the wasps actually arranged a nest on the site or in the house is their stably large number for no apparent reason (no grapes, fallen apples or pears, raspberries).

Иногда осы прилетают на дачный участок лишь для того, чтобы подкрепиться...

It is important to understand that it is impossible to kill several wasps actively flying near the house, of course, and a usual fly swatter, but this is unlikely to save the situation, since there may be hundreds of them in the nest (or nests). Therefore, in such cases, the only reliable way to get rid of wasps is to destroy all their nests in the country.

However, in order to get rid of the wasps, their nest must still be able to be found ...

Rules for the search of the aspen nest in the house or on the site

To build their nests, wasps choose, first, hard-to-reach places, and secondly, sufficiently closed from prying eyes. In nature, these requirements are usually answered by hollows, spaces under the branches of trees (in the thick of foliage), and sometimes even burrows in the ground (" earth wasps "). In the absence of such places, insects sometimes attach their houses directly to open branches of trees, or even simply build them in the grass.

Иногда гнездо ос можно встретить прямо в траве.

На фото показан вход в осиное гнездо, находящееся под землей.

As for the neighborhood with people, our summer cottages are simply ideal places for arranging aspen nests. So, for example, in suburban areas these insects are usually chosen:

  • rarely used ancillary or household facilities, such as sheds, toilets, attics (here nests are placed directly under the ceiling, and getting rid of them is not difficult);
  • niches under the slate;
  • The place where the plating of the building departs from the walls;
  • balconies, loggias;
  • heaps of unused trash;
  • dense thickets of bushes or a hedge.

Часто осы строят свое жилище под потолком дачных построек

Of course, it is difficult to check all sites suitable for building nests, even on a small plot. That is why for a long time the summer residents have thought up a simple, but no less effective way to track the wasps.

The essence of this method is that in any open place (for example, on the veranda) a piece of fish or meat is laid on which insects will willingly flock. Further from the owner of the site, only attention and observation is required: most of the wasps will be plying between the nest and the delicacy, and thereby help a person to determine where their house is.

Насекомые слетелись на кусок мяса


"My grandfather taught me how to calculate the nests of wild wasps near the apiary. He himself found hornets like that. You put on thick leather construction gloves, catch one such hornet and tie a red ribbon to its calf. You let go and you look, where it flies. In 10-20 minutes he will lead you to the nest. So we managed to find even nests two kilometers from the apiary in a wild forest. "

Andrey Ivanov, Kostroma

Directly in the house or on the balcony, finding a nest is much easier. Here usually, immediately, without long observations, it is evident where the wasps fly most often: in most cases they prefer to place their dwellings in spaces between walls and planking (necessarily - with direct access to the street), in drainpipes and behind air conditioners.

На фотографии показан еще один пример довольно крупного осиного гнезда

On a note

It is not always possible to get directly to the nest itself - for example, if it is located somewhere inside the house wall. Sometimes only the entrance to the space, somewhere in the depth of which the dwelling of insects is located, can be seen. However, in order to get rid of wasps, the detected input is quite enough.

Wasps in apartment buildings and balconies: the rules of inference

Sockets of wasps in suburban areas, in apartment buildings and private houses are destroyed by the same methods. However, there are a number of nuances that must be known before the elimination of wasps:

  • It is unacceptable to use fire to burn a nest when it is placed on a tree or in a wooden structure (wherever the insect dwelling is located, it will be blazing and the fire can easily spread to flammable materials);
  • to "operation" must be carefully prepared in advance and appropriately dressed (this will be discussed below), since if something goes wrong, the wasps can seriously bite their abuser;
  • it is possible to start getting rid of the wasps only after the neighbors in the nearest premises are notified about this - it is necessary that during the course of all procedures they close their windows and do not go out into the street.

Избавляясь от ос, всегда помните, что они вас могут сильно покусать.

The whole further process is a matter of technique. You just need to choose the most suitable and safe method and implement it correctly, which we will talk about further.

Burning the nest of wasps

Get rid of the nest of wasps in the country can be by burning it - this is a very fast and effective method, which, however, is not always possible to implement.

The wasps are built from the chewed bark of trees. In structure, this material resembles cardboard, and therefore it takes a few seconds to completely burn it. All that is needed to get rid of the hive is this way, it's to pour it with gasoline and set it on fire.

Избавиться от гнезда ос можно с помощью огня, но это довольно пожароопасный способ.

However, despite the fact that this method at first glance seems very simple, there are serious limitations on its applicability. For example, it is strictly forbidden to use a fire if the nest is hanging on a wooden ceiling or under a combustible covering - in these cases the probability of a fire is too high.

Если жилище насекомых расположено слишком близко к деревянному дому, то применять огонь категорически нельзя.

Destruction of wasps in the country by burning their nest is safe only when the dwelling of insects is located in the ground or on a stone wall. Sometimes this method is also used in large warehouses and industrial enterprises where there are no flammable objects within a radius of several meters from the nest.

