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What to do if the bite of a wasp is very itchy

Если после укуса осы пораженное место стало сильно чесаться - значит, пора принимать какие-то меры. А вот какие именно - мы дальше и поговорим.

The bite of a wasp itches almost always and at all. Even experienced beekeepers, who can boast a high resistance to the poison of bees and the absence of a characteristic "bumpkin", bites of wasps and hornets also do not always go without unpleasant symptoms.

What can we say about an ordinary person for whom the attack of these insects is not common? He has an itch from a wasp sting can be very strong and persist for several days - depending on the individual characteristics of the organism.

If a wasp sting, itching, as a rule, all the swelling, no matter how impressive it may be. In particular, such a reaction is famous for the bite of a hornet - the nearest relative of a wasp: after its bite, the tumor can spread to very large areas of the body (for example, if the insect stings to the foot, then the whole leg can be spread).

Если жалящее насекомое укусило, например, в стопу, то отек может распространиться на всю ногу

In addition, itching after a bite of a wasp can also be one of the symptoms of developing allergies. In this case, the victim has hives on his body, which does not have any specific localization and is often too itchy.

Укус осы


"We have a similar situation recently. Dimka was bitten by a wasp in the kindergarten, there they immediately smeared in the first-aid post, but the place of the wasp bite all the same itches at the child. The doctor said that this is normal. But at home my neighbor advised me to spread Balm Gardex for children. She has a boy and a husband who goes fishing all the time, and everyone bites him there, who is not lazy. I bought this Gardex from the pharmacy, and really helps, Dima stopped scratching. The cone he held for a long time, with a week, probably, and the red spot even longer. But it was not an itch, we every day smeared a bite. "

Oksana, Mogilev-Podilskyi

By and large, there is nothing wrong with the bite of a wasp itches. Do something specific to prevent itching should be only if it greatly hinders to lead a full life or - if the child is hurt (so as not to comb with the risk of infecting the wound). But even then, when you just do not want to suffer, in some ways you can simply remove the itch from a wasp sting.

В большинстве случаев единичные укусы ос не представляют серьезной опасности для здоровья человека.

On a note

Immediately after the bite, you need to try to see the offender and make sure that it really is a wasp. The fact is that the fight against the effects of bites of wasps and bees varies in detail, and therefore incorrect identification of an insect can lead to the fact that the measures taken will not give the expected effect.

What should not be done: 5 major mistakes in combating itching

After the wasp has already been bitten, many victims begin to perform absolutely unnecessary or even harmful actions, which in the future will only intensify the itch. Let's determine what is strictly forbidden to do, even if the bite of a wasp itches with incredible force.

  1. You can not comb the affected area. Obviously, the longer you become concerned about the already irritated nerve endings, the stronger the bite of the wasp will be itch. In addition, it is possible to scratch the wound and infect it with subsequent suppuration. Если вы постоянно расчесываете место укуса осы, то есть большая вероятность занести в ранку инфекцию.
  2. It is forbidden to pick the place of the bite in search of a sting. Wasps, unlike bees, never leave their sting in the wound. Нельзя расковыривать место укуса в поисках жала, ведь осы, в отличие от пчел, не оставляют его в ранке.
  3. You can not try to squeeze out the poison from the affected place: it will not flow out anyway. Doing so is impossible and because pressure on the bite leads to increased blood flow and, as a consequence, a faster spread of poison in surrounding tissues. Попытка выдавить яд может привести лишь к ускоренному его распространению в окружающие ткани.
  4. Do not ignore the bite. In principle, if there is no allergic reaction, then you can try not to pay attention to it. However, a few simple actions done on time will help in a couple of hours to forget that the bite itches.

На фотографии показана бумажная оса

Often immediately after the bite of a wasp, only folk remedies are available (for example, during a picnic in nature), and it is much later possible to treat the affected area with special preparations. Therefore, let's take a closer look at the first "helpers" of the victim - folk recipes.

Folk recipes against the itchy bite

After the wasp bite, many people are lost and do not know what to do next. It is necessary to remember: the first thing to do right after the bite, even if it does not itch, but only hurts - to suck out the poison and attach to the wound any product containing a weak acid. It can be:

  • a piece of apple, orange, lemon or tomato;
  • chopped parsley stalk;
  • a tampon soaked in table vinegar (9%);
  • soaked citric acid.

Кислые фрукты помогут нейтрализовать часть яда в ранке


To suck the poison out of the wound and use the acid immediately after the bite of the wasp, otherwise the skin in the damaged area will quickly drag out, and all actions will be in vain.

As we know from the school chemistry course, the acid always neutralizes the alkali. It is this principle that underlies the first stage of assistance to the wasps affected by the bite: after penetrating the skin under the skin, the acid contained in these products partially neutralizes the toxin of the insect, and therefore the place of the bite will not later be so itchy.

Сразу же после нападения насекомого можно также попытаться высосать яд из ранки

The second point of help with folk remedies will be rubbing the affected area with strong tea leaves or a mixture of three parts water and one part ethyl alcohol (you can just vodka). Once the alcohol has dried, a special ointment has been applied to the bite site, which has an anti-allergic effect.

Preparations for the elimination of itching from a bite of a wasp

Now let's talk about medications that have a calming effect on the skin with insect bites. It can be as ointments or creams, and sprays.

From a huge amount of such funds, we will single out those that have already successfully proven themselves as worthy drugs after bites of wasps.

