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What you need to do if you are bitten by a wasp

Поговорим о том, что нужно делать при укусах ос, чтобы не допустить развития опасных для здоровья осложнений, да и просто для скорейшего снятия неприятных ощущений.

Probably, every adult at least once in his life experienced a bite of a wasp. But what to do in this case, what should be paid special attention and how to act in a situation that threatens the development of anaphylactic shock - few people know about this.

In most cases, the bite of a wasp leads to unpleasant but not very dangerous consequences. If a wasp stung, the place of stinging, as a rule, swells, it hurts badly, and later it starts to itch. However, all these symptoms gradually pass by themselves in a few days - you can even do nothing special to weaken their strength.

Даже если место укуса опухло и сильно чешется, зачастую все довольно быстро проходит само собой без каких бы то ни было последствий.

Nevertheless, there are still situations when a wasp attack can be really deadly. Of course, much depends here, firstly, on the type of wasps (not all of them sting equally), and secondly - on the sensitivity of the human body to the poison of this insect.

So, for some people even bites of "our" wasps (so-called paper) can be deadly, not to mention some exotic species and, especially, hornets. And a person may not even know about his special susceptibility right up to the very insect attack. That is why it is clear to imagine what to do if a wasp sting is needed for every adult person - in exceptional cases this knowledge will help save your own life and the life of someone from others.

У некоторых людей имеется повышенная чувствительность к укусам насекомых - в этом случае последствия могут не ограничиться одним лишь зудом.

On a note

At the time of the bite or immediately after it, it is very important to be able to distinguish the wasp from other stinging and biting insects. This is significant, if only because, for example, the methods of first aid with bites of wasps and bees in some cases diametrically different. Therefore, even theoretically knowing what to do in such situations, because of incorrect identification of an insect in practice, one can behave completely wrong. The error will lead to a loss of time (for example, to search for a sting in the wound) or the use of funds that will only aggravate the situation. Therefore, no matter how painful it is at the moment of a bite, the offender should be carefully considered before reflexively brushing off the body. The wasp is a slender insect of fairly light color with a small amount of hairs on the body, and the bee is denser, with a densely pubescent surface of the body.

Photo of a paper wasp:

Бумажная оса

And here is a picture of a honey bee:

А так выглядит медоносная пчела

As you can see, these insects are quite different from each other.

The danger of os bites: why it is so important to take action in time

Before we speak directly about what needs to be done, if a wasp bite, let's first find out what threats the attack of this insect may contain.

So, the usual consequences of bites of wasps are:

  • acute pain in the place of stinging;
  • rapidly developing swelling of soft tissues;
  • the appearance of itching at the site of the bite;
  • redness of the integument of the body, increased temperature on the inflamed area.

Чаще всего в ужаленном осой месте развивается покраснение и небольшой отек

Individual symptoms can reach their peak within a day or two after the bite, and then gradually pass without a trace. This response to the bite of a wasp is absolutely natural and normal.

Another thing is when the generalized allergic reaction begins to develop after the bite. In a simple form, it leads to the appearance of so-called serum sickness (an immune response of the body to foreign matter), accompanied by an increase in body temperature, nausea, head and abdominal pain. These symptoms do not manifest themselves immediately, but with some delay - unlike the redness of the affected area and extensive swelling, which do not make you wait.

However, the most dangerous of the possible consequences of an allergy after a bite of a wasp are not the above mentioned reactions of the organism, but Quincke's edema and anaphylactic shock. The first can lead to obstruction of the larynx and subsequent asphyxia, and the second - in 12-15% of cases ends in death due to cardiac arrest or disruption of the lungs.

Одним из самых опасных последствий укуса осы является быстрый отек гортани, который нередко приводит к удушью.

It is worth noting that such reactions to osus bites happen, fortunately, rarely enough, but if they develop, then it happens so rapidly that it requires very rapid adoption of the necessary first aid measures for their relief - procrastination here is really dangerous for life.

