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What do the wasps eat and do they eat meat?
Чем обычно питаются осы и едят ли они мясо?

The wasps in the cottage or in the wild can be found eating everything. They spoil the grapes and blackberries, they feed on raspberries and ripe plums, in large quantities flock to meat and fish. And while books and encyclopedias still argue that the wasps are predators, and in the mass they eat insects. It may seem that these stinging arthropods are absolutely omnivorous. But in fact, this is not so - the wasps have quite strict eating habits that are well understood if you get to know them better. What do they really eat? ..

How can you safely remove the wasps from the house, as well as from the suburban area
Как можно безопасно вывести ос из дома, а также с дачного участка

It's one thing when wasps from time to time fly, for example, on the veranda of a private house, and quite another - when insects build their nest in an attic, in a barn or even in a toilet located on the site. If in the first case one can be easily slammed or simply banished, a real threat of constant assaults on people and domestic animals is created near the nest. In order not to expose yourself to the risk of being bitten, in such cases it is highly desirable to take out the wasps as soon as possible from the house or from the site, as soon as they have built their nest here. How to carry out the procedure for getting rid of insects effectively and at the same time is safe for your health, we'll talk further ...

Do they have it and do they leave it in the wound after the bite?
Есть ли у ос жало и оставляют ли они его в ранке после укуса?

Do you think that the wasp has a sting? It may seem strange, but for many people the answer to this simple question is far from obvious, because after a bite of a wasp, unlike bees, no sting remains in the skin. Let's take a closer look at how and how the wasps bite - with their jaws or with the sting with which they, like bees, inject poison under the code of the victim ...

Are bites of wasps or, conversely, harmful to human health?
Полезны ли укусы ос или, наоборот, вредны для здоровья человека?

Mention of the benefits of bee venom today can be found even in serious literary sources, and in folk medicine it has long been widely used to treat a wide variety of diseases. And can it be as useful as wasting venom? After all, it is known that wasps sting more painful bees, which means that it can be assumed that their poison is stronger and, possibly, more effective. And after each bite the wasp feels wonderful and does not die, therefore, the use of aspen poison for human health would be absolutely humane to the insect. Well, let's see if aspen poison can really be useful and how much such benefit would be superior to harm from it, as from a biological toxin ...

Consequences of bites: what can be dangerous attacks of these insects?
Последствия укусов ос: чем могут быть опасны нападения этих насекомых?

In most cases, bites of wasps do not pose a serious danger to humans, and the unpleasant consequences from them in the form of pain, swelling and itching pass quickly enough. However, in a number of situations even a single bite of a wasp can be very, very dangerous, not to mention the cases when insects attack a whole swarm. On the potential danger of aspen bites and their possible consequences, we will go on and talk in more detail.

In detail about larvae of wasps and features of their life cycle
Подробно о личинках ос и особенностях их жизненного цикла

We all well imagine how the wasps look, namely their adult individuals, with the usual black-and-yellow striped coloring. But not everyone can see the larva of the wasps: not only that adult insects carefully hide their offspring from prying eyes, so they also zealously guard the brood, fearlessly attacking anyone who dares to approach the nest. It is not surprising that most people can only guess how the wasps look like. Let's get acquainted more closely with these "kids" living in aspen nests ...

Methods of fighting wasps in the apiary: how to save bees from attacks
Методы борьбы с осами на пасеке: как можно спасти пчел от нападений

Wasps in the apiary - that the wolf is in the sheepdog: these predators feed their larvae with insects, and also do not mind eating and honey, if such an opportunity arises. Moreover, some types of large os almost specialize in the destruction of bee colonies. It is not surprising that apiaries attract striped predators, as a gypsy camp attracts lice and bedbugs. In some cases, wasps can become even the cause of the death of a young or weakened bee family, so fighting them in an apiary is relevant for many beekeepers and often requires considerable effort and time. So, let's understand how to properly protect bees from os ...

About wild wasps and their larvae
О диких осах и их личинках

Wild wasps are very interesting, highly organized and pretty handsome creatures. Usual paper wasps, yellow with black dressings, which eagerly flock to ripe grapes or fish on the veranda, as well as large and terrible hornets, the variety of wild wasps is not limited at all. These insects meet us much more often than we think, it's just that not all of them are ordinary urban residents or summer residents perceive as wasps. Let's see how wild wasps are, how dangerous they can be, how these interesting insects build nests and care for their larvae ...

How to protect the harvest of grapes from wasps and protect it for the entire period of maturation
Как уберечь урожай винограда от ос и защитить его на весь период созревания

Wasps beaten the grapes and turned beautiful shiny bunches into ragged "rags"? Unfortunately, this problem concerns many gardeners - and especially those who grow grapes for direct sale. And since a lot of farmers have already managed to face this disaster, various solutions have been found that help to protect grapes from insatiable insects. You only need to choose the type of protection that will be most effective, convenient and inexpensive in your case. Let's look at the various options for crop protection more ...

Poison wasps: is it useful for the human body and how does it work
Яд осы: полезен ли он для организма человека и как действует

Although the bite of a wasp feels like a bee sting in many respects, however, aspen poison is practically not used either in traditional or in folk medicine. It would seem, why? And is the effect of the wasp poison little different from the effect after the ingestion of bee venom into the tissue? To answer these questions, let's try to figure out how the poison of the wasps acts on the human body and whether it can bring health benefits ...

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