  1. Fenistil-gel is a universal preparation that can be used with any insect bites to reduce itching and prevent the spread of edema. Its use is allowed in children older than 1 month. The price for one tube fluctuates around 350 rubles. Фенистил гель помогает снять зуб после укусов различных насекомых, в том числе и ос
  2. Menovazan is a very effective anesthetic drug, optimal precisely with the bites of wasps and other stinging insects. A 40-gram tube costs about 30 rubles in pharmacies. Мазь Меновазан
  3. Sovenenthol is a gel designed to eliminate itching from an insect bite and treat hives on small areas of the skin. It is made on the basis of propylene glycol and is therefore contraindicated for people with intolerance to this component. Гель Совентол
  4. Hydrocortisone ointment is a preparation that is also very suitable for removing the itch from a bite of a wasp, and for eliminating the rash in the case of urticaria. The use of hydrocortisone ointment in children and adolescents is not recommended. The price is about 70 rubles per tube for 10 grams. Гидрокортизоновая мазь


"I've noticed that after a bite of a bee, a wasp or some large fly, it's not the bite that's itching on me, but almost the entire body. In the summer my parents visited me, so I was always scratching, especially on the river, where there are a lot of such flies. And once I was bitten by a wasp, so I had to drink Diphenhydramine in order not to get mad from this scabies. And the pain in the place of bite is not so strong. As the doctor explained, it's allergic to me, and with this bite I need to drink Loratadin. "

Xenia, Semipalatinsk

Import funds: effective, delicate and expensive

In addition to the above medicines, sold only in pharmacies, there are a number of affordable imported products, which you can sometimes buy even in the usual departments of household chemicals. However, this does not mean that these drugs are useless - quite the contrary, they effectively weaken the itch, regardless of whether you were bitten by a mosquito or wasp.

Существует довольно большой ассортимент импортных средств, которые можно применять после укусов насекомых

Such remedies can be successfully applied also in that case when the usual bite of a wasp is scratched, and also when the allergy accompanied by a urticaria has begun.

Such preparations, for example, include the following:

  • Gardex Family is an effective balm with Echinacea extract, designed to relieve itching of any origin, including after bites of wasps, bees, mosquitoes. Designed for adults and children over 1 year. The approximate price of a 7 ml bottle is 80 rubles. Бальзам после укусов насекомых Gardex Family поможет в том случае, когда пораженное место нестерпимо чешется.
  • Gardex Baby is a special children's balm, the development of which takes into account the sensitivity of the skin of babies to various components, so it can safely be used to treat bites of wasps even in infants. The price of a 7-ml bottle is about 150 rubles. Бальзам Gardex baby
  • Mosquitall balms. In the line there are spray-balm, foam-balm and gel-balm, which are also suitable for children. These drugs quickly relieve itching and reduce pain, disinfect scratches. A 10 ml gel-balsam tube costs about 100 rubles. Гель-бальзам Mosquitall
  • Insectline balm is a very effective remedy, quickly cooling the place of bite, soothing and relieving itching. The price starts from about 150 rubles per 100-ml tuba. Средство после укусов насекомых Инсектлайн
  • Balm Picnic Family on the basis of extracts of chamomile, aloe and calendula, also having a pronounced analgesic effect. 30 ml of it cost about 50 rubles. Бальзам после укусов насекомых Picnic Family

After applying any of these means to the site of bite, a cold compress should be applied. Generally speaking, the cold is a universal and, perhaps, the simplest means in case the bite of a wasp is scratched very strongly. In addition, the colder the compress and the longer it will be on the damaged area of ​​the skin, the less pronounced will be the possible edema after the bite.

Холодный компресс после укуса осы помогает избежать зуда и появления отека в пораженном месте.

As can be seen, there are a lot of options for alleviating the state of the victim after a bite of a wasp, so each person can choose the means appropriate for him.

When traveling to a dacha, picnics or excursions (especially in other countries), it is advisable to put two means from the bites of the wasps into one's first aid kit: one of them must have an anesthetic effect (it can be Menovazine, Insectline, Sovenenthal), and the second - anti-allergic so that to spread rashes on the body (for example, Advantan, hydrocortisone ointment, Fenistil).

Having in your arsenal a combination of two such drugs, you can be sure that if you accidentally attack a wasp or other insect, it will remove itching and pain will quickly and effectively.

If you decide to deal with hornets or wasps yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

To the record "What to do if the bite of a wasp is strongly itching" left 8 comments.
  1. Eugene :

    Son bit a wasp in the country, did not look. Began to comb. We bought Nezulin from the pharmacy. Itching and redness immediately passed, so it was not enough to itch. The cone lasted a long time, so it was smeared in the morning and evening for another two weeks. Still, as I noticed, there are some healing components, so the fact that I had time to comb it also quickly passed.

  2. Sasha :

    I was helped by a pencil balm after bites for children and adults "DETA".

  3. Tatiana :

    I was bitten by wasps. I bought fenistil-gel and foam-balm mosquito. The real help was rendered by fenistil-gel - and the itch is less, and the heat in the affected areas is less. Thanks for the advice!

  4. Diane :

    I hate bees and bees!

  5. Oksana :

    2 days ago, at the time of weeding the garden, I razed the nest of earthen wasps (8 bites in the body and head, I immediately drank Desal's pill because the cases of urticaria had already happened.) The cones are so mad and itches, especially on the head, and went to the pharmacy to buy fenistil , and the pharmacist said that last year her husband Fenistil did not really help and advised some kind of gel-balm Altai for 75 rubles, which saves 15 minutes ((Tomorrow I'll go to another pharmacy, I'll try Fenistil after all.

  6. Angers :

    And alcohol helped me with spruce branches and kidneys. It helps with itching in 15 minutes. Well, or hold the bite in salty warm water - this will help remove the swelling.

  7. Tatiana :

    I was bitten by a wasp at work in September. The place of the bite is red-blue, it itches terribly, and as if something is stirring there. Help, what to do?

  8. Alina :

    I just laid it on a wasp with a wasp with wet water, and for 2 days passed.

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