On a note

Anaphylactic shock develops, usually within 5-30 minutes after a bite. Nevertheless, there are cases when the count went for seconds. Therefore, if a person knows about his susceptibility to insect bites, it makes sense to always carry an autoinjector with adrenaline (epinephrine), which in an emergency can save a life.

In addition, a very dangerous situation may arise when a person was bitten not by one but by a whole group of wasps consisting of 5-10 or more insects.

Следует помнить, что жалящие насекомые могут нападать целым роем, и это опасно для любого человека

In this case, even in a patient susceptible to poison, a general intoxication develops, and sometimes even subcutaneous and internal hemorrhages may occur.

Even more dangerous are situations where a person becomes a victim of attack by a multitude of hornets - these insect-like insects are larger in size and more poison is introduced into the wound in one bite.

На фотографии слева - бумажная оса, а справа - шершень обыкновенный


"At that time, I had no idea what to do if the wasps had bitten. When I was bitten by five os at a picnic (went to the toilet in the bushes and went directly to their nest), I simply anointed with soothing ointment and drank brandy. In short, they brought me to the hospital already unconscious, I opened my eyes from the swelling only the next day. Big bruises appeared on the places of bites, the whole body was swollen, the temperature was high and I was constantly knocked down. Three days I lay in the hospital, then another week at home, a doctor came to see me - I did injections. That's not very successful, we rested. "

Irina, Volgograd

The first actions after the bite of a wasp

The first thing to do if you were bitten by a wasp is not to panic and calm down. Even if you know about the presence of a dangerous allergy in yourself or a loved one, there should be no panic and hecticness, as this will only do much harm in this situation.

In the most common case, after the bite of a wasp, it follows:

  • try to suck out poison from the wound;
  • Attach to the site of a bite any product containing acid - it can be a piece of apple, a slice of orange or lemon, which will help neutralize part of the poison in the still not protracted wound;
  • then attach to the damaged area any cold object - meat from the freezer, cold metal, or, ideally, an ice pack.

Если приложить к укушенному осой месту лед, то это поможет уменьшить выраженность отека.

After this, you can drink the Suprastin tablet - this drug in some cases is able to block the development of allergies to the root and thereby prevent a possible severe reaction of the body. That's why it should be done as soon as possible.

Если аллергическая реакция продолжает усиливаться, нужно принять антигистаминное средство, например, Супрастин.

Another important point of first aid after the bite of a wasp is the antibacterial treatment of the damaged area - this is especially true if the wasp has bitten the child. In almost 100% of the cases, the affected children comb the place of the bite because of severe itching and can enter into the wound any infection.

To avoid this, the bite must be treated with any available antiseptic - zelenka, hydrogen peroxide, and if in the nature of anything this was not at hand, then you can use ordinary vodka. But to take alcohol inside - even for the purposes of "prevention" - is strictly prohibited.

Для обеззараживания места укуса его можно обработать перекисью водорода.

Separate discussion deserves a situation when the stung person is known for high sensitivity to the poison of insects. As a rule, such people always carry an autoinjector (it was already mentioned above), but it also happens that the victim of a wasp bite is lost and does not immediately know what to do - it starts to panic. That's why knowing how to use this subject will be superfluous for any adult.

На фото показан пример автоинъектора с эпинефрином (адреналином).

Использовать автоинъектор можно прямо через одежду.

So, in a critical situation, a person who has suffered from a bite needs to be given a drug (usually it's adrenaline), and it needs to be done as quickly as possible, sometimes it takes minutes. To do this, the cap is removed from the device, then the injector is strongly pressed against the middle part of the external surface of the thigh of the victim with a specially marked side and injected within 5 seconds. In such situations, you can stab directly through clothing, without losing valuable time for its removal.

Preparations and folk remedies for treatment of stings, rules of their application

Now let's figure out what to do after first aid. First, it is necessary to impose a compress compress on the bite site. Its essence lies in the slowing down of blood flow, and with it - the spread of poison throughout the body, so the earlier the compress will be used, the more effective its effect will be.