Speaking of this and any other contact method of getting rid of wasps, one can not help saying about precautionary measures. In no case should you approach the wasps without the means of protection (see below).

Destroy the wasps with insecticides

The universal way to combat wasps is the use of insecticides. With their help you can get rid of wasps in the apartment, the house and in any other place.

От ос, как и от многих других насекомых, вполне эффективны различные инсектицидные препараты.

So, in order to get rid of wasps with the help of insecticides, it is necessary to "go through" several stages. First, you need to buy a powerful drug in a specialized store (you can and on the Internet). For this purpose, such tools as:

  • Lambda Zone;
  • Get;
  • Cucaracha;
  • Executioner;
  • Aktara;
  • Sinuzan;
  • Carbophos;
  • Diazinon;
  • Tetriks

and some others. All these preparations are produced in a water-soluble form, and for the preparation of a working solution it is sufficient to dilute them according to the instructions.

Next, prepare a tight polyethylene bag of this size, so that the whole nest can be placed in it, and then pour in at least 200 grams of the previously prepared solution of the purchased product.

Finally, at the third stage of getting rid of the wasps, the package with the insecticide is put on the nest so that the flight of insects is blocked. If the home is hanging under the roof of the house, then the neck of the package should be glued to it with adhesive tape, and if located on the tree - the neck is simply pulled over the nest, and then wrapped with adhesive tape or rope.

Инсектицид наливается в пакет, которым оборачивается осиное гнездо.

The package with an insecticide can be removed only after 2-3 days - this time should be enough to ensure that all wasps were killed. Nevertheless, for the sake of fidelity and your own safety, before you remove the package directly, you should knock it over the nest: if the buzzing is not audible, then the wasps are dead.

On a note

If the wasps have arranged their dwelling in the ground, a hollow of a tree, behind a skin of the house or in a drainpipe, it is necessary to try to pour the prepared preparation in their shelter so that it has got on the nest. The exit from the nest should be blocked (for example, a cloth impregnated with an insecticide solution) so that the insects can not escape from the trap.

We are burning a nest in the water

With this simple method, you can get rid of wasps if their nest is located in the ground, or hangs under a canopy or under the roof of a house, for example, in an attic.

Избавиться от ос в земле можно с помощью воды - просто затопив их жилище.

In the first case, in the "hole" in which the home of the wasps, so much water is poured so that it begins to flow outward (it is best to use a garden hose for this). Use a limited container of water, such as a pot or bucket, in this case is not worth it, because the hole may be very deep, and water may not be enough to fill it. After pouring water, the outlet from the nest should be immediately covered with a stone.

However, sometimes this method does not work: water is gradually absorbed into the soil, and insects break through a new way out from under the ground.

The implementation of the second option for the destruction of the nest, when it is under the roof of the house, is more complex and requires special training. The essence of the method is that the nest is completely immersed in a bucket filled with water, the edges of which are tightly pressed against the ceiling.

На ровном потолке гнездо можно уничтожить с помощью ведра с водой, фактически утопив насекомых.

From the bottom, the bucket should be supported by an object: a suitable step-height ladder or, for example, a board. The duration of keeping insects under water is at least 24 hours.

The complexity here is:

  • the whole construction can be very unstable and fall apart, because of what all the labors will go to dust;
  • the surface to which the dwelling of insects is attached is not always so smooth that it can be pressed tightly with a bucket of water, and if there is a gap, angry wasps will find a way out of the trap.

Travos os poisoned baits

The use of poisoned baits gives very good results, and allows, though not very quickly, but reliably to get rid of wasps in the suburban area or, for example, in the attic of the house, on the balcony - wherever their nest can be. This method is perhaps the most secure for humans and is fairly simple to implement.

Ос довольно просто привлечь к разного рода приманкам, например, в виде отравленного мяса.

The first step is to prepare the bait. For beans and hornets, beer with sugar or sour jam is ideal, in which several grams of any of the following insecticides are added: Get, Lambda Zone or Delta Zone (at the worst you can get by with ordinary boric acid, however, the efficiency in this case will be lower). After careful mixing, the poisoned bait is poured into a saucer or any other container and placed in a prominent place on the site.

Жидкую приманку с ядом можно налить в блюдце или другую плоскую тару...

В приманку можно добавить мощное инсектицидное средство без запаха, например, Дельта Зона

An important point in implementing this method of getting rid of wasps is that the container with bait should be placed in places inaccessible to pets and children. The easiest way is to hang it, for example, on a tree branch: the household will remain intact, but all the wasps that will fly to the bait from the whole site will die within a few hours. If the nest is located in the attic, then a container with bait is enough to place nearby - and soon under the nest will be a "carpet" of dead insects.


You can not use honey as a honey bait: bees can fly to it as well. Beer (or the sour jam) will attract only the wasps and hornets.

Poisoned bait needs to be updated every few days until the wasps on the site disappear completely.