Сразу после укуса осы важно снизить скорость распространения яда и уменьшить интенсивность отека

Typically, this bandage is applied for 30-50 minutes, after which it is removed, and the place of bite wasps are treated with special means to help ease itching and pain, as well as reduce the force of inflammation.

As an option - the place of bite can be processed and applied to compress. For example, in the case when the means for handling the bite are directly at hand, they can be used first of all - nothing terrible will happen in this case. If they need to be searched for a long time, it is better to do a compress at this time - it is important only not to leave a bite at all without attention.

One of the most famous and quite effective pharmaceutical products used after bites of wasps and other insects, today are:

  • gel Fenistil, reducing itching and pain, as well as inhibiting the development of inflammation and reducing the risk of developing allergies; Гель Фенистил помогает уменьшить зуд и снизить вероятность развития аллергической реакции.
  • Insektline - an import agent that exerts a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, and also reduces pain syndrome; Успокаивающий бальзам Инсектлайн
  • Menovazine is a relatively inexpensive anesthetic that relieves pain and itching; Меновазин
  • Gardex Family and Gardex Baby are mild in action, but effective drugs for treating bite sites in adults and children; Бальзам-стик после укусов насекомых Gardex Family
  • Sovenhal is a fairly good anesthetic ointment; Гель Совентол
  • Advantan is a powerful gel that inhibits the development of an allergic reaction. Средство Адвантан применяют для устранения местной аллергической реакции.

However, there are also a number of time-tested folk remedies against stings of wasps. So, for example, after an attack of an insect to the place of stinging, you can attach:

  • chopped parsley root;
  • a slice of lemon;
  • cut garlic clove or a piece of onion;
  • a leaf of a plantain;
  • gauze moistened with natural essential oil.

Если вас ужалила оса на природе, можно воспользоваться одним из народных средств.

Of course, in the modern world, preference is given to processing the bite site with specialized balms and ointments. Nevertheless, folk medicine should not be discounted: if the wasps were bitten, then it is also possible to do as our grandmothers did in the past, at least as a reserve or emergency option.

Errors that can not be tolerated

Knowing what to do if bitten by a wasp is certainly very important. However, it is equally important to understand what can not be done categorically. Often even inaction leads to less pronounced problems than misconduct that can result in serious complications.

Let's take a closer look at what should not be done when a wasp bites:

  1. Do not look for sting - wasps never leave it in the wound. This action will only lead to an aimless waste of precious time. В отличие от пчел, осы не оставляют в месте укуса свое жало.
  2. You can not try to squeeze out the poison. This contributes to increased blood circulation at the site of the bite of the wasp and, accordingly, to an increase in the rate of spread of its poison.
  3. It is dangerous to comb or crack a bite - so in the wound you can put an infection that will significantly complicate the process of recovery.
  4. It is fraught with applying soil to the wound or dipping it into dirty water in order to cool the place of bite - these actions also with a high probability will lead to infection (sometimes much more dangerous than the bite itself).
  5. It is forbidden to independently "designate" powerful antihistamines without reliable signs of developing allergies. Instead of enough strong Loratadin and Dimedrolum it is necessary to take a tablet of Suprastinum.
  6. There is no point in limiting yourself to drinking to prevent swelling, as some think. When the wasp bites, the development of the tumor does not depend on the amount of liquid drunk - here, on the contrary, a rich drink will help reduce the symptoms of intoxication. Обильное питье помогает уменьшить признаки интоксикации после укусов ос или других жалящих насекомых.


"Thank you for your advice, but it looks like it worked. I'm generally allergic, so I was safe and after a bite immediately ran home and drank Suprastin. Plus the pain, plus the heat, in general, I stayed myself half a day and the night felt very bad, generally broken was. Today, here's the bump on the site of the bite, but it does not hurt much, but it only itches. I think that without Suprastin at night I would be much worse. "

Lisa, Moscow

Specificity of treatment of bites of wasps in children

A child's bite of a wasp always causes severe anxiety among his parents. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to do anything supernatural in this case - the approach to bite treatment in babies practically does not differ from that in adults.

The only feature is that children should not use the usual in such cases ointments and balms - it is better to use special children's remedies. Examples include:

  • already mentioned above Gardex Baby, which can be used from 12 months;
  • balm Rescuer, allowed at any age;
  • Picnic Family for school-age children;
  • a children's series of specialized tools Mosquitall.

Для обработки места укуса у маленького ребенка можно использовать бальзам Gardex Baby.

As a rule, in childhood, the allergy to insect bites happens much less frequently than in adults. Bites of the wasps in children are sometimes enough simply to antisept alcohol or zelenka, without using special balms and ointments. You can also apply the above folk remedies.

Equally important for adults is the preservation of their own peace and self-control, because the emotional state of children (especially very small) is largely determined by the state of their parents. Therefore, no matter how much you are afraid for your baby, he should not feel your fear (you do not want to form an insectophobia in him).

After biting the wasp, the parent must be able to calm his child and distract him with something. Fortunately, it is not so difficult to do this - even with severe pain in the bite place, it is enough to attach something cold to it and, for example, tell the kid something "very important" that he stops crying.

Also, adults need to take care of the clothes of the affected child - she should not rub the place where the bite of the wasp fell, because otherwise it can lead to increased swelling and painful sensations.

How to prevent allergies and what to do if it appeared

For people who have never encountered an acute reaction to bite wasps, it is enough to drink Suprastin, which will prevent the development of an immune response at the initial stage. If, after the bite of a wasp, urticaria has appeared all over the body, too much swelling, headache, nausea, fever, shortness of breath, confusion or vomiting - it is urgently necessary to take additional actions to prevent further development of the allergy.

The best option would be, of course, to contact the ambulance for an emergency consultation.

Если после укуса осы самочувствие пострадавшего быстро ухудшается, следует немедленно вызвать Скорую помощь.

However, if for some reason this is not possible, you should drink one tablet of Diphenhydramine, Loratadine or Prednisolone. With continued deterioration of the bitten state, you should immediately take to the hospital - otherwise the outcome can be fatal.

As it was said above, allergy sufferers usually have a special autoinjector, which should be used immediately after the bite. How to do it - shown in the picture:

На картинке показана схема применения автоинъектора в критических ситуациях (введение средства прямо через одежду).

On a note

The above mentioned allergy drugs should not be given to children. When the child has the appropriate symptoms, you can use the syrup Erius (Desloratadine).

Противоаллергическое лекарственное средство Эриус подойдет большинству детей.

One of the most dangerous is the bite of a wasp in the neck - with a very acute reaction, swelling can block the airways. When the victim has a wheezing or wheezing breath, try to insert a hollow tube into his throat, which will allow breathing with an aggravated edema. In exceptional cases, a bite may require a conicotomy - a dissection of the front wall of the throat at the site of the transition of the neck to the chest.

With massive bites of wasps, a person may develop a general intoxication of the body - this condition is also unsafe. To combat it, you should drink as much liquid as possible, take a 5-10% solution of calcium chloride and ascorbic acid. Activated coal here, unfortunately, does not help.

Be that as it may, the most important thing to remember in case of a bite is wasps: if you have any symptoms that go beyond local inflammation and pain, you should always consult a doctor, at least by phone. And the sooner this is done, the less likely will be any complications.

If you decide to deal with hornets or wasps yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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    I was 12 years old when on fishing I got into a hornet's nest. As I later counted - 13 bites all over my body. At that moment I was on a log over the water, well, with a fright and pain jumped into the water. When I went to the other side, I was trembling and my dad poured a glass of vodka. I drank it and I stopped shaking for about 5-10 minutes and there were no more effects, no edema, no itching. Since then, I hate wasps and alcohol! ))

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    Thanks for the advice. I, as an allergic person with 20 years of experience, can say one thing: I try not to walk next to the tall grass (bushes) and next to trees in which there are hollows and cracks. Once a wasp was bitten, and I was on the verge of life and death. Really do not want to repeat. And they bite mainly in the arms (shoulders) and neck. I had enough arms. Good luck, do not be ill!

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