Traps from wasps and hornets

The trap for wasps and hornets is, in fact, the same bait (not necessarily poisoned), placed in a special container, from which the flying insects can no longer get back. Such an adaptation can be bought in shops for gardeners, or you can make by yourself - the efficiency of the trap will be high in any case.

Пример ловушки для ос, сделанной из пластиковой бутылки.

Making a trap for wasps is not at all difficult, it is only necessary to know the technology. To create it, you need an ordinary plastic bottle, in which the lid is twisted and the upper third is cut off. The bait is poured into the bottom of the bottle, after which the upper half is turned over and inserted into the lower neck down.

Такая ловушка для ос может быть подвешена в любом удобном месте.

In order to get rid of the wasps with a trap, it should be suspended on a tree or a house wall (an insecticide or boric acid can be added to the bait that is poured into the interior, although this is not necessary). Wasps, crawling into the neck of the bottle, strangely enough, because of the simplest instincts can not find a way out. Therefore, every few days from the trap you will need to shake out a large number of dead or still living wasps and, as necessary, replace the bait (if you have an insecticide in the bait, shaking insects is much easier - they will all be already dead).

We call a special service

The least time-consuming way to get rid of the nest of wasps on the balcony of a city apartment or in a suburban area is to call a disinfestation service. In this case, the owners of the house will not have any worries: all the work will be done by professionals who have both necessary protective clothing and special means.

Специалисты (дезинсекторы) помогут быстро избавиться от осиного гнезда.

Services for the destruction of nests of wasps and hornets cost an average of 1500 rubles for apartments and from 2500 rubles for suburban areas. As a rule, after the work is done, the disinfesters give a guarantee that the insects will not appear again in the house or the garden for at least six months - that is, before the next warm season begins.

The same companies that provide services for the destruction of synanthropic insects, as well as rats and moles, will help get rid of wild boars. In some cases - if there are no such companies in the village - these works can be carried out by SES or firefighters. However, when calling representatives of the SES or the fire department, it is not necessary to count on a fast and 100% exit: assistance in the destruction of wasps is not part of their direct duties, therefore they provide such services only if they manage to agree.

Иногда осиное гнездо может достигать гигантских размеров...


"My neighbor and I had problems with these wasps. We have raspberries on either side of the common fence - there they were swarming. While the raspberries did not reach, we did not worry about anything, and when it was time to collect, it was already impossible to approach the raspberries. The neighbors were stung once, me too, then we decided to take action. His brother works in the fire department. We called, explained the situation, the car arrived in two hours. The guys in their suits with jokes-jokes climbed into the raspberry, just took a nest, put it in a plastic bag, tied it up and took it away. It was worth all this business of 1000 rubles and a "bubble" for my brother. "

Ivan, Gomel

Personal security measures to get rid of wasps

In conclusion, as promised above, we will touch on the issue of individual protection in the fight against wasps in cases where it is decided to destroy the nest. This topic is really very important, because health is at stake, and in some cases, human life.

So, in order to get rid of wild wasps in the country or in the house and not suffer from their bites, you must observe certain safety rules:

  1. All work must be carried out in tight clothing with long sleeves, a mask of the beekeeper and dense gloves.
  2. Destroy the nest only at night, when all members of the aspen family are inside and are inactive.
  3. During the procedure, in no case can you kill individual flew out wasps, even if they bite you - when you die, the insect secretes special substances that excite relatives and can provoke an attack of the whole swarm.
  4. In case of failure and mass departure of the wasps from the nest, it is necessary to retreat without sudden movements, wait a few hours and only after that start repetition of the procedure.

При самостоятельном истреблении ос используйте маску пчеловода.

There are cases when it is required to drive the wasps from the site or from the house only for a while. For example, if they were attracted by the smell of fish while cooking, or fly around a table with fruits and sweets. In such situations, all the ways of getting rid of wasps described above, of course, do not make sense - here it will be enough to include powerful scare-fumigators, to light checkers based on permethrin or special spirals from insects.

Дымовая шашка от насекомых Тихий вечер.

Often, to drive the wasps out of the house, people just wave them off with a newspaper or a towel. However, it is not worth doing so - with a high degree of probability these manipulations will only anger the insects, but will not lead to the desired disposal of them.

Finally, we note an important point: lime isp can be quickly applied to the site, but if the insects do not bother you constantly and do not pose a direct threat, then it is better not to touch them at all. It makes no sense without serious reason to exterminate these assistants in the fight against agricultural pests.

Если насекомые не доставляют вам особенных неудобств, то не стоит спешить избавляться от них.

Thus, if the wasps do not arrange a nest on the site, and only occasionally look for food here, they should learn to coexist peacefully, because they will not bring any particular harm in this case. If close proximity to the wasps does indeed carry some kind of threat, now you are sufficiently prepared to be able to quickly eliminate it.

If you decide to deal with hornets or wasps yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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